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The theme of our today’s article is a dog mite. Many of our readers share this parasite in a separate category, believing that it belongs to some particular family that affects only dogs. Although in reality this mite, like the taiga, is found mainly in the wild with abundant vegetation and will attack dogs no more often than all other representatives of the family of ixodid mites.

In this material, we will describe in detail about this species – its biology, some interesting facts, and also about the basic methods of protection.

Basic facts about the dog tick

  • The dog mite is one of the species of the ixodid family, having a wide geographical distribution throughout the continents, with the exception of the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • The habitat of the mite covers a wide geographical region originating from the countries of the European Union, through Portugal to Russia to the very shores of the Sea of ​​Japan. Also it is very much in North Africa and the Scandinavian countries. Such wide geographical spread suggests that this species can survive in different environmental conditions.
  • The dog mite is sensitive to climatic conditions. For its safe living, it requires a relative humidity of at least 80% and an air temperature of 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, its range is limited to areas from temperate climate to regions with high rainfall with good vegetation.
  • A dog mite can, first of all, be found across Europe and the middle belt of Russia, where there are deciduous and mixed forests, in the coniferous taiga there is none. The main conditions that support the parasite are a damp microclimate and the presence of hosts.
  • The geographical distribution of the parasite has changed in several countries in recent years. Today the dog mite is found at a much higher altitude and latitude.
  • This species refers to three-host species – for each stage of its development: larvae, nymphs and adult individuals, there are different hosts. Larvae and nymphs prefer small and medium-sized animals, and adults, as a rule, feed on large-sized living creatures. The parasite attacks a wide range of mammals, birds and reptiles, often bites people.
  • Dog mite is involved in the transmission of a wide variety of pathogens of medical and veterinary importance, including, tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis (Lyme disease).

Distinctive features and biology of mites

Parasites are relatively small, females are slightly larger than males. On average, their body size is from 2 to 5 mm in length. Larvae have three pairs of legs, while nymphs and adults own four pairs. Like all members of the family Ixodidae, parasites are distinguished by the presence of a sclerotized spinal plate, which protects them from withers or damage. In males, it covers the whole body, and in females it only partially covers the thoracic part. Given the external similarity, the dog mite is often confused with the taiga – a common phenomenon, since it is very difficult to distinguish between these two species to an unknowing person.

This species has four stages of life: an egg, a larva, a nymph and an adult, as mentioned above. Ticks need a portion of blood once in their life at each stage to shed the next stage of life, and adult females – for the production of eggs. Adult males do not feed on blood. The life cycle usually ends within three years, but it can be shorter if the climatic conditions are optimal, and the number of suitable hosts is plentiful.

Mating usually occurs on the host’s body, where pheromone pincers play an important role in finding a partner. Mating can last up to one week, and after fertilization the adult female falls off from the owner to the ground, where she will look for favorable conditions for the production of eggs. The female, full of seeds, will stay in this environment for 4-8 weeks, this is the period necessary for the production of eggs. During its life the female lays about 2000 eggs, after which it dies. The larvae begin to appear after eight weeks.

Phenology of the tick changes during its spread and can show unimodal or bimodal development, reaching a maximum density in the spring or autumn. Typically, a canine tick displays bimodal patterns of activity, but this can vary from year to year, at any given location. The local abundance of the parasite depends on many factors, including the surrounding conditions and the availability of hosts, and the phenomenon varies between different countries.

Feeding process

A dog mite, like many of his cousins ​​by family, is looking for his prey, using such a phenomenon as quests. This simple process resembles the technique of “ambush, ” by which they rise to the tips of vegetation and expect their master. During the quest, the mite loses the moisture of the body, so it occasionally has to descend lower, closer to the moist soil surface, in order to rehydrate, so the quest period directly depends on the temperature and humidity of the environment.

This species has no eyes, but the parasites have a sensory organ called the Gallers organ, which is used to detect changes in the environment such as temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity and vibration, which can indicate the tick on the best places for killing and report on the approach of the host in time.

Larvae do not move horizontally for long distances, so they often remain aggregated in their environment, waiting for the host. Once it is found, they take a portion of blood and shed on the nymphal stage, and then dispersed in the medium.

During the feeding process, saliva is produced, which contains anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-viral hemostatins that help the process.

The dog mite attacks a wide range of hosts, including small rodents, passerines and large mammals such as hedgehogs, hares, squirrels, wild boars and roe deer, especially in its juvenile feeding phase. In addition, larvae and nymphs prefer more small hosts, such as wood mice, and in adult stages, larger animals such as cattle and deer attack.

Larger hosts play an important role in maintaining ticks populations, since they can be much easier to crawl on. Migration of mite victims can also affect the number of their populations or lead to the creation of foci in new areas.

The natural habitat of parasites

Dog mites prefer habitats with abundant vegetation, where they are easy to maintain high humidity, for example, deciduous forests. And also where the microclimate and the quality of host populations are suitable for the development of all four life stages of the parasite. Dog mite prefers also pastures, wastelands, rough herbs, city parks, deciduous and mixed forests.

Environmental criteria

As already noted above, the dog tick is sensitive to climatic conditions, especially to relative humidity, so it needs an area with a good layer of wet bedding and soil. A prerequisite is that this environment should remain moist for all days.

Geographical distribution

Dog mites cover a wide geographical area, including Scandinavia, the British Isles, Central Europe, France, Spain, Italy, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Russia.

Distribution has changed in several countries in recent years. The parasite began to be found at high altitudes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic. These changes in distribution are the result of a combination of factors, including climate change, in land use, changes in deer populations and wild boars.

Simulation of the data suggests that the dog mite will later appear throughout Norway, Finland and Sweden already in 2071-2100. And given the fact of the distribution of deciduous forests to the north, the parasite will soon be found in Finland and Norway. Such information will surely be of interest to tourists and travelers.

Dog mite – vector of diseases

This species is involved in the transmission of a wide variety of pathogens of medical and veterinary importance, including Lyme borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis virus, human granulocyte erlichiosis, tularemia, other rickettsiosis and babesiosis (pyroplasmosis).

Security basics

Controlling mite populations can be difficult because, like many disease vectors, mites require an integrated pest management approach that uses a variety of different methods. A variety of methods can be used for various types of ixodid ticks, depending on their habitat preferences and hosts.

