How to get rid of roaches?

How to get rid of roaches?

Cockroaches are resilient pests which many believes can withstand a nuclear explosion (it is not true by the way). How to get rid of the roaches you may ask? There are many ways to get rid of them, but it is also important to prevent them from appearing. First, let’s see what harm they may cause.

What Harm Can Cockroaches Cause?

Sanitation doesn’t really have any meaning in a roach’s dictionary. These insects thrive and feed on garbage. Their favorite place to breed is in the sewage. And you may have noticed that these creatures love to lay waste all across your kitchen counter.

When it comes to roaches and disease, a study at Cambridge University has indicated that over 30 different species of bacteria can be found in areas where roaches are in close proximity to.

There haven’t been any outbreaks linked to cockroaches, but they can most definitely play a big role in spreading infections. Roaches are less likely to be the prime factor of spreading disease, but they tend to play supplementary roles.

Information provided by the World Health Organization state that roaches are suspected carriers of microorganisms that can be the cause for cholera, leprosy, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid fever, and plague.

Additionally, research shows that cases of people who suffer from asthma can get worse when a legion of roaches is lurking in their household. How is that even possible? Cockroaches produce a protein that can evoke allergic reactions.

Even the waste, saliva, and the shed skin of a cockroach can serve as triggers of such allergies. The National Pest Management Association reported that 63% of the homes in the US. contain cockroach allergens, with that percentage rising in urban areas up to 98%.

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Why Do Cockroaches Appear At Your Property?

You can mop the floors and make everything shine all you want, but are you cleaning the places that actually need to be cleaned? Cockroaches are often found lurking in hidden places out of your sight that we don’t even notice or know they exist in our house.

Heck, you may take a look right now and find a cockroach squeezed in between the wall and the oven because that’s where grease drippings are at. You may have spilled some orange juice underneath the fridge a few days ago, don’t be surprised to find a swarm of roaches there.

Cockroaches require water to survive. But unlike us, cockroaches don’t care a whit about where they get their water from, they’ll happily drink out of a leaky, rusty pipe or faucet then proceed to explore the rest of your house.

Roaches can also be attracted to condensed water around air conditions and fridges. Don’t be surprised to find roaches drinking out of your pet cat’s water bowl.

These insects love dark and damp places. Your house’s basement is almost like a 5-star resort for the most privileged of roaches. When they’re not enjoying their suites in your basement, you can find roaches having picnics under your appliances or in the dark corners of you r cabinets.

The stack of cardboard boxes that you have in your garage is luxurious housing for a roach as it provides it with darkness and shelter. Some of these boxes may even be a little damp for a lucky cockroach. Not only that, but roaches can also feed on cardboard. They’re not picky eaters.

Everything is a snack in a roach’s eyes. These creatures can find a nourishing meal in wallpaper paste, leather, soap, grease, and even human hair. Keeping this in mind is enough to answer the question at hand.

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How To Prevent Roaches From Appearing?

An ounce of prevention equates to a pound of cure.

You need to make sure that you thoroughly clean your house and get rid of any food residue, especially grease. Your counters need to be wiped clean every night and must never leave your sink stacked with dirty dishes.

Make it a habit to sweep the floors each night before going to bed. Moreover, make sure that the stovetop is sparkling and that there is no grease spilled underneath the stove. We get it, this is too much work to ask for, but making sure your house is clean is much better than hosting flying roaches in your household.

Another thing you must do is to seal up all the cracks and holes in your home. This is imperative if you live close to neighbors that don’t really share the same standards of sanitation that you’re trying to maintain. Seal the spaces between the wall and the countertop, inside your pantry, and in the baseboards to prevent roaches and other crawly things from sneaking into your home.

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Remember when said that roaches need water? Well, this is another reason to add to the list of why you should get the water leaks in your house fixed already. Also, it helps to keep the space as cool as you can because these cold-blooded creatures like to warm up in the heat.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Roaches

There are plenty of ways you can keep your house completely free of roaches. These ways can be divided into four categories: chemical methods, mechanical methods, folk methods, and pest control services. Let’s briefly look at the positives and negatives of each approach.

