For A Garden Brimming with Beneficial Life

I cannot say enough about the catalog we received a while back from a company called Gardens Alive. We have ordered stuff from the company before, items like beneficial insects to help control flies in and around the horse barn. I think sometime in the past I must have look through their catalog but this time I was especially impressed.

Organic seeds are what first caught my eye. There are a lot of choices in the catalog. And the price is right also. There is a big variety including things like organic onion sets and organic garlic. Also, there are several varieties of organic seed potatoes. The cover says more that 100 certified organic varieties listed inside. They even sell seeds for growing your own sprouts.

Next thing that really caught me interest was all the alternative pest control and soil building products. There are just a whole bunch of products that one could make use of.
The real value in just the catalog alone is all the information about insect pests and plant diseases. Color pictures accompany the info. And various products are offered as solutions to the problems. There are just all kinds of pics of garden vegetable problems and the catalog is a reference manual. I have a very aggravating problem of Carrot Weevils so I am going to try these nematodes that you apply to the soil to kill the larvae before they burrow into the carrot.

Please understand that if you click on one of the Gardens Alive links on this page and buy something I will receive a small commission. But I must encourage you to check out this company and get one of their catalogs. I probably read it almost cover to cover.

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