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With the onset of spring, many people have problems in housing from the invasion of flies. Let’s talk about the means of dealing with them, namely about powder from flies. These small insects bring a lot of inconvenience, because they are not only intrusive, but also are carriers of various infections. This article will deal with effective ways to combat flies.

Popular tools

Agree that running around with a fly swatter in the apartment is not an effective way of fighting, which will take a lot of time. In addition, you will have to wipe the consequences of the struggle with wallpaper and furniture. A picture of a hanging sticky tape, covered with flies and gnats, very few people will be pleased.

The best way is prevention:

  • mosquito nets on windows (if there are window frames of the old model, then you can pull gauze, using buttons or nails);
  • daily take out garbage and do not leave food in an open area.

Such simple actions will help prevent the appearance of flies in the house. However, if all the same insects

they made their way to the premises, then it will be necessary to use special means.

Advantages in the use of powders include efficiency and speed (when in contact with powder in fly flies, paralysis occurs instantaneously). However, there are also disadvantages: if there are pets and small children in the house, then caution is needed in using.

Consider the most popular and effective powders:

Let’s talk in more detail about each remedy separately.

Powder of the Austrian company Agita has established itself as one of the best in the fight against importunate flies. The powder has a beige color, packed in plastic cans of 100 and 400 grams, covered with metal foil. Pharmacological properties of the drug allow you to get rid of flies for up to two months. Shelf life of the drug is up to 5 years.

German company Bayer has released a tool for combating flies, with the name “Byte”.

There are two types of such drugs:

  1. FlyBait is a bright yellow lure, in which 98% of sugar (for eating bait fly), 1% methomyl, which causes the death of the fly after 3-5 minutes after contact. And also an important component that is a part of it is the fly’s sexual enzyme, which serves to attract an insect within a radius of 30 meters.
  2. QuickKit is a pink lure, contains the same auxiliary components as the Flyby. It differs only in the content of a new poisonous substance, imidacloprid, which has a more toxic effect on the fly.

Another tool of the German company Bayer called Baygon in the form of a white powder of various packaging. It is used for processing furniture, window sills and garbage cans. The action on insects is caused by special additives, which on contact stick to them and cause paralysis. The active substances that are in the composition of the product are dangerous for pets, so before processing it is necessary to remove them from the house. Six hours after processing, the powder is washed off with water and soda.

The powder, presented by the Russian company with the name “Mukhita”, also proved to be quite successful in combating flies. The product is available in the form of a powder of yellow and blue colors. Death at the fly comes after 5 minutes after contact with the bait. Shelf life of the drug is 4 years.

How to Plant

Dilute the drug is recommended according to instructions and in protective equipment. For 100 g of the preparation, 80 ml of warm water should be used, and stirring is carried out until the solution turns out to be a paste. Such a volume of the received means will suffice for processing of a premise with the area to 40 м2. The prepared solution should be used within one day, otherwise it will lose its properties.

Mode of application

All work should be carried out in personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, dust mask, headgear and dressing gown.

There are three ways to treat rooms from flies:

  1. Processing by laying bait on the substrate.
  2. Treatment by applying smears.
  3. Spray treatment.

The first way of processing. We lay out the bait on the substrates (lid, saucer, sheet of paper, etc.) at the rate of 2.5 g per one bait place. Substrates should be located in the places of the most likely flock of flies. The decoy time is up to three months.

The second way of processing.After the drug has been diluted (according to the norms described above), it is necessary to apply brush strokes to possible places for planting flies, such as window panes and frames, door partitions, etc., using this brush. This method allows you to get rid of flies for a period of 6-8 weeks.

The third way of processing.The resulting solution is sprayed with no less than 30% of the wall and ceiling area. With this method of application, the absence of flies is 4-6 weeks.

Customer Reviews

You can leave your feedback about the powder from the flies in the comments to the article, they will be useful to our other readers!


