How to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment yourself. Where do bedbugs come from, chemical and folk remedies for bedbugs

It is unlikely that there will be such a person among us who will be delighted by such an unpleasant phenomenon as bed bugs in an apartment.

To fight them, you need to know some features of their behavior and ways to get rid of bugs.

This article will be devoted to this article.

Where do they come from?

Such a misfortune can occur in absolutely every home, as it can easily be brought on shoes from the street or from another apartment where they were already. These insects bite very painfully, and bite sites can itch for a long time. In addition, bedbugs are carriers of many infectious diseases. And they bite, as a rule, more than once, and cause several dozen infections at once.

People can tolerate such bites in different ways: some will not even feel them, but there are people who tolerate them very poorly, which is fraught with the development of an allergic reaction. If you are one of such people, then a safe neighborhood with such insects is unlikely to work out for you, so you should not put this problem on the back burner, but solve it as soon as possible.

Bedbugs really like places where unsanitary conditions prevail. However, you do not need to think that if these small insects are wound up in your apartment, then you are necessarily unclean. They can easily appear in your apartment from neighbors or get to you with new furniture or things.

In old houses, there can be many places with favorable conditions for bed bugs: dirty cracks and cracks, old carpets, mattresses, wallpaper and much more. If the premises where these insects live are treated with chemicals, then they can quickly «move out» from it and settle in with their neighbors. Therefore, the sooner you identify them, the easier it will be for you to get rid of them.

Varieties of bugs

These insects appeared on the planet many centuries ago. To date, scientists have counted about 30 thousand species of bugs, in our country about 2.5 thousand species live.

The so-called bed bugs are best adapted to life on the planet among insects, they can feed on the blood of people, animals and birds. It is quite difficult to get rid of them, as they usually live in places that are difficult to access for a person: under the baseboard, in the crevices of floors and walls, mattresses, furniture. Bed bugs lead a nocturnal lifestyle, they sleep off during the day, and go out for a walk at night and bite people and pets while they sleep.

These annoying insects breed very quickly throughout the apartment, so after their detection, it is necessary to immediately begin their extermination. If you notice bug bites on your body, you should immediately inspect all rooms. Inspect all the cracks, furniture, places under the baseboard and wallpaper. If you managed to find them, start the procedure for their destruction.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment yourself

This subspecies of bugs loves to eat human blood. At the same time, they cannot be called too voracious, since one individual needs to drink blood only once a week for proper nutrition. One individual is unlikely to harm the human body, then when there are dozens or even hundreds of them — the life of people living with them «in the neighborhood» can become simply unbearable. Experts say that bedbugs often attack people with delicate skin, that is, women and children. A bed bug can be compared with a mosquito.

How to deal with this? First you need to perform a series of actions that will make the life of these insects very difficult:

1) remove pets from the premises, hide dishes and personal items in the cabinets;

2) soak the sheets in hot water for several hours, then dry and iron it with a hot iron;

3) we give dry cleaning all bedding: pillows, blankets, mattresses and carpets.

4) the things on which these insects have already been «bossed» are put for a couple of hours in a freezer or dryer. Too high or low air temperature instantly destroys the larvae of bugs. In winter, in severe frost, things affected by bedbugs can be hung out for several hours;

5) if the furniture (or mattress) is filled with these small insects, then the best option would be to simply get rid of them;

6) do the treatment of the room with chemical or folk remedies for bedbugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment yourself: the best ways

So, the list of favorite places for bugs looks like this:

sockets and much more.

When examining the room, pay attention to the signs of the presence of bugs: the presence of brown and dark dots (droppings), empty skins. If you find insects in the winter, you can use a very effective method against bedbugs — freezing the room. To do this, you need to remove all the relatives from the premises, sending them for some time to relatives and pets, open the door to the balcony and leave it for 4-6 hours. These insects are very afraid of frost, and according to the results of this method they will surely die.

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Another effective method of getting rid of bugs is to use boiling water, kerosene or turpentine. Each of these solutions needs to process books, furniture and electrical appliances. Bed linen and clothes need to be boiled, and after a week repeat the procedure to completely destroy the larvae hatching from the eggs.

How to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment yourself: folk remedies

If bed bugs have just appeared in your apartment, you can use one of the folk remedies that our great-grandmothers used.

