What dream about sleeping means

Interpretation of a dream about sleeping

Sleeping in a dream symbolizes the spiritual and moral state of a person, his willingness to change and move forward.

In Hasse’s dreambook, sleeping outside is interpreted as a coming trip or journey. Napping in transport in a dream means the realization of trade affairs and relations; sleeping in the church — one must beware of slander and intrigue from ill-wishers; at relatives’ place — being in a state of rest and security. To rest on the balcony in a dream speaks about the fulfillment of hopes and dreams of the person; sleeping in the estate means one of the cherished desires to come true.

Medea’s dreambook interprets a dream about sleeping as a sign that a person stifles his own intuition with the voice of reason. You must learn to trust and listen to your inner voice, because in the near future, with the help of intuition, a person can achieve a lot.

According to Meneghetti, sleeping in a dream is a reflection of the need of respite, postponement or pause in solving any issues and problems.

Going to sleep in a dream characterizes a lost moment in real life, the desire to withdraw from business, relieve burdensome duties and responsibilities. Also, a similar image can be deciphered by a dreambook as a deception and insidious intrigue in which a dreamer can be involved.

If a girl sees herself sleeping in a dream, this can be a sign of unordinary events that can be related to both personal and business sphere. It is worth spending more time on rest, because fatigue can be one of the causes of poor performance at work.

Wanting to sleep in a dream is interpreted by a dream book as the physical and moral fatigue of a sleeping person.

Some dreambooks interpret ambiguously dreams of sleeping on the ground. On the one hand, the image implies respect from the authorities and honor among colleagues, and on the other, it means that a dreamer will allow to his inner circle by carelessness a person who can intentionally cause harm and trouble to the dreamer’s home.

Sleeping on the floor is interpreted by a dreambook, as a subconscious search for protection and stability. The dirty floor personifies the neglect of the affairs of a dreamer that cannot be sorted out without help. This dream can also affect the home environment and the relationship between the family members; in order not to miss anything important, the dreamer should spend more time with his relatives.

The majority of dreambooks give negative interpretations of dreams about sleeping in bed. Own bed foreshadows a long-term illness or deterioration of the general condition of the body. To avoid this, you should devote more time to rest and recovery.

The dreambooks recommend people who happened to sleep in the water in a dream making yourself an emotional discharge, because the nerves, knee to the limit, can shoot at the most inopportune moment. Extreme sports and active pastime are well suited for this.

Sleeping on a table means that a person tends to stay away from noisy companies as much as possible, preferring to be alone. Fun parties do not cause the dreamer positive emotions, but rather oppress him.

A dream about sleeping in the cemetery has negative interpretation. This picture indicates that a person should pay close attention to their health. It is necessary to consult a doctor urgently and make all the necessary tests.

People who happened to sleep on the grave in a dream should not be worried about this. In most cases, the dream indicates severe physical fatigue and moral devastation.

If a person who has health problems in real life, had to sleep in a coffin in a dream, according to the dreambook, you should not be careless about your illness, because it can cause great consequences and affect your future well-being.

Sleeping with a deceased person in a dream is interpreted by dreambooks as quite a favorable sign promising a long and healthy life.

If a woman slept with her late husband in a dream, this plot predicts troubles in both business and personal life. If the woman is already married for the second time, this image promises a little quarrel with her current husband.

If a young girl slept with a man in her dream, this is a sign of a threat of being deceived. A man with whom the young lady has love relationships in real life will not be able to meet the hopes of the dreamer. A married woman who is in bed with an unfamiliar man foreshadows a pleasant surprise from her husband.

If a young girl had a recent quarrel with her partner and saw a dream about sleeping with him, such image promises reconciliation and romance between partners.

Sleeping with your ex-boyfriend in a dream is a sign of inability to forget or forgive your ex, unexplained issues and unfinished business between former lovers.

If a man sees a dream about sleeping with a woman, this plot foreshadows a precarious position at work, problems with finances or with mutual understanding between people close to him.

Putting the child to sleep in a dream is a reflection of the dreamer’s tiredness of small troubles and problems. A woman should take a break from her domestic duties; a man should devote more attention to family and children.

If the person slept head-to-toe with someone, this sign speaks about the opposing aspirations of people. To a woman who slept in such a position with her own husband, the dreambook indicates the existence of misunderstanding between spouses, the struggle of characters and the difference in goals.

If people in love sleep in each other’s embrace, the image speaks of harmony and understanding in the couple, acting in unison and striving for one goal.

