How to Safely Get Rid of Spiders from Your House, Top 10 Home Remedies

How to Safely Get Rid of Spiders from Your House

While spiders help keep pests like flies and mosquitoes away, nobody wants to have them as houseguests.

Spiders are not comfortable to live with and many people are afraid of them. According to Statistic Brain in 2015, 30.5 percent of the U.S. population has a fear of spiders, which is known as arachnophobia.

Plus, these creatures leave lots of webs and dead insects inside the house, and some can even be dangerous to you, your family or your pets.

Most spiders live outdoors, but they often make their way indoors in search of food or shelter. They come into the house through cracks and under doors. The problem is more common during late summers and early fall.

If spiders are setting up camp in your bedroom or hiding out in your closet, you can safely get rid of them using some nontoxic methods.

Here are the top 10 ways to get rid of spiders from your house.

1. Vacuum Clean Your House

It is important to keep your house clean and clutter-free to prevent any kind of insect infestation, including spiders.

It is important to clean common spider-attracting areas, such as stacks of storage boxes, piles of newspapers and old magazines, under-bed storage and crowded under-sink storage.

While vacuuming, make sure to eliminate all the spider webs, along with the spiders and their egg sacs.

  • Each week, vacuum behind and beneath the bed, cupboards, sofa, chairs, nightstands and other furniture to clean up any webs.
  • Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean air ducts and registers.
  • Use an extension dusting pole to clean ceilings, light fixtures and corners.
  • Keep your bookshelves clean and clutter-free.
  • Cover your vents and kitchen chimney with fine mesh insect screens.
  • Fill up cracks and holes with caulk to prevent spiders from finding their way indoors.
  • Keep boxes, old equipment and other items neatly stored on shelves, particularly in garages and basements.

2. Peppermint Oil

When it comes to repelling spiders, one of the best options to try at home is peppermint oil. Spiders simply cannot tolerate its strong smell and it compels them to run away from your house.

  • Pour 3 cups of water in a spray bottle. Add 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in it to help spread the water evenly on the surfaces you intend to spray it on. Mix in 1 tablespoon of peppermint oil. Give the spray bottle a nice shake. Spray this solution on all the possible places where you expect the spiders to be. Repeat once daily for a few days.
  • Soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and place them in the cracks and gaps around doors and windows. Change the cotton balls daily until you stop noticing spiders in your house.
  • You can even grow peppermint plants in your kitchen garden.

3. White Vinegar

White vinegar is another efficient natural spider repellent.

Just like peppermint, spiders hate the strong pungent smell of white vinegar. It will drive away all the spiders in no time. Its acetic acid can even burn and kill spiders upon contact.

Moreover, this nontoxic method is safe for you as well as your pets.

  1. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray this solution on any area where spiders can hide.
  3. Also, spray it directly on any spider you see.
  4. Repeat once daily until the spiders are completely gone.

4. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) powder is made from naturally-formed fossils of microscopic water-dwellers called diatoms.This powder can solve all kinds of pest problems, including spiders.

It has microscopic razor-sharp edges that can abrade the skin of a spider when it walks over or through it. Once cut, the fluid leaks out of the spider’s body, which causes the creature to dry out and ultimately die.

  1. Put a fine layer of DE around cracks, corners, windowsills, basements and anywhere else you expect spiders to be.
  2. Also, lightly spread DE around the perimeter of your home to keep spiders from coming in.
  3. Repeat once daily until all the spiders are gone.

Note: Do not wet the DE or it will not work.

5. Eucalyptus

To do away with spiders, you can even use eucalyptus. Spiders do not like its strong smell and they will soon start looking for a new residence.

Both eucalyptus leaves and essential oil can be used to drive away spiders from your house.

  • Put fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves in your closets, drawers, shelves or any other place where you suspect having spiders.
  • Spray windowsills and entryways with a solution of ½ cup water and 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Apply a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the corners and cracks and other spider-prone areas.

6. Horse Chestnut

To deter spiders, you can also try horse chestnuts. This is a popular old wives tale that happens to be effective. Horse chestnut shells contain a chemical that is toxic to spiders.

  1. Poke holes in some horse chestnuts or split them in half to release their odor.
  2. Place them in each corner of the house and in places where you frequently notice spiders.

Instead of horse chestnut, you can use chestnuts, walnuts or the fruit of the Osage orange tree.

7. Tobacco

Though it sounds weird, tobacco is another secret weapon to show the door to spiders.

These creepy creatures simply cannot tolerate the smell of tobacco and this discourages them from entering the house.

  • Soak 1 to 2 tablespoons of tobacco in a cup of hot water for about 30 minutes. Strain it and mix the juice of 1 lemon in the water. Spray the solution all around the house.
  • Put chewing tobacco in areas where you have noticed these pests in your house.

Repeat daily until you are sure that your house is free of spiders.

8. Salt

One efficient and natural tool to eliminate spiders from your house and prevent further infestation is salt. Another plus point is that it is an inexpensive as well as readily available solution.

  1. Dissolve 1 ounce of salt in 1 gallon of warm water.
  2. Stir until the salt dissolves completely.
  3. Pour the saline mixture into a spray bottle.
  4. Spray the solution directly onto a spider to kill it.
  5. Also, spray around entry points as well as nests.
  6. Repeat daily for a few days.