With the onset of the spring-summer period I encountered an unexpected problem for me – a large number of flies. The use of adhesive tape did not help much, and the picture with the tape hanging on the chandelier is not very beautiful. Having looked through a sufficient number of sites on the Internet, I came across the Agit tool. After reading positive reviews, I decided to buy. The next day he bought a drug, diluted it according to the instructions and applied on the surface, where flies often sit, went to friends at night. I can not convey my surprise and delight when the next day I came home and found no flies! The product is simply super, although there is a small unpleasant smell, but it’s worth it.


Spring came, the street warmed, and flies appeared in the house. These little stimuli got so bad that I decided to fight them radically, with a fly swatter, I can not cope with them. I went to the market, consulted with the sellers and one of them advised me the “FlyBait” facility. I came home “fed” them my uninvited winged “guests”, and after just a couple of days, the flies in my apartment were gone. An excellent tool for combating flies, which will please its inexpensive valuable, and most importantly, solve the problem with flies. I advise everyone who has encountered such a problem.

Bronzes are lamellar beetles, which are easily recognizable in color with a characteristic metallic luster. Many species eat in the garden, eat flowers, ovaries, feed on woody juice or ripe fruits. In the southern part of Europe and central Asia, one of the most dangerous pests is deer hairy. The beetle is a polyphage, imago gnaws flowers of fruit trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants.

Morphological description of the species

A furry shaggy (Tropinotahirta) is a small beetle from the family of lamelliformes, a subfamily of bronzes. The body of the insect is wide, flattened. The length is 8-13 mm, the width is 5-7 mm. Covers are black, matte. The body and head are covered with long gray hairs. The head is directed forward, the antennae with the plate-shaped mace, the mouthpiece of the gnawing type. Pronotum slightly convex, of the same size along the length and width. The scutellum is covered with coarse punctation and reddish hairs.

The furry shaggy

Information. In case of danger bronzovka shaggy gives off an unpleasantly smelling caustic liquid of yellow color.

Elytra in shagreen pattern from yellowish or white spots and stripes. Patterns are variable. A characteristic feature of bronze is the holes along the edges of the elytra. Through them, beetles release their hind wings during the flight. The lower part of the body is light, with dense hairs on each side of the abdomen. Tibia of anterior extremities with three sharp spines. On the middle and hind tibiae there are two spurs and three prongs. The legs are thin, elongated. On the hips are long hairs.

Distribution area

Homeland of bronze is considered Asia. In connection with the general warming of the climate, beetles spread to a vast territory. Representatives of the species Tropinotahirta can be found in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. Olenka ordinary lives in Kazakhstan, the Caucasus, everywhere in Ukraine and in the Crimea. Insects prefer the steppe and forest-steppe zone.

Imago winter deep in the earth, the yield from the soil begins in early spring – March 12. The peak of summer beetles falls on the period of March 20 – June 20. Imago appear until mid-August. The first time the deer eats on dandelions and mother-and-stepmother. Since the flowering of fruit trees and berry bushes, insects switch to them.

Olenka on the flowers of apple

Beetles climb into buds and gnaw out the vegetative parts of the flower – pistils and stamens. On some plants, young leaves are damaged. For the trees comes a queue of strawberries, sunflower seeds, rye. Bronzes are active in warm sunny days from 10 to 15 hours. After 16 years, is reduced, and after 18 they go on vacation.

Information. Soil is a refuge not only for larvae, on cold rainy days beetles burrow into the earth for 1 cm.


The beginning of the mating period depends on the weather conditions. The females begin laying eggs in the middle of June. For the development of larvae, soft, nutritious is chosen. Well-fertilized soil. The main part of the masonry is in the aisles, overgrown with grasses. Eggs are placed near heaps of plant remains and burrow of rodents. Fecundity of the female is 15-20 pieces. Eggs white, shining in diameter 0, 5 mm. The embryonic phase takes 6-7 days.

