Causes of poor sleep: description and methods of struggle

Causes of poor sleep: description and methods of struggle

Sleep is one of the most important vital functions of the body. About a quarter of all past time a person spends in this state of rest. Good sleep is able to rejuvenate, enhance performance, improve mood and have a beneficial effect on the appearance. This article will talk about what can be the causes of bad sleep. You will also find out what to do to combat them. We should also say why is a bad dream of the newborn (causes).

Sleep disorders

What a bad dream? Most of the violations of this condition caused by the banal insomnia. People simply can not long time to sleep. Because of this shortened time his vacation and as a consequence, starts the various problems.

It is Worth noting that insomnia currently affects more than 50 percent of the population of the whole Earth. Some of the groups with children. Try to understand what are the causes of bad sleep.

External factors

Causes of poor sleep in adults and young children can be uncomfortable for the condition setting. So, sleep can interfere with TV noise or buzzing the night of the prospectus outside the window. In addition, the room can be bright or uncomfortable light, children crying or other sounds from neighbors. All of this is irritant. Only very tired people can sleep in this situation.

To eliminate these causes of poor sleep, you simply disconnect from the outside world. If you can’t change the situation then change your attitude. Wear eye mask that protects from the light and insert in the ears with special earplugs.

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Stressful situation

The cause of the poor sleep may be in your head. If at work or in the family, something goes wrong, the person can spend hours to scroll through my problem before sleep. Because of this, the brain cannot concentrate and to calm excited nervous system.

To Solve this problem is quite simple. We just need to stop thinking before going to sleep. Go to bed, think of something good and very pleasant. Most likely, you will be able to sleep in a matter of minutes.

Violation of

Poor sleep can occur because of a change of regime or time zones. So, if you used to go to bed at 22 hours, but were for some reason to do it in 20, then the result could be transient insomnia.

To Deal with such a cause is quite simple. If you are going to change the mode, you should do it gradually, shifting your sleep for 10 minutes each day.

Bad habits and poor diet

The Reason for poor sleep can be alcohol and tobacco. What to say about taking drugs. Many people believe that alcoholic beverages helps you unwind and sink into a state of peace. However this is a misconception. Tobacco and alcohol components into the human body, blood vessels first constrict, and then dramatically and permanently enhance them. As a result, the nervous system becomes agitated and you can not sleep.

Poor sleep can also be caused by malnutrition. If you have consumed during dinner a heavy meal, the body is difficult to adjust to holiday mode. Try the last portion of the meal to take at least three hours before bedtime. Also abstain from alcohol and tobacco.

Bad feeling

The reason for the poor sleep may be poor health. Often a person cannot enter into the world of Morpheus from the banal headache. If you have a cold, you should as soon as possible to begin treatment and get rid of the temporary insomnia.

In children of preschool and school-age children are often the reason for the lack of sleep or worry is pain in my ears. Do not blame the child for something that he can’t sleep. Ask him discomfort and try to resolve this problem.

Bad dream the child: causes

Small children can become anxious in the dream for several reasons. If we are talking about a newborn baby, then the child is not yet ready to sleep all night long. He will Wake up to fill the small stomach nourishing milk. It is a feature of the development of the child and is not accepted as pathology.

Children aged one to five years often experience problems with sleep. This happens due to improper sleep. If you are rocking a baby in her arms, he wakes up with the alarm refers to the condition that he was in the crib. In this case, you need to eliminate the cause slowly but surely. Teach your baby to fall asleep independently.

Also cause poor sleep in children may have poor digestion and pain in tummy. Often, this pathology manifests itself in babies of the first three months of life. It should be noted that every child passes through it and it is not necessary to sound the alarm ahead of time. Just help your baby and wait patiently.


Now you are aware of the main causes of bad sleep. If after following all of the advice condition did not improve, it makes senseto visit a neurologist. The doctor to find out why you are concerned about a bad dream (the reasons). Treatment is most often administered in the form of sedatives and herbal teas. If there was trouble falling asleep for a little child, there may be a need for additional research.

Remember that the lack of proper rest can cause the development of many chronic diseases. Sleep well and be healthy!

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