The best ways to avoid tick bites are the following:

  • Use of repellents in open areas of the skin.
  • Wearing protective clothing from a dense fabric with long sleeves and pants, tucked into socks or boots.
  • During walks, you should avoid dense thickets of grass and undergrowth.
  • Clothes should not be motley, attracting ticks, and also – dark, so that you can view creeping parasites.
  • Upon arrival, you need to carefully examine yourself, your fellow travelers and pets.

After the detected tick is found, it must be removed immediately. To do this, you can use a simple tweezers or a special tool. You can not leave the head of the parasite in the wound – the saliva continues to flow under the skin, and with it the possible causative agent of the disease. After removal of the parasite, it is necessary to treat the wound with iodine and consult a doctor.


Pediculosis medication. The best remedy for lice

If you are reading this article, it means that your child or you yourself feel the symptoms of pediculosis – tickling, sensation of movement in the hair, itching of the scalp, there may have been a rash behind the ears or behind the neck, children appear capricious, anxious and insomnia, because at night the lice are most active . What today there are effective means of pediculosis for children, shampoos from lice and nits, the best drugs in the fight against head lice – this is our article.

What you need to know about pediculosis

It can be infected only with live lice, nits are not transmitted from person to person, since they are firmly attached to hair by 1 cm from the root. Lice do not fly, they do not swim, they only crawl, so infection is possible only by touching the hair of one person with the other’s hair and more often than not in public places, but at home or with close contact of children in preschools and schools.

Also, sleeping on one bed, using one set of bed linen is a risk for transfer, contrary to the beliefs of many through combs, headgear, headphones transmission is extremely rare, only if there is a massive pediculosis in a child or an adult. The girls are most likely to pediculate, because of the presence of long hair, so parents should teach their daughter to ensure that the hair is always neatly laid, braided.

How many live lice?

Most chemicals do not kill nits, so an important condition for the effectiveness of treatment is a thorough combing of their scallop. That is, first live lice need to be destroyed by any chemical preparation, and then carefully for a week every day comb out the nits (hands, scallop). Then, after 7 days from the treatment, carefully inspect the head and if live lice are found – repeat the application of the preparation and also carefully comb out the nits in the following week.

  • Use either chemical agents or comb combing with air conditioning. Simultaneously, such procedures should not be done, since the conditioner creates a film on the hair, reducing the absorption of chemicals.
  • Home methods of treatment or “folk remedies” – mayonnaise, margarine, petroleum jelly, herbal remedies, essential oils – rosemary, geraniums, basil, are not effective, do not waste time on similar procedures. It is especially dangerous to use kerosene, gasoline and other toxic substances that are successfully used in veterinary medicine, but on the human body have a very negative, toxic effect, as they are actively absorbed through the skin.
  • Also, electric combs have a dubious effect with an unguaranteed effect. This is quite expensive means of lice, destroying them with electric current. Apply them only on dry hair and they are considered not 100% effective.

The old method of destroying lice and nits by crushing by hand today becomes not relevant and also ineffective, since live lice can easily creep onto the hair that has already been inspected and whoever produces such a procedure easily becomes infected with pediculosis. With massive reproduction of lice, shaved hair is sometimes shaved.

Safety measures when using funds from lice

When using the chemicals listed below, precautions should be followed, as well as knowing what to do if there is an overdose, unforeseen negative reactions or the consequences of careless use.

Precautionary measures
  • Any remedy – shampoo, spray, solution to apply strictly to the purpose.
  • Almost all remedies for lice are not recommended for children under 3 years of age, used by nursing and pregnant women, people with various scalp diseases, as well as with asthma and people who are sensitive to chemicals.
  • Do not use 1 drug 3 times in a row for the same child or adult, if the ineffectiveness of the remedy should be replaced.
  • Also, you can not use several tools at the same time.
  • The use of phenol can not be used after use of certain products, since they can contain combustible components.
  • When using sprays, so as not to damage the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx and the eyes, before processing it is necessary to make a cotton bandage around the head.
  • If a person wears contact lenses, it is recommended that they be removed before treatment.
  • Put rubber gloves on your hands.
  • When working with chemicals should avoid them on the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth.
  • During the procedure, you should follow the rules of personal hygiene, you can not eat or drink during work, after the procedure, you should wash your hands thoroughly and ventilate the room well.
  • Keep the funds from pediculosis should be out of the reach of children, away from food.
  • In case of accidental contact with the mucous membranes and skin, rinse the nose and mouth thoroughly with warm water.
  • If using chemical. means there was irritation, itching, a rash on the skin, you should rinse this area as soon as possible and if necessary, see a doctor.
  • In case of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, and also with a weak solution of baking soda 2%. If irritation of mucous eyes has appeared, it is necessary to drip eyes with sodium sulfacyl solution 20-30% if pain is felt – 2% solution of novocaine.
  • If irritation of the upper respiratory tract should lead the victim to fresh air, rinse the mouth, nasopharynx with a solution of baking soda.

Review of anti-lice and nits – reviews, instructions, prices

Means with permethrin:

  • Veda and Veda-2 (shampoo)
  • Pair Plus (spray)
  • Nittifor (solution)
  • NOC (shampoo)
  • Hygiene (solution)
  • Nyx (cream)
  • MediFox (gel, solution)
Means with phenothrin:

  • Anti-Bit (Liquid)
  • Ithacs (liquid)
  • Sifax (lotion)
  • BIN (lotion)
  • Parasidosis (fluid)
  • Des-F (soap)
  • Sumitrin (shampoo)
  • Phenolone (lotion).
Preparations with essential oils:

  • Pediculen-ultra (aerosol)
  • Avalanche (spray)
Combined remedies for lice:

  • A pair of plus (permethrin, piperonyl butoxide, malathion)
  • A-pairs (piperonyl butoxide and esdepalletrin)
  • Spray Pax (pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide)
  • Bubil (Pyrethrin and acetic acid)
Means with claryol oil (dimethicone biphasic):

  • Paranitis (shampoo, lotion and aerosol)
  • Nude (aerosol)

The best, safest means

The following means are considered to be toxic and effective:

  • with clerical (Paranit, Nyuda)
  • with oils of lavender and ylang-ylang (Lavalin)
  • with aniseed oil (pediculene-ultra).

Other drugs are also very effective, but more toxic, often cause allergies, irritation, hair loss.