9. Citronella

Citronella can be used as an insect repellent for spiders as well as mosquitoes. Spiders hate its smell and will avoid the places with such things.

Citronella is safe and nontoxic to humans and pets.

  • Fill a half-quart spray bottle with water. Add 5 to 10 drops of citronella oil and 1 tablespoon of lemon dishwashing liquid in it. Give it a nice shake. Spray it on every surface or place where you have seen spiders. Repeat once daily.
  • You can even burn a few citronella candles in the rooms where you often spot spiders.

10. Keep Outdoor Lights Off

To discourage spiders from entering your home, you need to keep your outdoor lights off.

Light attracts bugs that are an appetizing and easy food source for spiders. So, when the outdoor lights are off, spiders will look elsewhere for food.

Along with turning the outdoor lights off, block indoor lights by using opaque blinds or shades. You can even switch to yellow sodium vapor lights, which are less appealing to insects.

Additional Tips

  • Move vegetation away from the foundation of your house, as it serves as an ample hiding spot.
  • Get rid of mulch, stones, leaves or other debris near your home.
  • Don’t stack firewood along your home’s foundation.
  • Do not leave grocery bags in a pile on the floor.
  • Avoid leaving your dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Replace all the broken screens of windows and doors.
  • You can also opt for glue boards that are easily available in the market.
  • In the case of a heavy spider infestation, it is best to contact a team of professionals.

15 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home And RV

Nobody wants to find spiders crawling around whether it’s at home or in the RV. There are many all-natural ways you can get rid of these creepy-crawlies that are more kid and pet-friendly than using poisonous sprays and most are also cost-effective. Some will even make your place smell wonderful in the meantime.

1. Mix peppermint oil and water and spray it around your bed, windowsills, and entryways.

Most people love the smell (and taste) of peppermint. It’s in everything from candy canes to gum and lotions. But spiders just can’t stand it. In fact, they don’t like any scent that’s really strong.

Try making a solution with about 15-20 drops of essential peppermint oil, and 1-and-a-half cups of water. Spray it around your bed, windowsills, entryways, and anywhere else where spiders may be able to crawl in.

2. Burn cinnamon candles.

Cinnamon happens to be another option that smells amazing. Spiders will easily be deterred if you light a scented candle and let the aroma waft throughout your place.

3. Make a salt solution.

Salt is actually a natural poison to spiders. If you make a saline solution with about 1/8 cup (or an ounce) of salt and a gallon of warm water and pour it into a spray bottle, you can either spray it directly onto spiders to kill them or spray it onto their nests.

4. Keep things nice and clean.

Spiders thrive when there’s clutter, piles of clothes, and boxes everywhere.

To prevent them from getting comfortable, make sure to keep things tidy and clean. If you happen to see any cobwebs starting, take them down right away.

5. Try a vinegar mixture.

Like peppermint and cinnamon, vinegar has a really powerful smell (though not as pleasant) that will keep spiders away. Try mixing half vinegar and half water in a bottle and spray it around areas like the windowsills and entryways.

6. Rub citrus peels around your home.

The leftover peels from lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits can help keep spiders out. For the best results, try rubbing them around places like your baseboards, bookshelves, and window sills. You can also place them in your garden to keep them away from your plants.

7. Use tea tree, lavender, or Eucalyptus oil.

These natural oils work great as a natural spider repellent. Mix about 5-7 drops in a spray bottle, with about 16 ounces of warm water, and spray throughout your RV as needed.

8. Sprinkle tobacco around your shelves.

You don’t need to be a smoker to try this method (though you do need to be over 18). You can either sprinkle some throughout your RV on places like the bookshelf or windowsill or soak some in water and then spray it around.

9. Make a garlic spray.

Like vampires, spiders are known to hate garlic. Try blending about 10-12 cloves with a cup and a half of water, and then strain out the pulp. Then combine that strained garlic water with another gallon of water and pour it into a spray bottle for a homemade natural pesticide.

10. Dust baking soda throughout your place.

Baking soda may not kill spiders, but it will certainly help drive them away. It also works well as a deodorizer for your carpet before vacuuming.

Sprinkle some baking soda around the perimeter of areas where spiders can get into the house, like the windowsills, doorways, etc. For best results, you may want to re-apply once or twice a week.

11. Keep chestnuts around your home.

Horse chestnuts are well-known to help repel spiders. Try leaving some around your RV where you frequently notice spiders. Walnuts are also thought to have the same effect.

12. Your dog or cat may do the hunting for you.

Our four-legged friends naturally love a good hunt when they see one crawling across the floor. They’ll often kill ones they see, just out of boredom.

13. Mix coconut oil and vinegar and spray it around.

If vinegar and water are not doing the trick, you may need a stronger solution. Try mixing one part coconut oil with two parts white distilled vinegar. Spray around your windows, entryways, or underneath pillows.

14. Sprinkle turmeric on surfaces…

Turmeric is often used as one of the main ingredients in curry. The spice has a distinct, mustardy smell that spiders don’t particularly like.

Try mixing about 2-3 tablespoons of turmeric powder with enough water to make a fine paste. Then apply it around all of the spider-prone areas in your place.

15. …Or some Diatomaceous earth (DE).

Though hard to pronounce, this white, fine powder is a great, all-natural option that’s safe around humans and pets. Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized water creatures known as diatoms (a type of phytoplankton).