Chemical Methods

Chemical methods such as gels, sprays, and foggers are highly effective ways you can get rid of cockroaches. However, chemical methods have serious disadvantages. Firstly, roaches have an ability to build up a tolerance to any chemical roach killer over time.

Additionally, chemical roach killers make your house smell funky and can be harmful to humans and animals in the house. Further, a cockroach can easily hide until the effect of the poison is all gone. Also, the use of such chemicals can trigger allergies.

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Mechanical Methods

Mechanical methods of getting rid of cockroaches are the least convenient out of the bunch. You can kill cockroaches by freezing them to death. If the winter is significantly cold in your region, it may be a good idea to take all of your belongings outdoors for a few days and just let everything in the house freeze to death. Pretty hardcore, huh?

The second mechanical method that you can employ and probably the most popular one known to man is by simply crushing the crawler. If you have a single-roach problem, this method is very effective. However, unless you enjoy hunting roaches, this method won’t get rid of infestations.

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Folk Methods

There are a few folk methods that have proven their effectiveness in the fight against roaches. The first folk you can employ is to use boric acid because of its poisonous nature. All you really need to do is sprinkle some boric acid in your trash bin and near all water sources. This is by far the best natural roach killer you can use.

You can also use a mixture of boric acid and raw egg yolk. I’d highly recommend this method because the smell of boric acid on its own can repel them from eating the powder. All you need to do is take 1 yolk and mix it with 50 grams of boric acid, roll balls out of the mixture, let it dry, and just spread them across areas where you suspect roaches to be at.

The last method I’m aware of to keep these creatures out of your house is to add ammonia to your sweeping water. I’m yet to see a living organism that can stand the smell of ammonia.

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Pest Control Services

Disinfection is the most effective way you can combat the presence of cockroaches or any other species of insects in your house and it’s a process that’s carried out by pest control services like epidemiological and sanitary stations. The process doesn’t usually take longer than 1 hour, but it can be quite expensive.

During the process of disinfection, you have to leave your house for about 5-6 hours, along with your pets. When choosing a pest control service to perform this process, make sure you ask for their certificates. Also, make sure that you receive a disinfection conclusion and guarantee from the appointed organization.

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What Doesn’t Work?

Just like there are folk methods that are effective in killing roaches, there are ones that aren’t so effective. The first ineffective folk method of killing roaches is the use of herbs and citrus liquids. This myth has been busted by many pest control experts, so don’t even bother with it.

Another false internet claim when it comes to this topic is the use of cucumber. Dear person who gave birth to this myth, are you serious? Cucumber will do absolutely nothing to roaches, expect maybe feed them, so don’t leave any cucumber peels around whatsoever.

The final myth I know of is the use of soapy water. This method makes a lot of sense and is a lot more reasonable than the previous two methods. However, this isn’t the most reliable method because it seems to garner mixed results. Some people say it works, other people say it doesn’t do anything at all. From personal experience, we’d say that it works, but in a painfully slow pace.

Risks And Precautions

While the use of pesticides such as sprays may help you get rid of roaches and a bunch of other pests, many of these pesticides are comprised of hazardous chemicals that can poison you. You also need to understand that pesticides can enter the body in three ways: oral entry, respiratory entry, and dermal entry.

It’s strongly advised to use pesticides in accordance with the instructions provided on the labels. If you ignore reading these directions, you run the risk of poisoning yourself and everyone in the same proximity.

Other careless acts that you should avoid include leaving pesticides in places where children or pets can get to, not using protective clothing while using the pesticide, spraying the pesticides in windy weather conditions, contaminating eating/cooking utensils while spraying, and not moving people and animals out of the area you’re about to spray.

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I can’t stress enough how important it is to read the label on the pesticide’s container. On the label you’ll find instructions about how to handle, apply, and store the pesticide. You’ll also see tips on how to get the best results out of this pesticide.

By law, the label on a pesticide container must provide information about the pesticide such as its name, the poison schedule and its level of toxicity, and the name of the pesticide chemical in the container, also known as the active constituent. Here’s a picture example.

