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An electric lamp is a conventional light emitting component used in different circuits, mainly for lighting and indicating purposes. The construction of lamp is quite simple, it has one filament surrounding which, a transparent glass made spherical cover is provided. The filament of the lamp is mainly made of tungsten as it has high melting point temperature. A lamp emits light energy as the thin small tungsten filament of lamp glows without being melted, while current flows through it.

Uses of Electric Lamps

These lamps are mainly get used for lighting and indicating purpose. Although, now a days use of light emitting diodes LEDs for these two purposes dominates uses of conventional lamps. But still they are in use although at maximum places they are replaced by LEDs.

Rating of Electric Lamps

There are mainly three things that must be known before selecting a lamp for a specific purpose.

  1. Voltage across which the lamp to be connected for getting normal brightness of light. This voltage rating of electric lamp must be marked on the lamps. If the supply of voltage across the lamp is lower than rated value, the lamp will not glow properly as current flowing through it will be insufficient. Again if the voltage across the lamp crosses the rated value, the filament may not be able to sustain the over current and it will blow out.
  2. Power Rating or Current Rating of Electric Lamp:
    When an electric lamp is connected across its rated voltage, its filament will carry current depending upon the electrical resistance offered by the lamp. The filament of the lamp is so designed, that it must give most optimized brightness for that current. This current rating of electric lamp is very important parameter, as it determines the power consumption of the lamp. As a filament of lamp is considered as 100% resistive, the power consumption is nothing but the product of voltage and current rating of the lamp. Consumption of power is nothing but power rating of the lamp.

Hence, if voltage rating of a lamp is known to us, then it is enough to know either current rating or power rating of that lamp, as power rating can be calculated from current rating and current rating can be calculated from power rating since electric power is product of voltage and current. It is normal practice that small rated lamps are rated by current and higher rated electric lamps are rated by power.

Types of Electric Lamps

Another thing must be considered during selecting a lamp for a circuit. What types of an electric lamp is suitable for specific circuits? Types of lamp depend upon designing pattern of the lamps. According to variation of designs, there are varieties of types lamps are listed below,

Edison Screw type Lamps

The main feature of this type of lamp is that it has one contact in the base and other contact on the metallic body of the lamp. This metallic body of the lamp is of screw shaped. Commonly two types of Edison Screw lamps are available in market –

  1. Miniature Edison Screw Lamp (MES) its bulb diameter is 10 mm (approx).
  2. Lilliput Edison Screw Lamp (LES) its bulb diameter is 5 mm (approx).

Miniature Center Contact type Lamps

Like MES and LES, it has one contact in the base and other contact on the metallic body of the lamp. But main difference is that this metallic body of the lamp is not screw shaped-it has bayonet style fittings. Its bulb diameter is 10 mm (approx).

Small Bayonet Cap Lamps

It has also bayonet style fitting but has both contacts on the base of the lamp, hence there is no electrical connection with the body of the lamp. The standard bulb diameter is about 40 mm. It may have horizontal as well as vertical filament arrangements as shown. The power rating of the bulb can be up to 24 watt.

Wire Ended Lamps

These are very small size lamps of about 6 mm long and has 3 mm diameter. The design is very simple; here contact wires directly come out from the glass cashing. Wire ended lamps are mainly designed for very low power rating and are also available in the market in very cheap rate. This lamp does not need any lamp holder; it can be soldered directly to the circuit board with the help of the contact wires coming out from the glass cashing.

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How effective is the mosquito lamp: features and description

«. If it weren’t for heat, for dust, for mosquitoes, for flies. ” Well, how not to agree with A.S. Pushkin ?! Monotonous itching over the ear — a mosquito song, mournful, long, sad. Do not interrupt her, do not stop, do not drown

This stubborn, piercing brain sound is able to drive away sleep even in the most healthy person. There are only two options for controlling flying insects, which with and without statistics are much more dangerous than the notorious cockroaches, in fact — to scare away or destroy them.

Price and quality of struggle are the criteria of its effectiveness. If you subtract grandmother’s recipes from the list (and grandmothers remembered that the mosquito was afraid of yellow, smells of lavender, anise, eucalyptus, cloves, onion peels), then modern means created and improved by science are also divided into two types: annihilating and repelling.

Method number 1. Repellents (from the Latin repello — I drive away) — quite effective means. They are produced in the form of lotions, creams, aerosols, etc. They are applied to the skin, clothing. They are convenient to use and economical. The method is effective. Most mosquito repellents can be used for children from the age of three, but there are also special formulations designed to protect infants, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers. True, there are cons. Not all repellents smell pleasant and can cause irritation, an allergic reaction in a person. In addition, these drugs act no more than 2-3 hours.

Method number 2. Widespread and highly effective fumigators (electrical evaporators). Their principle of operation is based on the evaporation of a substance containing an insecticide. Electrofumigators are special devices that are plugged into a conventional outlet and used together with the active substance in the form of a gel or liquid. Most of these devices can protect against mosquitoes premises up to 20 m2. It is desirable that the electrofumigation device is located no closer than 1 m from a person. When the window is closed, the complete destruction of mosquitoes in the room occurs after 1-3 hours of operation of the device, when open — after 8-10 hours. However, fumigators should not be used where pregnant women or nursing mothers, people prone to allergies are. They can also negatively affect the health of pets, so when you turn on the device, it is recommended to cover aquariums, terrariums and cages.

Most electrofumigators are used in combination with both special plates and liquids. Plates are ordinary and flavored, one plate provides effective protection for an average of 8-12 hours, after which it should be replaced with a new one. All fumigators contain toxic substances of a nerve agent.