Let us consider in more detail some of these tools.

Pedilin – shampoo from lice and nits

Active substance: Malathion and Tetrametrine.

Price: 240-300 rub. producer Slovenia.

Couple plus – aerosol for the destruction of lice and nits

Active substance: complex drug Permethrin, Malathion and Piperonyl butoxide

Contraindications: children under 2.5 years old, with bronchial asthma, with increased sensitivity, pregnant and lactating women.
Application: Spray the aerosol with short-term pressing, apply over the entire length of the hair and on the scalp, then wait for 10 minutes, the head while covering it does not follow. After washing the head with an ordinary shampoo, and the dead insects are combed out with a thick crest.
Reviews: There are many reviews about the drug, both positive and negative. In some cases, the drug was effective, there was no need to reuse, in some even 3-fold use did not lead to a positive result. The disadvantage of all is its high cost, the need to cover the nose and mouth to the child due to the risk of developing bronchospasm.
The estimated 56% effectiveness.

Price: 680 rubles., Manufacturer France

Paranit – shampoo

There are contraindications, read the instructions

  • Apply shampoo to dry hair, evenly spreading throughout their length, lightly massage the scalp, leave the remedy for 10 minutes. Then add water and whip the foam on your hair, wash it off and rinse your head thoroughly with water.
  • Then follow the special comb (included in the kit) comb your hair to remove dead lice and nits.
  • To do this, divide the hair into 4 sections, with long hair braid each section in a braid and carefully comb each section from roots to tips, dividing into separate small strands with a special comb.
    Each stripped and checked from the nits of a strand of hair, separate from those not yet processed on the other side.
    After each combing hair strands should be washed off the insects with a comb and wipe it with a cotton pad.
  • After a week, the procedure may be repeated.
  • Head lice within a day can be viable in the external environment. To avoid re-infection, wash clothes, bed linen, towels, wash all the hairpins, combs, combs used by the child or infected family members in the hot water on the same day.

Reviews: The overwhelming majority of those who used Paranitis claim about the effectiveness of the drug ( 58% ). Some report that it causes skin irritation, very greasy and badly removes lice, the bottle is enough for 1-2 times with an average length of hair, 4 times with short hair.

Price: shampoo PARANIT 200 ml. with a crest of 720-800 rub. GDR No. RU. 06.11

Ful Marx – liquid from lice and nits

Composition: cyclomethicone and isopropyl myristate. In the kit – an oily liquid and comb for combing.
This lice remedy is not a water-based shampoo, so it should be done away from a heat source or open flame. This drug has undergone a lot of clinical trials that prove its effectiveness, it has no smell, easy to use.
Contraindications: children under 5 years, pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity.
Application: Shake the container with liquid, apply the product on dry hair, evenly rub it into the skin and hair along the entire length, wait 10 minutes. Then follows the comb, entering the set, comb out the dead lice. After a week, the procedure should be repeated, as some nits can survive. If you very carefully comb out the nits, then the reuse of the remedy can be avoided. Carefully rinse the comb after each combing of the strand and wipe with a dry cloth or cotton pad. After that, you should rinse your head well with shampoo without conditioner.

Reviews: It is convenient to use, does not smell, what is important for children with bronchial asthma, is non-toxic, oil-based, well spreads out all the hair, the comb is very good, effective if after treatment carefully comb out the nits (52% efficiency). Among the shortcomings are that the fatty remedy, the hair remains fat for a long time, it is not washed off well and the baby scratches his hair for a week.

Price: 100 ml solution. 300 rubles, spray 150 ml 450 rubles. manufacturer United Kingdom.

Active substance: Phenotreen
Contraindicated: children under 2.5 years, pregnancy, lactation, individual intolerance.
Application: Apply to slightly damp (lightly soaked) hair for 10 minutes. After this, additionally wet the hair with water and rub the product, then rinse the drug. Hair is combed, removing dead lice. Sometimes the procedure should be repeated in a day, and also after a week.
Reviews: Parasidosis does not help much, neither do nits, nor lice die. Efficiency 36% .

Price: shampoo about 300 rubles., Manufacturer France.

Composition: tincture of chamois Lobel rhizomes
Contraindicated: with increased sensitivity, with caution in pregnancy and feeding, safety when used in children is not proven.
Application: shake the bottle well and apply to moistened hair all over the scalp and all hair, especially behind the ears and on the back of the head. Do not rinse off the solution for 20-30 minutes, then comb it out with a frequent comb of dead lice, rinse the head with shampoo and dry it. In a day you can repeat the procedure, and also after a week.
Reviews: According to many reviews, the drug works well if used according to the instructions. Efficiency 26%.

Pediculum ultra

Composition :
anise oil 6%, alcohol isopropyl, functional additives.
Contraindications: children under 5 years old, breast-feeding, pregnancy, head skin disease, skin damage. Use only with gloves, remove contact lenses before use.
Mode of application: Generally moisturize hair with Pediculene, lightly rubbing. After 30 minutes rinse with running water and wash them in the usual way. Then the hair should be combed with a frequent comb to remove the dead insects.
Reviews: Negative reviews are based on a very pungent smell (causing vomiting in sensitive children and adults), irritating effects on the skin of children. In general, the drug helps many.

Price: lotion 160-180 rub, shampoo 500-600 rub.

Remedies for lice with active substance Permethrin

These funds are considered the most effective, the best from pediculosis. It should be remembered that these preparations for breeding lice can not be used for prophylactic purposes or regularly.

