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How to get rid of Bedbugs?

Is there any natural or other way of getting rid of bedbugs? Is there any kind of chemical with another purpose that also works to kick out the bedbugs that is available in the market?

I know that there are pest control services available, but they are costly and we have to totally pack the room for at least 12 hours.

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Get an exterminator/pest control expert, especially if you are living close to other people. It is not just your problem if your natural remedy doesn’t work, it is their problem too. The only effective way to stop an infestation is to attack it as strongly as possible as quickly as possible. This is not something you should try to lifehack your way out of.

Heat, cold, and diatomaceous earth all kill bedbugs.

Cold — I’ve successfully rid a home of bedbugs by turning off the water, blowing out the pipes, pouring antifreeze in toilets, tanks, and u-traps, then opening the windows in January to let the house freeze (this in a northern climate). Temperatures in the house hovered between -20F and 40F for two months. Not extremely practical, but nobody was living in the house. And it worked. The infestation was crazy (millions) and this apparently killed the bugs and the eggs. I think the important thing here might be (and this is conjecture) that eggs likely hatched on warmer days, then it would freeze again and kill the starving critters.

Heat — Close your windows, remove any aerosol cans, gas cans, hydrocarbons, clean out and turn off your fridge, get your food out. Common sense things. Take off your baseboards to allow air to circulate better there. Then heat your house to 60C for a few days, using fans to blow the air around. I’ve never tried this, but logic says it would work. Problem, there may be leaks to the outside, e.g. in a wall, that keep a space cool and the bugs don’t all die. Probably best to get an infrared camera and use that to make sure everything is heated enough. Or, get a pro to do this.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) — This is like micro glass shards, and totally natural (shells and remains from dead ocean diatoms). Take off baseboards and remove outlet covers. Sprinkle DE everywhere, including in your sheets, on your pillow, on your mattress, in your drawers, in the outlets, and blow it under the drywall. Walk around in the stuff for a few weeks, making sure that your sheets have it every night. This kills by bleeding out the poor bastards, poking them so they loose all their moisture, but it will be soft on your skin. You need to have it around for each hatch, and gotta get enough of it so it kills them before they lay eggs. Hence several weeks.

As you can see, anything other than concentrated chemicals is a PITA.

JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs II Spray

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Rating: 2.9

Product Overview

JT Eaton KILLS Bedbugs II is a water based Deltamethrin Spray in a Ready to Use formulation. JT Eaton KILLS Bedbugs II is low odor and fast acting for control of bed bugs. JT Eaton KILLS Bedbugs II can be sprayed directly onto mattress (see label for instructions — ALWAYS FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS).

Comes with a sprayer trigger for easy use.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Deltamethrin 0.03%
Target pests bed bugs, fleas, ticks & spiders
For use in Homes, hotels, motels, schools, hospitals and more
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed.
Shipping Weight 8.90 lbs
Manufacturer JT Eaton (Mfg. Number: 207-W1G)
UPC 076706207036
EPA Registration 45385-97-56

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JT Eaton KILLS Bedbugs II, kills Bedbugs, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders and other insects listed on the label. Ready-To-Use, Water Base Spray offers an extremely effective, low-odor, fast acting control for bed bugs and can be sprayed directly on mattress.

Customer Reviews

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5 stars 1
4 stars 3
3 stars 1
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1 star 2

Works incredibly well!

By Stephanie on 02/10/2013

We had a bedbug and flea issue, only saw one of each but got this n saturated the joints n underside of couch, some along baseboards and cracks n crevices, conjunction with Earth D and the jt eaton duster our home is now pest free!

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Surprised At Some Of The Comments

By Bob on 06/02/2014

I found the J T Eaton spray very effective, I just wish that it were more pet and human friendly, but it did work. I sprayed the loveseat, which is where they mostly seemed to hang out, weekly and the carpet around the loveseat and ultimately, they were gone and I haven’t seen any in 2 years.

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JT Eaton kills bedbugs II spray

By John on 05/13/2015

This product is effective but the residual last maybe a week. and should not be your only product to use against bedbugs..the JT Eaton kits work best

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It doesn’t seem to be working.

