First Vegetable Garden Planting

I finally planted some seeds and onion sets on Sunday evening, March 22nd. I say finally because I probably could have planted several days earlier and I made myself wait. The ground is not very warm and the forecast was for rain which can turn into a real mess with the seed rotting in the ground or the ground getting beat down so hard on the seed it cannot make it through when it germinates. So, it is risky to plant ahead of a rain any time of year. That is at least in my garden, because in some spots the ground can get hard on top when it dries, and especially the smaller seeds cannot push through the crust. Then if it turns off cold and rainy the seed will most likely not germinate very well and it will rot in the ground. I had that happen to some crops last year.

So this year it was dried out some but I still had to pick certain areas and avoid others because of the soil was just a little too wet. I planted three different salad mixes, two types of radishes, some spinach, and some onion sets. I used four different packets of seeds from Botanical Interests that I buy at the Natural Food store where I shop. I have been very happy with these seeds. When you buy seeds in these packets it does not seem like there is much in the packet but I was surprised at how far each one went. I was careful and tried to space out the seeds. One packet of greens planted about 50 feet of row. The same with the radishes. I probably got about 75 feet of row from the Ferry-Morse organic spinach. I planted about 2 1/2 pounds of onion sets which made 2 rows about 75 feet long. The ground worked pretty good especially after a second pass. I just tilled it with my tiller about 2 inches deep.

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So we had a little shower on Monday night and then yesterday we had a large rain. At least an inch of rain in about an hour or so. Pretty steady rain so things are wet. The sun is shining today which should warm up that dark soil. I tried to keep from planting anything very deep. Shallow planting this time of year is a good idea because you need the warmth at the upper levels of the soil for germination. The problem with shallow planting is a big driving rain can just wash the seed out and away. I guess if things go bad, which they do sometimes, I will replant. I keep telling myself it is still plenty early. I kind of wish I had planted some peas the other day and they will be next along with some potatoes. I went and got some hay the other day and on the way wished I had thrown in some bales of straw to mulch the potatoes with so that will be another trip down the road.

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