9 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

9 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

What do your dreams really mean?

Do dreams have a deeper meaning? A surprising number of people believe that the answer to this question is yes. According to a poll conducted by Newsweek, a whopping 43% of Americans believe that dreams reveal unconscious desires and wishes.

Famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud described dreams as the royal road to the unconscious and suggested that by studying the obvious content of dreams, we could then bring to light the hidden and unconscious desires that lead to neurosis.  

Analyzing dream symbols and ascribing meaning has become a popular source of both entertainment and self-reflection in popular culture. Do dreams really have hidden meanings? Can you learn your unconscious wishes and desires by interpreting your dreams?

While most modern theories of dreams would suggest that the answer is no, this hasn’t stopped interpreters and analysts from publishing a whole host of dream dictionaries that purport to identify what these common dream themes and symbols really mean.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common dreams and what some of the most popular dream interpretation books have to say about them.

9 Common Dreams and Their Interpretations

Dreams About Falling

Dreams about falling from great heights are very common. While there is a popular myth that if you hit the ground in your dream you will die in real life, it simply is not true. So what exactly could dreams about falling really mean?

According to many popular dream interpretations and at least one study, falling dreams are a sign that something in your life isn’t going well.   It might suggest that you need to rethink a choice or consider a new direction in some area of your life.

«Dreaming of falling is very common. It is a symbol of fear in real life — perhaps of failing at work or in your love life,» claims Russell Grant, author of The Illustrated Dream Dictionary. «Falling often expresses a need to let yourself go more and enjoy life more.»

Dreams About Being Naked in Public

Have you ever have one of those awkward dreams where you show up at school or the office in your birthday suit? Don’t worry. Dreaming about being naked is hardly unusual.  

Penny Peirce, author of the Dream Dictionary for Dummies, suggests that dreaming of public nudity might indicate that you feel like a phony or that you are afraid of revealing your imperfections and shortcomings.

Dreams About Being Chased

Dreams that feature being pursued by a known or unknown attacker can be particularly terrifying. These types of dreams are very common.  

But what do these dreams say about what’s going on inside your mind? Dream interpreters often suggest that such dreams mean that you are trying to avoid something in your daily life.

Tony Crisp, author of Dream Dictionary, suggests that being chased in a dream might indicate a desire to escape from your own fears or desires.

The key to understanding what such a dream might mean depends partly on the identity of your pursuer. Being chased by an animal might indicate that you are hiding from your own anger, passions, and other feelings.

If your pursuer is a mysterious, unknown figure, it might represent a childhood experience or past trauma. If you are being chased by someone of the opposite sex, Crisp suggests that it means you are afraid of love or haunted by a past relationship.

Dreams About Losing Teeth

Penny Peirce, author of Dream Dictionary for Dummies, suggests that dreaming about losing teeth can have multiple meanings. It might mean that you are worried about your attractiveness or appearance. It might also indicate that you are concerned about your ability to communicate or concerned that you might have said something embarrassing.

«The real essence of teeth is their ability to bite through, to cut, tear, and grind,» she explains. «If your teeth fall out, you lose personal power and your ability to be assertive, decisive, and self-protective.»

Dreams About Dying

Death is another common subject of dreams and one that can be particularly disconcerting. Dreamers sometimes dream of the death of a loved one or even dream of dying themselves. Popular dream interpretations sometimes suggest that such dreams reflect anxiety about change or a fear of the unknown.

«Like death, change can be scary because–also like death–we do not know what is ‘on the other side,’ of the change, which is why the dreaming mind equates change with death,» suggests Lauri Loewenberg in her book Dream on It: Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life.

Loewenberg also believes that dreaming about the death of a loved one can reflect a similar fear of change, especially with regards to children reaching milestones and growing up. Such changes, she suggests, indicate that a child is growing up and a parent’s mind begins to wonder where the younger version of the child went. Such dreams of dying, therefore, reflect a sort of mourning for the inevitable passage of time.

Studies have also shown that those approaching the end of life and loved ones around them experience significant and meaningful dreams, often relating to a comforting presence, preparing to go, watching or engaging with the deceased, loved ones waiting, distressing experiences, and unfinished business.  

Dreams About Taking a Test

According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, author of The Hidden Meaning of Dreams, taking an exam your dreams might reveal an underlying fear of failure. Studies have also found that dreams of this nature are common.  