To get started, prepare the following components:

plastic bottle with funnel;

Mixture against bedbugs

We mix soap, kerosene and water in a ratio of 7:20:10. Then we process all available surfaces in the apartment, but do not touch personal hygiene items and utensils.

Bedbug Poison

We take a bar of laundry soap and rub it on a grater to a powder state. We mix the resulting powder with carbon disulfide, add kerosene and mix. Pour the mixture into a prepared bottle with a funnel, close it and shake it well. Then pour all the contents into a larger container and dilute with water. Handle rooms infected with bedbugs at intervals of once a week.

If you could not find all of the above components, as an alternative, you can use a simplified version of the mixture. To do this, mix ammonia and turpentine in a ratio of 5 to 1. These ingredients can be bought in almost all hardware stores.

Folk remedies are often used in the initial stages of treatment, for more advanced cases it is better to use chemical preparations.

How to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment yourself: chemicals

Today there are a huge number of chemicals that will help once and for all exterminate insects in the apartment. However, they are also harmful to the human body, but if you strictly adhere to the instructions and follow all safety precautions, this will be avoided.

Before carrying out chemical treatment, a general cleaning should be done in the room. Furniture needs to be moved away from the wall so that it has full access. If possible, upholstered furniture should be disassembled into several parts.

Drugs against bedbugs can be purchased, as a rule, in undiluted form, so before using them, be sure to dilute them using special sprayers. This will allow you to use the drug to the maximum, and its contents will fall into all the cracks in the floors, walls and furniture. It is extremely important to carefully treat the places of the largest accumulation of bugs, because in addition to adults, it is also necessary to destroy their larvae and eggs.

The average consumption of drugs is 50-100 ml per 1 m2. Begin spraying with small objects and furniture, and then move on to the walls, ventilation shafts and doors.

That’s all you need to know about fighting bugs. If you located these insects in your apartment, do not hesitate, start getting rid of them as soon as possible, because very soon there will be much more of them.

How to deal with bedbugs?

How to deal with bedbugs? Surprisingly, this issue continues to be relevant in our technical age.

Home bugs are brown-red parasitesflat form 4 mm long, leading mainly night life, eating our blood. They can settle in our apartments, live in furniture, bed, multiply in warm, hard-to-reach places, drink human blood and feel great. But for us such cohabitation is a real catastrophe.

How to deal with bedbugs?This issue is very important for our health. Bedbugs are really very dangerous. They are carriers of such serious diseases as plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, anthrax. The main danger of these insects is constant itchy bites that deprive people of sleep, cause irritation and allergy.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to deal with bedbugs.

First of all, you need to look carefullysofa, bed, all bed linen, all the seams of the mattress, carefully revise the drawers and shelves of the furniture. It is necessary to vacuum through a narrow nozzle all the cracks in the furniture, on the floor, not missing even the smallest, and in all rooms of the apartment, since bedbugs have the ability to actively move around. After a thorough cleaning, the bag of the vacuum cleaner must be put in a bag, tied up and thrown away from the houses.

How to deal with bedbugs in an apartment?This is a rather complicated question, since insects can be everywhere: in linen, in books, on walls, on clothes. The next important event within the framework of the answer to the question of how to deal with bedbugs is careful washing of all clothes and bed linen. Those things that do not wear off need to be folded into packages, tied up and left for two weeks.

To destroy bloodsuckers use differentmethods to combat bugs: physical, mechanical and chemical. How to deal with bedbugs mechanically? Unfortunately, this method is the longest and not always effective. You can organize the collection of these insidious insects manually, with the help of brooms or start to crush — the sense will be little. Another way out is to get rid of furniture. This method is also ineffective, since bedbugs may have already spread throughout your housing, and furniture is pitiful.

How to deal with bedbugs by physical methods? You can use hot water vapor, steep boiling water, kerosene, turpentine or methylated spirit.

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Chemical methods to combat bugs involveuse of various poisonous drugs. When using chemistry, we recommend that you consult a specialist. If you can not do this, then try yourself very carefully to get rid of bedbugs, trying not to breathe fumes of aerosols and to avoid getting poisonous substances on the skin and mucous membranes.