Mating the imago of a deer shaggy

The larvae are thick, grayish-white in color, the body is curved with c-shaped. The progenies of beetles are covered with long hairs. Head yellow, rounded, with strong jaws. The structure is pectoral, the thickest part at the base of the antennae. On the anal erase two rows of sharp spinules. On the chest are three pairs of limbs. Legs short with modified claws. Larvae are harmless, they feed on humus, dead parts of plants. The period of their development is about two months. The larva fades twice and passes through three ages. Before pupation, its length is 31 mm.

Bronze larva of hairy hair

An adult larva builds a cradle from the ground. In an oval cocoon 14-16 mm long after 2 days it turns into a pupa. This phase will last two weeks. At first the pupa is light, almost white. Before transformation into imago, the color changes to reddish-brown. The young beetle does not leave the cocoon. He remains deep underground until next spring.

Information. Bronze hairy – a beetle with a complete transformation, for a year there is one generation.


The main harm to agricultural and ornamental plants is caused by beetles during the summer and mating. In the photo, you can see how a furry deer withers apple blossoms. In the garden from her suffer cherries, apricots, cherries, peaches. Bronze hairy shaggy have no predilections in food, they feed on dog rose, grapes, lilac, currant, strawberry, watermelon and melons, beans.

Bronze on currant bushes

The harmfulness of beetles is not limited to the flowers of fruit trees. Decorative cultures suffer no less from their gluttony. Olenka actively eats roses (prefers light shades), tulips, irises, daffodils. Beetles are kept in small groups, on large flowers often marked by 3-4 individuals.

On an industrial scale, the absence of plowing leads to an increase in the number of pests. Areas of land, overgrown with cereal crops, are an excellent food base for young beetles and their larvae.

Methods of struggle

An early and warm spring creates favorable conditions for the mass reproduction of a furry shaggy beetle. A large number of insects arrive in the gardens, attacking blossoming apple trees and cherries. On flower beds with flowers, they are not immediately apparent. Only the appearance of deformed buds makes you look inside the flower, where pests break down.

In the fight against insects the most effective were physical methods:

  1. Mechanical collection. In the morning hours and cool weather, when the beetles are inactive, under the trees spread the film and stifle insects on it. Before collecting it is recommended to water insects with water, from this they fly worse. On flower beds and strawberry beds, pests are collected by hand. All insects are destroyed. The procedure will have throughout the season. Every day new beetles fly into the garden.
  2. In the gardens, a wet straw and leaves are burned, so that the smoke scares off the bronze.
  3. The digging of the soil near the trees contributes to the destruction of the larvae.
  4. The use of traps. On the backyard, industrial plantations and gardens, traps for shaggy deer are used. Mass catch of insects provides 13-15 containers per 1 hectare. When making traps, we took into account the special affection of beetles to blue and blue. The lower part of the structure is a detachable plastic container. The upper part is funnel-shaped, with a blue shield. To attract bronzovok inside put a chemical bait.

Homemade traps arranged in frequent gardens are buckets, basins, bottles of blue. In a container, 3-5 liters of water are collected. Beetles fall into a trap by tens, but they can not get out. It remains to periodically get drowned insects.

Homemade trap for bronzovok

Chemical method

Treatment of flowering gardens with insecticides is a dangerous and unpopular measure. Together with the pests, useful insects perish, pollinating flowers. Their destruction will lead to a meager crop. Especially dangerous are chemical preparations for bees, it is unacceptable to use insecticides next to the apiary.

One of the few recommended tools “Calypso 480” produced by Bayer. Insecticide contact-intestinal action is resistant to high temperature and exposure to sunlight. The drug is safe for bees, can be used in the flowering period. It is enough to process 1 apples per season.

The drug for the destruction of bronze

To reduce the number of insects helps to spray insecticides in the near-barren circles. In the soil live larvae of bronze. Adult beetles also often burrow into the ground under adverse conditions. For the treatment of drugs “Aktara”, “Carbophos”. Spraying is carried out 3 times, with a break of 1 week.