«Examinations are stressful experiences in which you are made to face up to your shortcomings,» he writes. «To dream of failing an exam, being late for one, or being unprepared shows that you feel unprepared for the challenges of waking life.»

Dreams About Infidelity

Dreaming that your spouse or romantic partner is cheating on you with someone else can be incredibly distressing. In some cases, people even start to wonder if the dream might really be true. Does dreaming that your partner is unfaithful mean that it might happen? Or that it is already happening?

While in some cases such dreams might be the reflection of waking fears of such infidelity, Trish and Rob MacGregor, the author’s of the Complete Dream Dictionary: A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean, believe that such dreams probably don’t mean that your spouse is cheating or will cheat.

«This is another ‘what if’ dream–you are testing the limits of reality,» they suggest.

Eve Adamson and Gayle Williamson, authors of The Complete Idiot’s Guide Dream Dictionary, posit that such dreams about infidelity indicate issues with trust, loyalty, and communication in a relationship. «If you or your partner cheated in your dream, one of you isn’t getting what you need from that relationship right now,» they write.

Dreams About Flying

Dreams about flying are experienced by many.  Theycan be exciting and even liberating but they can sometimes be quite frightening (especially for those afraid of heights). According to Tony Crisp, author of Dream Dictionary, dreams about flying often represent two very different sides. On the one hand, such dreams can represent feelings of freedom and independence. On the other hand, they can also indicate a desire to flee or escape from the realities of life.

«Flying alone occurs most frequently,» he writes, «showing the independent aspect of flying. But because it often involves positive feelings of pleasure, flying may depict our sexuality…especially aspects of it expressing freedom from social norms and restraints.»

Dreams About Pregnancy

Dream interpreters often suggest that dreams about pregnancy represent everything from creativity to fear. David C. Lohff, the author of Dream Dictionary, believes that pregnancy dreams might sometimes represent a woman’s fears of being an inadequate mother.

Author Tony Crisp, on the other hand, suggests that such dreams indicate that the dreamer is developing some area of potential or deepening a relationship. Dream interpreter Russell Grant writes that these dreams presage difficult times.

A Word From Verywell

So what do you think? Do some of these dream interpretations seem accurate? If not, don’t worry–your dreams are unique and highly personal. You are not likely to find anything more than simple entertainment in generalized interpretation books and dream dictionaries. Instead, consider your dreams a reflection of your waking life, mirroring your fears, anxieties, desires, hopes, and aspirations for the future. Consider the personal meaning of your dreams. In all likelihood, the things you experience in your dreams are probably a reflection of the concerns you face in your daily existence.


Cockchafer Dream Meaning — Dreams Meanings

Cockchafer Dream Meaning — Dreams Meanings

Cockchafer Dream Meaning. What does cockchafer dream mean? What is cockchafer dreams meaning? Dreaming about cockchafer. Discover you dream meanings with cockchafer.

Gulls Dream

Gulls Dream Interpretation and Meaning: Dreaming of gulls in flight or rest in a place means trip, change, transfer or force in diverse matters of your life. The gulls represent your know-how or.

Nuns Dream

Nuns Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To see nuns in a dream symbolizes the help, the purity, the chastity, and the observance in all moment and circumstance. To dream of nuns means a reminder of.

Beets Dream

Beets Dream Interpretation and Meaning: If you like the beets, this dream will be it very pleasant but you should watch of the details for its meanings for your health current or future. To dream of.

Landlord Dream

Landlord Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a landlord represents the vicinity of something or somebody that will try to control, to supervise and to manipulate your steps and actions daily.

Tunnel Dream

Tunnel Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a tunnel represents the reproductive feminine organ, the act of the pregnancy and of giving birth commonly. Also, this dream can demonstrate the.

Quintuplets Dream

Quintuplets Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of quintuplets represents necessity to maintain the five watchful senses to avoid the unemployment or the crash of their company. Quintuplets.

Archbishop Dream

Archbishop Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To see an archbishop in your dream indicates that you will have to overcome many obstacles and privations before you can get the prosperity and the economic.

Jail Dream

Jail Dream Interpretation and Meaning: If you dream of jail it shows your taste and pleasure for illegal activities and frauds. Dreaming of being in jail indicates your fear of failing in life.

