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Fitoverm from the Colorado beetle

Application of Phytoferma from Colorado beetles

To combat the Colorado beetles, many pesticides have been created, the basis of which are insecticidal components. However, poisonous substances to some extent can be dangerous, both for the plants themselves, and for human health. In this connection, many gardeners prefer safer drugs. A great popularity among amateurs of garden and orchard works has acquired Fitoverm from the Colorado beetle – a preparation of biological origin, which is relatively harmless to humans due to its composition. The properties and features of the application of the tool will be discussed in this article.

About the composition

The product of Phytoferm from the Colorado beetle is an insecticide of organic composition, the basis of which is aversectin C, the product of the activity of microorganisms inhabiting the soil. The concentration of the active substance is 2 g per liter of emulsion.

Penetrating the contact-intestinal way into the body of a garden pest, the active component affects its nervous system, contributing to the development of paralysis. Subsequently, the poisoned insect has lost its appetite, and it no longer poses a danger to the horticultural crops. In this connection, there is no need to collect plant parasites.

Fitoverm from the Colorado beetle

The popularity of the product is conditioned by a lot of advantages:

  • High efficiency is ensured by a unique composition, the effect of which on the insect organism can be observed after 8-10 hours from the processing of the site. The maximum effect is achieved by an incident of 3-6 days. It is especially effective in hot weather.
  • Security. The product of natural origin does not have harmful toxic compounds. In addition, it does not penetrate the plant membrane of the leaf plate and does not accumulate in it. In this connection, does not pose a danger to man and garden crops.
  • Wide range of action. Effective is the remedy Fitoverm against the Colorado potato beetle, mite, cabbage whitetail, leaf roll, fruit moth, peach and melon aphid, as well as other pests.
  • The organic insecticide has a short decay period.
  • The agent does not cause habituation in insects.

However, like most drugs, the remedy Fitoverm from the Colorado beetle has several disadvantages:

  • A non-precipitating agent is poorly fixed on the surface of the sheet, so there is a need for additional adhesives. Usually soap and other detergents serve in their quality.
  • The organic composition affects only adult individuals and their larvae, but it does not affect the oviposition of the Colorado beetles. It is for this reason that there is a need for repeated treatments.
  • High price. The price of the drug varies depending on the dosage, ranging from 15-20 rubles. Transparent liquid can be produced in ampoules (2, 4 and 5 ml), vials (10-400 ml) and 5-liter jerricans.
  • It is inadmissible to use the biopreparation Fitoverm from the Colorado beetle in combination with pesticides.

Application rules

Application of Phytoferma from Colorado beetles

Prepare the working solution in accordance with the type of culture and the dosage indicated in the manual (how to dilute the product according to the instructions). For the treatment of vegetable crops from the Colorado beetle, the concentrated emulsion is diluted in a proportion of 1 ml per 1 liter of water. To protect the potato, 3 sprays are carried out throughout the season with a break of 20 days. It is preferable to use the composition in dry and windless weather.

Despite the safety of the biopreparation when working with it, personal protective equipment should not be disregarded.

Numerous positive reviews about the Phytopharma from the Colorado beetle are evidence of its effectiveness.

The appearance of the Colorado potato beetle usually causes me a storm of emotions and resentment. This summer, the insects divorced so much that I was forced to resort to more radical methods than the use of folk remedies. So the choice fell on Fitoverm. She did everything according to the instructions, as a result of which she was rewarded with a positive result. Super remedy. I advise everyone.

Sprinkled the garden with Fitoverm twice, and the bugs had no problems. Classroom thing. I recommend.

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Using Colorado from the Colorado potato beetle

Colorado from Colorado potato beetle

Colorado from the Colorado beetle is a modern systemic insecticide of a wide spectrum of action. Within a few hours he kills adult individuals, larvae of different ages. The residual action with external spraying is maintained for 28 days. Requires strict compliance with the instructions. It is not allowed to process crops without personal protective equipment. The facility is produced by the famous German company Bayer.

Description of the preparation

The drug from the Colorado beetle is produced in the form of a concentrate, from which a solution is prepared before use. There is a specific smell. The sale comes Colorado in ampoules, each contains 1-2 ml. This dose is enough to prepare 10 liters of concentrated solution from the Colorado beetle.

