German Cockroach Picture and Description and Cockroach Identification

German Cockroach Picture And Description And Cockroach Identification

The German cockroach is probably the most economically important pest. It is the most common cockroach you will find in a home or business. The German cockroach can be found in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, restaurants and other places throughout the United States and other countries. There are other cockroaches that might be found more in the southern areas of the country but the German cockroach is by far the most common species infesting homes and other areas.

The adults are about 1/2 to 5/8 inches long and have two dark stripes. Both sexes have wings but do not fly. Males can be distinguished from females by a tapering shape of the abdomen.

German cockroach babies, called nymphs, look like adults except they are smaller, have no wings and are darker in color, sometimes even black. One stripe running down the middle of the back is a prominent marking of the younger German cockroach nymph.

The female German cockroach carries the egg capsule protruding from her rear until the eggs are ready to hatch. The German cockroach is the only house-infesting species that carries the eggs capsule this long. This is what makes it the most presistant cockroach in the United States because they are less likely to be taken by predators.

The adult females can produce 4 to 8 egg capsules in their lifetime. Each capsule contains 30 to 48 eggs. It usually takes 20 to 30 days from the time of initial formation of the first egg capsule until it hatches. There are 6 to 7 nymphal stages, called instars, until they molt into the adult stage. The nymphs have habits as adults. They are mostly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Seeing German cockroaches during the day is usually an indication of over population. All cracks and crevices are full or food is in short supply and they are stressed.

German cockroaches usually hide in areas where there is ample food and moisture such as kitchens and other food areas but they can be found in other areas if they are stressed and as a result of a repellant insecticide somewhere else in the building or home. German cockroaches are attracted to fermented foods and beverage residues. If water is present, adults can live about a month without food, but young nymphs will die of starvation within 10 days. Without food or water the adults will die in about 2 weeks.

In apartment complexes or duplexes sharing the same common plumbing lines, infestations can occur in both apartments or duplexes. Treating these areas is a must with insecticides or dust formulations injected into walls of adjoining apartments.

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American Cockroach Picture And Description And Cockroach Identification

The American cockroach is also known as the waterbug and in some areas of the United States, the palmetto bug. The American cockroach is the largest of the common species and usually grows to about 1 1/2 inch or more in length. Its color is reddish brown with a pale brown or yellow border. As you can see from the photo it has a yellow band across its head. Both sexes have well developed wings but the males wings extend beyond the abdomen.

The female American Cockroach drops her egg capsule about a day after it is formed. This egg capsule can be dropped near a food source or other protected area. In the southern United States this egg capsule can be found in a moist area near decaying wood. The egg capsule may be glued to a suitable surface with secretions from the female’s mouth. Egg capsules are formed at about 1 per week until about 15 to 90 capsules are produced. Each capsule can contain about 14 to 20 eggs.

The nymphs are grayish brown and molt 9 to 13 times before reaching maturity. The nymph stage varies from about 150 to 900 days. The adult female, under ideal conditions, can live 14 to 16 months. Males live for a shorter period.

Nymphs and adults are usually found in warm moist areas. Areas like basements, crawl spaces, around bathtubs, floor drains and sewers. In the south the American cockroach can be found in yards, hollow trees and moist shady areas. They can also be found around foundations and swimming pools and wood piles and even in attics. When conditions are unfavorable, the American cockroach and other species can move indoors for food and shelter.

American cockroaches will feed on almost anything but prefer decaying organic matter. The American cockroach will also feed on book bindings, clothing and starchy items. Sweets are also attractive to the American cockroach. They can survive two or three months without food but will die in about a month without water. The adults have well developed wings but seldom fly but they may be active fliers if conditions and temperatures are correct.

A collection of 7 free articles to help keep your home pest free.

How to get rid of cockroaches — A complete guide.

Baleen nicknames: from «Stasik» to «Felix»! Cockroaches Prusaks — the story of the invasion of Russian beetles

Since time immemorial, cockroaches have lived alongside people. Despite the apparent hostility towards them, the homeowners are not surprised by their appearance and are trying in every way to get rid of these pests.

It is clear why, because their appearance, above all, speaks of the uncleanliness of the homeowner, although it is not a fact that this is in fact the case. The reasons for their settlement in the apartment or in the house are many.

Whatever you say, they have become so commonplace that the corresponding images can be found in children’s fairy tales and poems, in songs, proverbs and sayings. It is not surprising that the people have their nicknames. And as they are called, we will now consider in more detail.