It just feels like a soft dust in our hands, but when a spider crosses over the powder, their exterior gets all cut up. This causes all of their bodily fluids to leak out, and as a result, the spiders eventually dry out.

You can sprinkle this stuff around cracks, corners, windows, and around other perimeters where spiders may be able to come in. It can easily be purchased online or found in most gardening sections at stores, like Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes.

Of course, if you have a really bad infestation, you may need to just call an exterminator. But hopefully, if you just have spiders around every once in awhile, these natural methods will help keep them at bay.

Do you have any other natural tips for keeping spiders out of your RV? We’d love to hear them down below!

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your House with Essential Oils

Spiders have their place in the world, and we can certainly appreciate them for keeping away pests like flies or mosquitos, but that doesn’t mean you want them setting up camp in your bedroom or hiding out in your closet. For a lot of people, the sight of an 8 legged critter scuttling down the wall is enough to send them into an all-out spider hunt until they can relax-or perhaps they just don’t find them pleasant company. Either way, there’s no need to turn to insecticides or pesticides, there’s plenty of natural deternets you can use to keep spiders away from your home. Trust us, there’s more to shudder at in a bottle of chemical pest control spray than at the spider you’re trying to get rid of.

Ingredients: Pure essential oil-either peppermint, tea tree, citrus, or neem,-warm water, and dish soap (eco-friendly, please.)

Why essential oil: It’s all about the oil here. EO’s like peppermint, tea tree, and citrus have intense smells that spiders, as much as we find them pleasant, find them unpleasant and overwhelming. This is just speculation on my part, but spiders use their two tiny front legs (called pedipalps) for a few reasons, one of which is to assist in feeding-really, they’re more like arms. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to dunk my fingers in essential oil and then stick food in my mouth, which is what would happen if a spider marched all over essential oil. Whether or not that plays a part I don’t know, but spiders just don’t like them. This is one of our favorite brands of essential oils, and it’s affordable!

Why dish soap: The soap breaks apart the oil molecules in the water, making for a more consistant solution

Recipe for All Natural Spider-Stay-Away-Spray

You will need…

-5 to 7 drops of peppermint, tea tree, citrus, lavender, or neem essential oil
-a reusable spray bottle
-liquid dish soap
-warm water
-a dash of white vinegar* (optional)


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P.S. Make sure to take a look at the Everyday Roots Book . 350+ pages of the best home remedies, natural beauty recipes, homemade cleaners and diy household products. View Remedies

Put 5-7 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle (about 16 ounces is good), and fill mostly to the top with warm water. Add a squirt of dish soap, place the top on, and give the mixture a good shake. Before using, use the hose attachment of your vacuum to suck up any egg sacs or old webs. Test on an inconspicuous area, and then spray in the corners of window frames, along door cracks, or in dark dingy places spiders may be hiding out. You can also add a dash of white vinegar to the mixture, but keep in mind this could affect some fabrics and surfaces.

Rest easy: You don’t swallow spiders when you sleep

It probably won’t change your mind about having them in your house, but you can sleep soundly knowing that the idea behind “swallowing spiders” in your sleep is nothing but a complete and utter urban myth that has been besting us for decades. That’s not to say there haven’t been isolated cases of an unfortunate person who woke up with an insect in their ear, and at some point in time someone probably has swallowed a spider while asleep, but really. The poor little buggers aren’t on a suicide mission to get eaten (I mean first we call them ugly, and then we insult their intelligence? C’mon. jumping into the mouth of a giant isn’t on their agenda. ) If they do end up in an ear or mouth, the dude was just confused.

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By Claire Goodall

Claire is a lover of life, the natural world, and wild blueberries. On the weekend you can find her fiddling in the garden, playing with her dogs, and enjoying the great outdoors with her horse. Claire is very open-minded, ask her anything Meet Claire

We Want to Hear from You! Let us know which remedies work and do not work for you, ask a question or leave a comment:


Do you have a remedy for silverfish and other household pests?

We sure do! I’ve been experiencing an invasion of silverfish myself recently… Keep an eye out, we’ll be posting the recipie within the next week or so.

How about that info on getting rid of silverfish? Did I miss it? Help?!

hi i was just wondering do you spray the peppermint all around your home everyday or just once and can you get peppermint candles and would they work too keep away mouse and spiders

Mice and spiders don’t like peppermint, so candles might help, but I’ve found the spray to be very effective. Spray once a week. It sounds a lot, but just a few drops will make a whole spray bottle, so the essential oils will last a long time and are cheap to buy. If you think of commercial peppermint repellents, the savings are ginormous, well worth making it yourself.

I also spray outside windows. Once a week is enough there too, except if there is heavy rain, in which case you might need to spray again. The spiders tell me when. I simply spray if I’ve seen one

Another thing I do is mix a couple or even three different essential oils together in the bottle, e.g. peppermint, lavender, and a squeeze of orange. Only takes a few drops of each. Hope this helps.

Since moving to Or. I’ve been bitten over 10 times by possibly a couple different spiders. And on my face
would mixing these oils into my skin products help maybe?
I’m so tired of these creeps.

Claire and Kat,
Silverfish are not bad!! They kill harmful spiders. Silverfish are your spider repellant!
Once I knew how beneficial silverfish were I actually started naming them when I saw them around the house.
Also fun fact, they can run up to two feet in one second Neat-o, don’t kill them

No no, that is not correct at all. Silverfish would be on heck of feast for any spider large enough.
If you have silverfish you can be assured spiders will follow at some point when one spider on the hunt for new grounds plant a flag in your home.
Silverfish hike out in places where moisture is plentiful; often it means something is up with the moister situation if you see increasing numbers of silverfish.