Not to state the obvious, but the container will only contain a small percentage of the pesticide chemicals. The rest of the components in the container are there to serve different purposes. For instance, the container may include water, which helps dissolve the pesticide chemicals. It may also include carrying agents, which are used to distribute the chemicals.

Boric acid from cockroaches — a reliable and affordable folk remedy

We live in Queensland. We have cockroaches. Lots of cockroaches! Why the NSW rugby team is called the Cockroaches is a mystery to me — surely ours are not only bigger but more plentiful. At any rate, I don’t like living with them (and I’m quite sure they are not so fond of me at the moment!!) and I have been going through the usual gauntlet of sprays, solutions and bombs to get rid of them.

But I’m not so keen on the chemical aspect of all this spraying and bombing. I hate the smell and can almost feel disease and cancer growing in me every time I spray. I’m OK with the resident cockies getting a lungful of chemicals and then keeling over but I feel its impolite (and probably illegal) if my guests and family members do the same thing.

We went through a faze of killing them by hand (and flyswatter and rolled up newspaper and underfoot) but its hard and frustrating work and it probably was only culling the dumb and slow ones — leaving the smart fast ones to breed.

The Internet has a million suggestions on how to kill roaches —

Here’s what I did.

First — we did the dishes EVERY night. And wiped the benches. And generally tried to keep our kitchen gleaming and clean. Cockies hate that! They love damp crumb laden kitchen benches and cupboards.

Then I got onto Amazon and bought some boric acid online and then went down to the supermarket and found 500gm Borax on the laundry shelves for $3.50. My research didn’t give me a definitive answer as to wether they were the same thing or if they worked the same. So for a few extra dollars, I hedged my bets.

Borax granules on the left and Boric Acid powder on the right.

I did a few things- again hedging my bets. I sprinkled the Borax in the corners of my cupboards, under the fridge, under the rubbish bin and into every crack and crevice I could find. I also put some under cabinets, under the bathroom sink and every hard to reach place I have chased a cockroach into over the last few years.

When the Boric Acid arrived in the mail. I cleaned up the Borax that was obvious and replaced it with the much finer Boric Acid. Cockroaches groom themselves (that’s how they get that dark brown evil looking colour) and if they have fine particles of the Boric Acid on them, they will, just like a cat, lick it off, swallow it and die! Please don’t leave this stuff ANYWHERE your children or animals can get to it. It is an ingestant and will make animals and people very sick if they get inside them. Cats are especially vunerable as they will lick any Borax or Boric Acid they get on them off and swallow it. It can kill them. It dries the coackroach out from what I can gather.

Next I made this bait. If the cockies are as smart as they seem to be and walk around my Borax and Boric Acid sprinkles, then I’m hoping to attract them with this mixture.

I put 1 tablespoon of sugar into a small container and mixed in 1 teaspoon of milk. Then I added 1 teaspoon of Boric Acid and mixed it all together.

This makes a paste that I then put onto bits of cut up takeaway container lid.

These I flicked under the fridge, filing cabinet, under some cupboards, behind the loo and anywhere I thought the children wouldn’t see it or the cat wouldn’t be able to get at it.

This isn’t an instant cure. But of all the things I have tried, this has the least impact on my health, is cheap, and best of all seems to be working. Most mornings I am finding at least one dead cockie on the floor and this morning when I vacuumed, I unearthed another four that were underneath things I don’t look under on a daily basis. I am starting to find them dead in the downstairs laundry and in the kids rooms where I haven’t put any baits- just in case.

That tells me that they are getting into the baits and walking over the sprinkles and then running back to their hidey holes to die. As these cockroaches have been poisoned, I don’t give them to our chooks or throw them out into the garden. I don’t want to kill any birds or whatever else feasts on dead cockroaches. I put them in the bin or the compost.

I’m pleased with the results but implore you to be very careful with both Borax and Boric Acid if you try it so that no one but them cockies gets hurt!! The instructions that came with the Boric Acid said to replace these baits every 3-4 weeks. I reckon I have seen more dead cockies in four weeks using these baits and the sprinkles than I have with commercial insect killers — Including the Bombs.

Apparently it will deal with ants as well. But that’s another post!

