15 ways to get rid of ticks in a summer cottage by yourself

How to get rid of ticks in a summer cottage: methods, tips, drugs

One of the harmful insects that are dangerous is ticks, because they are considered to be carriers of infectious diseases. To prevent their occurrence, appropriate measures should be taken.

Reasons for the appearance of ticks in the suburban area

The following can be distinguished:

  • Food shortages stimulating the search for new places. They can cover distances of 10 meters per day in order to find food for themselves.
  • Placing a summer cottage near the forest.
  • The appearance of parasites in the neighbors.
  • Entering them with the help of pets.
  • When buying a site there is a risk of ticks. If after 18-24 months they appeared, then they were present initially, since their eggs mature during this time.

Methods of combating ticks in a summer cottage

It is recommended to deal with arthropods immediately after their identification. You can do this by resorting to chemicals or using folk remedies. The first method is much more effective, especially for large areas. However, the second is more environmentally friendly. Pursuing a particular goal, the appropriate method is selected.

Moreover, it should be cultivated not only the land, but also the things of the owner and his pets.

Folk ways to combat ticks

The most effective recipes are given in the table.

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To protect clothes from arachnids, you can prepare a special solution. For this you will need: water 1-1.5 cups (preferably cool), a few drops of eucalyptus oil, 2-3 drops of peppermint and citrus oil, 2 cups of white vinegar. Having mixed all the components, the mixture is applied to things.

To protect the body, you can prepare a remedy of 20 drops of pink geranium and lavender oil, 1 cup of aloe vera, 2 cups of vegetable oil.

Some summer residents to plant ticks plant special plants whose smell is not tolerated by pests:

  • narrow-leaved lavender;
  • rosemary officinalis;
  • tansy;
  • catnip (catnip);
  • Dalmatian daisy (Pirentrum).

If folk remedies failed to eliminate parasites, then resort to chemical ones.

Tick ​​Control Chemicals

When resorting to chemistry, one should be guided by the instructions attached to the means, since their non-compliance puts animals and people at risk. Before pollination of the poison, the grass is mowed, special attention is paid to the lower branches of plants.

There are a huge number of drugs created to counter arthropods. The most effective and affordable are presented in the table.

Name Description
Garlic tincture Take the head of garlic and grate. The resulting slurry is poured into 2 liters of water and left in a shaded place for 24 hours. Then the mixture is filtered and 2 more liters of water are added. The affected area is sprayed with a spray gun. Instead of garlic, onions are allowed.
Citrus juice You will need lemons, grapefruits, oranges, tangerines. The selected fruit is cut in half and the entire juice is squeezed out. Then 3 liters of water are added and irrigation is performed.
Infusion of herbs The flowers of geranium, garlic, chamomile, sage are collected and placed in boiling water, boiled for 5 minutes on low heat. The prepared solution is poured into a container for sedimentation within 48 hours. Then it is filtered and applied to the lesion using a spray gun.
Essential oils 5 ml of each of the essential oils of peppermint and rosemary is diluted with 1 liter of water. This liquid is applied to the area every 60 days.
A drug Description Volume, unit price, rub.
Tsifoks Use against scabies and ixodid ticks, as well as fleas, flies, ants. It has a specific odor, based on cypermethrin. The effect lasts 3 months. 50 ml 166
Acaritox Eliminates ixodid ticks. Protection lasts 1.5 months. Not dangerous for humans. 1 kg 1700
Titanium A very powerful tick control drug. Saves the site from pests for the whole season. 1 liter 1136
Sipaz Super Apply from many types of insects, including arachnids. Safety is considered an advantage, since after it there are almost no traces of chemical exposure. 1 liter 3060
Force site It kills all their varieties, has a strong smell, which soon disappears quickly. 50 ml 191
Ram Effective acute insecticidal agent, harmless to crops. Valid 1.5-2 months. 50 ml 270

Insectacaricides, insecticides, as well as acaricides help get rid of pests.

Prevention of infection of the suburban area with a tick

By performing a series of actions, you can protect your site from arthropods. These include:

  • Garbage collection from the territory.
  • Processing pet hair with special equipment, their thorough examination.
  • Planting repellent plants.
  • Systematic cleaning of the ground from stale branches and grass, regular lawn mowing.
  • Installation of bird feeders (starlings, blackbirds) — natural enemies of ticks.
  • The elimination of rodents — the main carriers of insects.
  • The creation of an obstacle near the fence in the form of a path of sawdust or gravel 100 cm wide. This structure will prevent neighbors from entering the territory.

Mistakes made during the extermination of ticks in the country

Many summer residents during the persecution of ticks make the following mistakes, which are gaining popularity:

  • Exceeding the permissible dose of chemicals, entailing intoxication of the human and animal organisms, as well as harm to the future crop.
  • Incorrect determination of the timing of sprinkling. Favorable conditions: sunny and dry weather. Not later than 40 days before harvest.
  • The start of the procedure without first cleaning the site (litter, grass mowing).

Mr. Summer resident recommends: actions if the tick grabbed onto the skin

If a parasite is found on the body, you should immediately consult a doctor who will provide the necessary assistance: he will completely remove the insect painlessly, send it to the laboratory for research, and make an injection if necessary.

You can get it yourself, armed with a thread or tweezers. Using a thread, make a knot near the proboscis and progressively pull it up, reaching for the arachnid. Actions should be smooth without sharpness.

Ideally — remove the tick without damaging the body, while avoiding suppuration. However, in case of damage, it is necessary to wipe this place with an alcohol solution, and it is recommended to remove the remaining part (head) using a needle, after which the place is processed again. The extracted arthropod should be placed in a glass container and taken to a specialized place.