Biological methods

Spraying of trees, bushes and decorative flowers with biological pesticides allows you to safely get rid of harmful insects. Biological agents based on crystal-forming bacteria possess an enteric-contact action. The attraction of insectivorous birds (starlings) contributes to a reduction in the number of bronzes. Among the natural enemies of deer – ground beetles and predatory beetles stafilinidy. They destroy eggs, larvae and pupae found in the soil. Reduce the number of offspring vertebrates – moles, field mice.

Our Shared Ongoing Battle To Not Buy A Tesla

Like you, I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m going to have to buy a Tesla at some point.

I can tell because I have read every last scrap of Tesla news and inadvertently memorized every last technical detail about the company and their cars and energy storage systems that has ever been printed or YouTubed. Since about 2012. When this happens to me for any product, whether it’s a new laptop or a different vehicle or a house in a certain neighborhood, I usually end up buying it.

The purchase tends to happen when the list of justifications builds up to a tipping point where it starts to seem sensible. For the Tesla, these justifications are things like:

  • “I strongly support the company and its mission. Unlike almost any other big company on Earth, Tesla exists primarily to help out the human race. Surely worth a few of my spare bucks, right?”
  • “I can afford to buy it in cash without having to go back to work or anything extreme like that.”
  • “It’s the best car AND the best piece of technology in the world, and at least ten years ahead of the next best. Shouldn’t a lifelong tech expert like myself be taking a peek at the future?”
  • “It would be a lower-pollution way to replace some of my air travel, as the only car that can drive itself most of the time on long highway trips. PLUS, imagine the road trips I could take with my son! Mammoth Caves National Park! Lifetime Memories just like I have with my own Dad!”
  • “They are reasonably priced these days at “only” about $45k for a new Model 3 and even lower for a used Model S.”

In the past, my mind has made up similar justifications for other purchases like, “this lovely camera will help you create more engaging pictures for the blog.”, “this drywall hoist will save you a lot of time”, “you will make a profit by owning this high-end new laptop because it will encourage you to write more.”

And it’s not just me. As I’ve talked to more and more people about this, I find that most of us have some sort of Purchase Justification Machine running in the background of our minds. The PJM’s effects can range from very useful, like a carpenter buying a nailgun which will be used every day to make money, to completely disastrous, like the office worker who buys a $40,000 8-passenger Honda Pilot for his 12,000 annual miles of mostly empty driving on smooth roads, because “I need to make sure I can get to work in the winter, too.”

I like to fancy my own PJM as being at least a bit better than average, after all I have always maintained a slightly-less-ridiculous level of spending than the average middle class worker. Most of the things it has talked me into buying have indeed been things like nailguns or reasonably good quality clothing that just happens to be from Costco or the thrift shop.

Yes, there was once a brand-new $13,000* Honda VFR800 sport motorbike which destroys a lot of my credibility, but that was in 2001 long before Mr. Money Mustache was born.

But I can TELL that it is really grasping at straws when it tries to justify that Tesla. And that’s why I thankfully still don’t have a Tesla.

The PJM has done its work well, but I try to stay ahead of it by tossing in my own list of objections, like throwing gnarly stumps into a wood chipping machine to slow it down.

See what’s happening here? In order to keep ahead of the relentless efficiency of my Purchase Justification Machine, I just need to throw up nice, rational roadblocks to slow it down.

But the reason this is so effective is that I’m not just flat-out denying myself that Tesla. It’s pretty hard to tell yourself that NO, you can never have what you want. Instead, I’m just telling myself what things need to happen first, before clicking “buy” on the Tesla website.

And if these things are healthy, happy things (raising my son, getting other labor-intensive projects done with my own hands, and planning a great future series of camping and roadtrips), I divert my attention into living a good life right now, instead of doing the easy thing which is just buying myself another treat.