How to deal with bedbugs with the help of homemeans? The simplest and most effective home remedy is alcohol (denatured alcohol). This substance is filled with nests of parasites, after such processing insects disappear. After this sanitation, it is necessary to ventilate the apartment. In addition, alcohol does not leave traces on the furniture. We suggest an accessible method: carefully fill all the cracks and put dishes with ammonia or a solution containing naphthalene (5 g), benzene (20 g), denatured (75 g) for a few days in the room. We advise you to try such a folk remedy: apply a brush to the location of the bedbugs with a prepared solution of turpentine, camphor, ethyl alcohol or from green soap, kerosene, turpentine and water. Treat these compounds apartment until all the insects disappear.

If these methods do not help, usetoxic compounds — aerosols «Carbophos», «Chlorophos», «Dichlophos». Poisons can be found in hardware stores. Do not forget that they are very dangerous for humans. Before use, wear a respirator and rubber gloves. In a day, ventilate the apartment, wash all clothes. After a week, repeat the treatment of the whole apartment.

Fighting with bedbugs is difficult, but do not panic, make every possible effort, and you will forget about these annoying bloodsuckers forever.

How to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment: effective ideas

Bedbugs can even appear in a clean house. Hosts often bring uninvited “guests” after visiting the clothing markets, some warehouses, or even hospitals. Having imperceptibly settled, bed dwellers quickly fill the whole dwelling, and then you have to think about how to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment.

This is not easy to accomplish, because annoying insects are known fast adapters to changing conditions and means, and the number of night bites can reach five hundred in a few hours.

Use the recommendations to decide how to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment, and you can forget about them forever.

Living and breeding conditions for bed bugs

For the successful struggle with bloodsuckers should be betterunderstand the conditions that favor their reproduction and livelihoods. 70 or slightly less percent of people who are faced with the problem of bedbugs in an apartment, the causes of which can be varied, do not notice their presence until the insect population exceeds a certain threshold.

Here are some facts from their lives:

  1. The size of bugs usually varies from 5 to 8 mm (females are usually larger than males) and the color varies from yellow to dark brown.
  2. Favorite bed bugs home areashabitats — various nooks. At the same time cleanliness practically does not matter. In the papers, among the books, under the wallpaper, and the linoleum that has departed, you can find not only bedbugs in the apartment (the causes of which are in most cases unknown), but also their excrement and egg laying.
  3. Bed bugs are night insects; you will generally feel their bites somewhere from 3 to 8 in the morning.
  4. The female can live up to 15 months, laying every day up to 5 eggs. Terms of development to a mature individual depend on environmental conditions and fall into the range from 30 to 100 days.

Now it is clear that the question “how to get rid of annoying bedbugs in an apartment” requires a decision as soon as possible.

Means against bedbugs

Tactics of getting rid of insects need to chooseestimating the amount of time you share a house with bedbugs. In general, all means against bloodsucking bugs can be divided into 3 large groups:

  • folk remedies are effective only at the initial stage and require very careful implementation. Most often used as additional to other options;
  • chemicals — toxic, can causesevere allergic reactions, their inept use only aggravates the situation, since insects easily become accustomed to the active ingredients of these products and they cease to have a strong effect on them;
  • specialized services — these people are goodThey know how to get rid of bed bugs in an apartment: what, how and where to treat the room. The option is not the budget, but the most effective.

    Choosing a way to destroy bedbugs, trycorrectly assess the situation and immediately focus on the optimal method. If you start from the simplest when insects have already firmly settled in your apartment, the lost time will only aggravate the situation.

    Folk ideas

    We list a few funds from bedding bloodsuckers, the recipes for which were obtained thanks to popular wisdom. The main advantage of these methods is their safety, especially for children and allergy sufferers.

    1. Acetic essence — a good way to disinfect the surface. The sharp smell of vinegar will scare away insects.
    2. Evaporation is the oldest method. Its essence lies in the effect of boiling water or steam on the clutch and bedbugs. The method is effective, but not all corners of the house and especially furniture can be treated this way.
    3. Valerian tincture — will help only from adult insects, its flavor does not affect the clutches.
    4. A solution of turpentine and kerosene in boiling water is one of the most effective mixtures of bed bugs. The ratio is: 150 ml of water to 20 ml of kerosene and 15-20 ml of turpentine.
    5. Other methods (branches of wormwood, extreme cold below -20 degrees, salt water, alcohol) — all these measures are only temporary and will be useful to you as support.
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    Have a variety of chemicals from beddingpests have many flaws. Cheap drugs, whether pencils or sprays, usually only frighten away insects for a while, and cause poisoning and allergies in apartment owners. Therefore, you need to use the means of a new generation and in a period when the population in the apartment is still quite small.