Insult Dream

Insult Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of an insult represents conflict, problem or situation to solve soon. The insult symbolizes a defense expression before something unpleasant or of.

Mopping Dream

Mopping Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of mopping a floor could reflect premonitions on a lot of work for you or to be needed of solving a problem perfectly. To mop symbolizes to make a.

Hair Dryer Dream

Hair Dryer Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a hair dryer speaks of the search of energies to face conflicts and to allow that the nature also takes its course. Dreaming of a hair dryer a.

P.A. System (Public Announcement) Dream

P.A. System (Public Announcement) Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a public announcement represents the necessity of enjoyment and happiness in your life, after a great stress in your work. A public announcement.

Gelatin Dream

Gelatin Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of the gelatin symbolizes to go out with ability of a difficult matter, to avoid a bureaucratic complicated management or to achieve the approval of.

Cockchafer Dream Meaning. What does cockchafer dream mean? What is cockchafer dreams meaning? Discover you dream meanings with cockchafer. Dreaming about cockchafer


Dream Interpretations for the Top 10 Most Popular Dreams

Remember that one dream where you flew through campus or showed up naked to a party? Some of us can remember our dreams for years while others claim they never dream. Some may even have reoccurring nightmares or dreams that’ll make you laugh. We all have different life experiences but somehow manage to have dreams that are very similar. In fact, you’ll find often common themes and symbols within our dreams that mean more than public nudity or cool superpowers like breathing underwater.

Decode your strangest dreams with this handy dream interpretation guide.

1. The “I’m Naked in Public “Dream

“I had a dream about being naked in class, it felt was so real. I was just sitting down naked and I couldn’t believe it. Thank God it was a dream,” said American University senior Mare Acosta. According to Dream Moods, this dream symbolizes a fear of being exposed or misjudged. Or, if you’re naked and try to cover up, this means you’re trying to hide your vulnerability. Maybe in your waking life you have a crush on a new guy in your physics class but don’t want him to know how you failed the last two tests. Waking up from the naked dreams are always a relief, but maybe they want you to confront some deep rooted feelings.

2. The “I’m Unprepared for an Exam” Dream

You finally sit down to take a dreaded exam when you realize none of the questions are what you studied. Not knowing information on an exam can mean many things in dream world. Maybe you’re just overly anxious for an upcoming exam. Taking an exam in a dream also implies one’s insecurities, fear of “not meeting others’ expectations” and the “fear of failure,” as noted on Dream Moods. This makes sense for a college students to stress about failure. Good news though: If you have a dream about failing your next calc exam, most likely you’ll study extra hard and won’t fail in real life.

3. The “I’m Falling” Dream

No matter how good a movie is, do you ever find yourself dozing off? And seconds later you fall off a cliff, making your stomach drop as you plummet— but right before you painfully land, you’re awake. “A few times a week I’ll be falling asleep and dream that I’m falling and immediately I wake up. It’s really jarring and my heart is usually racing when I wake up and I’m all disoriented,” said AU junior Kyra McNaughton. Falling and feeling scared indicates a lack of control or security in your waking life, according to Dream Moods. You may be going through an overwhelming period or ongoing struggle. Sound familiar? Whether it’s finals week or roommate struggles, we often feel like our lives are out of control.

4. The “I’m Late or Missing Out” Dream

“I almost have dreams about this everyday. I mean it’s part of my anxiety, I always think about being late but I just can’t really remember what goes on in my stress dreams,” said AU junior Sofia Passick. We’ve all woken up from a dream where we’re running late to something, but when we arrive, the event is winding down or has ended. According to Dream Moods, dreaming that you are late means that you feel unready or unsupported about certain circumstances. If you’re a rising senior or close to graduation, you may experience a stress dream about being late.

5. The “I’m Being Chased” Dream

If being chased in real life wasn’t scary enough, try it in a dream, but not being able to move fast enough to get away. “I had a dream that I was being chased by a murderer and I ran into a house. All of a sudden the swat team came inside and grabbed me. It all felt too real and I woke up in a panic,” said AU junior Yaniza Creamer. Dream Moods tells us that when you dream about being chased you’re avoiding a situation that you don’t think you can conquer. Perhaps you haven’t been able to find time to tell your boyfriend it’s over, and now it’s taking over your dream world. It’s always a good idea to face your fears in life, but also to avoid those scary chase dreams.

