White, White, White and I Wish It Was Green

It rained almost all day yesterday with the temperature at one point about 40 degrees. It was not a big downpour but just a steady rain. Then sometime during the night it changed to snow and we awoke to this.

This Forsythia has been blooming all week and was a bright yellow even in the rain yesterday, Now it is almost concealed by this heavy wet snow. It is not uncommon to get snow in March here and it can happen even in April so it is not a shocker. It is just tiresome. We have had very little snow this year. In fact, this about the second time the snow has been more than a dusting this season. For the last six weeks we have been having rain every few days. We may have gone about a week or so in March when we did not get some rain. That was not that long ago and resulted in my planting a few early things in the garden which looks like this this morning.

So we just wait it out and hope the seed does not rot in the ground. It may have germinated already because we did have a few sunny days last week which, although the air temperature was not real warm, this time of year the suns rays are considerably warmer than a couple of months ago. I kind of hope the seeds are a little slow in coming up because I will need to get some chicken wire around the planting to keep the rabbits away. I took the fence down that I had put up around the garden. It was not effective in keep the rabbits out but it did keep the dogs out which gave the rabbits a safe haven. I will just put chicken wire up around plantings when they are young and vulnerable.

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Last night was Earth Hour night. We went to a cousins house for dinner so I shut all electric off in our house at 6:30 when we left and it was off until about 10:30 when we came home. We do not have a furnace that needed to run and the woodstove does not need electricity. I do not thing the refrigerator knew the difference. We shut the lights off at our dinner party and sat around with candles all evening. We really ought to do this more often. Like maybe once a week. There is a group that has a movement called Buy Nothing Day. Unfortunately they have chosen the day after Thanksgiving as the day for worldwide participation. I could see a Buy Nothing Day once a month or maybe even more often. Shut the lights off, buy nothing, do something reflective, or informative like read, or just do nothing for an hour. Some time this monster of consumption has to slow down before it eats the whole planet.

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