An insecticidal substance belongs to the second class of danger. If used correctly, it does not harm the person.

One of the main conditions for proper use is the availability of personal protective equipment. When Colorado hits the skin develops an allergic reaction, penetration into the respiratory tract, the mouth threatens with poisoning of varying degrees of intensity. The first signs – dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, heart palpitations.

The active ingredient is a wide-spectrum insecticide, imidacloprid. Used to fight many garden, garden, domestic pests. From the Colorado potato beetle, it is processed by spraying. The poisonous substance accumulates in the green part of the culture, the residual decay is carried out for 28 days.

Using Colorado from the Colorado potato beetle

In the insect organism, the poison penetrates the contact-intestinal tract. Immediately, the larvae die when the poison hits the chitinous cover.

On eggs, imidacloprid does not work, but kills larvae immediately after birth.

Colorado disrupts the nervous system. It blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, paralyzes, causes death. The rate of death depends on the concentration of the poisonous substance, the maximum effect is observed during the first 5 hours after spraying the potatoes. You can see the result in half an hour.

Terms of Use

Colorado from the Colorado beetle – instructions for use, provides for the independent preparation of the solution. To destroy the Colorado potato beetle, it is necessary to dissolve 2 ml of the drug in 500 ml of cool water. Stir thoroughly. Add 9.5 liters of water. The finished product must be poured into a household spray gun or a bottle with a sprayer.

Poison Colorado is applied from many garden, garden pests. To destroy moths, cabbage butterflies, aphids, a solution of less concentrated is required. 10 g of water consumes 1 gram of the product.

Features of processing:

  1. Spraying should be carried out in dry, windless weather. The poison will wash away the pouring rain if it starts within 2 hours after spraying. It is advisable to look at the weather forecast before the procedure.
  2. Spray potatoes experts recommend early in the morning or in the evening. Otherwise, droplets of water on the leaves of the culture under the influence of the sun lead to burns, destruction of the plate leaf.
  3. Direct the atomizer in the direction of the wind, so that the poison drops do not fall on the person.
  4. Spraying experts advise to hold until the moment of flowering, just 1 time per season. In a difficult situation, repeated spraying is allowed, but not later than 20 days before harvesting.
  5. The plant should be treated carefully, on large bushes it is necessary to spray on the reverse side of the leaf, since it is there that the eggs are located.

Preparing the solution should be done immediately before use, in which case a high level of toxic substances remains. It is allowed to use the finished solution for 3 days if the product is stored away from sunlight.

Colorado from Colorado potato beetle


Reviews about the action of Colorado are different. Not everyone is happy with the result, the protective properties do not always last 28 days.

Last year a vegetable garden appeared. We planted potatoes in one half. In early June, the invasion of Colorado beetles was found. With poison earlier had no business, the store advised Colorado of the famous firm Bayer, assuring of high efficiency. Carried out the treatment according to the instructions. Bred 10 ampoules on a bucket of water. A week later came to see the result. There were no larvae, but adult beetles still crawled in places. A week later, no one was seen. But a month later the beetles again. The product is inexpensive, not very toxic. But this is plus and minus.

On Colorado pests is weak. For the season you have to spray at least 2 times. It helps well from caterpillars, aphids. Advantage in an affordable price. We process the potatoes before flowering, again in a month. Poisoning can be done in half an hour of the larvae, in order to kill adult individuals, it will take at least 24 hours.

You can buy the product in specialized stores, on sites on the Internet. Sold by the piece or in the package. The price of one ampoule is 8 rubles. For a single treatment, a minimum of 10 pieces is required. Store the product in a dark place. Use within three years from the date of manufacture.

Bon > 5 Reviews | 4 Q&A

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Rating: 5

Product Overview

Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Concentrate is perfect for use in organic gardening to control tough Colorado Potato Beetle larvae. Bonide Colorado Potato Beetle Concentrate will make up to 8 gallons of spray and each gallon can cover up to 1,000 sq. ft. of garden area. This formulation is water based and leaves no oily residue and is odor free.