6. The “I Can’t Find a Toilet” Dream

You’re wandering hallway upon hallway hoping to find a toilet in panic that you may pee your pants. However, you soon wake up confused as to why you had such an odd dream about toilet separation anxiety. This dream may seem childish at first, but its deeper meaning reveals that bathrooms symbolize more than having to pee. Not being able to find a bathroom in your dream indicates that you have difficulties expressing emotion and tend to hold back true feelings, according to Dream Moods. Who would have known a dream about a toilet could tell you about some character faults?

7. The “I’m Flying” Dream

Most of us have been on airplanes so we know how it feels to fly, but in dream world we sometimes have the power to soar through the sky like a bird. This makes you wish you were back in dream land instead of stuck in your dorm as soon as you wake up. According to Dream Moods, a dream about flying symbolizes “a sense of freedom” where you once felt restricted. So not only does the dream feel awesome but most likely in your waking life great things are happening, too. Maybe you finally quit an annoying job or confronted your roommate about stealing your clothes. Either way, you feel like flying here and in dream world.

8. The Celebrity Dream

Maybe one night after back to back re-runs of Friends, you doze off and find yourself bike riding bike with Jennifer Aniston. “I’ve had recurring dreams that I’ve been dating and then engaged to Lebron James. At first people were shocked because I’m young, but my family supported it completely. Then in the dream I was asked to be on that WAGS show,” said AU junior Nina Conover. According to Dream Moods, seeing these celebrities in your dreams represents our need for pleasure or that celebrity’s traits. If Kim Kardashian shows up and you’re take selfies with her all night long, this may symbolize your want to associate with her or model her career. Either way, running into celebrities in our sleep gives us a break from our mundane college life.

9. The “I’m lost” Dream

With the Internet at our fingertips, most of us rely on our phones to get everywhere, even in our dreams. Ever have that dream where you’re lost on campus or in the middle of the woods, where even your precious iPhone can’t save you? According to Dream Moods, being lost indicates that you can’t find your direction in life or feel insecure about the path you’ve taken. Perhaps you just switched majors or decided to transfer universities. At least in real life these feelings of uncertainty and fear won’t mean you can’t rely on Google Maps.

10. The “I’m Underwater” Dream

Ever have a dream of having cool powers like surviving underwater for days? Or a scarier version where you’re underwater and can’t breathe? Hopefully your underwater dreams involve lovely mermaids and dolphins. If not, Dream Moods has the answer: A dream where you are underwater suggests that you’re “overcome with emotions and are in over your head.” Essentially, the dream is telling you to take control of your life. On the other hand, if you have a dream where you breathe underwater, it represents being back in the womb, wanting to retreat back to young ways, feeling helpless or being overcome with emotion. Who doesn’t feel like that occasionally?


Dream Interpretation: What Do Dreams Mean?

While many theories exist to explain why we dream, no one yet fully understands their purpose, let alone how to interpret the meaning of dreams. Dreams can be mysterious, but understanding the meaning of our dreams can be downright baffling. Our dreams’ contents can shift suddenly, feature bizarre elements, or frighten us with terrifying imagery. The fact that dreams can be so rich and compelling is what causes many to believe that there must be some meaning to our dreams.

Some prominent researchers such as G. William Domhoff suggest that dreams most likely serve no real purpose.   Despite this, dream interpretation has become increasingly popular. While research has not demonstrated a purpose for dreams, many experts believe that dreams do have meaning.

According to Domhoff:

«‘Meaning’ has to do with coherence and with systematic relations to other variables, and in that regard, dreams do have meaning. Furthermore, they are very «revealing» of what is on our minds. We have shown that 75 to 100 dreams from a person give us a very good psychological portrait of that individual. Give us 1000 dreams over a couple of decades and we can give you a profile of the person’s mind that is almost as individualized and accurate as her or his fingerprints.»  

7 Theories on Why We Dream Simplified

Freud: Dreams as the Road to the Unconscious Mind

In his book «The Interpretation of Dreams,» Sigmund Freud suggested that the content of dreams is related to wish-fulfillment. Freud believed that the manifest content of a dream, or the actual imagery and events of the dream, served to disguise the latent content or the unconscious wishes of the dreamer.

