Hey After Two Weeks I Have a Garden Growing

We have had two weeks of cold wet weather with a few sunny days. When the sun shines it is warm but we just have not had that much of it. It is supposed to rain again today and maybe a small chance of some snow tonight. It snowed a few inches last weekend and melted right away.

The first thing to come up were the onion sets and then the radishes. Interesting how they will come up through a crack in the crust and their upward pressure will create a crack all down the row so they can make it through. The lettuce and spinach have also made it up so hopefully we are on our way. There are two nights this week forecast to be below freezing but if it is not too extreme we will be OK.

My next concern is rabbits. I have taken down the chicken wire fence I had up around the perimeter of the garden. It was ineffective in keeping out the rodents. So I take the chicken wire and put it right around the rows.

I bend the wire in an arc with 3 or 4 inches laying flat along the ground. Using fiberglass electric fence posts I put it through the top so the top of the fence arches backwards. That is why the posts are not straight up. If you just put the wire straight up and down the rabbits will go underneath. This way when they come up to the fence they are already standing on the wire and cannot figure out how to get under. They can always hop over but they do not seem too inclined to do that. Also, since the perimeter fence is gone they have to be wary of dogs who might be just looking for some fun.

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Well, hoping it is a productive year and the weather allows for timely planting and care. I know I will have some weed problems this year because I could not get out and cultivate at the right time last year because of all the rain. I will mulch as much as possible.

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