Winter Snow Makes Everything A LIttle More Difficult

It has snowed twice in the last three days. Not a lot. Just about 3 inches total. Needless to say, I was not excited. I do not have a good wood supply in because I was too busy doing other stuff last week and got caught by surprise. I guess the lack of snow so far had made me complacent. So now we will have to deal with the snow while trying to bring some wood in.

Snow just makes everything more difficult, from carrying wood into the house to carrying water out to the horse. Yes, we only have one horse on the place. We had one die last month that had been here for at least 20 years. He was old but he was a good horse. Fortunately the ground was not frozen and he could be buried with the aid of a back hoe.

Where we really have trouble with snow is on our lane coming back to the house. It is about on quarter of a mile long and has fields on both sides. So a couple of inches of snow and some wind will just fill in the lane to where it is almost impassable. We have spent a lot of winters driving on the field an not in the lane to get in and out. Four wheel drive is essential here and I presently have a four wheel drive Ford Escape that also is a gas electric hybrid. I have been very happy with this car.

Glad to say we have had no wind but the temperatures have been cold. I think it was about 8 or 9 degrees last night. It seemed cold in the house. Last week we put a heavy curtain over one door to close off the front part of the house and try to slow down heat loss to a part of the house that is not used much in the winter. It is that part of the house that needs to be rebuilt reconfigured to be useful and cease to be a heating liability.

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I guess we can expect some snow this time of year. Why not. It is January which is supposed to be winter. When the snow really gets old is along about March when it can very easily snow here but it is usually not cold enough to keep it from turning to slush pretty quick. And then when everything starts to thaw we have the mud. Oh god. Don’t get me started on mud.

It would be a good time to have a good cup of coffee or tea and read a good book or do some writing or something. I spend most of my spare time practicing my fiddle playing.
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