By Bridget on 03/19/2013

I can not express how I truly feel about these little bugs. Sometimes I think I have a handle on them and I don’t because they come back. It’s as if I haven’t sprayed. They use to be in the bedrooms, which I no longer see. But they’re in the family room. I have used the Belam spray, the Steri-Fab, and now this. Even if I were to get rid of the sofa. The sprays aren’t doing nothing 🙁 . So frustrated.

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By Christopher on 04/22/2014

I made the mistake of getting a little of that stuff on my hand. Terrible results, but I guess the product is doing was it was intended for.

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Questions & Answers

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I’m not sure if this version is enough or if I need the red label version as well.

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I have a spider problem in my bedroom- They are very small, very quick and I Have been having a bad reaction from being bitten. I have the spray gun container and want to spray along my window and floor perimeters. My heater is in form of boiler. When applying product will I need to leave area (room) for an allotted time? Will it be ok to apply in and around boiler heater? Thank you!

JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs II Spray is labeled to be applied along and behind baseboards, to window and door frames, corners, pipes, storage localities, attics, crawlspaces and other areas where they tend to crawl for spiders. You should treat allow to dry before re-entering the space. We would not recommend treating the heater. Treat the surrounding cracks and crevices. It is also beneficial to apply a product outside for treatment and glueboards to the interior of the home at the entry points.

SayByeBugs Review (Hint: it’s not a scam)

Sometimes people find new products and wonder with what kind of company they’re dealing. There are even questions if a product itself is a scam.

Here’s the gist of it: SayByeBugs’ main product is a highly effective water based spray that destroys bed bugs on contact by reacting with the bug’s exoskeleton.

If you’re doubting if it really works watch this video by a customer who used it to get rid of bed bugs:

You can also read dozens of customer reports on SayByeBugs’ official website.

If you aren’t sure watch these videos:

Since most people have recurring infestations because they live in an apartment complexes (and bed bugs migrate from one place to another) SayByeBugs offers several kits: 2,3 or 6 sprays. Unlike many other companies the team at SayByeBugs has a policy of always listening to the customer and granting a no-questions-asked refund if they aren’t happy with their purchase for up to 90 days after. You really aren’t risking anything with this unique 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Other products SayByeBugs offers are: bed bug detergent to wash clothes and linen, mattress and box spring protectors, pillow covers and a dedicated vacuum cleaner.

Here are usage instructions from SayByeBugs’ website:

  1. Spray any potentially infested surfaces and crevices in the area up to 10 feet away from your bed (or anywhere you found them) as that’s where bed bugs usually hide to stay in close proximity to you.
  2. Make sure to either wash all your linen and clothes with SayByeBugs detergent or heat treat at over 118°F for 90 minutes (please be aware heat can damage certain fabrics).
  3. Thoroughly vacuum your whole home and especially concentrate around beds, furniture and any cracks and crevices – after you’re done throw away the bag and clean the vacuum cleaner.

The product itself is made in the US and shipped from Chicago Illinois and as per SayByeBugs’ terms always arrives in less than 4 days in discreet packaging. The 3oz spray costs $9.95 and the 24oz costs $19.99 in a 6 pack. To read more visit

If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

Bed Bug Kit #3

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Rating: 4.5

Product Overview

The Bed Bug Kit #3 provides you with the professional products necessary to do a complete bed bug treatment in your home or apartment. Plus, this kit includes four cans of Bedlam to treat more rooms. Unlike other kits you may find, the Do My Own bed bug & pest control kits contain the most effective products available based on the most current research. This kit contains 1 x 8 oz. bottle of FenvaStar EcoCap, 1 x 4 oz. bottle of Cimexa Dust for Bed Bugs, 1 hand dusting tool, 4 x 17 oz. cans of Bedlam Bed Bug Spray and 1 pint of Steri-Fab bed bug spray, plus a exclusive step-by-step guide.

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This kit does not come with a hand pump sprayer, but one is required to apply the FenvaStar EcoCap Insecticide.

Why do I need to use so many different products?