Food chain established. Bug problem out of control comes free of charge.

Thank you for this info. I was seeing silverfish and was killing them as I saw them.. now I have a spider infestation I have to fight. Much rather have the SF!! lol

Claire We had a huge invasion of silverfish years ago. We finally found a forgotten box of milkbone biscuits in an upper cupboard. They had been eating tunnels through them the whole time. Once the food supply was removed & we cleaned up they were gone. The 2nd time we had them was harder to handle. They were always near an outside wall in one room & we were stumped. Chipmunks had gone into the attic & dropped dogfood pellets into the insulation of an outer wall. We had to remove the siding to discover the cause & clean up & seal the attic. Never had them again. Find the food source & you’ll win! Good luck! Arlene

What if they are eating plant leaves? How do you get rid of them then?

My mom always put a foil-wrapped piece of peppermint gum (the kind that is flat and like 3 inches long) along the baseboard to keep silverfish away. Same theory, I guess, but a lot easier!

Hi Claire. How often do I need to spray the oils for spiders?

Lavender is great for silverfish. Buy a bar of lavender soap and put it in your closet between your clothes etc. gets rid of them it worked for me

How about centipedes? I have them in my home even this past winter and my basement is dry as a bone. They are in my living room and office!
Thank you

I have them also and found information about natural remedies for centipedes…they said to remove all weeds and leaves around foundation. Then using DAWN and water spray around foundation and cracks. Since using this method, I have only seen one this year…and I think that one came because I didn’t redo this in time…so now I am doing this bi-weekly. I don’t have a sprayer or hose…so I just fill a big bucket with the solution and pour it around. It does help with the centipede and the stink bugs too!
I started in April…BTW!
Hope this helps!

Do you have a remedy for scorpions?

I need a remedy for scorpions and those big flying cockroaches.. any one?

scorpions are members of the arachnid family (aka: spider) treat them the same as spiders. Plus fill the weep holes around your home (if brick) with steel wool

long broom and just broom scorpions out of affected area. The were hanging out in my garage in TN and I just basically whisked them all out. Nobody returned, no muss, no fuss

How about a safe natural way to get rid of mice. I have pets so can’t use anything poisonous.

I put peppermint on cotton balls all over garage I have never seen a mouse again. good luck

Kitties! Get a couple cats – at least two, to keep each other company. You’ll have no more problem with mice, snakes, and other chase-able bugs! Your local shelter will welcome you in, and you can save 4 lives (the two you adopt, and the two spaces left free for other rescues!) and end your mouse problem all at once!

Ha ha until your cat gets old and lazy like mine!

Sounds like a great idea especially since I did rescue 2 cats, but what about the mouse/rat poop on the front porch. How do indoor cats keep them away? I will try the peppermint/lavender spray out there and see what happens.

I have used dryer sheets the really strong scented ones or a few moth balls. It worked for me to keep them away. Good luck.

A friend of mine told me that you can use oil of peppermint to get rid of mice. You soak cotton balls in the oil and place them where you have seen evidence of mice.

We had a HUGE mouse problem. They were coming in our kitchen and got into the pantry. I was so frazzled with how to kindly get rid of them that I was ready to use the kill traps. Well, almost. We were using tip traps. So what worked for us? Clean every place they ever were thoroughly. Plug up any hole with steel wool. I used some Brillo pads someone bought for us. And the best part… rubber snakes. Lay those babies wherever you had mice coming in. Just remember to tell people you have them there. We have not seen mice in months. We know they got in the attic again, but they never got in our kitchen or other rooms where I used steel wool and have my slithering decoy. It has been since December. And this is May. Good luck!!

I’m quite amazed that your mice were ‘well-traveled’ enough to actually know what a snake was!! LOL

where do you get essential oils?

health food stores……or just google essential oils

GNC has the brand pictured

GNC Nutrition stores carry essential oils. You can also get them on Amazon.

DoTerra oils are top of the line , therapudic grade…most can be taken internally,

DoTerra oils are the way to go.

Where do I buy essential oils

how often should you put them out( the balls for the mice)!! I live on a farm and they are taking over
the place!

I was just speaking with a guy who used to be a natural pest exterminator. He used vitamin D3 which increases the heart rate of the mouse/rat causing them to want to breathe thus taking them outside for fresh air reducing the problem of death indoors. He specialized working in stables. I comment with this as you apparently have a rather large problem. The cotton ball idea may be a remedy thereafter.

will this work on snakes?

The only thing I found works on a snake is a bullet or hoe!

To get rid of snakes, get rid of their food — rodents and insects. They will leave and look elsewhere for food.

I clicked on this site looking for a way to keep away my worst fear only to have a giant picture of one in front of my face. I hope you’ll consider replacing the picture of the spider with something less terrifying!

Liz I thought the same thing, clicked on this site and there it was. Felt I’ll as I had just seen a spider scurry across the carpet and was in a state of panic. September, spider month they always appear. Hate them.

actually it is a picture of a tarantula and they are not spiders. Going to try this since they seem to be coming out in full force.

Indeed, but a tarantula photographs much better than a little bitty house spider those critters move fast!