June 2013 Update:
Its been a year or so since I wrote this post and it continues to be one of my more popular entries — obviously I’m not the only one with a cockroach problem wanting to resole it naturally!

After about 3 weeks of starting with the baits the cockroach population had dropped dramatically. I changed all the baits — just in case and kept changing them every month religiously for about 6 months and tracked the dates in my diary. And you know what? We simply don’t have any cockroaches anymore! The only time I change the baits these days is when I actually see a cockroach which reminds me. But as I’m writing this, I am struggling to remember when that was.

The only real improvement I have made is to use milk bottle lids as sometimes the mixture is runny and runs off the cut up lid making it tricky to transport to the place I want to put it.

Update June 2014:
We have so few cockroaches now that we only remember to make new baits when we actually see a cockroach. I still have the original bag of boric acid as you only need a teaspoon full each time you make it up. I am amazed at how well this works for so little money!

We struggled with cockroaches for so long and now they are simply not an issue in our house! If you have a cockroach problem — try this — it worked for us!

Good luck — let me know how you went! — K xx

Score card:
: 3/5 Its still chemicals that we are spreading around our house.
Frugal-ness: 5/5 Super cheap and this stuff lasts for a long time. I reckon I will get at least a year of cockroach killing out of my $8.50 (or maybe 3 or 4 at the rate I’m going through it! — June 2013)
Time cost: 5 minutes to make up the bait and distribute it and another 10 to sprinkle the Borax and Boric Acid in hard to reach places. Plus another 10 minute to vacuum up what might be walked on by the cat.
Skill level: Easy — just need to be careful you don’t inhale or ingest this stuff.
Fun -ness: Not much fun killing things, but I have to admit to a bit of a thrill each time I see a dead cockroach these days.

How to remove cockroaches and what to use for this?

Cockroaches are unwanted satellitesman in his home. During his life, which is from two hundred and sixty-four to three hundred and seventy-three days, these uninvited guests crawl into the toilet bowls, yard toilets and garbage cans, where they can, in contact with waste, swallow various pathogens. Then, crawling on food, cockroaches leave on their surface up to thirty kinds of various microorganisms that cause acute gastrointestinal pathologies (dysentery, typhoid fever, diphtheria, etc.), as well as a dozen species of helminths and protozoa.

How to remove cockroaches that carry a threathealth and break home cosiness? There are a lot of methods to deal with these small tenants. However, getting rid of cockroaches is difficult, so every landlady must find the most effective way for herself.

How to remove cockroaches, if aloneyou do not want to fight them? To do this, it is best to invite employees of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. A positive result will be provided. Having chosen this method, it will not be necessary to puzzle over how to get large black cockroaches, as well as bedbugs, ants and other small insect pests. However, it is worth remembering that these services are expensive, and annoying lodgers will eventually appear again.

How to remove cockroaches on their own? To do this, it is necessary to arm yourself with patience and acquire in modern shops modern means for fighting these insects. There are many options. These are gels, and aerosols, and crayons, and traps. What should I give preference to? You can rely on the experience of the seller, which will tell you how to display cockroaches, which is more effective for this use. There is also another option — to buy several funds at once and gain experience yourself.

Excellent gels proved to be excellent. They are squeezed out onto the plinth from the syringe. There is such a remedy for five months. In this regard, it is necessary to periodically repeat the procedure for the destruction of cockroaches. It should be remembered that an insufficient measure is the processing of only one room. Insects just hide in the next room.

How to remove large cockroaches effectively? It is necessary to agree on joint persecution of insects with neighbors.

To combat unwanted tenants, you canUse and folk methods that are time-tested. To do this, you need to purchase boric acid. It is safe for humans. At night, you can just sprinkle it near the skirting boards, and you can make balls from it, mixing it with the egg yolk. Cockroaches thus will forget a way to your apartment within a month.

Preventive measures to preventThe penetration of insects into the dwelling can be undertaken by plastering the cracks of adjacent walls with neighbors. After eating in the kitchen, you should monitor the cleanliness of the room. Crumbs are great food for cockroaches. Remember and that the process of reproduction of annoying insects contributes to high humidity. Limit the cockroaches access to water. However, they can not survive, even despite the abundance of food.

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