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Miguelina is the best

Miguelina has helped me a lot during the whole stay in London. She is a really nice person and a great professional. She organized in February an event in a pub nearby the residence to get to know other people in the residence. I stayed in Fulham Palace studios, which is a very nice residence with comfortable studios in a very nice location.

How we get england studant visa from…

How we get england studant visa from pakistan for bs plz you ‘r help me

Really good experience with these guys

Really good experience with these guys, Saif is very helpful and went above and beyond his role to look after me during my move in. I was moving all the way from Scotland so in person viewings beforehand weren’t possible so I was a little sceptical of what the place would actually be like when I moved, but I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 would recommend!

Miguelina has been amazing organizing housing!

Miguelina has been amazing organizing a location for my daughter for her summer internship in London. She has answered all my million questions and really clarified location and ease of transportation for her summer. I live in the US and knowing that she has arranged a safe and comfortable location abroad really has made this experience for my daughter easy. Thank you Miguelina!

It has always been a great experience…

It has always been a great experience working with the team at London Nest. Miguelina handles our corporate account and she has always been exceptional, very clear in communication and has gone the extra miles to get us what we wanted. Our students are really happy with the property and the feedback has been that they are all well maintained. If you are looking for an accommodation provider and a helpful team, I’d highly recommend London Nest to anyone.

Fulham Palace studios is a great site…

Fulham Palace studios is a great site with a lovely warm welcome, all credit to Miguelina.

Thanks to Paula for her kindness and…

Thanks to Paula for her kindness and her professionalism . She helped us and made things easy.

Amazing experience!

Amazing experience and excellent service!
I had some troubles with airbnb and I needed to find an accommodation asap: they managed to make available a stunning apartment in no time at half the price of the one on airbnb! Very special thanks to Carla for her precious help!

Thank you Valerio,

We are glad to hear you enjoyed your stay with us!

London nest studio

I have rented a studio through London nest in and they made it very easy and simple to do that. Thanks to their prompt service.

Thanks Paula for making things easier and faster for us. Really appreciate it.

Thank you for your kind words Farah,

Have a great stay in London!

Responsive and trustworthy

I had a very good experience with Londonnest while preparing my first months in London. The consultant was very responsive and helpful in clarifying my doubts and replying to questions quickly.

Thank you Agnieszka,

We wish you a great time in London!

I am not one to usually write reviews but they are really being under rated!

I am not one to usually write reviews but this one was worth it! Honestly skeptical at first but what a great experience! Flawless and direct, Saif and his team have been great ! From the initial contact up to my moving date! Would certainly recommend!

Thank you Sam for your kind words.
The Team is very glad to know you had a great experience.

Enjoy your time in London!

Absolutely trustworthy

Absolutely trustworthy. They make sure to offer their best to their customers and if you want to make any changes they have it all in mind. Moreover, they care about their customers and are always available if you need any help.

Highly recommended

Highly recommended. I made accommodation enquiries on behalf of my daughter with quite short notice and Miguelina was extremely helpful and responded to emails very quickly.
A viewing was arranged quickly and Miguelina met my daughter right on time. We booked the accommodation as I couldn’t fault the service provided, 1st class, thank you.

great service

Miguelina help me with the best of intentions. very fast and friendly.

Personal Recommendation: Paula Cayon

I would personally recommend Londonnest to anyone in need of such services due to Paula Cayon’s exceptional customer service. Replies and the provision of information pertaining to the rental of property were immediate, which is one of the hallmarks of an excellent service provider.

Thank you very much Nicholas.
Indeed we are very lucky to have Paula in our team!

Enjoy your time in London!

The London Nest Team


WORST SECURITY EXPERIENCE EVER. There is no Room security. The CCT cameras only work for the entrance and the rooms are equipped with nonworking safety boxes. Moreover, I personally had been stolen 400 pounds in my room by people that worked in the building and have the key and access to my room. It is not the first time that this happens. Furthermore, the Studio has taken 0 responsibility for the robbery and hasn’t tackled the security system problem. However, London Nest service was appropriate (as they kindly came and talk to me) despite the problem wasn’t tackled in my building of Fulham Palace Studio.

Dear Beatriz,
We are really sorry to hear you had a negative experience at the residence.
Thank you for acknowledging our services and support to you.

We have reported the issue to the Managers of the building to make sure it doesn’t happen again as we take security and safety of our students very seriously.

Excellent service

Excellent service, especially Paula Cayon was very helpful. A big Thank you from me!

Paula Cayon is AMAZING!

Paula Cayon delivers EXCEPTIONAL customer service. We are a U.S. based company which required domicile for an employee for 6+ weeks with less than a 48 hour notice! Paula rose to the occasion and made it happen!! This was no easy feat given the time zones, currency exchange and necessary documentation. Paula was a fantastic liaison between the Londonnest financial department, our employee and myself. She kept everyone informed as she maneuvered us through the process. She personally met our employee after hours (on a Friday night!) to make sure he was checked in comfortably at his new apartment. Because of her professionalism, «can do attitude» and willingness to find solutions, we will be a longstanding client for Londonnest!!

Thank you Lori!
Paula was really glad to read your kind words.

We hope your employee has a great time in London!

Wrong apartment and bad service

Really bad service! They did not put me in the apartment that I booked because someone of them booked the wrong apartment for me. Then it was impossible to reach them via email or the phone and it was not ok for me to switch to a different apartment or get my money back. I was promised an apartment with 2 rooms and a seperate Kittchen and I got a room with a Kittchen Right next to the bed which I would never have booked for that price or in general. First they told me it was my fault, after I send multiple emails they realized it was not. Also for checking in I had to wait 2 hours because they forgot to put my name on the list. They apologized for it but still really not the best for your moving day. Also they still charge me for the big apartment and one the phone the women literally said to me I should just stay there I won’t find anything better anyway so.

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