Total control of insects: a means of Raid from cockroaches

Cockroaches are widespread throughout the world, they easily tolerate the lack of food and water, they can feed on soap and paper. Over the entire history, a large number of various means of combating them have been invented, but insects multiply rapidly and easily adapt to different poisons and chemical means.

According to biologists, pests are not afraid of even radiation. In the meantime, insects are carriers of various diseases, can provoke a wiring closure, are allergic pathogens, pollute food.

Reid is considered one of the most effective means of combating intended to fight various insects, including cockroaches.

Types of funds Raid

The drug is available in two forms: aerosols and traps. Despite the same manufacturer, they differ in composition, impact and method of application.

Spray can

The composition of this form includes several types of insecticides class pyrethroidsThe remedy has a neuroparalytic effect. Raid against cockroaches is recommended to spray in places of the greatest accumulation of pests on the baseboards. Its cost is approximately 330-400 rubles.

Advantages of the aerosol:

  • instant exposure;
  • destruction of the entire population, incl. larvae;
  • penetration into the most inaccessible places due to the fine impact;
  • disposal of pests for 4-6 weeks.
  • high toxicity;
  • Strong smell.


The trap is a plastic container in which cockroaches can crawl freely. The basis of the trap is a systematic approach, it consists of two main components: breeding regulator and bait.

The composition of the chemical agent includes insecticide. abamectinwhose action is not only aimed at the destruction of insects, but also on their sterilization.

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As a result of the loss of the possibility of reproduction, not only the population perishes in the apartment, but throughout the whole building, even the cockroaches who did not eat the bait fall under the effect of the preparation.

The effectiveness of the tool is maintained for a long time, it is recommended to install traps in places where the rest of the tools are powerless. Do not use sprays and traps at the same time, foul odor can scare off pests. The cost is 140-180 rubles., pack 4 traps.


  • profitability;
  • ease of use;
  • duration of exposure.


  • high price;
  • re-emergence of cockroaches after a while.

Instructions for use

Spray can

Reid Aerosol Instructions:

  1. Wear gloves and a respirator.
  2. Close all doors and vents, remove food and remove pets.
  3. Spray the aerosol on the surface from a distance of about 30 cm.
  4. Leave the room for several hours, leaving the vents closed.
  5. After returning to ventilate the room, wash the floors and furniture surfaces with soap and soda solution.

Special attention should be paid to:

  • skirting boards;
  • space at the ventilation grille;
  • the area near the garbage can;
  • back side of the furniture.

All surfaces must be treated evenly, the product should not drip.


  1. Wear protective gloves.
  2. Traps located in the habitat of cockroaches:
    • under the bathroom;
    • near the bin and running water;
    • in ventilation shafts;
    • in hard to reach places.

It will take from 3 to 5 traps per 7 square meters. If there are too many insects in the house, then the amount of drugs with bait can be doubled.

The transparent case allows you to see the inside lure and control the duration of the tool.


Reid’s aerosol has a neuroparalytic effect, he dangerous to humans and animalswhen applied gloves and respirator are recommended.

Pitfalls are safe for living organisms.but they are also recommended to be thrown in gloves.

Aerosol from cockroaches Reid shows high efficiency in the fight against a variety of insects, has nerve properties. When spraying means it is recommended to observe precautionary measures, remove pets from the premises, leave the premises temporarily. Traps have a sterilizing effect, cockroaches stop breeding, they are absolutely safe for human and animal health.

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Moscow St. Petersburg Yekaterinburg
Raid aerosol from crawling and flying insects, 300 ml 264 264 234
Raid spray of cockroaches and ants, 300 ml 263 263 234
Raid bait from cockroaches, 1 pc 211 211 187

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