Nittifor – cream, lotion against pediculosis

Ingredients: permethrin

Nittifor – When used, the active substance does not enter the bloodstream, is not absorbed.
Application: The solution should not be diluted, ready to moisten the head, rub into the roots, leave for 40 minutes. After that, wash the hair with shampoo and rinse with 5% vinegar and comb out with a thick comb of dead lice and nits. On average, 10 to 60 ml of Nittifor is required per person. If there is a risk of re-infection (contact in d / kindergarten or school), it is better to use the remedy after washing your head and leave it after drying. Nittifor can maintain activity for up to 2 weeks, preventing the reproduction of lice.
Cream: shake the bottle, wash the hair, dry it with a towel, apply the cream evenly on the scalp, rubbing the hair roots. After 10 minutes, rinse the product and wash the head with shampoo, rinse with a 5% aqueous solution of acetic acid, and comb out with a comb.
Side effects: allergy, itching, erythema, burning, tingling.
Contraindications : Children under 5 years, during pregnancy and feeding, with increased sensitivity.
Reviews: It is convenient to use, does not flow, it is well washed off and evenly distributed, it helps a lot with 1 time even with a lot of lice. Effectiveness by reference 32%

Price: 300 -350 rubles., Manufacturer Hungary

Medifof concentrate for the preparation of emulsion 5%

Means for the treatment of pediculosis in children, an agent for the treatment of scabies.
Contraindications: individual intolerance, children under 1 year.
Application: In the treatment of pediculosis is applied externally in the form of a freshly prepared aqueous emulsion (1/3 of the vial is added to 200 ml of warm boiled water). The water emulsion is applied abundantly to the damp hair of the head, lightly rubbed into the skin with a cotton swab. After 20 minutes after treatment, the product is rinsed with warm running water with soap (shampoo).

MediFox-gel pediculicide

This remedy is used to treat pediculosis in children from 5 years of age.
Application: The gel is evenly applied to clean, damp hair of the head, rubbing into the roots of the hair. The product is washed off after 40 minutes with warm water with soap or shampoo. To remove dead insects, comb their hair with a frequent comb.
Gel consumption: from 10 to 50 gr. (from 1/5 to 1 tuba) per person, depending on the degree of insect infestation, the length and thickness of the hair. If the infection is repeated, repeat the treatment.

Price: solution MediFox 100 rub.

Focsilon Lotion

Means from a licek with an active substance benzilbenzoat.
Purpose: It is applied externally for the treatment of pediculosis in children from 5 years of age.
Composition: 20% benzene benzoate and functional additives.
Mode of application: Lotion is evenly applied to clean damp hair of the head, rubbing into the roots of the hair. The product is washed off after 10 minutes with warm water using soap or shampoo. To remove dead insects, comb their hair with a frequent comb. The rate of consumption is from 10 to 50ml per person, depending on the degree of insect infestation, the length and thickness of the hair.
Contraindications : Children age 5 years, pregnant and lactating women.
Reviews: Most of these funds help, the main thing is to correctly follow the recommendations on the use of the drug according to the instructions. Effectiveness by reference 31% .

Knicks – cream

Ingredients: permethrin
Contraindications: dermatitis of the scalp, with caution to children under 6 months of age and to women during pregnancy.
Application: First, you should wash your hair with shampoo, dry it, then thoroughly shake the bottle of cream and apply on the head, evenly distributing it, especially pay attention not to the back of the head and behind the ears. After applying, wait 10 minutes, then wash your hair and dry with a towel, which is part of the comb, comb out carefully the nits and lice. After a week, repeat the procedure when nits or new lice are found.
Side effect: paresthesia, skin edema, rash, burning pain, allergic reactions, redness, skin irritation.
Reviews: The same number of positive and negative reviews, many argue that the drug is able to destroy only live lice, it does not work on nits, so it is important after the treatment to carefully comb out the dead lice, as well as nits. Unlike Para Plus, the remedy is not toxic, it is convenient to use. Effect 48%

Price: 320-400 rub.

Chigia shampoo

Contraindications: It is not recommended for children under 5 years old, for persons with skin diseases, for allergic reactions to cosmetic or medicinal products.
Mode of application: Hair slightly moisturize, then apply shampoo, carefully rubbing into the roots, wait 20 minutes, wash the shampoo with water. Carefully comb through a frequent comb of a strand of hair to remove dead insects. The treatment is usually repeated after 10 days, but you can not use shampoo more than 2 r / month.
Reviews: Shampoo has an unpleasant smell, slightly shchipet, the effectiveness is evaluated in different ways, one helps with one application, the other does not help.

Price: 200 rubles., Manufacturer Bulgaria

Veda-2 Pediculicide Shampoo

Price: price 150 rubles., Manufacturer Russia (Moscow)

If you used any remedy for lice, please leave your feedback for our readers, it will be very useful and important information.

Folk methods

  • Decoction of pomegranate and mint – need 200 ml freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and 2 tablespoons of mint, mix, boil for 10 minutes. Apply the decoction to the scalp and hair, leave for 30 minutes, then wash the hair with shampoo. Perform this procedure every 5 days until the lice completely disappear.
  • Salt and vinegar – 45 gr. dissolve table salt in 200 ml. apple or wine vinegar, 5 gr. vodka, stir. This solution is impregnated with gauze and dressed like a headscarf, do not remove the whole day, from time to time impregnating the gauze with a solution. On the trail. The day washes the head, repeat the procedure every other day and so a few procedures.
  • Ointment from Ledum and chamois – grind into an equal amount of the root of the chamois and leaves of the ledum, the resulting powder of 1: 3 is added to the melted lard, insist in the oven for 12 hours. Apply ointment on the head, wrapped in a plastic wrap, it is done at night until morning, in the morning with shampoo they wash the head. It is possible to repeat the procedure after 7 days.
  • Infusion of elecampane – 5 tbsp. spoons of root elecampane chop and pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1 hour in a thermos. Infuse apply to the skin and hair, wait 10 minutes, rinse with shampoo, repeat the procedure every 5 days.
  • Gerald oil – 3-5 drops of essential oil add to the conditioner and comb the hair strand behind the strand. You can also add geranium oil to shampoo, to hair masks.
  • Dust or tar Soap – soap your head, wrap it with polyethylene and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse your head. Re-treatment is also required every 5 days.
  • Ointment bird cherry and angelica – grind the roots of bird cherry and angelica, combine 1: 1 with butter or any fat, apply ointment and leave for 30 minutes, wrapping the head with polyethylene and a handkerchief, then rinse the head. This procedure is performed every day for a week.
  • Mask with tea tree and anise oil – Olive oil or sunflower oil is mixed with an oil of anise or tea tree, the mixture is applied to hair, hair roots, wrapped and left for 40 minutes, washed with shampoo. The procedure is repeated every other day until the lice and nits disappear completely.