Why cockroaches called Stasik?

There is a version that the cockroach was called Stasik after the appearance bearded jokein which the wolf, suffering from a hangover, saw a cockroach crawling past and asked what his name was. When he replied: «Stasik,» the wolf, slowly and with anger, crushing an insect with its paw, said: «How damn bad it is now, Stasik!» But this version is not very convincing. After all, this is how pests are called in the Trans-Baikal land, in the Ural and in the Ukrainian.

It is believed that the nickname home parasite received for your mustache. There was a time when people noticed: baleen men are often called Stasami. Moreover, in their temperament, they are energetic and mobile, like the red domestic pests. It is for this reason that the insect got its name. Well, given the size, Stas turned into Stasika.

There is also a less beautiful opinion that the name Stas is consonant with the word, which refers to men with non-traditional sexual orientation. Domestic pests, annoying owners, began to call that way.

If you delve into foreign words, the word «mustache» is translated into English as «mustache» with the ending «-stach». «Mustacchi» in Italy also has a similar ending to «-stachi»; and the French «mostaccio» in Russian sounds like «Mostassio».

The words are of Greek origin from «mustak» — «mustache». Of course, it is difficult to imagine that the ancient expert on foreign languages ​​translated all these words and invented the nickname. But also this version should not be dismissed.

An even more original version of the people emerged with the advent of the political figure Anastas Mikoyan. According to his contemporaries, a food industry worker had something of a cockroach. But this version has no confirmation.

In the photo stasiki cockroaches:


The red-headed cockroach is most common in Russia. He has an unusual name: prusak. This is the name came up with the Russian people. Then in our country it was believed that the red relatives of black cockroaches came from Germany, which was called Prussia.

Interestingly, the Czechs with the Germans, by contrast, consider the red «settlers» Russian. In fact, they came to the countries of Europe, to the North American continent and to Russia from South Asia, and in our country they took root, despite its cold climate.

It should be noted that this creation of nature is heat-loving, dies already at 5 degrees below zero and chooses warm apartments for settlement.

His main invasion of our country began during the Napoleonic Wars.

Then Prussian soldiers captured many cities and towns located in the European part of Russia.

So the locals could well have the impression that the Prusak cockroaches came along with the German invaders.

At the same time, a similar situation developed in Prussia. There, the Germans also thought that the pests were with the Russian conquerors periodically appearing in their country. Therefore, they called them Rusakov. And in the Balkans they were called Bubarus, that is, Russian beetles. In fact, the pests entered Europe and Russia at the same time. Just their mass distribution coincided with large-scale wars. Therefore, it seems that domestic pests are a result of military actions.

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It seems that the Germans blamed anyone for infecting homes, but not themselves. Nevertheless, the famous scientist Karl Linney confirmed the version of the Russian peasants, who believed that domestic evil came from Germany.

In the photo cockroaches Prusak:

What do people call cockroaches?

  1. In the people behind the red pests entrenched and other nicknames. Their names are «mushrooms», «tariffs», «trams», «avtomobilchikami» and «tanchikami». «Tanchiki» and «trams» appeared due to some consonance of words. «Ryzhiki» — of course, because of the color. There is one more word — «chews». Its origin is still not known.
  2. Mustaches also work on the appearance of the original nicknames. For example, sarcastically minded people often call home parasites. «felix», apparently, taking into account the spectacular and memorable appearance of the main Soviet security officer — Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky.
  3. In German, the word «mustache» is translated as Schnurrbart. Russified Germans often called insects Shurbarts. The peasants, communicating with them, converted the difficult word into the more familiar to the Russian ear «Shurik». So another nickname appeared. By the way, the Serbs often call the uninvited pests «Bubashvab», which means «German bug».

Many of us noticed that at the slightest threat the cockroach runs away. This is a characteristic feature of him: our distant ancestors noticed it. In Turkic languages, there is also the word «tarka» — that is, «diverge.»

Summarizing all the above, I would like to note that neither butterflies, nor mosquitoes, nor bedbugs have such a number of nicknames as that of a red goose that we are used to. And no matter what is the cause of their occurrence, one thing is completely clear: as long as the cockroach lives next to a person, it is unlikely that he will be able to get rid of the old nicknames and, quite possibly, the origin of the new ones.