OK here is a sure fire killer of anything. Mix equal parts Alum powder and sugar. Get a picnic type ketchup bottle and cut the toip off where is a not giant hole. Go around the baseboards in the house and foundation outside the house or building. NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT LET PETS AND/ OR CHILDREN AROUND THIS STUFF. Leave preferable overnight – critters are out more then and be prepared to clean!! You’ll see creatures you didn’t know you had! I would leave the house overnight and start with a Vacuum Cleaner, gloves, and a garbage bags. This has never ever failed.

Alum is NOT dangerous to humans. Look it up. It’s used in, among other things, pickles. Don’t know about pets but humans have nothing to fear from alum. Seems to me that all that sugar (1 to 1 mixture) is going to make a hell of a mess at the first sign of moister. (You think you have an ant problem now!)

Alum contains aluminum sulfate. A form of aluminum. Aluminum is linkd to Alzheimer disease. Perhaps it is wise NOT to us in your food?

What is a natural remedy to get rid of fleas when you have an infant in the house?

You can use baking soda mixed with borax(20 20) mule team. Dust house,pets and yard! Kills fleas a,nod eggs! Repeat in seven day then seven more! Safe and natural this is all I use on my pets and have no problem with fleas! Safe for kids to!

I’ve used 2 Mule Team Borax for years and it does work. I was infested with them and just threw it all over, on top and under my furniture, rugs and even under my mattress pads. I no longer have an issue with fleas and it’s been about 15 years since I last saw one.

How much baking soda to how much borax??

Borax no longers recommeds this use as it can hurt children. I had excellent luck when I used popcorn salt and spread it into the fabric s, carpets, etc.

@Aimee Arthurr… I have heard that using food-grade diatomaceous earth powder directly on animals, their bedding as well as in pet’s food is a natural way to rid the pets of pests in your home. Make sure it is from a reliable source and has to be food grade. Although it is a great, natural product make sure that when you put it on animal, on bedding or in their food that you don’t (and they don’t) inhale a big cloud the DE into lungs. I purchased some online from a company called (company located in TN) and they have a big write-up on DE. I found a tick yesterday (and I never go bare-footed) between my big toe and the 2nd toe (we have 2 mastiffs and 2 cats). We put a little DE on it to slow it down and seemed to be easier to pluck off with a special “tick spoon” we have on hand. Hope this helps you. Double check on if this is safe to have around infants but I know it isn’t poisonous like some products (again, just don’t inhale into the lungs).

A lot of feed stores have food grade DE, too, because a lot of people use it on their livestock. (Dusting chickens and putting it in their feed, etc.) There are websites that give instructions on humans consuming it, too, and how helpful it can be to our health.

I have used Diatamatious Earth for all kinds of Bugs, anything with an exoskeleton. Food grade is what I read and have used. They use it on farms for livestock so its safe around pets and kids.
It drys out the bugs by dehydration.
I have used it on ant hills and found great results. I haven’t had fleas or anyother creepy crawly bugs in the house in awhile.

Do you have solutions for ants?

Inside the house, a mixture of powdered sugar and borax works for the ants that like sweets. Planting mint around the house helps with keeping mice away, as well as ants and other unwanted critters.

Any chance you have a solution for millipedes, I am plagued by them

Yikes, using the 2 pictures with GIANT spiders to illustrate a post about keeping spiders away? ::shudder::

Thanks for the tips, though!

LOL. Found spider hanging out among my essential oils. Must be one touch arachnid.

Any ideas for stinkbugs? They are horrible, nasty, and have invaded Southwest Virginia! And if you disturb them, they let off a stink as protection. So far, we grab them quickly and toss in a can with a plastic lid. The key is to do it fast, so you don’t get sprayed or whatever they do. With the warmer weather, they are all over the windowscreens, sills, and coming out in full force!

We are plagued with rabbits! Any suggestion that won’t affect my sweet poochie?

Eat them… ask a local hunter to come get them if you dont want to do it yourself

How long will the “potion” stay good in my spray bottle? I’d like to keep it and reapply when necessary. Also, how often would you recommend reapplying? We have spiders lately. Big ones. In the shower. Unacceptable. lol

Any solutions for rolly polly’s…I’ve been invaded by them. I have puppies too, don’t want t hurt them in the process.

I just use a glass, with a piece of cardboard and take them out the the great outdoors.

Good article! I just want to add that pennyroyal essential oil would be good to add, too. It is in the mint family and spiders seem especially adverse to it. It has a funny smell, though, and too much gives me a headache, so I don’t put more than three or four drops of it in the spray bottle solution–a little goes a long way! It also repels ants; I spray the pennyroyal solution where I see ants in the house. Pennyroyal can also be planted outside where ants are a problem. As mentioned above, Borax works to deter a lot of insects, including ants.

If you live on a farm plant mint around your barns rodents do not like the smell on their fir so wont go in the barn,also you can use the mint for lots of things

Know how to get rid of earwig. My yard in infested with them

How do you get rid of raccoons?

You can rid of spiders with mixing coconut oil & vinegar.

For killing earwigs fill a bottle with water and some dish soap. Not a lot of soap just enough to make the bottle soap up.

I want to make this mixture 2 gallons at a time. I have 7, 4 story buildings and we are located near a lake. Spider webs are our worst enemy! I’m hoping this will cut down the time we spend sweeping away spider webs.

