10 Really Gross Things Our Bodies Do To Survive

  • We expel an average of 14 gases per day, lose 1.5 kg of skin per year…
  • Purchasing: intentionally contracting HIV in search of a high

That the human body is a perfect machine capable of carrying out multiple functions at the same time automatically to keep us alive against all the elements is something of which we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, aware. However, much less well known, perhaps because of the complexity of many of them, are the processes necessary for all our organs to carry out what they have been designed to do. These, in addition to being striking and interesting, can, in some cases, be truly unpleasant.

Many more parasites than cells

Nine out of every ten cells found in our body are parasites. In numbers, the human body contains no more and no less than about 100 million bacteria. That is ten times more than cells.

Excrements inside us

No matter how well we go to the bathroom, the truth is that we never get to release all the excrement produced by our bodies. In fact, and although it varies depending on each person and their diet, there are several kilos of waste that we can store inside us.

Corrosive acid in our intestines

The mixture of acids that we accumulate inside our stomach is a corrosive bomb that, yes, we keep at bay thanks to the antacid that makes the stomach lining. So powerful is this combination that it would not take more than a few hours to dissolve a razor blade.

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Infinite saliva. We are real saliva factories.

So much so that each person can swallow almost two liters of this liquid daily. In other words, by the end of our lives, we will have produced enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

Bulk fat. Don’t panic

Body fat is necessary. In fact, even those who seem to have been starving all their lives have a fat percentage of over 15%. To give you a visual idea of how much we accumulate, those bodies within the world average could give you enough to make seven bars of soap.

Kisses of passion… and bacteria

Humans have a whopping 720 different species of bacteria living inside their mouths—every time someone gives each other a screw kiss, between 10 and 1 billion bacteria are transferred. Fortunately, in most cases, this transfer is of no consequence.

We skin ourselves by the kilogram

Different studies say that humans lose more than half a million skin cells in a single hour. At the end of the year, this means losing about one and a half kilos a year. So, if we live 80 years, we will have lost 120 kilos of skin in our lifetime. Most of it is ingested by the mites that live in our bodies.

Feet sweat liters

Although not everyone sweats the same, each foot can produce about a liter of sweat daily. This amount, however, varies depending on the temperature to which this limb is subjected.

A fart machine

As the body digests food, the bacteria that live in our digestive system produce gases that the body can only expel by farting or burping. Even the most elegant, delicate, and discreet people you can think of expel an average of 14 breaths a day.

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