But above all, these are domestic parasites and must be fought. And this can be done both by traditional chemical means: powders, crayons, traps, gels, aerosols, and folk, for example, boric acid.

The following brands have proven themselves well: Dohloks, Hangman, Global, Geth, Combat, Raid, Raptor.



The cockroach (order: Dictyoptera, sub-order: Blattaria, meaning «to shun the light») is probably one of the most infamous and hated of all insects. It is associated with filth and unhygienic conditions. The cockroach descends from an ancient lineage of insects which have inhabited our planet for around 100 times longer than humans. About 4,000 species are known today, only about 12-14 are commonly associated with humans.

Cockroaches have been found to carry the pathogens that cause tuberculosis, cholera, leprosy, dysentery, and typhoid, as well as over 40 other bacteria (like salmonella) or viruses that can cause disease.

Cockroaches are related to termites (Isoptera) which some authorities believe arose 100 to 50 million years ago as an offshoot (or possibly 2 offshoots) of the cockroach lineage of the time.

The cockroach has an oval somewhat flattened head partially concealed by the pronotum and with the mouth pointing backwards between the fore coxa. The antennae are long and thin and inserted below the middle of the eyes, the mouthparts are adapted for biting, chewing and licking while the compound eyes are usually large and irregularly hemispherical being wider near the vertex (the top of the front of the head). The forewings (tegmina) are usually hardened and often opaque, the hind wings are membranous (in cockroaches, except very small ones, the wings, in those species which have them overlap in the middle of the abdomen whereas the wings of beetles never overlap at all). The legs are almost equal in length and depressed beneath the body. The abdomen has ten segments but only 7 or 8 visible from above while from beneath 9 plates (sternites) are visible in the male but only 7 in the female.

Types of cockroaches in the apartment — how they look

For a long time after the end of the human era, cockroaches will still crawl around the earth. However, this does not mean that they should crawl around your house. You can handle the invasion of cockroaches, but first you need to determine what kind of cockroaches live in your home. Many people do not know that four types of domestic cockroaches are parasites. It will be much easier to solve the problem if you know what kind of cockroaches you are dealing with.


From time immemorial, various types of cockroaches live in a person’s dwelling, when an insect was considered a symbol of wealth, but now it is an unpleasant guest, which causes a lot of trouble and carries an infection. What attracts them to our apartments? The answer is obvious. It is warm and a lot of food, in winter they can’t survive in natural conditions, and finding food is problematic.

Any cockroach living next to a person has a whole set of features characteristic of any of the species:

  • A cockroach goes through three stages of development, a larva emerges from an egg, turning into an adult insect — an adult,
  • Outwardly, adults and larvae are similar,
  • Female cockroaches have edema, for bearing eggs,
  • Mustache doesn’t get lost in space,
  • An insect can gnaw and digest any food,
  • For a long time, you can simply not notice them, due to the high speed of movement, the ability to hide in cracks and crevices, and high activity mainly at night.

How to recognize a cockroach

In nature, there are a great many insects and for the first time a person encountering a cockroach can not recognize the enemy «in person». How to find out what exactly is a cockroach? So, the characteristic features of the insect:

  • The length of an elongated or oval body is 4 mm -10 cm,
  • The head is not round, but flat, in the shape of a heart or a triangle,
  • The mouth apparatus of the gnawing type is covered with a shield.

In the photo — types of cockroaches that may be in the apartment.

Where do cockroaches come from?

Of the five thousand species of cockroaches in houses and apartments on the territory of Russia, only a few of them settle. Why do they choose your apartment for living? In each case, the cause is individual:

  • Dishes periodically left overnight in the sink
  • Migrating individuals from neighbors
  • Accumulated garbage and food waste,
  • Brought a cockroach from the street or from guests and much more.

After at least one cockroach has entered the room, it is highly likely that their number will soon increase significantly. Often, pests start up in clean rooms, do not forget that cockroaches are omnivorous and can even feed on paper.

How to find out that cockroaches are wound up in the house

Detect pests, if a little more can not immediately. The neighborhood will become noticeable when they begin to host in your kitchen, as at home. There are signs by which you can determine the presence of cockroaches in the room:

  • On the tile, in the corners of the walls, on the furniture, black dots are visible — these are insect feces,
  • Look through cracks, tiniest cracks and all angles for cockroach eggs,
  • Cockroaches are sometimes accompanied by a specific smell.