Freud also described four elements of this process that he referred to as «dream work»:  

  • Condensation – Many different ideas and concepts are represented within the span of a single dream. Information is condensed into a single thought or image.
  • Displacement – This element of dream work disguises the emotional meaning of the latent content by confusing the important and insignificant parts of the dream.
  • Symbolization – This operation also censors the repressed ideas contained in the dream by including objects that are meant to symbolize the latent content of the dream.
  • Secondary Revision – During this final stage of the dreaming process, Freud suggested that the bizarre elements of the dream are reorganized in order to make the dream comprehensible, thus generating the manifest content of the dream.

Jung: Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

While Carl Jung shared some commonalities with Freud, he felt that dreams were more than an expression of repressed wishes. Jung suggested that dreams revealed both the personal and collective unconscious and believed that dreams serve to compensate for parts of the psyche that are underdeveloped in waking life. In contradiction to Jung’s assertions, however, later research by Hall revealed that the traits people exhibit while they awake are the same as those expressed in dreams.

Jung also suggested that archetypes such as the anima, the shadow, and the animus are often represented symbolic objects or figures in dreams.   These symbols, he believed, represented attitudes that are repressed by the conscious mind. Unlike Freud, who often suggested that specific symbols represent specific unconscious thoughts, Jung believed that dreams can be highly personal and that interpreting these dreams involved knowing a great deal about the individual dreamer.

Hall: Dreams as a Cognitive Process

Calvin S. Hall proposed that dreams are part of a cognitive process in which dreams serve as «conceptions» of elements of our personal lives.   Hall looked for themes and patterns by analyzing thousands of dream diaries from participants, eventually creating a quantitative coding system that divided what’s in our dreams into a number of categories.

According to Hall’s theory, interpreting dreams requires knowing:

  • the actions of the dreamer within the dream
  • the objects and figures in the dream
  • the interactions between the dreamer and the characters in the dream
  • the dream’s setting, transitions, and outcome

The ultimate goal of this dream interpretation is not to understand the dream, however, but to understand the dreamer.

Domhoff: Dreams as a Reflection of Waking Life

G. William Domhoff is a prominent dream researcher who studied with Calvin Hall at the University of Miami. In large-scale studies on the content of dreams, Domhoff has found that dreams reflect the thoughts and concerns of a dreamer’s waking life. Domhoff suggests a neurocognitive model of dreams in which the process of dreaming results from neurological processes and a system of schemas.   Dream content, he suggests results from these cognitive processes.

Popularizing Dream Interpretation

Since the 1970s, dream interpretation has grown increasingly popular thanks to work by authors such as Ann Faraday. In books such as «The Dream Game,» Faraday outlined techniques and ideas than anyone can use to interpret their own dreams. Today, consumers can purchase a wide variety of books that offer dream dictionaries, symbol guides, and tips for interpreting and understanding dreams.

Dream research will undoubtedly continue to grow and generate interest from people interested in understanding the meaning of their dreams. However, dream expert G. William Domhoff recommends that «. unless you find your dreams fun, intellectually interesting, or artistically inspiring, then feel free to forget your dreams.» Others such as Cartwright and Kaszniak propose that dream interpretation may actually reveal more about the interpreter than it does about the meaning of the dream itself.

A Dream’s Meaning Might Depend on Your Biases

Researchers Carey Morewedge and Michael Norton have studied the dreams of over 1,000 individuals from the United States, India, and South Korea.   What they discovered is that few of the college students who participated in the research believed that their dreams were simply the brain’s response to random stimulation. Instead, most endorsed Freud’s notion that dreams reveal unconscious wishes and urges.

What they also discovered, however, is that the weight and importance people attach to their dreams depend largely on their biases. People are more likely to remember negative dreams if they involve people that they already dislike. They are also more likely to take positive dreams seriously if they involve friends or loved ones.

In other words, people are motivated to interpret their dreams in ways that support their already existing beliefs about themselves, the world, and the people around them. The researchers found that such things as the confirmation bias and the self-serving bias even impact how people respond to their own dreams.

Because people tend to take their dreams seriously, the researchers suggest, these dreams can also become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you dream that you are going to fail an exam, you might be less motivated to study or even become so stressed out that you perform poorly.

Dreams may or may not have meaning but the fact remains that interpreting dreams has become a popular past time. Some people even base major life decisions on the contents of their dreams.


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