I’ll try anything. I bought a two gallon commercial sprayer. I’m ready to spray. I just need the recipe proportions! Thanks!

Rachael An old southern trick for spiders on porch ceilings is to paint them a light blue. The spiders think it’s the sky & don’t go there. It works! Arlene

Being a christian witch the natural order of things is important to me. And so it getting spiders out of my house!! LOL I will try what you suggest with the oils and let you know the outcome, thanks,

Does this work to deter tarantulas too??

What can get rid of mosquitos? and Rolly pollys?

Thanks for all the great tips. I love the smell of lavender and peppermint. I also suggest adding a drop or two of cedar oil. It works wonders in the apartment complex I help maintain. The place was crawling with spiders, and when I spray all the corners and lights, and other hiding places those spiders like to be, I see a lot less the following week. This has been a noticeably intense spider year…

I would not believe it if it didn’t happen to me, but while i was sleeping i felt something crawling along my cheek but i was way too tired to do anything about it till it went into my mouth. I woke up really quick at that point, spit out a slightly soggy spider and hurled it against a wall where it made a slight smacking noise on impact. it bothered me that a spider would even do that, what the heck was it thinking??

Also, a very long time ago i woke up with a massive ear ache, i thought it was the onset of an ear infection but found it strange that if i slept with my ear facing upward, the pain would go away. throughout the next few days, the ear ache would come and go and i didn’t have any insurance to see a doctor. While i was running to my college class, something that felt like liquid was leaking out my ear so i put my finger to it and a big silverfish crawled on my finger!! WTF. I ran straight to the school’s medical office and had a nurse check out my ear just in case i had eggs of something in my head.

so yeah… it’s not a myth lol.

OMG! John. Your story just creeped me out BIG TIME!! Worse than the tarantula picture!! I’ll be lucky if I’m ever able to go to sleep again. I’ve been through the experience of having a bug fly into my ear without realizing it….until… I started feeling something walking around in my ear canal…I just kept running to the mirror..not sure what i was expecting except maybe to see the bug crawl across the front of my eyeballs like something you’d see in a cartoon…A friend told us to pore a little peroxide in my ear if anything was in would get rid of it..OMG, I came a foot off of my husbands lap when he pored it in my ear! I got out of the shower one day and I felt the same thing John did..a liquid coming out of my ear..and found a leg of a bug..then another part the next day and the 3rd day..a yellow jacket body came out. I tell you nothing takes away a favorite spot to be kissed like having a critter running around in there for almost 3 MONTHS will. I can’t even stand to touch my own ears, much less let someone get close enough to kiss my neck anywhere near my ear.

If you think about it, it makes sense that they would do it, as unpleasant as that sounds. It’s nasty, but they don’t reason like we do. We’re generally not moving a lot while sleeping, and our mouths are dark and moist. They like that. :/ Definitely not a myth, no!

For roaches, equal parts sugar and baking soda sprinkled around the baseboards. BUT it IS toxic to cats, not sure about any other animals. I used this last year and it worked great, especially on those big flying ones…GROSS!

I just used EO peppermint mixed with water in a spray bottle, I think I used around 20 drops, this past Sat around my steps where the spiders congregate and there are none tonight still.

I forgot to add…ALL EO’s are toxic to cats, so be careful.

Thank you Vicki, this is absolutely true, but because most are safe around dogs, people don’t think they are a problem around cats!

I need something for cockroaches. I have kids and small pets so it must be pet and kid friendly. Anyone have any suggestions? I know there was that show on TV about the exterminator who use a natural oil and it worked. Just don’t know the name and if it really works. Thanks

My name is star. If my husband and I use peppermint oil for spiders would it attract bees and ants?

haven’t seen that so far. Not as effective as I would have like it to be either for the spiders. But it had been viciously rainy here in Florida and everything is looking for high ground. I’m dealing with the teen frogs. I just throw a glass on them and piece of cardboard slides under glass and I walk them out to some likely looking plant and drop them there.

Hi. The past week, I have been spotting a spider almost every day. I am trying this natural remedy and I hope it helps. I am still a little worried. Now that I have sprayed all the places spiders like to hide, does this mean they are going to come out of their hiding spots into my house instead of going outside?

HELP I want to make sure I keep insects out of my home this Spring —what all can I use as far as Oils ect ??

How often do you respray the peppermint oil to keep spiders away?

Centipedes don’t like Borax. Sprinkle Borax along the area between the wall and carpet. Also, have your house gutters cleaned out. That’s where they congregate.

Is peppermint really effective? ? I had tried it but I still saw a spider in the cr. I sprayed it directly to it but it didnt even budged or moved a bit. Please help :'(

Only two kinds of spiders that I can think of that the spray might not work on. brown recluse & black widow. Those are much harder to find sprays for.

A tarantula? Really? Did you want me to die? I’m on your page because I’m terrified of them! lol I’m really really hoping this works.

Fleas don’t like cedar.
We once inherited an albino rabbit and I noticed fleas in its fur when we first got it. I had purchased cedar chips for its cage and they simply disappeared.
You could stuff your pet’s pillow with cedar chips to keep them away as well.

i see you said citrus oil, does that mean orange oil?
grapefruit oil? thanks

I typically stick to orange, lime, or lemon in this case.

