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How to Get Rid of White Mites

Things You’ll Need

Liquid dish detergent or castile soap

Spider mites and white flies are two common types of white mites that can be found indoors and outdoors in most communities. Unfortunately, an infestation of white mites can damage outdoor plants and become a nuisance indoors. Sometimes white mites can be difficult to see due to their small size, neutral color and hiding abilities. They can be eradicated by removing unnecessary carpeting, laundering linens and curtains on a bi-monthly basis, vacuuming, using pesticides, applying simple gardening principles and spraying with a homemade remedy. With a little work and a lot of patience, white mites can be exterminated.

Step 1

Remove indoor materials that white mites could infest. Reduce the amount of wall-to-wall carpet in your home. Avoid heavily upholstered furniture and secure mattresses and pillows in specially designed plastics. Wash all bedding, linens and curtains on a bi-monthly basis. Vacuum or mop the floors once a week. Use the vacuum hose to reach tight areas around furniture and under the bed. Maintain adequate ventilation in the home to reduce the amount of humidity.

Step 2

Maintain the yard. Mow the grass, weeds and briers to avoid large amounts of moisture and shade. Allow sunlight and a flow of air to reach all yard areas. Wear proper outdoor apparel when maintaining the yard. According to ThePiedPiper.Co.Uk, harvest mite larvae can penetrate many types of clothing, but high boots and trousers of tightly woven fabric tucked into stockings or boots help deter them. Use a bug repellent while working in the yard. Apply the repellent to your skin and your clothing to avoid contact with white mites.

Step 3

Choose an insecticide that treats mites. Follow the detailed instructions on the insecticide for the best results. Never wear dog or cat flea collars on your ankles or place cattle ear tags on your shoes to ward off white mites. The chemicals in these types of collars and tags can be toxic and dangerous to human skin and eyes.

Step 4

Use new pots and planters when gardening. Choose potting soil that is fresh from the bag. Avoid using garden soil that could already be contaminated with white mites. Remove dead flowers and dead leaves from all potted plants. Keep potted plants away from window sills, door frames and entrances to the house. Use a magnifying glass to look for white mites that could have infested a particular plant.

Step 5

Create a safe homemade insecticide to eradicate white mites. According to, a solution of 5 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid or a pure soap, such as castile soap, added to a gallon of water will keep insects away without burning the leaves of the plant. Spray the homemade insecticide on each plant making sure you cover the plant thoroughly. Spray the undersides of the leaves where insects often lay their eggs. Rinse the plants with cool water one hour after applying the homemade insecticide. Place a yellow plate covered with petroleum jelly next to the plants. White mites are attracted to the yellow color and will get stuck in the petroleum jelly.

Transplanting can carry white mites from one area of the yard to another. Use the homemade insecticide before transplanting.


Do not leave the homemade insecticide on plants for more than an hour. Even regular dishwashing liquid or pure soap can burn the leaves if it is not rinsed off in an hour.

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