Effective Ways to Treat Cat Fleas – Causes and Symptoms

Effective Ways to Treat Cat Fleas – Causes and Symptoms

Fleas are parasites, and they should be decimated once discovered. They are dangerous and oftentimes fatal to humans. The common fleas that bite humans are cat fleas, otherwise known as Ctenopcephalis Felis, which are known to transmit bacteria that cause plague.

This is not common in North America but only in some regions. However, it is still very important to eliminate cat fleas at home as they are bloodsucking parasites and can be a nuisance.

Before knowing the effective ways to treat cat fleas, read the information on how cats get fleas and on how you can tell if they are flea bites.

Here is a nice infograph on how to get rid of cat fleas once and for all.

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How Do Cats Get Fleas?

Even if you are very protective to your cats, they are still prone to getting fleas when they go out and play around the yard. They will also get fleas when you take them to the vet clinic. You should be aware that there are fleas outside that may hop on to your pet.

So always check their fur when you get home. Fleas are very good at hiding. They are mostly lurking in your pet’s neck, arm pits, and abdomen.

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Wild animals are everywhere as well. They get to your yard and leave some fleas and ticks. When your cat plays on the grass, it will most likely get infested. This is the reason why you should never encourage wild animals to visit your card by leaving out offerings, like nuts, corn, and seeds.

Your cats might also be prone to fleas during warm weather seasons from spring to early autumn. If you see one or two fleas in your cat’s skin, treat it right away so it will not become a full-blown flea infestation.

Symptoms of Fleas on Cats

To tell if your cat is infested with fleas, check its haircoat and skin under sufficient light. The parasites are reddish brown and very quick so you have to be very vigilant upon looking closely.

There are telltale signs to know whether you cat has fleas. Your cat will experience a frequent scratch and biting on its coat, a hair loss, have scab-like bumps and red skin lesions, restlessness, have small pepper-like specks on the haircoat (known as flea dirt), and, most of all, have fleas and even ticks.

Additionally, if you notice that your cat keeps on licking its fur, it means it is infested with fleas. Frequent skin licking on animals is an indication that it has been bitten by pesky fleas. Cats prefer to lie on carpeted areas, but others opt not to for a certain reason.

If your cat used to do this before but not anymore now, it is time to clean your carpet as it might be where fleas hide and bite your pet. This could be the reason why your cat no longer stays or lies there.

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12 Tips to Get Rid of Cat Fleas

You can control the fleas on your cat with simple precautions or natural methods. Even though you only see few bloodsucking parasites, it is still crucial to get rid of cat fleas once detected — no matter how many they are. Do not wait for the fleas to multiply as they can procreate fast. And when this happens, it is difficult to decimate them.


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