Prevention of repeated infection with pediculosis

  • Lice do not live outside the scalp for longer than 24 hours, so after handling the head, it is enough to hold a wet cleaning in the apartment.
  • Carry out disinfection of all hair care products-combs, combs, jewelry or get rid of them. For processing, you can use alcohol solution, or lice shampoo (1 hour in an aqueous solution of chemical equipment), you can also just wash them thoroughly with soap and put them in the freezer in a bag for 2 days.
  • At 54C, nits and lice perish in 5 minutes, so all bed linen and clothing in which the child was the last 2 days before the treatment should be washed.
  • Headgear, outer clothing and other items that can not be processed or washed should be postponed for 2 weeks, carefully wrapped in a bag.

In our time there are many methods. Mankind has long lived in comfortable apartments with central water supply, but lice remain its inseparable companion.

Combing of dead lice and nits is the final stage of treatment for lice. Children really do not like this process, it’s pretty painful. In order to relieve the unpleasant sensations, before combing out a child’s frequent scallop comb the ordinary comb.

If at least one member of the family falls ill with pediculosis, it is necessary to thoroughly sanitize the house. All bed linens are washed at the highest possible temperature, mattresses, sofas and armchairs ironed or processed with a steam generator, and all combs are thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water.

Many manufacturers of drugs from pediculosis apply to their means of various combs. The best are considered plastic scallops (sold with Nyud spray), the most comfortable ones are combs with long iron teeth.

When choosing a comb, give preference to the one with the smallest distance between the teeth.

How long will the treatment take? What means are the most effective?

Treatment of lice usually takes a few days. The treatment scheme looks like this:

  • first day – treatment;
  • the second – control;
  • the third – rework;
  • the fourth and fifth – combing control.

If it is limited to one treatment, and no longer inspect the head, the lice will soon announce themselves again. But in the future, you should not relax. Most likely in the children’s team, which the child visits, lice are still preserved.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the baby’s head, if there was an outbreak of pediculosis at least once in a children’s institution. As a preventive measure, the child’s head can be treated with protective compounds.

The most effective means for treating pediculosis are pharmacological agents of industrial production containing insecticides, such as Pedikulen, Nyuda, Paraplus and Paranit.

They usually kill lice and nits with the first application, but for better effect to comb out a head it is necessary 2-3 more days, after using even such powerful tools.

On the second place in terms of quality of destruction of lice and nits are the means of industrial production, consisting of natural components (essential oils). They are not toxic. it Avalanche, Cherry Water, Migliorinum etc. Oils block the respiratory activity of lice, but part of the population survives with such treatment. Therefore, the treatment with natural preparations will need to be repeated.

The most ineffective are the people’s means. Many of them can not be used for children (kerosene, dust soap), and those that can not affect lice, but only partially immobilize them. But in some cases of infection with pediculosis (for example, when the age of the child has not reached a year), only folk remedies can be used.

Children’s pediculosis is a disease that always upsets their parents, and causes discomfort to children. With him you can and need to fight, the benefit of modern medicine and the experience of ancestors give us a lot of means for this fight. How to treat lice and nits in children, we described in this article.

Which of them to choose is a personal matter for each parent, but it is worth remembering that the key to success in combating hair lice in children is consistency and perseverance, which will always help to completely defeat pediculosis.

Unfortunately, no one is immune from infection with pediculosis. You can catch lice in any places of a large crowd of people.

Once on the head, lice with comfort are arranged in a new place of residence: they start to drink human blood and put off nits – their offspring.

Lice can live up to sixty days, and for all of their existence to postpone at least one hundred and forty nits.

If you start the disease, lice will breed exponentially, spawning new and new individuals of its kind.

If you are faced with the problem of the appearance of lice and nits – treat it, and do not pull. Do not expect that the pediculosis will pass by itself.

Curing pediculosis can be both folk and pharmacy.

Traditional medicine medicines are easier to use, they can be used not only to combat pediculosis in adults, but also in children.

Means against pediculosis, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, are conventionally divided into several groups:

  • medical shampoos;
  • sprays, aerosols;
  • ointments;
  • medical ridges.

More about these tools you can read below.

Which of them to choose is up to you. All of them have similar efficiency when properly applied.

Therapeutic shampoos

You can get rid of lice and nits with the help of special pharmaceutical preparations that you need to use as a shampoo.

Such shampoos have little in common with the usual means for washing hair.

The formulations are saturated with insecticidal components that fight against lice and nits.

Some of the parents who have encountered pediculosis in children believe that therapeutic shampoo is the most effective and convenient to use remedy.

Like any other medicine, every drug of this type is equipped with an instruction that describes the specificity of the treatment using shampoo.

Despite the fact that the principle of using the tool is intuitively understandable, the instruction still needs to be read.

The therapeutic agent of this type should be applied to damp hair, massaged until a firm foam is obtained and left on the head for the time indicated on the shampoo package.

These drugs can handle hair, not only adults, but also children. More about the few best shampoos against pediculosis, you can read below.

Many of those who have been treated for this disease, write reviews about the shampoo “Parasidosis”, saying that this tool is the best among them tried.

The percentage of people confirming the quality and effectiveness of Parasidosis is great, so this medicine is very popular.

The shampoo poisons the lice and dissolves nits with the help of the main active ingredient, phenothrin, added to its composition.

To sustain a remedy on the curls you need at least five and not more than ten minutes.

Shampoo is available in two volumes: sixty and one hundred milliliters.

The main active substance of another shampoo – “Pedilina” – is malatoin, a known insecticide. The drug has an ovicide effect.

Lice treated with this remedy die quickly, and it is not difficult to comb them out.

Shampoo “Knock” has a non-standard cream consistency, due to which it is easier to distribute through the hair.

The cost of LiceGuard is an order of magnitude higher than that of the drugs described earlier.

Components of the composition of “Laisgard” help to get rid of both lice and nits.

The volume of the drug is equal to one hundred and twenty milliliters.

The course of treatment with shampoo, which is called “Chigiya”, is a week or ten days. You can get rid of lice and nits with it twice.

Sprays and aerosols

However, there is one nuance to which you should pay attention when using such tools.

Doctors believe that the use of sprays and aerosols that contain harmful components in their composition is not recommended for children.

The thing is that when the product is sprayed, the harmful components of its composition are not only on the affected parts of the skin, but also in the air.

If you do not want your child to be affected, use only those sprays, on packages containing the mark “for children”.

The main active ingredients of each drug from this list are silicone derivatives that destroy lice, clogging their airways.

The main active component of the spray Nyuda is liquid silicone dimethicone.

This medicine should be sprayed on dry unwashed hair and leave it on the hair for the time indicated on the package.