It is important to treat the many different areas where bed bugs hide. Each product included in the kit has a specific function to help eliminate a bedbug infestation. We do not recommend relying on one product or treatment method since bugs may avoid areas treated with certain products, or they may become resistant to certain chemicals. It is also crucial to thoroughly Inspect the treatment area for possible bed bug harborages and to follow all the Treatment steps, including follow-up treatments.

Features and Specs

Target pests Bed Bugs
Shipping Weight 8.00 lbs

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Before applying any chemicals, it is crucial to prepare the area for treatment by removing clutter, vacuuming, steaming (optional), and encasing mattresses and box springs. Taking time for these preparation steps will make your treatments much more successful. Using the products in your Bed Bug Kit, treat all cracks, crevices, voids, tufts, seams, and folds where bed bugs may be found. Always keep pets, children, and other people out of the treatment area until the products have dried — usually about an hour.

STEP 1 — LIQUID CONCENTRATE SPRAY — FenvaStar EcoCap Insecticide

*Wear gloves when mixing and handling pesticides, such as Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves.

*Fill the tank 1/3 — 1/2 with clean, temperate water. Shake FenvaStar EcoCap before opening, then add the appropriate amount of FenvaStar EcoCap Insecticide Concentrate per gallon of water to sprayer tank. Use 2 oz. of concentrate for your initial treatment, and 1 oz. of concentrate for follow-up treatments.

*Close and agitate tank to begin mixing.

*Finish filling sprayer tank and agitate once more before spraying insecticide mixture.

*Apply FenvaStar EcoCap mixture to the following areas, contacting as many bugs and eggs directly in these areas as possible:

  • Around bed and furniture legs — Inspect wheels, casters, posts, and legs of all furniture.
  • Behind wall fixtures
  • Under floor lamps
  • Cracks and crevices along baseboards and floor moldings
  • Beneath floor coverings and along the edges of wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Cracks and joints in bed frames, headboards, dressers, shelves, and other furniture
  • Picture frames and wall coverings — Remove from the wall and treat cracks and crevices on and behind these items.
  • Around door frames, window frames, and thresholds
  • Upholstered furniture — Apply only to the infested tufts, seams, folds, and edges, but do not apply to flat surfaces where prolonged human contact will occur.

*Do not remake beds or replace items on shelves or in drawers until spray has dried.

*Do not apply FenvaStar EcoCap to mattresses or box springs.

*Try to mix only enough spray to use for the day. When finished spraying, empty sprayer completely outdoors, rinse with clean water, then store open and empty.

STEP 2 — AEROSOL SPRAY — Bedlam Insecticide

*Allow the FenvaStar EcoCap application to dry before applying Bedlam Aerosol.

*Bedlam is a ready-to-use aerosol ideal for treating many areas, especially those where it may be difficult to treat with a pump sprayer.

*Using the straw applicator will help to treat the tight areas where bedbugs like to hide the most. If you have trouble inserting the straw, try using a pair of pliers to force the tube into the spray nozzle.

*Shake the can well before using. Bedlam is a water-based insecticide, but it will settle between uses.

*Apply to the very fine cracks and crevices on and in furniture around the entire room, such as:

  • Upholstered furniture — Treat along seams and folds, under cushions, around legs, and on the undersides.
  • Baseboards — Treat any cracks in the baseboard and then treat underneath the baseboard to prevent bed bugs from crawling underneath and accessing adjacent rooms in the house.
  • Treat the whole bed — Mattress, box spring and bed frame – Treat along the corners, folds and seams of the mattress. Treat the undersides, corners, seams and under stapled dust cover and even the internal areas of box springs. Also spray the cracks, crevices, voids and screw holes of the bed frame.
  • Pictures and wall hangings – remove from the wall and treat cracks and crevices of picture frames and behind pictures and wall hangings.

*It is not necessary to broadcast Bedlam Aerosol in areas where you have just applied the FenvaStar EcoCap. It is better to use the crack and crevice straw in areas near where you have applied the FenvaStar so that you may better treat the tiny areas where bed bugs hide.

