Instructions for use Gamavita for rabbits

In the conditions of increasing tolerance of animals in relation to various antibacterial drugs arising from their illiterate and / or too frequent use, many farmers decide that they need to use various immunomodulatory drugs in their farms.

This article will discuss one of these drugs for rabbits called Gamavit.

What is Gamavit

Gamavit is a complex preparation that includes a wide enough range of various vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts and other components, which has a wide effect, in particular, immunomodulatory, rehabilitating after various injuries and the use of antibiotics, and also helps the animal body to cope with intoxication of various genesis. This drug is also very often used to improve the performance of large skeletal muscle groups of animals, as well as increasing the resistance of animals in relation to a variety of physical exertion.

Did you know? The life span of a rabbit in the wild is about one year, while rabbits raised in captivity can live up to 8-12 years.

Especially well this drug is suitable for animals in a state of pronounced stress, in preparation for various competitions, exhibitions, travel, etc.


The composition of Gamavita includes a rather voluminous list of various substances, such diversity is necessary first of all to achieve this multitasking drug and reduce the likelihood of various complications and adverse reactions. Here is a sample list of substances included in its composition.

  • vitamins: cyanocobalamin, para-aminobenzoic acid, riboflavin, ascorbic acid, calciferol, d-biotin, choline chloride, folic acid, nicotinamide, pyridoxal chloride, thiamine chloride, disodium salt, Vicasol, inositol;
  • amino acids: DL-aspartate, L-leucine, L-glutamic acid, L-arginine, L-methionine, L-valine, L-tryptophan, L-serine, glycine, L-phenylanine, DL-leucine, etc .;
  • inorganic salts: sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, calcium aspartate, ferric nitrate, magnesium sulfate;
  • other components: adenosine triphosphate, uracil, glutathione, cholesterol, glucose, sodium pyruvate, adenine sulfate, 2-deoxyribose, sodium acetate, thymine, adenine sulfate.

Did you know? The largest sizes of rabbit ears, registered by man, were about 80 centimeters.

Instructions for use

Before proceeding to the introduction of this drug to your animals, it is necessary to clearly understand that the course of treatment, the dosage of the medicinal product and the methods of its administration differ significantly for adult rabbits and young animals. Below you will find detailed recommendations on how to properly apply Gamavit for different age groups of rabbits.

It will also be useful for you to learn about the symptoms and methods of treatment of common diseases of rabbits. And also, learn how to treat coccidiosis, pasteurellosis, myxomatosis, sores in the ears of rabbits and what to do if the rabbit sneezes.

This drug is used both for the purpose of treatment, and as a prophylactic agent. The dosage of the drug in this case varies significantly.

For the purpose of treatment, this drug is given at 0.3-0.5 ml per kilogram of animal weight, and from prophylactic, at 0.1 ml per kilogram of animal weight.

Adult rabbits

For adults, this drug is indicated for the treatment and prevention of various generic complications, vitamin deficiencies, various infectious and invasive diseases, poisoning, in the period after surgical interventions, with pyometra, before various exhibitions, transports, competitions and other stressogenic situations.

Important! In the process of administering drugs to rabbits, beware of their hind legs, as they can kick you at the moment of injection reflexively.

The duration of the prophylactic course with a dosage of 0.1 ml per kilogram of animal weight is about 2-4 weeks. The frequency of administration is 1-3 times a week, depending on the preliminary condition of your rabbits. To increase fertility rates and facilitate labor, Gamavit is injected at 0.025-0.05 ml per kilogram of animal weight on the day of mating, as well as 1 week before the expected birth of the young and immediately before birth.

For therapeutic purposes, this tool is prescribed in complex therapy with etiotropic drugs up to three times a day for 3-5 days. The method of administration is selected on the basis of the recommendation of the veterinarian, and may be subcutaneous, intramuscular or oral.

In case of various poisonings, Gamavit is administered once in a fivefold therapeutic dosage in combination with other standard preparations.

Newborn rabbits

Youngsters Gamavit is most often administered on the first, third, fifth or seventh day of their life in order to enhance immune function, reduce the likelihood of early mortality, eliminate the consequences and likely development of hypotrophy and accelerate weight gain in prophylactic doses (0.1 ml / kg animal weight) .

Important! Oral administration is best for young animals. This will significantly reduce the invasiveness of the procedure and reduce the level of stress load on animals.

In case of various violations of the nutritional cycle, the lag of the young in growth, physical development and weight gain, it is recommended to administer the drug in a prophylactic dosage (0.1 ml / kg animal weight) once a day for one week.

Contraindications and harm

Gamavit has no contraindications to use and should not cause the slightest harm to the organisms of your animals according to the information specified in the official instructions for the preparation.