You can treat the head of children who are already three years old or more. The volume of the bottle is fifty milliliters.

As part of the spray “Paranita” also contains dimethicone in combination with mineral oil, which enhances its effect.

Lice treated with this drug lose their mobility and quickly die.

Despite this, the producers of “Paranita” advise to carry out two-fold treatment of hair with an interval equal to a week.

The composition of the medicine “Pediculen Ultra” contains anise oil. Lice die when interacting with this component.

Treatment means means its two-time use. Suitable for children older than five years.

Aerosol “Pair Plus” contains components that can cause allergies.

Before applying it to all areas of lesions with lice, you need to grind a small amount of the drug at the elbow bend and monitor the skin reaction.

If she does not blush, does not start to itch and does not change her appearance – use the product without fear for her health or her own child’s health.

Please note that “Pair Plus” has a sharp smell, so the procedure for treating the head with this drug should be carried out in a well-ventilated room.

Healing Ointments

You can get rid of lice and nits not only with the help of shampoos and sprays, but also with the help of special ointments that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Use this drug can be from 2 years, sometimes an earlier reception is allowed, if it is not possible to apply another medication. Pedilin is applied to the entire affected area, thoroughly foamed and waiting for five minutes. It should be ensured that the shampoo does not get into the eyes, as this can cause a burn and a temporary decrease in visual acuity. After the procedure, the hair is combed with a large comb, or the nits are selected manually. Typically, Pedilin requires re-use within 1-3 days. For a day you can use shampoo only once.


The drug for pediculosis in children is also available in the form of shampoo, which is applied to damp curls, they can be clean or dirty, this will not affect the result of therapy in any way. Slightly massaging the skin, Parasidosis is left for 5-7 minutes on the hair, so that the active substance could paralyze the lice and their larvae. Then all the strands are carefully combed. In a day, you should apply Parasidosis again to the entire head and wait five minutes. If necessary, you can re-treat the hair in a week, with the shampoo also applied strictly twice. The drug is used from the age of two.

Attention! In spite of the relative safety of the described medicines, when a person gets into the mucous membrane and because of an individual intolerance to the active substance, a dangerous allergic reaction may develop in the child.

Preparations against lice based on essential oil

The drug is available in a convenient form of aerosol, which contains a large number of essential components in the form of anise, coconut and other ingredients. Spray is distributed over the hair for half an hour, after which you should definitely wear a special cellophane cap or a normal package. Usually, when using Lavalin, re-treatment of the head is required. Wash off the product using a normal shampoo, so that there are no traces of the drug on the hair. The lice and their offspring are combed out with a special comb or removed with the help of hands. The aerosol can be used only from the age of two years, earlier use is possible after preliminary consultation with the attending physician.

In addition to essential oils, the composition of the drug includes dimethicone. Because of this, the drug should not be used until three years, since no laboratory tests have been conducted yet on babies under the age of three. Aerosol is sprayed solely on dry hair. Withstand a medical product for 15 minutes, after which it is necessary to wash it off with the usual shampoo. When applying Paranita, it is best to protect the child’s respiratory organs as much as possible so that active substances do not enter there, and there is no bronchospasm.

Attention! This group of medicines has a strong smell, which is why it is recommended to carry out procedures with open windows and monitor the condition of the child.

Medications with permetrin against lice in children

A medical product that can be used from the first year of life. But at the same time, MediFox acts solely on adult individuals, without paralyzing the larvae. A concentrate is produced with a small amount of alcohol. Rub Medifox gently with massage movements and rinse after 10 minutes using any convenient soap. If the therapy is ineffective, repeat the treatment after seven days.

The medication is available in the form of a shampoo, which can be used from two years, if the baby does not suffer from allergies and easily tolerates the treatment. Apply Nock only in those rooms where you can ensure a good air supply because of the very sharp odor of the drug. Shampoo is rubbed into the roots of the hair for a minimum of half an hour, since only after that the larvae and adult lice will be paralyzed and they will be removed from the head. After seven days, it is allowed to re-treat, the third time Nok shampoo is not used.

Attention! If the medication is released in the form of a spray or aerosol, when applying, you should hold your breath, so that there is no accidental swelling of the larynx due to the individual intolerance of the drug.

The cost of medicines for children against lice

Medicine Picture Cost in the Russian Federation Cost in Ukraine
Pedillin 200 rubles 82 hryvnia
Parasidosis 200 rubles 82 hryvnia
Avalanche 600 rubles 600 rubles 246 UAH

Attention! The prices quoted are purely indicative and may not coincide with those presented in a particular pharmacy network. In online stores, you can purchase funds to fight pediculosis at lower prices.

Traditional methods of therapy against nits in children

Mayonnaise mask

A rather risky way to get rid of pests, since at a high concentration the substance can cause burns, including respiratory tract. In addition, vinegar can greatly dry the skin and cause the formation of dandruff, which is difficult to get rid of. For use, you can take only 9% apple cider vinegar, which is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting solution is rubbed into the root zone and allowed to stand for 30 minutes, after which it should be washed off several times with shampoo. Use this method of treatment can be a maximum of three times a day.

Cranberry juice

It is necessary to prepare such quantity of juice of berries that it has sufficed on drawing on all amazed area. Cranberry juice provides an acidic environment in which just plain lice and nits can not exist normally. The latter because of the impact of acid can no longer hold on to the hairs and easily comb out with the help of a large crest. It is possible to be treated in this way until the symptoms of pediculosis disappear completely.

Attention! All folk methods can be used only from the age of two, since before that the risk of developing side and allergic reactions is high.

Video – How to treat lice folk remedies at home

Measures of prevention against infection with pediculosis by children

  • do not wear other people’s hats to a child, and also those that you plan to buy in stores, it’s enough to measure the circumference of your head to see if the thing fits;
  • make sure that in public transport the baby does not lean his head against the handrails, especially if they have a fabric base;
  • do not use other people’s hairbrushes, elastic bands and hairpins;
  • on a visit watch, that children did not adjoin heads and did not sleep on another’s bed linen;
  • if someone from a nearby environment finds lice, be sure to look at the child’s head every day for a week.