To watch the child sleeping is interpreted as a certain shyness and naivety of the dreamer, personifies the helplessness of a person before the world around him. Anxious sleep of the baby talks about impending problems that undermine the mental and moral condition of a person.

If a baby sleeps peacefully it means that all important things will go smoothly, and beginnings will be successful in real life. If the mother admires the dormant baby in a dream, harmony, peace and tranquility will come to the life of the young lady.

Sleeping daughter in a dream promises a pleasant change in life, profit, prosperity and well-being for a mother. This picture foreshadows peace and tranquility, the ability to concentrate on work for a father.

To see your husband sleeping in someone else’s bed, it is worth preparing for a surprise that will be unpleasant. In some cases, the dreambook warns about adultery, or his unwillingness to have offspring.

If a stranger is sleeping in the dreamer’s house, you should prepare for the unexpected arrival of uninvited guests.

To see how mother sleeps in a dream, promises peace and harmony in the family. If the mother is napping on her stomach, fun and happiness will illuminate the dreamer’s house. If she is on her back this means unforeseen circumstances that a person can quickly cope with.

If a guy dreamed of a sleeping girl, it means that there will be harmony and peace in the relationship of lovers. If in a girl’s dream, an unfamiliar man sleeps in the place of her husband, the dreamer will have unexpected joy or a pleasant surprise.

If the deceased person slept in your bed in a dream, you should pay attention to your health.

If you saw your female friend sleeping, the dream speaks of striking changes in the life of a friend, which will entail changes in the life of the dreamer.

A sleeping cat is a sign of awareness about the appearance of difficulties, but the inability to influence or warn about them. If your pet cat is sleeping in a dream, this picture indicates peace and well-being in the family. Seeing the cat sleeping in the yard in a relaxed pose, basking in the sun, is a sign that the detractors have lowered their vigilance.

Dream about sleeping rat means that a person will get rid of the remorse of conscience and guilt, which has been tormenting him lately. Also, a vision indicates a deliverance from anger, a feeling of dislike towards someone.

If a young lady dreamed of a sleeping dog, it means that in reality a person is tormented by a feeling of uncertainty, and also indicates the unpredictability of the partner in the relationship.

If the young lady dreamed of a sleeping snake, it means that the dreamer will have a chance to spend time with her children and enjoy their company soon.

A dream about sleeping bear promises the opportunity to go on vacation, have a good rest from the annoying bustle and household chores.


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The Meaning of Dreams

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a well-known psychic medium and author and here tells us about the meaning of dreams. The video will give you a brief insight into what dreams mean and how you can interpret dreams.

On the pages of this website you will learn about common dreams and their meanings as well as the meaning of hundreds of other dreams too.

What Are Dreams?

What is the Meaning of Dreams?

Dreams are a flow of thoughts, images, and sensations that happen in the mind when we are asleep. Psychologists are divided over the function and meaning of dreaming. Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are a window into our unconscious mind. He said that dreams represent memories, emotions and feelings that we try to suppress in waking life. Similarly, his student Carl Jung theorized that a dream’s meaning represented the integration our conscious and unconscious lives. He called this the process of individuation.

Some psychologists think that dreams are nothing more than the result of random brain activity that occurs while we are sleeping. Dreams are a way of processing information and stop the emotions from overheating. They claim that they are psychological junk and have no inherent meaning.


The dream meaning and interpretations listed on this site start with a psychological meaning. These include the meanings given by Sigmund Freud and describe repressed emotions and sexual urges. We also include dream interpretations based on the psychology of Carl Jung. Jung believed that dreams are a way of communicating and acquainting yourself with the contents of the unconscious mind. В Because of this, his understanding of the meaning of dreams included mythical themes, archetypes and spiritual interpretations of dreams.


The ancients believed that dreams were messages from the gods. Many of the dream dictionaries you read are based upon these superstitions. We have included mystical meanings of dreams in our interpretations. You will read of strange auguries from dreams, dreams that tell the future and how dreams can awaken you to spiritual powers. You will learn what your dream has to say about your spiritual life and past lives.


There are many dreams that we all have in common. We include the meaning of dreams about teeth falling out, death and burial, being chased, flying, falling and being naked in public. Learn the meaning of dreams about snakes, spiders, shadow figures, being pregnant and many more commonly occulting dream themes.

Dream Meanings | Did You Know?