Find out which cockroach settled in your apartment

Cockroaches are the most common sinatropic insects. But among several thousand species, not everyone lives at home. Most often in our homes there is a red cockroach, less often black and American. In the south and in the tropics, other species wander into the houses, but they cannot be called synatropic; rather, they are random guests. Since the home cockroach looks differently, depending on the variety, we provide a brief description and a photo of each of the common species.

General Description of Cockroaches

They differ in a flattened body on the basis of an oval shape, with a total length of 1-10 cm, sometimes more than this size. The abdomen of this insect is created by many tergites in the form of dorsal segments.

Females have 7 of them, and males have about 8-10. The abdomen ends with churches, for the most part they are formed by a joint. Most of the cockroaches are distinguished by a light shade of the general body color, and have elytra based on a yellow or brown shade. Dark or black are much less common.

The elytra of this insect is particularly dense. Some species are distinguished by front or rear shortened wings; wingless representatives of these insects are known. There are varieties that can make short flights.

All cockroaches have 6 legs. Spikes can be found on the hips or lower leg. Their legs are distinguished by excellent development, they have five-membered legs, due to which they are very convenient during movement.

An American cockroach is able to run 75 cm in one second. Due to such characteristics of a cockroach, it is difficult to catch with your hands. This insect is able to change direction about 25 times in a second.

His head is flat and at the same time triangular or heart-shaped. The front back is characterized by an almost flat shape and is expressed by a shield, has large sizes, some species are presented with transparent options for the edges.

Their jaws are quite developed, belong to the gnawing type, have many teeth formed by chitin. The mouth is always downward.

It has large eyes, it has 2 simple eyes, wingless species for the most part differ in atrophied eyes, and in cave species they generally do not.

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It has a sensitive long mustache shape, sometimes they exceed the total length of the body, have the appearance of bristles, with a large number of segments.

The male has reproductive organs in the form of a genital plate represented by the ninth sternite of the abdomen. In females, you can find a hidden version of the ovipositor, as well as edema in the form of a protein version of the capsule, it is necessary for the maturation of the offspring.

The life of a cockroach lasts about 4 months, however, in some species it can stretch up to 4 years.

What do these terrible pests like to eat?

They are characterized by phenomenal stability, since they are able to starve for about a month without noticeable problems for the vitality of the body. But, when the cockroach nevertheless discovers large spaces with food, it is able to eat almost all of its species due to the excellent development of the oral device.

The female of this insect per day can absorb about 30-50 grams of any type of food, and males consume about half as much.

A cockroach is classified as a nocturnal type of insect, it usually hunts for any food in the dark during the day until the first rays of the sun. For the most part, they bite off small parts from the food they see, because they want to find the most suitable type of food for themselves.

Favorite types of food for this insect include all bakery products, pure sugar, and other sweet culinary products. But they are able to use meat and various cereals for food almost all vegetables, fruits with different freshness.

If there is no food, they can use paper, carpentry or shoe versions of glue, weave for books, fabrics, various versions of garbage and other organics.

How to deal with an army of cockroaches in a living room?

Some people like to breed cockroaches as pets, however, most of us want to know how to get rid of them. Usually exotic species are bred, and not ordinary domestic ones, which are considered dangerous pests, since they can tolerate many diseases.

Mankind has long fought with them in their homes, however, for the most part they win, because over time they return to any dwelling.

People want to quickly, and it is advisable to get rid of their unpleasant presence forever. Usually, various poisons are used for this, however, there are other quite effective ways to do this.

Professionals advise fighting cockroaches with cleanliness!

This insect is considered a sign of unsanitary conditions in the living room. They like to settle in dirty living quarters that have long been without cleaning. Various debris and dirt are considered excellent conditions for the successful life of this insect.

Even constant bullying will not help to get rid of them for a long time, because of this, the basis of the fight against them should be cleanliness in the room.

Specialists advise organizing a small repair in order to restore cosmetic cleanliness in the room in order to identify and neutralize all their habitats. Usually they are located in hard-to-reach corners of the premises under the baseboard, floor, behind the walls of household appliances.

Stop feeding them!

Try to examine all the nightstands and mezzanines to get rid of any debris in them. This may be all that cockroaches can use as food. It is necessary to tightly cover any food products, even represented by chips, seeds, sugar bowls.

Regularly wiping tables before night and getting rid of crumbs will help get rid of these insects, as they will lose access to food.