If you detect lice or nits in your child, do not panic. At the moment there are a large number of drugs in different pharmacological forms that allow you to get a good result after one or two treatments. It is recommended to visit the pediatrician beforehand to make sure that the medicine used for treatment is safe. If you follow all the precautions and recommendations for applying the medicine, the risk of side effects is minimal.

For many mothers, the question of using pediculosis drugs for young children is topical. Especially it concerns anxiety about the safety of the drug, its toxicity and the degree of effectiveness.

Most drugs are based on permethrin, but there are other components, if lice have developed immunity to it. We will not consider vinegar, kerosene and other mockery, but we will analyze modern chemistry. All data are taken from official instructions on the use of these drugs.

Consider them according to the degree of growth of children.

For children from 1 year

The drug is based on the substance permethrin is an insecticide that is practically harmless to humans.

  • can also be produced in the form of a pediculent gel and an emulsion of 5% concentration;
  • container, packing, volume – lotion in bottles of 0.1-5 liters, cream in a bottle of 24 ml, gel in a tube and emulsion in ampoules of 2 ml, packed in a box;
  • active substances, their dosage per 100 gr. – permethrin (5 g), castor oil of medical manufacture (7.5 g), butyl acetate (0.25 g), ethanol (96%);
  • directed action – the drug is effective in the fight against adult lice, ticks, as well as their nits, larvae, perfectly shows itself as an anti-scratch agent;
  • preservation of the effect – lotion is effective for 2 weeks, cream – 2-3 weeks, gel – 2-6 weeks, emulsion in ampoules – up to 4 weeks;
  • degree of toxicity – low;
  • when the Medifox series is contraindicated – hypersensitivity to permethrin and other pyrethroids, plant inclusions, infant feeding periods, when it is required to treat scabies, gel and emulsion should not be used in treating infants under 1 year of age;
  • methods of use should be carefully read in the instructions attached to each type of drug.

Price: from 125 rubles

Hello! Oksana, 35 years old, Moscow. I had a daughter, now she is 4 months old. Recently on a visit to us came a friend, with whom they gave birth together, brought her baby. I do not know, either from her things or from her, but my baby got infected with lice! I do not remember that at all on my mother’s or grandmother’s stories, so that babies get pediculosis! Tin! Imagine what it was difficult to find a medicine for a baby ?! In the pharmacy the seller recommended to buy a lotion Medifox. I carefully studied the instructions in the pharmacy, they seem to write that it is possible to use newborns. Carefully smeared, held on the head quite a bit, then washed away. The next day also did another day. In general, for three days with minimal exposure of the drug on the head of the daughter, we overcame this infection. Of course, both her husband and her husband were treated. The remedy is very good – and it works, and is not toxic!

Price: from 360 rubles

I do not know how there is about what the manufacturer wrote on the packaging about the total destruction of nits, but I had to smear such a head on my son’s head 2 times, and then also to treat the vinegar solution. First we applied Nyx and noticed dead lice. All combed out. By the way, the crest is generally no, even for the boy’s short hair, he was ineffective. I had to buy a separate comb. The next day I checked my head – there were no lice, but nits were alive, bursting between nails. Another secondary treatment of the head, then vinegar solution – and all the remaining nits immediately deadened. In short, the drug works, but not the first time.

  • packaging, packaging – available vial;
  • degree of influence shampoo – it is very effective in combating adult individuals, on nits is weaker, it is necessary to additionally use vinegar solution;
  • z shampooed to use pregnant and lactating mothers, people with acute sensitivity to the components in the formulation;
  • with great care apply to young children who are not yet 5 years old;
  • for re-treatment should wait a week, 10 days;
  • shelf life – 1,5 years.

Price: from 180 rubles

Good afternoon! I am the mother of 2 twins, who are now 3.5 years old. Go to kindergarten, where two months ago they brought lice. Having bought Veda 2 on the advice of one of the mothers she met, when she took her sons from the kindergarten, I realized that shampoo has little effect from one time. They did two treatments, however, not according to the instructions – after 3 days they repeated the soaping. They combed it all up with a scallop and only after the second time all lice died. About nits separate conversation – shampoo on them, in my opinion, does not work at all. The vinegar solution was 9% (1: 2 with warm water) and then only the nits were more easily detached from the hair.

For children from 2 years old

Pedilin Shampoo

  • form of production of a pediculant – emulsion and shampoo;
  • the volume of the emulsion in the bottle is 60 ml, and the shampoo is 100 ml;
  • for the strongest lice used emulsion, for the middle – shampoo;
  • method of application – the emulsion is easier to apply on a strand of hair and scalp with a cotton swab, and the shampoo can simply be soaped;
  • side effects are not observed, except for special allergic reactions in case of hypersensitivity to malathion and other substances;
  • keep not more than 2 years.

Price: from 280 rubles

Hello! Milan, Ekaterinburg. I am the mother of three children. I often have to deal with a problem like lice in children. But you will not, you so often poison your children with incomprehensible chemical preparations to rid them of uninvited “guests” on their heads ?! She began to look for a more or less sparing tool and came across Pedilin. What can I say? The remedy works, no matter how hard it is criticized by other moms. My children regularly get everything right.

For children from 3 years old

STEAM PLUS aerosol

  • volume in can 116 mg;
  • the effect of the substance – a neurotoxic detrimental effect on lice and nits;
  • contraindications – do not use on children younger than 2.5 years, adults with a particular hypersensitivity to the components of the formulation, as well as those who have bronchial asthma;
  • sensations in use – tingling and light burning;
  • method of use – do not rinse within 10 minutes after application, and it is possible to apply repeatedly on hair only in a week;
  • there are no overdoses;
  • you can store 4 years.

Price: from 400 rubles

Mummies are expensive, do not spray on your children such a tool indoors! I bought it once and understood it. So this means is excellent, indeed, it kills all creeping reptiles on the child’s head. But you need to cover up your face with something, especially the baby’s eyes, go out into the street, spray a balcony and spray it. Well, maximum, though near the window, get. It smells bad! And do not hold 10 minutes, we coped and for 6-7 minutes. Because my friend told me that with her tender scalp the product caused a slight burn. And so – an excellent aerosol!