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The only contraindication to the use of the drug may be an individual intolerance of your rabbits to any component of the drug, most often manifested in a variety of allergic reactions.

Storage conditions

Ampoules with the substance must be stored at a temperature of +4 to +25 ° C, while not allowing it to freeze. It is necessary to ensure the safety of medicines from children and animals, to prevent contact of the drug with dishes, which is preparing food for people, as well as a variety of kitchen surfaces. The shelf life from the date of production is 1 year.

So, we hope that this article has helped you find all the answers regarding the use of the drug Gamavit for rabbits. Remember that attentive attitude to your pets will be rewarded in the form of large litter and significant profits, which can be rescued by selling it.

«Trichodermin»: a description of the biological product and instructions for use

It is necessary to improve the condition of the soil and increase the yield of plants annually. «Trichodermin» is used to prevent fungal diseases and enhance the growth of crops. The substance is safe for the human body.

Drug description

The drug is developed on the basis of spores of fungi from the species. Trichoderma lignorum. Often this biological product is found in the form of a dry powder, but also in the form of a liquid. There are several types of «Trichodermin» depending on the substrate on which mushrooms are grown:

  1. Peat
  2. Sawdust
  3. Straw
  4. Polovoy

About 1 billion bioactive spores of fungi can be observed in 1 gram of dry matter, therefore Trichodermin is a very rich concentrate. These spores also secrete active bio-substances that enhance the effect of the drug. Mushroom Trichoderma lignorum has a high biological activity and due to this it participates in the processes of decomposition of organic substances, thus enriching the soil. And bioactive substances secreted by the fungus accelerate the growth of fruits of vegetable crops and protect them from various diseases.

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

Controversy Trichoderma lignorum biologically active in soil rocks and act as an adversary of bacteria and other fungi that infect plants. The substance plays an important role in the decomposition of ammonium and nitrite, enriches the soil with phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for normal growth of crops.

Interesting information about fertilizers: potassium sulfate, succinic acid, nitrogen fertilizers, potassium humate, charcoal, ammonium nitrate.

Did you know? In some European countries and Australia trichoderma protect fruit crops from the milky luster.

Instructions for use

«Trichodermin» has found its application in the treatment of seeds, plants during the growing season and the soil. Seed treatment takes place two to three days before planting. You need to make a concentrated solution of the drug powder and water (instead of water, developers are advised to use kefir or milk). Add 5 g of substance to 5 liters of water. For 12 hours, the seeds should remain in this solution, after which they can be planted.

Important! To enhance the action of the active part of the drug, it is used in a mixture with such drugs: Planriz, Pentafag-S, Gaupsin.

  1. Cereals — 20 ml per 1 kg
  2. Corn — 50 ml per 1 kg
  3. Sunflower — 150 ml per 1 kg

Seed treatment of all vegetable crops, such as cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, etc., is carried out at the rate of 20 ml per 1 kg. «Trichodermin» has extensive instructions for use, which varies depending on the type of culture and place of use. For the prevention of vegetable roots, it is necessary to use 5 ml of an enriched solution for one root. You can water the plants every 3-4 days with a solution of 100 ml of the preparation per 10 liters of water. Spraying is performed with a solution of 100-300 ml of the preparation per 10 l of water.

«Trichodermin» can be used for fruit plants and grapes. These cultures should be sprayed every two to three weeks for the prevention of pathologies and to enhance growth.

Important! It is worth remembering that the drug should not be used at temperatures below 15 °WITH.

American scientists have taken care of how to use Trichodermin for cucumbers and tomatoes with the best effect of action. They made a mixture of powder with a solid matrix and showed that the yield of these products is doubled. Treated the seeds before planting and roots during transplantation to the plantation.

Benefits of using the drug

So, how to use «Trichodermin», now everyone has learned. The advantage of the drug is that it is biocompatible with many dietary supplements. Thus, if it is mixed with some other drug and added to the soil, then nothing catastrophic will happen. The drug completely transports the soil of various types (although it is most active in peat).

Useful information about other fungicides: «Fundazol», «Fitosporin-M», «Kvadris», «Hom», «Skor», «Alirin B», «Topaz», «Strobe», «Abiga-Pik».

Security measures. Hazard class

«Trikhodermin» has a high degree of security. All you need to work with the solution — gloves. Biologically active fungi affect only parasitic fungi and all sorts of bacteria. For the human body, the drug is absolutely safe. If you sprinkle grape fruits, then after a few days you can eat them.

Did you know? Additive «Trichodermin» in the seeds before planting reduces the risk of fusarium disease by 7-8 times.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug should be stored at a temperature of 10 — 15 ºС without direct hits of sunlight. With proper storage, «Trichodermin» will be suitable for use for 9 months. The made solution is not recommended to be stored more than a day.