Get rid of residual water on tables or other surfaces!

It is very important to leave cockroaches without water. The presence of small drops on various surfaces will help them last a long time. Without water, these insects do not last as long as in the absence of food.

Folk ways of struggle

The folk method of dealing with these neighbors is simple. The natural characteristics of cockroaches do not allow them to live in the cold, starting from -5 degrees.

To get rid of them completely or to cause noticeable damage to their population, you need to open all the windows for a while in the winter. Residents at this time can be at work, at school, kindergarten or just walking.

Method 1 Recognizing a Furniture Cockroach

  1. 1 Estimate the size of the insect. The length of the furniture cockroach is about 10-14 mm. This is one of the smallest types of cockroaches. For comparison, it is smaller than a penny coin (excluding mustache, of course).
  2. 2 Is there a tan strip on it. The furniture cockroach is distinguished from others by the presence of yellow stripes. Elytra of the male near the base with a wide reddish-brown or brown strip, then near the middle with a triangular spot on each elytra, forming an incomplete strip.

  • 3 What climate do you live in. Furniture cockroaches live mainly in hot and dry climates. If you have cockroaches, but you live in a humid, temperate, or cool climate zone, you are most likely faced with a different type of cockroach.
  • 4 Are there any sources of water nearby. Furniture cockroaches do not tolerate water — therefore, they will not live near water sources. If you find cockroaches living near a sink or toilet, this is hardly furniture cockroaches.
  • 5 Find out if the cockroach can fly. Unlike the Prusak, a furniture cockroach will fly away if disturbed. If you notice a small flying cockroach — most likely, this is a furniture cockroach.

    Method 2 Recognizing a Ginger Cockroach

    1. 1 Pay attention to the size of the insect. The Prusaks (red cockroaches) are slightly larger than the furniture ones. They reach a length of 10-16 mm.
    2. 2 Look for two dark stripes. Prusaks are painted in various shades of brown with two dark stripes on the dorsal side of the prothorax. The stripes are dark brown, almost black.

  • 3 Do cockroaches live by the water. The Prussians prefer moist and warm areas. Most often, they can be seen in the kitchen or bathroom, sitting by the sink or drain. Their love for garbage cans is also notorious, where, basically, they find their food.
  • 4 Estimate the number of insects. The Prussians are leaders in the number of insects living in houses. If you have a whole invasion of cockroaches — most likely that you are dealing with Prussians (red cockroaches).

    Method 3 Recognizing an American Cockroach

    1. 1 Pay attention to the size of the insect. This subspecies of cockroaches is one of the largest and can reach 35-50 mm in length.
    2. 2 What color is a cockroach. American cockroaches are reddish or chocolate brown. Most other cockroaches are faded, brown. Also pay attention to a pale brown or yellow stripe along the edges of the pronotum.
    3. 3 Is there a shiny back. American cockroaches differ from others not only in color, but also in their «glossy» body.

    4 Pay attention to what cockroaches eat. American cockroaches eat only moist food — the same as that of humans and domestic animals — which only exacerbates the problem of the presence of cockroaches. If you saw that a cockroach is your food, or your dog’s food, it’s very likely that it is an American cockroach.

    Types of cockroaches in the apartment (photo)

    Prusak — red cockroach

    Almost every resident of our country knows a red cockroach, in the photo you see a female (above), and a male below. The name of the species comes from their shell color — brownish-red.

    Males are more harmonious and agile. The favorite residence of red cockroaches is the kitchen, where they eat leftover food. The larvae of the Prussians have no wings; they differ from adult insects in color and physique.

    Red cockroach larva — photo

    It is believed that this type of cockroach was brought to us from Prussia, and in Germany, on the contrary, they are called «Russians.» Adult insects reach 10-16 mm in length. It is believed that the Prusak leads a nocturnal lifestyle, but recently it can be seen at noon right on the table.

    “I saw a cockroach at home, and then she doubted that it was too small, maybe it’s a bug anyway? And then I found out that the cockroach has cerci at the end of the abdomen, such small appendages, like insect rudiment, those who are more developed, in particular the bug, do not have them. Is it true?»

    Indeed, if you look closely, cerci are noticeable on the abdomen of a cockroach, which indicates their primitiveness in evolutionary development. Cerci are appendages in the form of jointed threads; higher insects do not have them at all.