It is intended for control of worms (caterpillars) and other listed insects. This does not significantly impact predatory beneficial insects, predatory mites, and spiders while controlling target pests. Susceptible insect pests may be observed on plants up to several hours after treatment, but will have ceased active feeding before being killed.

Spinosad is classified as an organic substance by the USDA National Organic Standards Board

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient: Spinosad 0.5%
Target pests: Potato Beetles, and other leaf eating insects and Caterpillars
* See label for complete list
For use in: Residential Home Gardens, Lawns and Ornamentals
Application: 2 oz (4 tbsp) per gallon of water
* See label for complete application instructions
Pet safe: Yes, if used as directed on Label
Yield: Makes up to 8 gallons
Special Features: The organic solution to potato beetles
Shipping Weight: 1.22 lbs
Manufacturer: Bonide (Mfg. Number: 687)
UPC: 037321006879
EPA Registration: 62719-314-4

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Shake Well Before Use. This product may be applied with trigger sprayer, hand-held, backpack, or hose-end sprayers. Use a hose-end sprayer that can be adjusted to provide a dilution ratio of about 2 fl. oz. of this product (4 Tbs) per gallon of spray.

Apply when listed pests are present. Repeat applications may be made as indicated in the Home Gardens section. See your state extension service recommendations for treatment guidelines in your area.

Individual fire ant mounds:

Mix the amount of this product recommended per gallon of spray and use a sprinkler can or similar device to apply the diluted spray as a mound drench, using 1 to 2 gallons per mound. Do not use pressurized sprays. Apply about 10% of the spray volume around the perimeter of the mound and the remainder directly to the mound. Do not disturb fire ant mound prior to application. If possible, apply following recent rainfall. For best results apply when weather is cool, 65 to 85 degrees F, or in early morning or late evening.

Customer Reviews

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By Mark on 07/06/2016

I’ve fought Colorado Potato Beetles for years with several other products, but nothing worked better than “fair”. I was skeptical this would work, and waited a few days to long to order. I had already hand picked hundreds of adult beetles and plucked countless leaves with eggs but was fighting a losing battle. My order was shipped right away, and I applied the afternoon I received it. 2 ounces in 1 gallon of water, and applied with a very fine spray covering both sides of the 200′ row. I had many potato plants with no leaves left, and some where the main stems were eaten half way to the ground. Most plants had dozens of larvae, and there were hundreds of larvae per plant on some of the 200′ row. I checked it first thing the next morning after spraying, and there were a few dead bugs on the ground. It appeared some were still actively eating the leaves, but not many. The next day I checked again, not expecting great results. I was shocked to see 99.9% of the bugs were dead on the ground. I checked daily after that and fond zero bugs. Now, 1 week after that first spray, I found 2 adult beetles and 3 larvae on the whole row. The stripped plants have already recovered with many new leaves and the whole row looks very healthy. I plan to spray again in the next day to keep them under control. This is a great product.

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo

10 of 10 people found this review helpful

By Randy on 06/18/2014

I been using it for 3 weeks now and the bugs have giving the plants a chance to grow, I plan on buying more to stop the pests in my garden

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo

8 of 8 people found this review helpful

By Ricky on 05/17/2016

I Left some Beetles on a few of my plants to see if Product worked.Very Happy with Product.Beetles were upside down on ground Dead.Good Stuff.

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo

3 of 3 people found this review helpful

By Ken on 07/02/2017

Excellent product. I sprayed it on my potato plants when beetles and larvae were active killed all beetles and larvae. It’s been 2 weeks now and still no beetles on my plants.

Was this review helpful to you? YesNo

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

By Gerald on 04/26/2019

I haven’t used this product but hopefully it works. The seller was very prompt in shipping.

Colorado from colorado beetle user manual user reviews price

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Sales Hours

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Welcome to our AutoSource Colorado Springs, CO used car dealership! This is the first of two locations AutoSource has in Colorado. We opened our doors in Colorado Springs in April 2015 but remember, AutoSource has been in business since 2003! We are so excited to help you find a great deal on a used car you want and need in the Denver/Colorado Springs area!

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