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Features of the use of the drug «Fufanon», how to handle plants

When external factors contribute to the intensive development of harmful insects, and mechanical methods against them no longer work, there comes an hour of chemical treatments. Moreover, each owner of the backyard area is looking for a high-speed effective means. In the state register of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted in Ukraine, more than 10 thousand drugs are charged, but in this article we will pay attention only to one of them. Let’s try to figure out what Fufanon is, how it acts, what pests it affects and how dangerous it is for the environment.

  • «Fufanon»: drug description and release form
  • Active ingredient and mechanism of action
  • Instructions for use «Fufanona» how to make a solution for the treatment of plants
  • The benefits of using «Fufanon» for plants
  • Safety measures when using the drug
  • Compatibility with other drugs
  • How to store «Fufanon»

«Fufanon»: drug description and release form

The drug was developed by the Danish company «Keminova AGRO A / S», belongs to the phosphorus-organic insecticides of a wide spectrum of action. In Ukraine, it is registered as a means for processing: winter wheat, sugar beet, peas, sunflowers, hops, cabbage, apple trees, plums, vineyards, watermelons, melons, poppy seeds, champignons, flour in bags and unloaded warehouse space. On the garden plots, the pesticide is widely used to control bedbugs, ants, cockroaches and fleas.

Fufanon specializes in the destruction of sucking, gnawing and complex pests, and is also used as a remedy for ticks. In the field the protective function of the drug lasts up to 2 weeks after spraying, and indoors up to 21 days.

«Fufanon» is produced in the form of 57% or 47% of the emulsion concentrate, usually in 5 ml ampoules or 10 ml each in bottles, as well as in plastic cans with a capacity of 5 liters.

With proper use of the drug «Fufanon» with strict observance given in the instructions for use of the recommendations, it will not have a toxic effect on the treated plants.

Active ingredient and mechanism of action

The described chemical is an oily emulsion, which is poorly soluble, has no color, is prone to boiling at +157 ° C, and it begins to melt at + 28 ° C. The insecticide analyzed is not an innovation. The fact is that the composition of «Fufanon» contains the previously known active substance malathion in the ratio of 570 g / l, which is less toxic and in terms of its action close to karbofos. The active ingredient is a phosphorus compound. It affects parasites through direct contact, ingestion into the intestine, as well as poisoning by toxic fumes.

As a result, the enzyme acetylcholinesterase is inhibited, the transmission of nerve impulses fails, paralysis and insect death. Fumigation properties enhance the contact and intestinal reactions: within an hour, the pests cannot eat, and complete paralysis breaks them during the day. However, the wet weather and the mature age of beetles slow down the biochemical processes of the drug effect, therefore, in order to prolong its effect, make sure that the sprayer is adjusted to evenly spray very small particles.

Instructions for use «Fufanona» how to make a solution for the treatment of plants

The expected result depends on the quality of processing of plants, on the appeared parasites. Insecticide «Fufanon» measured spray on the site of infection until it gets wet, not bringing to the flow of toxic chemicals from foliage. Of course, for this you need to stock up with a sufficient amount of working solution. Before preparing it, carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The solution is prepared at the rate of 1 liter of water per 1 ml of poison, respectively, the contents of the 5-ml ampoule are dissolved in 5 l of water. In greenhouses on cucumbers, only 1 treatment with the drug from complex pests “Fufanon” is allowed, on tomatoes — 3. To organize the procedure, you must take into account the time of fruit ripening. After it is recommended not to eat vegetables for a week. On the open ground, regardless of the type of cultivated crop, 2 spraying is possible. And the latter is carried out 3 weeks before harvest. This insecticide is sensitive to precipitation and weather conditions, so the plants should be sprayed 2 hours before the rain. It is better to do this in the morning or evening, in dry, calm weather.

When large-scale processing of field crops, you will need 200 — 400 liters of working fluid per hectare. For processing «Fufanon» citrus, apple, pear, quince, plums, cherries and sweet cherry specified in the instructions for use in the garden, the flow rate of the working solution is 2-5 liters per 1 tree. Similarly, in the fight against mealybugs or spider mites on grapes.

For the processing of vegetable crops (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers), for the complete destruction of pests will need from 1 to 3 liters of liquid. On watermelons, melons and strawberries consumed about 5 liters per 10 m². In the berry, for pollination of currants and gooseberries will need about 1.5 liters of solution, and for raspberries and blackberries — about 2 liters. For roses, flower and decorative crops, the recommended rate of «Fufanon», according to the instructions for use for houseplants, is one and a half liters per 10 m².