Price: from 320 rubles

Good afternoon! Natalia Veniaminovna, Chelyabinsk Region My husband recently discovered a lice from the grandson, he brought me from school! Then we already discovered this infection! Immediately ran to the drugstore and bought Paranit, at a price approached, and about him told that it lasts a long time and that is non-toxic. Just as they opened a bottle of lotion, they felt a sour smell, but you could endure it. During and after the treatment, there was no irritation, burning sensation, the lotion did not pinch the skin, the child tolerated calmly. As a result, we, adults, all adults and nits killed the remedy, and the grandson had several more running. Immediately repeated the processing, although it was impossible to follow the instructions, but we decided that if a non-toxic remedy, then it is possible. After the secondary treatment, the running insects were not seen, they all combed it out. Oh, yes, I also treated with vinegar solution, as my mom taught me once. Well, for reliability, and nits are easier to comb out so. In general, Paranit, apparently, does not act on all people equally, but at least it works – and that’s good!

Price: from 260 rubles

In short, who likes the sour-camphor smell, you can safely use this shampoo. He definitely helped me when I found my lice with my daughter. But for some reason her vomit opened from her smell. And, even before spreading. So this is the only drawback of shampoo. We all endured, lathered, for a long time did not hold – washed in 3-5 minutes, and then the next day the procedure was repeated. Everything worked out!

Pediculer Ultra Spray Lotion Shampoo

  • composition sprays – anise oil (6%), ethyl (78% alcohol), natural additives;
  • volume of the lotion lotion – 50 ml, shampoo – 200 ml;
  • equipment – lotion (or shampoo), comb and magnifier;
  • you can buy in any pharmacy;
  • can be used by children, who are already 5 years old;
  • kills larvae, nits, and also adults of lice of various kinds (head, pubic);
  • toxicity – low, almost zero;
  • storage is acceptable within 2 years.

Price: from 170 rubles

Health to all! Recently, my children suffered from lice. Small and a garden he brought, so did the older two of my schoolchildren. They used lotion Pedikulent (3 bottles bought), and for the older daughter still shampoo of the same brand bought – she had long hair after all, did not want to cut. In general, the drugs really helped us. From one time all nits and lice were taken out! By the way, shampoo did not need a daughter – they managed with lotion.

  • volume of blend – 50 ml;
  • it is allowed to use on children from 3 years old;
  • is not permitted for use by pregnant and lactating mothers, those with an increased sensitivity threshold to a two-phase dimethicone and its dosage in the preparation (92%), as well as those who have exacerbated skin diseases;
  • application – spray on each strand of hair and scalp, and then, leave for 45 minutes, after which everything is washed off with usual shampoo;
  • it should not be stored for more than 4 years.

Price: from 570 rubles

Good day! Svetlana, 32 years old, Tver. We decided to try to take cheap Nudu spray from lice, and they were not mistaken! My two daughters had to go through this most unpleasant event in my life. After the treatment of the head, all lice perish, but nits are not all. In addition, acetic rinsing was done, but only after that the nits were easily combed out with a scallop.

For children from 5 years old

Full Marx – liquid

  • the bundling of goods is two means that complement each other. Comb and instruction;
  • active influence on nits and lice;
  • toxicity – low;
  • there are no contraindications, allergies can cause in extremely rare cases;
  • head treatment – full removal occurs when combing hair comb for a week, it is again possible to carry out persecution of lice only after 3-4 days;
  • shelf life – 3 years (except for the crest).

Price: from 400 rubles

Sergei, 40 years old, Cheboksary. My son was found two weeks ago with lice. He came from sports competitions, and immediately we noticed how he began to scratch his head. I bought Full Marx. Very convenient tool, with a comb, clear instructions and. most importantly, it acts instantly. From one application all lice were sore, nits had to be combed for another 5 days. But since the hair is short with a son, we were lucky – combing was not so exhausting. By the way, on the 3-1 day after combing, we did not see that the dead litter fell on the sheet. So itching for prevention. Irritations did not cause, the skin did not pinch, a normal remedy. Only the price is too expensive, as for me.

  • volume in one bottle – 115 ml;
  • in the composition except 10 ml permethrin is also cosmetic hair conditioner, making the hair gliding to facilitate combing out the dead nits;
  • the effect comes after 10 minutes of keeping the remedy on the head;
  • contraindications for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as those who have dermatoses;
  • toxicity is average, children up to 5 years is prohibited;
  • you can store 2 years.

Price: from 380 rubles

In my opinion, the cream is not very convenient to use because it does not soap like a shampoo. But, when we bought it for our daughter, it was immediately noted that it really works! First tried to apply on hair with hands in gloves, but then I took a cotton swab and so began to blot. Just blurring the cream is uncomfortable. On the day three they combed the nits more, but they did not have to re-process the child’s head. From one time all worked.

  • form of release – lotion in the form of transparent yellowish liquid;
  • the volume in the vial is 50 ml;
  • a way of application – to keep on hair no more than 10 minutes, then to wash off with shampoo, and then hair still to rinse with an acetic solution;
  • can not be used by pregnant and lactating breastfeeding mothers;
  • side effects may be itchy sensations and with tender skin – slight irritation;
  • toxicity – high, use with extreme caution in children;
  • can be stored for 3 years.

The price from 200 rubles

Hello! My name is Daria, I’m from St. Petersburg. My daughter from a girlfriend got lice. They bought it on the advice of the pediatrician Foksilon. The price, I think, is not expensive. I do not know where the drug costs 200 rubles. We bought in our pharmacy for 150 rubles. lotion is applied very easily with a rag wipe or a cotton swab that can easily be done by yourself.

  • form of production – concentrated liquid transparent substance with 15% permethrin;
  • kind of container – glass or plastic bottles;
  • volumes – 20-500 ml or 1 liter;
  • impact – head and pubic lice, as well as clothing (linen);
  • method of application – making an emulsion of 0.15% – 1 ml of concentrate mixed with 99 ml of water, treating the head with a 15-minute holding time, then wash everything off with a normal shampoo and comb out with a comb of nits;
  • toxicity – average;
  • is suitable for 1 year.

The price: from 1200 rubles

Hello! Irina, Rostov-on-Don. We bought such a remedy in our kindergarten when we massively had to louse our children. The bottle is expensive (it cost us 1,350 rubles), but it does not take a lot of concentrate for one person. It turns out that according to the instructions one bottle can be processed quite a lot of people. The effect is stunning! All lice and nits are dying. Only three children last time from the first time something went wrong and the insects did not disappear all at once. I had to do the re-treatment. But in general, together with the acetic solution “Avicin” is just fine.


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