IDK about the rest of you, but, I did have a spider in my mouth when I was 12, woke up to the sensation of something crawling but out of my mouth, didn’t connect it, decided I needed to go to the bathroom and did, looked at the mirror as I passed and a nickel sized spider was setting on my forehead. Scared me and that spider half to death. Hate spiders!! Gonna try this.

I just saw a daddy long legs or a huge spider black and it looked like it had a tail or weird looking end how do I get rid of it or home remedies to kill it or where do I buy something that will kill it?

In an effort to save money and cancel my spider control company, I made this spider solution in a larger garden sprayer so I could spray around the outside of the house, around the windows, the dock and boat, and the kids’ play slide. It stormed and rained last night. Do you think this washed right away? Perhaps it is like the company and stays for a while? Thanks for any related answers!

To be totally honest, I haven’t been in this situation, as I haven’t needed to apply it to a large area outside of the home (or if it was used outside, there simply has been a storm right afterwards.) Essential oil, being literally an oil, doesn’t get rinsed away by water, so I would think that you should still be in the clear. Keep an eye on it and see if you notice any difference-let me know how it turns out!

It should be known, peppermint oil can be toxic to cats, so tread carefully.

Yes, and it did NOT kill that black widow spider that I was sharing a chair with on the back porch. That’s when I went to plan “B” and used RAID. Would prefer not to use toxic stuff but can’t share my space with black widows.

I have alot medipedes when it rains in my carport and i also noticed them coming inside.what can i use to get rid of them.i have tried raid fly spray which has a picture of medipedes on the can i have used it and it does not work

I just moved in a basement apartment. To my dismay, mice poops and spiders were found in several places. I cleaned them up using a brand new Miele vacuum (later I learned I shouldn’t use vacuum but too late.) I told my landlord my concerns. He said he can use a mouse trap. To me, I don’t want it and prefer to use natural way. So I found information this morning about peppermint oil with cotton balls. I zoomed to buy one from health food store and came back home to do it right away. I dropped 6 or 7 times peppermint oil on each cotton ball and place it on several areas. The smell is nice. I wonder how long I should leave cotton balls. I read all this dialogues but questions like mine haven’t been answered. We would appreciate it very much if you can let us know how long should we leave cotton balls with peppermint oil and how often should we replace it? Thanks.

how often do you need to spray the house with the peppermint oil to keep the spiders away?

This sounds really weird but it 100% works. I prefer to repel spiders or catch-and-release, but if you find one huge nasty spider and you just want to kill it, get a bottle of hot sauce. Tapatio is good. Pour a single drop right onto the spider. It will die INSTANTLY. I’m serious! (obviously works best if the spider is on or near the ground and not on the ceiling…)

I read some recipes similar to this one using chili pepper or cinnamon, spiders apparently don’t like the spices either.

How often should you spray your house with the peppermint??

I live in suburbia. In the last year we have been bombarded with spiderwebs in our house. Lots of them. But…I have not seen a single spider. The pest control people come to the door and say that folks are having trouble with spiders but I have refused to let them spray our house, even outside. I just don’t want the toxins, but I am sick of all these spiderwebs. Solutions? Why, spiderwebs but no spiders?

Thanks for this… woke up with 5 of them in my room in one night! Oh my.. now I need to get the vacuum and it’s not going to be fun. I’m also going to use this recipe around my room/house.

Hi all! So, say I have spiders. I spray the peppermint concoction around baseboards, door frames, etc… Am I not just trapping them INSIDE my oh-so-blissful abode? Would I need to like, start in the center of my house, and gradually work the little creeps out?
One little spider doesn’t bother me THAT much. But, these are around the size of a daddy long legged guy, but way fatter. (They may prefer to be called ‘thicker’, but at this point, I don’t care. I prefer to not to cohabitate)

Guess what? I found web inside my kettle spout! I also need to know how often we should spray windows with peppermint oil following the Recipe for All Natural Spider-Stay-Away-Spray? Also, how long should we leave cotton balls with peppermint oil and how often should we replace it?

I tried this recipe to get rid of spiders around windows to no success.
7 drops of peppermint essential oil
-a reusable spray bottle
-liquid dish soap
-warm water
I recently sprayed around windows inside and a spider stubbornly gets in! Yikes! What else can I get rid of spiders?

So… I got me a spray bottle. I checked many websites. I created a concoction of vinegar, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, citrus, and lemon. I have sprayed it DIRECTLY on the spider web and surrounding it… with the spiders in it. They then proceeded to build their webs bigger. They hang out around my front door, where I like to sit and smoke. THANKFULLY, they build their webs in such a way that it does not interfere with the door at all, but I have one on either side of the door. And I get that they are there for the bugs that are attracted to my plant. I would just like them to stop building webs near where I like to sit and smoke and have DOWSED the area with the above-described concoction. They… seem unimpressed. I cannot even tell what kind of spiders they are… I thought they were black widows at first, but they are lighter and striped with the hourglass symbol, so I believe them to be brown widows. They do not come after me… I can sit and just chill out near them and they never bother me. I dont mind them being near the door. I just want them away from my smoking section. Just because they do not seem aggressive doesnt mean I want to take the risk. But the strong-scented mixture I described? It seems to make them build bigger webs. Any OTHER suggestions?

Also… in regards to the questions of frequency for the oil spray… my research seems to indicate that about once a week seems sufficient, though as my previous post indicates, I’m still unsure if it’s even effective.

I wanted to know how effective coconut oil & vinegar is at getting rid of spiders. What the formula is and how often do I have to spray? Please respond ASAP.