*Bedlam Aerosol will kill both the bed bugs that are contacted with the direct spray and those that come across treated areas for up to two weeks.

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STEP 3 — DUST — Bellow Hand Duster and CimeXa Insecticide Dust

*Once your spray application has dried, you can apply the insecticide dust.

*Using insecticide dust can be very messy, so be sure to wear gloves and consider having a moist paper towel handy to clean up excess dust.

*To fill the Bellow Hand Duster, remove the black rubber stopper on top of the duster. Gently unscrew the white top of the CimeXa dust, then slowly tap the dust into the duster. Fill the duster up to halfway (or less), so there is plenty of room for the dust to move inside the duster.

*You may want to add a few small objects such as coins, pebbles, or marbles to prevent clumping inside the duster.

*Replace the black stopper so that it fits snugly into the opening. Remove the black rubber cap from the end of the extension wand. To apply dust, hold the duster upside down, so that the extension wand is on top, then gently squeeze the bellows between the thumb and fingers.

*Apply CimeXa Dust to voids and other hidden areas where it will not be disturbed, such as:

  • Behind electrical faceplates — Remove switch and electrical plates to gain access to wall voids.
  • Along baseboards — Treat any cracks in, above, or below baseboards where the tip of the duster will fit. Also treat under the edges of carpeting where you are able.
  • Headboards — Remove from the wall or dismantle to allow thorough treatment.
  • Drawers and furniture — Remove drawers and treat along tracks and support, as well as the corners and edges of the drawers. Also treat in any hollow areas such as bed frame tubing.
  • Box Springs and upholstered furniture — Check for tears in fabric backing or other hollow areas where the tip of the duster may fit, and treat these areas.
  • Behind wall fixtures — Remove fixtures from walls and treat behind each one.

*Be careful to avoid over-dusting. CimeXa Dust is very fine, and it only takes an extremely small amount to kill a bed bug.

*If dust escapes into open areas, simply wipe up the excess dust with a moist paper towel.

*Do not apply dust as a broadcast or in open areas where it will be moved around as it can become an irritant.

STEP 4 — CONTACT KILL — Sterifab

*Sterifab does not require dilution, but you should shake the container well before spraying.

*Sterifab will kill bed bugs and other insects on contact only, so it is only active when it is wet.

*Because of this short action, you can apply Sterifab almost anywhere bed bugs are found.

*Use Sterifab in areas where you see live bed bugs, especially where you cannot use residual products, such as:

  • On the resting areas of sofas, chairs, mattresses, or other upholstered furniture
  • Open areas on carpets or floors where live bugs are seen
  • Walls, baseboards, or corners

*Sterifab will stay active as an insecticide, virucide, fungicide, bactericide, mildewcide, germicide, etc. as long as it is wet. Sterifab leaves no residual after it has dried.

*Do not apply to clothing items or directly to people or animals.

*Use as needed to spot treat live insects.


*Although this step does not NOT involve any chemicals in your kit, it is a crucial part of your treatment.

*Clothing, linens, or other fabric items in the infested rooms should be removed in bags, then washed and dried or dry cleaned.

*Do not return items to the infested areas until there has been no evidence of bed bugs for 30 days.

*Failure to make sure all items being returned to the room are bedbug free may cause a reinfestation.

*Objects that cannot be washed can be put into a bag or bin with a Nuvan Pro Strip to eliminate bedbugs. The items must stay sealed for 4 weeks in the bag or bin. If this treatment will not work for you because of the time it takes to eliminate the bed bugs you also have the option of using bed bug heater like the ZappBug Heater. Place your items inside the unit where they will be heated up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Within a few hours, all bed bugs will be killed.


*Repeat Steps 1 and 2 (FenvaStar EcoCap and Bedlam) every 7-10 days days until no one is getting bitten and there is no further evidence such as live bugs, cast skins or fresh blood spots found. This is absolutely crucial! Depending on the severity of the infestation it can take a minimum of 7-8 weeks, including repeat treatments. Failure to be thorough can prolong the bed bug control process and can make it harder to eliminate them.

*Use Sterifab as frequently as needed to kill live bugs on contact.

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