    Cerci near cockroaches — photo

    Black beetle

    Black cockroaches are large and, accordingly, have a coal-black color, they look as if covered with varnish. In males, wings are large, they practically cover the body, in females they are shorter, but the abdomen is wider. Black cockroaches do not fly, although males use wings to jump further.

    Below you see a photo of domestic cockroaches — black (the male above, the female below).

    The length of these cockroaches is 1.8 — 3 centimeters. The black cockroach smells unpleasant, all the fault of the pheromones with which they mark the habitat, attracting their relatives there.

    American cockroach

    An American cockroach cannot be considered «home» in the full sense of the word. He lives in nature, but once in the apartment, he easily changes his diet. Outwardly, it looks a bit like a Prusak, only “ours” is much smaller. Adult insect (imago) 35-50 mm long, can fly. These cockroaches eat everything they can, but give special preference to sweets. The cockroach is aggressive and bites even sleeping people, and the liquid that they secrete is the cause of allergic reactions.

    American cockroach in the house — photo

    Red cockroach

    This is one of the most common inhabitants of human housing, which was brought to Europe and North America from South Asia. That is why the heat-loving pest prefers to live in residential premises.

    The people of this species of insects gave another name — the Prussians. Adult individuals grow to 1-1.5 cm. They have developed wings, which allows them to plan when jumping. However, home cockroaches do not fly for long.

    A distinctive feature of the female red-headed Prusak is a wide body with a rounded abdomen, which is covered by wings. In moving males, the body is much narrower and slimmer.

    Cockroaches reproduce sexually. After fertilization, the female uterus lays eggs in the oteka, which it wears on itself until it matures. Many pregnant cockroaches have been seen. When the formed nymphs become crowded in the shell of the egg, they break through it and go outside.

    Cockroach larvae do not have wings; they differ from adults in small sizes and light color. The body of adults can be different shades of brown. Below you can see how home cockroaches look in the photo.

    Red cockroach or prusak

    • the favorite habitat of insects is the kitchen, that is, the room where it is always warm, there is food and water,
    • in the absence of food, the insect is able to use paper, fabric, shoe leather and even soap,
    • no less important condition for the existence of the Prusaks is the presence of water. Therefore, even minor leaks caused by faulty plumbing will in every way favor the spread of red prusaks.

    Having discovered the Prussians in the house, it is imperative to begin a fight with them, choosing an effective remedy. After all, insects not only spoil the products, but also are carriers of serious diseases. Although not numerous, it is quite possible that cockroaches bite people. Especially a child can be susceptible to insect attacks, as children’s skin is more delicate and has no odors of perfumery or tobacco.

    Black beetle

    The next type of cockroach that prefers to live next to a person is black cockroaches. The body length of an adult can reach up to 3 cm. The variety of these insects is distinguished by a black-brown or tar-brown color. The males are characterized by longer elytra and a wide abdomen. Однако к полетам насекомые не приспособлены.Как выглядит черный домашний таракан можно увидеть на представленном ниже фото.

    Присутствие в доме черных вредителей выдает неприятный запах, виной которому являются феромоны. Их насекомые используют для привлечения своих собратьев.

    Black cockroaches are common in almost all countries of Europe, Asia and even Africa. They live in heated rooms, sewage systems, as well as in greenhouses. Representatives of this species may also occur in nature. Insects feed on both fresh products and leftovers from the bin.

    Central Asian cockroach

    Another parasitic species of cockroach that is most often found in the southern regions of the Russian Federation and Central Asia. It can also be called Turkestan. This species can be distinguished from relatives by a dark black abdomen and a yellow head. In length, insects reach up to 2.5 cm.

    Turkestan cockroaches jump well and fly over insignificant distances. Favorite habitats for insects are apartments and garbage dumps. Often, a domestic pest can be seen under a stone next to a landfill or a bunch of sewage. In nutrition, insects give preference to plants and food waste.

    American cockroach

    On this, the types of cockroaches living next to a person do not end there. A feature of the next pest, the American cockroach, is a narrow, long body that grows up to 3-5 cm. The description of its appearance is very similar to the red-haired prusak. Photos of home cockroaches of this species can be seen below.

    A moving insect flies well and can climb even into the most inconspicuous cracks and cracks. The specific unpleasant odor that it emits can be reckoned with another of its features. An extremely aggressive pest is able to bite a pet. Even cases of attacks on people are known.