    We list several well-known chemicals that help in the fight against bedbugs:

  • «Chlorofos» — is poisonous to humans and bedbugs, but onmasonry does not work, therefore, when it takes 3-4 months, such treatment should be repeated. It is necessary to store and apply using all the safety measures described in the instructions;
  • “Karbofos” — is similar to chlorophos in action, but the pungent smell disappears more quickly. Apply in the form of an aqueous emulsion;
  • «Microscope» — affects other insects, has low toxicity and no odor, therefore, is relatively safe when used correctly;
  • «Executioner» — a tool for home — people andanimals — safe. The drug is inexpensive, is characterized by unsharp, quickly eroding odor, does not leave stains on the surfaces and kills both individuals and eggs;
  • «Pyrethrum» — a powder that is safe for humans, for bugs is deadly. They fall asleep accumulation sites and the main paths of pests.
  • Tetrix is ​​one of the most effective foreign drugs, but rather expensive.

    Pest Control Services

    Many chemical preparations are intended onlyfor professional use, so buying them in stores is quite difficult. It is better to provide treatment to professionals who have the appropriate knowledge and equipment.

    The private firms engaged in disinsection are engaged in training their employees in the proper work with hazardous substances. After this treatment, even large insect breeding centers disappear.

    Bedbugs — a dangerous problem that can poisonlife to the owners of the apartment. In addition to using a variety of tools, do not forget how to inspect your closets and bedding, wash them and iron them thoroughly with iron, and take other measures in time. Only then thinking about how to get rid of bedbugs in an apartment will leave you forever!

    A cosiness to your home!

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    How effective is turpertine for killing bed bugs ?

    Wiki User
    March 11, 2011 9:21PM

    The following are all reported methods individuals have tried in

    attempting to self-treat or prevent bed bugs and bed bug bites.

    Please note, that when attempting to self-treat a bed bug

    infestation the chances are that the infestation will only be made

    worse, causing more expenses and more heartache for everyone

    Leaving the Lights On

    What it is supposed to to — Sleeping with the lights on is meant

    to confuse bugs into not biting because they think that it is day

    What it really does — Bed Bugs will still bite. They are usually

    most active during the dusk hours because they have a meal. Bed

    bugs are attracted to the CO2 and body heat emitted from your body.

    The will still detect you on the bed and will still bite. Not to

    mention the increased electric bill!

    What it is supposed to do — Turning off the heat during the

    winter months is thought by some to freeze the bed bugs and in

    effect kill them off.

    What it really does — The lack of heat can freeze water pipes,

    propane lines, and more in your home, all the wile, not allowing

    the home to get cold enough to exterminate bed bugs. This requires

    What it is supposed to do — Covering your body in olive oil

    before going to bed makes your skin so slippery that bed bugs

    cannot climb on or off of your body.

    What it really does — Bed bugs can slide underneath your body,

    and will continue to bite all areas of skin that are touching the

    mattress, that is, if they truly cannot walk on your body. Don’t

    forget the messy sheets you will wake up to in the morning!

    What it is supposed to do — Setting off bombs inside the home

    full of insecticide (similar products are often used for fleas)

    will fully cover the area and effectively exterminate any bed

    What it really does — Bombing of an area for bed bugs has the

    tenancy to spread the infestation. All chemical bombings are risky

    procedures, and take the chance of contamination of many items.

    Bombing can also blow windows out of buildings due to the increased

    What it is supposed to do — Dousing beds, couches, and entire

    residences in diesel fuel or kerosene will inhibit the movement of

    bed bugs, and eventually kill them off for lack of food.

    What it really does — Can you say «Fire Hazard»? This method is

    not onlyextremely dangerous, there is also no proof that it

    is actually effective.

    Sulfur Burning — burning sulfur inside of the home

    Fire Extinguishers — Spraying on bed bugs to attempt to freeze

    Exterior Pesticides — using pesticides that are not effective

    against bed bugs

    WD-40 — Spraying the chemical directly on bugs

    Baking Soda/Rubbing Alcohol — Applying this combination to

    mattress, sofa, etc.

    With all of the myths going on surrounding bed bug treatment and

    prevention, we at A3 Superior Pest Control ask that you do

    not attempt to self-treat. Please call a pest control

    professional. To contact A3 Superior, call 1-877-757-7767.

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