I love essential oils they work.well I use peppermint for spiders

Can I use Lavender essential oil? It’s in the picture, but not on the list of ingredients. Thanks!

For roaches: you first have to keep them from coming in. plug all holes, i.e.: around windows, the crack between the screen and the glass section of your windows, holes around pipes and electrical outlets that are big enough, make sure your door closes well with no cracks, cover floor drains when not in use (like at night–roaches are most active late at night after you turn off your lights). Especially check your sink areas. Keep your house clean, especially regarding kitchen waste. Thanks for the spider info, i’ll try it.

Here is an update. While waiting for a reply from this correspondence, I had to add Citronella essential oil to this recipe and spray it around windows to no success again!
7 drops of peppermint essential oil
-a reusable spray bottle
-liquid dish soap
-warm water

I talked to my landlord. He gave me a spray “Raid, Spider Blaster”. I really don’t like to use it but I have no choice because of too many spiders! It seems it is working. I am disappointed because I was hoping essential oils would be better than the Raid Spider Blaster.

The same for a mouse, I tried to use this same recipe to no success. I even tried shredded Irish Spring soap on top and bottom shelves, they were emptied! After long several talks, my landlord told me it is pointless to get a pest control because it is natural of mice and spiders coming into a house, they would go to the basement first and then up. He gave me 2 mouse traps with a small amount of peanut butter. Put it inside my pantry cabinet. Next 2 or 3 days, a mouse was trapped. Oh I was so upset and cried. I couldn’t even look at it. My adult son took care of it. My landlord got me a carpenter to come tonight and fix the pantry cabinet as to close top and side wall. So will see… I wish there is a better way to prevent a mouse like trap it into a ball so that we can roll it away to woods/forest/park to free it. Unfortunately, there is none… a mouse moves reallllyyyy fast. :-S

This is a deterrent to keep them from hanging out comfortably in your home. I’ve found the natural methods work well, but not once they have already moved in to your home. I start out the season spraying Home Defense OUTSIDE along the foundation and around doors & windows. I do this weekly for generally about 4 weeks. Then I do the DE barrier OUTSIDE around the foundation, same thing, weekly for a few weeks. First make sure all holes/cracks/entry to the house are sealed. Then you can use these natural remedies inside. I find if I don’t start early enough in the season, then I have a bit of a battle to get them under control, which is why I have to start with the big guns of toxic spray. If I see just one in the house, more come.

Will the peppermint mixture work on spiders outside? I live in southern California and get black widows on my patio a lot.

It’s worth a shot! Even though it’s oil, it would probably be best to reapply after heavy rain.

Oh my. I love you. Miracle spider repellant and killer. You saved my night!! The other day, spider in the basement. Ok. Last night spider in the living room… Oh no. Not cool. Cannot sleep. Checking all the rooms. Heebee geebees!! Today spider in basement, DEAD. This evening, spider in loving room. SO NOT COOL. I’m done! Googling natural spider repellant. I find you and 27 dead spiders later, I can relax a little to share my thoughts! You are awesome. I emptied an almost empty bottle of spray cleaner. Added tea tree oil, lemon oil, salt, dawn and warm water. Sprayed all thresholds, sprayed around front door, including broom used to knock down webs. Sprayed sprayed sprayed. That spray set them on the move Big Time and slowed them down for me to clobber them with my flip flop! Wow I thought, that was easy! So I went to the garage and sprayed. Three more dead. I sprayed the kitchen baseboards, basement doorway, deck threshold… And after two empty bottles, I made up another to have ready. Thank you so much!!

So glad it worked out for you!! It’s no fun losing sleep over spiders

how often should this be reapplied? I just found a very large spider and I’m terrified. I also have a 10 month old I’d rather not be bitten.

Guys, why is it that when I have a mixture of my essential oils, it does not spray effectively. More so squirts out the bottle. How do I get it to spray better??

I thoroughly appreciate your approach to safely repelling spiders, rather than just killing them for the sake of convenience. Will be trying this tonight.

Can this spray attract other bugs because of peppermint? Or will it send other bugs away?

Hi, I have a grass (straw) roof and a lot of spiders. We are staying in the bush. I can stand everthing here and love the nature but the spiders and scorpions are driving me crazy. I do not sleep well because one night I found a spider on my neck and from there I can not sleep. Can I spray the roof from the inside of must I spray from the outside. It is rather big!

How often do you respray?

What purpose does the dish soap serve?

Dear Claire, Thank you for all the natural remedies to control spiders. I’ve been using the natural oils the inside my home to control the spiders as you have suggested. They work beautifully. My one question is whether or not you could suggest any natural repellants to prevent the pocket gophers from burrowing underneath my lawn and squirrels from eating the potted flowers on the patios. I’ve tried hiring the best pest control company to rid the lawn of the gophers and the squirrels, but nothing seems to work. Perhaps this area is covered in your book on Natural Remedies, and if so, I’ll purchase a copy. Any advise you could provide would be greatly, Thank you.

This calls for peppermint oil. Is this a safe mixture to use around infants or kids younger than 30 months?

Just curious, is this safe for babies and pets? I have a 11 month old who loves to crawl and put his mouth on everything!

Thanks for the recipe…I kind of wished you didn’t have that tarantula in your article because it made me super anxious reading through it (arachnophobia). But anyways, thanks much!

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