    This representative of the cockroach family lives in nature. However, it easily adapts itself to life next to a person, changing his diet. Moreover, sweets are a favorite treat of the pest.

    In the Russian Federation, an American cockroach is much less common red and black counterparts.

    Exotic cockroaches

    This is perhaps the largest version of insects that live next to humans. Such cockroaches are up to 10 cm. Many people keep giant cockroaches in their house instead of pets. Insects are also bred as food for reptiles, as they multiply quickly enough and do not require special care conditions. They are kept in the terrarium, so these cockroaches do not have nests. Sawdust and leftover food is all that is needed to breed insects.

    No less exotic sea cockroaches, of which there are about 80 species.

    An example of such an exotic insect is a marble cockroach. In nature, he lives in South America. Females grow up to 2.5 cm, males are slightly larger — up to 3 cm. Chestnut color and marble patterns on the surface of the body make it possible for a cockroach to look like a real bug.

    This type of insect lives in the upper layers of the earth, is omnivorous and viviparous, that is, several living larvae appear from the body of the female at once.


    No less popular species of exotic insects living in terrariums. The main characteristics of wingless at all stages of the insects are:

    • strong chitinous cover,
    • wide abdomen
    • overall dimensions (adults can grow up to 8-10 cm),
    • the color of the giants can vary from light red to black: large adult individuals have a lighter shade of the shell.

    Despite their impressive size, insects are very peaceful in nature and even increased timidity. During the day, they prefer to hide in the plant litter, getting out only in the dark. Giants react with a strong hiss to the emerging danger. The insect makes such a sound by spiracles located throughout the body.

    Madagascar cockroach is another species of live-bearing insects. Small larvae emerge from the eggs right in the abdomen of the female, after which they crawl out along with fragments of the ooteka. At one time, the female is able to “give birth” to 25 larvae.


    This synanthropic insect inflicts no less harm to humans and animals by its presence. Egyptian cockroach pollutes food and feed with waste products. In addition, insects carry various pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

    Food insects are:

    • organic residues
    • dry leaves,
    • fecal masses.

    Cockroaches can populate residential and livestock buildings, as well as rodent burrows.

    This type of insect has a flat oval body, the length of which does not exceed 2.5 cm. Males have dense, well-developed wings. Body color is dark or reddish-brown. Flightless black-brown females are very similar to small turtles. The length of their body reaches 4-4.5 cm. Photos of cockroaches of this species are presented below.

    Eggs of white color and up to 0.5 mm in size are females of this type of insect after fertilization are laid in a special capsule — a swelling. In just one capsule, they can be up to 18 pieces.

    Small cockroaches that appeared over time are distinguished from adult individuals by only small sizes (up to 0.7 mm) and the absence of wings. 4 juveniles become sexually mature insects.

    Home cockroaches are rare species found in human homes.

    Central Asian cockroach

    The Central Asian cockroach can be found in southern Russia. His abdomen is brown, almost dark, and his head is yellow. The “Asian” has a peculiarity — it is very jumping and even flies over short distances.

    Photo of a Central Asian cockroach

    White cockroaches

    A white cockroach is not an albino, but a nymph who has just become an adult. For several hours, his body is soft and painted white, although he does not leave the shelter, it is rare to see an insect, but it is still possible.

    Photo of a white cockroach

    Egyptian cockroach

    Egyptian cockroach lives in addition to African countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The specimen is scary because it eats paper and wood. Its body is flat, oval 20-25 mm long (male) 40-45 mm (female), the color is dark or reddish-brown. Males have developed wings, but females do not have them at all. In appearance, they resemble turtles.

    Egyptian cockroach photo

    Madagascar cockroach

    This kind of home cockroaches can be brought to the apartment by travelers returning from exotic countries. The insect has no wings, its difference in chitinous hard cover, and also in an impressive size. An adult insect can grow up to nine centimeters! The color is different — from a red tint to a blue in black. With age, the insect brightens. In males, the antennae are always broken (like real men they fight for a lady), and in females they are whole and even. The people call them hissing, because during a danger and struggle for a female they make a loud sound resembling a snake hiss. Despite the menacing appearance and size, this cockroach is completely harmless, it is not poisonous and does not bite.

    We examined the common types of cockroaches living in the apartment, but it is possible that you may come across a specimen that is not on this list.

    Watch a video about Madagascar hissing cockroach

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