• One third of our lives are spent sleeping.
• In your lifetime you will spend about six years of it dreaming. That is more than 2100 days.
• Everybody dreams. Just because you don’t remember your dreams it does not mean that you didn’t dream
• We dream an average of one or two hours every night and we often have four to seven dreams in one night
• Five minutes after the end of a dream, half the content is forgotten. After ten minutes, 99 percent is lost.
• If you are snoring then you cannot be dreaming.
• The word dream stems from the middle English word, ‘dreme’ which means joy and music
• Men tend to dream more about other men, while women dream equally about men and women.
• Research has shown that during REM sleep men experience erections and women experience vaginal blood flow no matter what the content of the dream. In fact, ‘wet dreams’ may not coincide with overtly sexual content.
• People who give up smoking have longer and more intense dreams
• Toddlers do not dream about themselves. They don’t appear in their own dreams until the age of four.

Dream Meanings Book

On this site and in Craig’s book about the meaning of dreams, we consider both the psychological and mystical meaning of dreams. If what you read here inspires you then please consider the book trilogy of Hidden Meaning of Dreams that looks at all these issues in detail. It is a beautifully illustrated book with lots of easy-to-understand articles and an extensive dream dictionary.


Anthill — Meaning of Dream

If you see a stranger destroying an ant-hill in a dream, it bodes that you will go through a family tragedy that will happen with a loved one in reality. Most likely, your friend’s or relative’s marriage will break up, which will affect many people; you might even have to go to court and testify.

If you observe ants working hard close to their structure, it forebodes that you will be able to succeed in your chosen business. But only forgetting about your laziness and getting down to business you will succeed.

If you see a child destroying an anthill, it tells that you should be careful with your comments and words, you can deeply hurt the feelings of your loved ones. It is better not to speak rude, so not to apologize for your indiscretion.

Anthill is a harbinger of the hard work. This symbol may mean the end of family life and nothing can save it. If you dream of anthill with many working insects, it bodes that in reality you have to finish a lot of affairs. It will take a lot of time, so you should ask someone for assistance. If you can to do everything in a short time, the results will please you.

If you have accidentally stepped on an anthill, you will have to go through anxious moments, perhaps involving children. Therefore, you should find out if they needed help, then the concern will be much less. If many insects died because of the damage, it tells that your worries won’t be groundless and will last for a long time. But if the ants were not hurt, then everything will be fine very soon, so do not worry, but rather think about how to spend the weekend.

If the ants were creeping on your legs, this is a bad omen of anxiety. If you were lying on an anthill, it indicates that you take care of yourself.

Female dream book treats a destroyed anthill as a signal of war. For a business man this dream promises a lot of work, however a dreamer has to find time for rest in the busy schedule, otherwise a person may get sick.

If you just observe an anthill, it portends the successful completion of cases and getting good income, which can be invested profitably. If you see that someone pours acid to get rid of insects, in reality you have to be ready for enemies’ meanness. Moreover, it will be difficult to get rid of the shame that they will cause; therefore, you should take measures and prevent troubles.


Dream Book For Personal Dream Analysis

Analize or interpret the meaning of your dreams with your own Dream Book

Dream Book

Dreams talk, dreams show path, dreams are an easy guide to better and prosperous life… Unleash these dream secrets using your own dream guide – dreambook.

Analyzing or interpreting your dreams is one of the most powerful processes. It is somewhat like predicting the future, its accuracy level is as probable as future predictions but unlike fortune telling where there is a set method to calculate the motion of planets and heavenly bodies , which predict the future and the certainty that the future predicted by two different fortune tellers may be approximately same, there is no set procedure that could calculate the meaning of a dream with the possibility of two individuals deciphering the same meaning. This leads to ambiguous results, which in result can be questionable due to contradictions. People search for the meaning of their dreams so as to understand the way they behave and also to find answers to some of their dysfunctional issues. But due to the ambiguity in the predictions it leads to havoc as no method could make one assure of the correct and exact meaning of the dream. Even sometimes, these dream interpreters won’t even tell how they deduced the meaning of certain symbols in your dream. So the best possible method to interpret your dreams is to become your own dream teller. Different dreams have different effect on our minds. Some may attach so strongly to one’s consciousness that it may become impossible to push them out of head no matter how much one may try. Unlike these, some may forget these dreams before they get to pen and paper to write them down. Some people dream vaguely and may awake without any awareness of dreaming at all while some may retain every small detail and every aspect of their dreams. An urge to interpret these dreams come from strong emotions, a strong will. Dream interpretation; is it a science or an art? This is a very complicated question as these interpretations vary from studying the subject but mostly it seems to fall more into the category of an art.

