A February Break in Winter Weather

It was about 58 degrees when I got up this morning and it has been sunny all day with light winds. It is too nice to find excuses to sit inside so out we go to start some longer term projects. As is so often the case when I have a goal in mind it seems I have to begin with several steps that are in preparation and not actually working on the actual job I want to do. In this case, the goal is to expand my garden, have a place to plant some grape vines, and possibly plant about a hundred asparagus plants. In order to actually do the expansion and then the planting I will have to build a new fence around the newly cultivated area because it is currently used for pasture for horses. We could have three more horses come on the place this spring.

Well you need fence and posts to build a fence so I decided to take down and old fence that I put up maybe 20 years ago or so. It is not in very good shape anyway and is no longer needed. The wire is still good so I will take it all down and re-use it.

There are some little trees that have grown up through the fence that had to be cut off and plenty of poison ivy vines growing on it also. Fortunately, I am not particularly vulnerable to poison ivy. I can get it if I rub it on my skin but even then it is not too bad. The fence itself was just wired to the posts with baling wire so it was pretty easy to get off. I got at least one hundred foot long piece, a 30 foot piece, and another 10 or 12 foot piece. Glad to get it because we bought a new roll of fence last fall and it was very expensive. One of the best tools ever invented is the fence pliers.

These sturdy pliers have cutters, you can pry stuff apart, or drive nails or fence staples with them. The only problem with them is they should be painted bright orange of something because they are really easy to lose in the grass.

Well, I got the fence out and have pretty well decided how I am going to build the new one. I have built a lot of fences and repaired a lot of fences also. To build a good fence you really need a tractor and a post hole digger neither of which I have. So, I will probably just put the fence up by hand and use steel posts. I have been debating today whether or not to put a large wood post on the corner. If I do I will have to use the post hole digger which I am familiar with but not really fond of. I should have had thought of that yesterday when my son was out here with his friend and they wanted to do some work. In my opinion, digging dirt with a shovel or post hold digger or whatever is one of the hardest labors there is around here.

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Anyway, when the weather is like this in February you really must take advantage of it. It was a really lovely morning and tomorrow it is supposed to head back towards more seasonal type weather. Of course I was not alone in my chore today. I had plenty of help in the form of our Weimaraner dog Cleo. She likes to come along and usually stays pretty close for the duration of what ever it is I am doing.

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