UGA Pecan Extension

UGA Pecan Extension

Mouse Ear, Zinc and Glyphosate Injury on Young Trees

We are seeing some common issues on young trees at this time. I want to show you some photos to help note the difference in nutrient deficiencies and glyphosate injury. But even more important is to remember is that often times, more than one or all of these symptoms are…
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INSECT UPDATE: Pecan Nut Casebearer

It’s that time again to be mindful about pecan nut casebearer (PNC) activity especially after the infestations reported by some growers last year. We normally do not recommend spraying for nut casebearers particularly during high crop load years as they help in thinning out the crop, and only spraying for…
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Recent Cool Temperatures Temporarily Lead to Thin Foliage

I’ve had a few calls this week from growers concerned about thin foliage, mostly in the upper canopy of trees. Pecan trees leaf out from the bottom up. Thus the foliage in the lower canopy this time of year is usually much better developed, thicker, and can be a little…
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Insect Update: Bud Moth

We are in the first stages of pecan budmoth infestation. Last year was a very bad year for budmoth. We are seeing initial signs of infestation on young trees (generally 1—3 years old) as of the first week of April. Identifying budmoth at this time of the year is not…
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Clarification on Phosphite Materials

Based on conversations I have had with a number of growers it sounds as if there is a need for some clarification regarding phosphite materials. Phosphite has become a very valuable tool for us in the battle against pecan scab. Dr. Tim Brenneman first began testing phosphite materials on pecan…
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Example Fungicide Program for 2020

I hope you all are staying safe amid the coronavirus concerns out there right now. Unfortunately as many of you know we have had to cancel our last four county meetings of the year (Wilcox, Jenkins, Brooks, and Dougherty) as well as the Georgia Pecan Growers Assoc. Conference. We will…
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INSECT UPDATE: Ambrosia Beetles

This is just a timely reminder to be watchful for ambrosia beetles especially if you have young trees. If you have older trees (>5 yrs old) that were subjected to any stress-inducing factors such as flooding, diseases, root damage, spading, etc., monitor for potential ambrosia beetle attacks on them as…
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The UGA Pecan Team provides timely information relevant to pecan production in Georgia for use by county extension agents and pecan producers.

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