Prevention of infection at home: what to do if the neighbors have bugs?

In the 70s bugs practically completely disappeared out of sight of a person. This happened after the emergence of a variety of chemicals that allow you to effectively deal with domestic parasites.

But today, uninvited guests once again remind of themselves. The reason for their appearance is simple: a new generation of ordinary people has grown up who do not even know what they look like.

Therefore, their bites are often blamed on the usual allergies. In addition, adults have become resistant to modern poisons, because it has become much more difficult to destroy them.

Meanwhile, they are increasingly attacking residential and non-residential premises, infecting them and spreading with great speed. Protect your home from their penetration 100% almost impossible. But competent prevention of bedbugs in an apartment will help to significantly reduce the risk of the appearance of these blood-sucking insects.

Prevention from bedbugs at home

Bedbugs have one significant difference from the cockroaches we are used to.

They may even appear where perfect purity reigns. The fact that bugs feed on blood, not food waste.

Of course, if the sanitary and hygienic condition of the room leaves much to be desired, they will feel more comfortable, but for one reason only: among the trash, there will be much more places for their settlement.

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How to protect the apartment from bedbugs? First of all, you should know penetration paths «intruders» in the house. And this can occur in several ways:

  1. The first path of penetration — together with things and travel bags after the journey. One female who is lost in things or folds of a backpack is enough to start an infection;
  2. New furniture from the factory or from the store is not dangerous. But second-hand — even easily. Parasites crawl into its most secluded corners and then spread through the house;
  3. Most often insects attack exposed skin. But sometimes they can move and along with the clothes, especially if a person has been in an infected room;
  4. In the daytime, the parasites sit in warm places. It can be about electronics and household appliances: laptops, scanners, microwaves, etc. So it is possible that the appliance that was given for repair will return with the new «tenants».

How to protect against bedbugs, if they have neighbors?

Many people are interested in the question: “What if the neighbors have bugs, but they don’t poison them?” “Can bugs pass from neighbors to your apartment?” Answer — “Yes, of course they can.”

Protection from bedbugs begins withblock their path of penetration. To this end, it is recommended to take the following steps:

  1. Seal the gaps in the risers home pipelines. Wear vents on the ventilation channels, closed with a grid with small cells;
  2. If you know for sure that insects are present in the next apartment, from time to time, use dust or insecticide shallow places located near communication channels;
  3. Do not neglect the repair of the premises, since pests settle in places where wallpaper has moved away or damage to the flooring is observed.

Attention! The most fertile breeding ground is old parquet. Usually it has a lot of cracks, in which adult individuals live.

Remove from the house unnecessary things in which «nests» can be found. If the furniture is bought from the hands, it will also not be superfluous to check things carefully. After returning from business trips or travels, wash the clothes, and travel bags with a steam generator.

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In case the taken measures of protection turned out to be useless and the bugs did appear in the house, it is recommended scare them with unpleasant odors having processed wooden parts of furniture with vinegar or valerian tincture. But these are temporary measures.

The only opportunity for quality disposal is disinsection premises. This procedure can be carried out independently, but it is best to resort to the help of professionals.