«Fufanon» as a remedy for bed bugs according to the instructions, it is recommended to use in diluted form in a ratio of 1.5 — 3.5 ml per 1 l of water (if the drug is in ampoules, the calculation of the proportions is the same as for plants — 1: 1). To get rid of cockroaches and ants — the ratio of 9-11 ml per 1l. The emulsion can be sprayed out of the spray or with a soft brush. The consumption rate per 1 m² is about 100 ml.

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When processing, special attention should be paid to hard-to-reach places, crevices, plinths. To achieve the desired result, the room is carefully treated around the perimeter, including behind furniture, carpets, paintings, and even in places of exfoliated wallpaper. If you miss at least one slot where an annoying pest could hide, all efforts are in vain.

In the conditions of a harsh winter, when there is more than -20 ° C outside the window, clothes and other household items can be taken outside. With a strong population of parasites, it is possible to repeat the procedure with an interval of 3-4 days, when the incubation of eggs laid by the bugs ends.

You can find similar products on sale. «Fufanon nova», «Fufanon super.» These are the same products with the same active ingredient, but different manufacturers.

The benefits of using «Fufanon» for plants

Insecticide «Fufanon», as indicated in the instructions, has a wide spectrum of action, and therefore effective in combating all herbivorous pests. After analyzing the recommendations of the company-developer and consumer reviews, we came to the conclusion that the drug really deserves attention, especially considering all its advantages:

  • the desired result can be obtained after 24 hours;
  • proper effect guaranteed by the manufacturer;
  • after treatment there is no unpleasant smell;
  • relative ease in the preparation of the solution and processing of plant crops;
  • low consumption of funds;
  • versatility (the ability to handle fruit, berries, vegetables, flowering, indoor and ornamental plants);
  • fumigation;
  • affordable price.

Safety measures when using the drug

«Fufanon» is a low-toxic insecticide for humans and highly dangerous for bees. However, consider the presence of toxicity and do not neglect your health. ATAll work with the pesticide should be carried out in special clothes, respirator, goggles, rubber gloves and boots. Do not plan the processing of plants in hot weather, follow the instructions clearly. It is strictly forbidden to eat, smoke, drink alcohol at the same time. It is also recommended to limit contact between hands and face as much as possible.Do not forget to check the serviceability of the sprayer and configure it for the correct distribution of the poison. When treating the premises with Fufanon-Nova, pay attention to the instructions for use, as well as the dosage of the solution for bedbugs. It is possible to work with an insecticide no more than 3 hours.

During processing in the house there should not be children, pets, including fish. Remove even indoor flowers. Open the windows. You can use the apartment again after one day, after you wash everything thoroughly with a soda solution (300 g of soda per 10 liters of water). Insecticide has the ability to maintain protective functions in the room up to 4 weeks, but under the influence of heat and light loses them.

Protective clothing can only be removed after disinfection is completed. Do not forget to wash your hands with soap and water and rinse your mouth. If the poison gets on the skin, it is not rubbed, removed with cotton wool, then washed off with running water or a weak solution of soda.In cases of contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for 15 minutes. If ingested and irritated mucous membranes seek medical attention. It is important to keep the label from the packaging of the insecticide. Be attentive to your well-being. The first signs of poisoning are manifested by nausea, general weakness, convulsions and impaired coordination of movement. If you have similar symptoms, immediately call a doctor and leave the room to fresh air.

Before the arrival of the doctor, take a solution of crushed activated carbon with the calculation of 3-5 tablespoons per glass of water. If symptoms persist, induce vomiting.

It is unacceptable to contaminate the sources, reservoirs, wells with the remnants of the solution. Also near them you should not pour out the water after cleaning contaminated in the process of working containers and equipment. Knapsack sprayer washed daily, re-treating the culture with plain water. Emptyed containers after agrochemistry need to be burned, not inhaling the smoke and released particles. During the period of spraying the garden and after that, within a radius of 4-5 kilometers, the flight of bees is restricted to 120 hours.Special vigilance should be exercised if children and pets walk in the yard.

Compatibility with other drugs

The manufacturer strictly forbids combining «Fufanon» with anything. However, experts from the agricultural industry talk about combining the pesticide with other insecticides of the same type in terms of use. It is not recommended to combine the product with oils, Bordeaux mixture, with compounds containing copper and calcium, as well as preparations with alkaline reaction, mineral fertilizers based on sulphides. Follow the instructions for safety!

How to store «Fufanon»

At a temperature range of -30 ° C to + 30 °, the insecticide can be stored for 3 years unopened. Find a place for him away from children, animals, drugs, food and light. The sun’s rays provoke chemical reactions, as a result of which the main properties of the drug are lost. It is unacceptable to save the remnants of the working solution, so clearly prepare the necessary dosage and fully use it.

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