Your Own Dream Book For Personal Dream Analysis

As said before, creating one’s own dream book is the best method to interpret dreams. So, if you are really interested in interpretation of dream meaning, create a dream book of your own self. It is easy to figure out pattern of dreams if you look at the dreams of your past few months or years. The dreams will start making sense once you start consciously remembering your dreams and spend some time pondering upon the dream process. The whole process of making a dream book, dream analisys and interpretations becomes easy if you take a notebook with you everywhere you go and jot every detail of dream that occurs to your mind during the course of the day. Eventually, this may lead to recollection of the whole dream. One of the other possible methods to understand your dream is to sneak in somebody else’s dream book. This has many advantages over restricting you interpretation to yourself like you may broaden your horizon of thoughts relating to the meaning of any particular dream. Some dreams may be horrific and could be predicted into another sequence of dangerous events without considering the fact that the dream may be result of a horror flick. So if one gets people alike dreaming about dangerous things may lead to some peace to otherwise afraid individual. Its best to see the patterns of dreams of others as it may lead to increased accuracy level as the scope of emotional aspect in very limited in interpreting somebody else’s dream. So, read other’s dream book.

Keeping a Dream Journal is important step to create your own Dream Book

Importance Of Dream Interpretation: Healthy Body, Mind And Soul

There are various benefits of understanding your dreams. Once you start accurately interpreting your dreams, it may prevent accidents and protect you from diseases. Also, it has power to cure physical as well as mental sickness. Therefore, dream knowledge guarantees physical and mental good health for the rest of your life. A proper understanding of the dreams may lead to curing people. When one is acquainted with the relation of their dreams with the real life incidents then he may try to avoid the undesirable events in his life. It also helps in acquiring an insight into other people’s world. This helps in better realization of the intentions of people and their motives behind their actions. So one may it may act as a tool to uncover the true face of people in his life. It may show up the hidden lies and actions. Once you learn the dream language and try and apply in your daily life on a regular basis, it may lead you to discover both the sides of your conscious mind. The human side has evolved during the evolution of man civilization but yet the wild side remains primitive. If one unconsciously gives in to the wild instinct it may pose threat to his as well to the sound life of others. This may lead to depression, stress, mental trauma and things alike. So as to avoid the violent tendencies of your life it is important to learn about the dream language. One must pay due heed to interpretation of dreams as it helps in suppressing the wild side of human conscious and helps in smooth continuation of human evolution as humans. If one properly and carefully applies the dream language, you will be surprised to see how these dreams may unfold various mysteries of life events. These dreams will speak volumes of the on goings in life and show you a series of messages. Through all this practice, you will realize how these dreams have an impact over your life and various events. Then you may easily avoid the craziness, undesirable actions and unhealthy life. Thus, Dream interpretation finds a way to healthy, happy and prosperous life. All who are in a need to beco me Super humans…. Keep dreaming !!

You could have one more dream – a dream about perfect wedding. Learn more about planning a wedding and make your special day very special!


Interpretation of a dream about dachshund

A person who saw a dachshund in his dream can be expecting luck in love and a long period of happiness. According to Miller’s dreambook, to dream of a dachshund is more of a positive sign than a negative one. So, for example, a long dog wagging its tail happily promises a long period of happiness and joy.

If you see a dead dachshund in a dream, you should pay attention to the dog’s age. If a young dog died, the success you were hoping for would end very suddenly and abruptly; and if the old four-legged friend passed away, you should be ready for changes.

Longo considers a funny dachshund playing with a ball a symbol of a faithful and supportive friend.

And if you dreamed that you were calling someone else’s dachshund, but it does not approach, but only wags its tail glancing at you from a decent distance, this image means you should be prepared for the fact that you have to gain someone’s trust.

A plot about a furious dachshund biting you speaks of disappointment in people, the English dreambook states.

If a skinny angry dachshund was barking at you, Tsvetkov interprets such dream as a harbinger of betrayal or deceit. If it was your dog, you should be ready for deceit in the family; if it was someone else’s dog, be ready for betrayal from the outside.

If you watched two dachshunds fighting in a dream, this means you will become a witness of a quarrel between two close people in real life.

If you received a dachshund puppy as a gift in a dream, you will soon get acquainted with a good-natured and slightly naive person who, with a high degree of probability, will become your life partner or loyal friend if you already have a family.

If you found a puppy on the street and brought it home, this means you will finally take the right decision although you will doubt it for a long time.

    The dog’s color should be also taken into consideration:
  • red-haired dachshund — you are prone to adventure and risk;
  • black dachshund — your innate seriousness gives you credibility in the eyes of others;
  • white dachshund — you are a very positive and bright person, you will have many friends and colleagues;
  • multicolor — fun and carelessness — this is the meaning of your existence.


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