And the further I can delay this or any purchase, the longer my money can remain productively invested in stocks, and the more it prevents my PJM from locking its greedy crosshairs onto the next little lifestyle “upgrade” that it will find.

But this trick is not just for jaw-dropping electric sports cars. You can use it almost anywhere in your own life.

Kicking the Kitchen Down the Road

A friend of mine loves to cook, and has been pining for a kitchen upgrade for many years to make this activity more enjoyable. And I can’t blame him – his kitchen is indeed dated, as is the rest of the house. But he’s also in debt and not climbing out very quickly. And too busy to do the kitchen upgrade work himself, because work and kids suck up all his time. Should he allow himself to upgrade this kitchen?


BUT only after meeting a carefully considered list of conditions:

  • Quit Cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, v >regular weight training . The joy of a new kitchen is nothing compared to the benefits of getting your heart, muscles and mind in better shape.
  • Use another hour of each day for cleaning, organizing and optimizing the house you already have. Is every drawer in the kitchen well-organized? Could you get more space by hanging up the pots and pans? Adding one of those large but simple heavy duty rolling islands with butcherblock top from Costco? What about just a super nice faucet for 80 bucks and a couple of nice track lights ?**
  • How about the rest of the house? Are the closets well-organized with optimal shelving? Is the garage spotless? Carpets DIY steam cleaned and rooms patched and painted nicely? Gardens and lawn t >checked around for lower mortgage rates, home and car insurance, mobile phone plans, and canceled any unused subscriptions? Ask your friends what rates they are paying for all these things, switch to the best option, and you cut your bills by $500 per month, which will add up to pay for a kitchen pretty quickly.

See, instead of being constantly depressed because it will be years until you can afford that kitchen, you use it as a trigger to get busy and improve your entire life right now. Which gives you the feelings of happiness and control that were making you crave that kitchen in the first place. Or that Tesla.

And on that note, I am going to get out there and start measuring the post locations for my new deck.


The very day after I published this, I went down to visit a friend in Broomfield to chat and borrow some of his spare video gear (to help me delay purchasing my own, of course!)

But what should I find in his driveway, but a BRAND NEW Tesla model 3, long range all wheel drive in the same glowing red color shown above, which he had just picked up the day before.

I gave him the whole interview on why he bought it, because I know he doesn’t commute to work and has no need for a fancy car either.

They were the same reasons that I had listed above – he’s mostly curious about the future of technology, wanted to support it, and knows that Tesla is it. If it weren’t for Tesla’s existence, he would be perfectly content with a 15-year-old Honda. This company is really pulling out a unique set of buyers that no other car company could ever entice.

So we took it for a test drive. My diagnosis: very similar to the Nissan Leaf in interior size and tight, silent driving feel for standard urban driving – except much more artistic inside and out, and so fast that you literally start to lose consciousness and get dizzy under full acceleration. Kinda silly, but the very existence of cars is silly so you might as well embrace it.

Oh! And unlike the Leaf, when you fold down the rear seats and climb inside, it is plenty big and flat to sleep two people, which makes it a passable road trip mini-camper, even without a proper hatchback.

In the Comments: what is YOUR Purchase Justification Machine trying to make you buy? Have you already bought the Model 3 or are you still milking the 2010 Prius for all it’s worth? How long are you going to push your current smartphone until you allow yourself to replace it? Sharing your battles will give others the strength to keep their own procrastination game strong.

* I forked over $10,000 of my hard-earned cash as a 26-year-old kid in the year 2001, which is about $14,000 if you adjust it for inflation to 2019. But motor vehicles prices have risen slower than general inflation over recent decades, so I split the difference a bit here. But any way you slice it, this was a foolish purchase on my part!

** I linked to those because I have been using that particular track light everywhere in recent years – headquarters, home, and other projects. Way nicer quality/style than the options at Home Depot despite lower price. These LED bulbs are great for it as well.

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