Method number 3. In addition to repellents and electrofumigators, there is another effective means of combating mosquitoes — steaming spirals, sticks and even smoke permethrin bomb! It is convenient to use them outdoors, while fishing, in the country, on a hike. But who knows where else! Anti-mosquito «smoke bombs» are useful in all those cases when hordes of insects poison the existence, and there is no particular desire to smear with creams and lotions. Using such a tool is simple: you set it on fire, after which it slowly smolders, releasing an insecticide, the smell of which mosquitoes do not like. Smoky spirals and sticks are effective on an area of ​​up to 20 m2, the duration of action is 5-8 hours, one piece will last for 14 days. Around the place you intend to protect, you can install several spirals and sticks at once (but not closer than 1 m from people). However, keep in mind that smoking products are designed to control mosquitoes only outdoors. In a city apartment or country house, we strongly recommend not burning them! Otherwise choke on acrid smoke.

Method number 4. Electronic ultrasonic repellers — This is a modern and environmentally friendly means of combating mosquitoes. They emit sound waves unpleasant for insects. Devices are harmless to people, as they do not emit any chemicals, and therefore there is no need to ventilate the room after use. There are two types of electronic repellers: mains powered and battery powered.

Method number 5. There is another type of device for combating mosquitoes and other bloodsucking — electricdestroyers. On the market you can find electric fly swatter and mosquito lamps, it all depends on the area of ​​action. All of them are based on one principle: ultraviolet radiation attracts insects, they fly up to the lamp, fall on a grid that is energized, and die. Mosquito lamps are equipped with a protective grill, therefore they are safe for people, pets, easy to operate, do not emit toxic substances and odors. A variety of designs will satisfy any customers. There are suspended and desktop models, powered by mains and battery. Chinese solar powered exterminators are available for sale.

Depending on the area of ​​action of the insecticide, the cost also changes. Devices designed for 50–80 m2, on average, cost from 700 rubles. If the area is from 100 to 200 m2, then the price will not exceed 3,500 rubles. A very interesting model, which has no analogues, is produced by the Spanish company OBSIDEO. For luring insects, two main methods are used — light and smell at the same time. For this purpose, the manufacturer has developed a special “tablet”, the heating level of which is regulated depending on the size of the room. It is absolutely harmless to humans and pets!

All these tools are effective, convenient to use, but only on a limited area and indoors. How to escape in the open air?

The scheme of the mosquito device

Method number 6. More and more popular devices that help fight bloodsucking in the open. They are based on the method of extermination of flying insects and their larvae using chemical and biological preparations. For individual suburban areas, the Mosquito Killer system (USA) is very convenient. The principle of its action is based on the use of the features of blood-sucking insects to find their prey by the thermal radiation of the body and exhaled carbon dioxide. After the device is turned on, a temperature close to the body temperature of a warm-blooded creature (animal or human) is created on its body, that is, about 37 ° C. Through holes in the housing, carbon dioxide is supplied in a strictly metered amount from a standard cylinder. The device operates in a cyclic mode, creating a “living image” that attracts mosquitoes. They draw them into the device with a fan and drop them onto a grid under a voltage of 20 V. Unlike other methods used, this device does not kill the entire mosquito community along with useful insects that fall into the radius of the exterminator, but only attracts and destroys blood-sucking female mosquitoes, midges , biting midges and other vile.

Method number 7. To get rid of mosquitoes in an open area for a longer period, it will take professional help. Having studied the terrain and the area of ​​the site, they will determine which method of combating the ubiquitous bloodsuckers will be optimal. Specialized firms offering their services mainly use biological products that are safe for humans, warm-blooded animals, birds, bees and fish. The drugs are mostly produced by Russian research centers. Apply them to the places of possible location of mosquito larvae. The surface of the reservoirs is treated with hand and backpack sprayers. Getting into the water, the drug for 1–1.5 months causes the death of larvae at all stages of development, thereby sharply reducing the number of adults.

The complex of measures to combat mosquitoes also provides for direct spraying of places of their accumulation (walls of buildings, nearby trees, nearby forest tracts)

Method number 8. Of the simplest and safest remedies still available mosquito nets. Canopies are built from them and they think that they have protected themselves from mosquitoes if they do not see the cracks left by negligence. Although, seriously, such nets are really effective and, importantly, simply necessary if you have children. About 240 rubles. there is a domestic grid cover for a crib. Import will cost 500-700 rubles. They are made of polyester, allow light and air to pass through and do not burn. Should also set mosquito nets on doors and windows — the corresponding models are not that expensive. At least, the peace that they provide with a thorough approach to the problem is more expensive.

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Classification of lamps against mosquitoes

Modern lamps for insect traps are classified according to the principle of action. There are several of them:

  • Fluorescent insecticidal lamps from insects and mosquitoes.

Inside the device there is a luminescent incandescent source that emits heat and soft yellow light. This is what attracts blood-sucking pests. To kill flying ectoparasites, a mosquito lamp is covered with a special poisonous substance — an insecticide. When the light source is heated, the product evaporates, creating a poisonous cloud. Once in it, the mosquito dead falls to the floor or the ground.

Using an insecticidal device, you will often have to clean. Perhaps this is the only drawback. You can set traps on a summer cottage or in a production workshop — in any premises. They are completely safe and practical. Insecticidal lamps offered by the market are exterminators of flying insects, and not just mosquitoes. Therefore, the equipment has received very wide application in places where strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic standards is required. Another advantage of the devices is their easy maintenance. The expended light source is easy to replace. The insecticide lamp trap for insects Flycatcher has gained great popularity among consumers — the radius of action is up to 35-40 m2, nice design, resistance to operating conditions, reasonable price.

  • Eco-friendly insect extinguishing lamps with adhesive backing.

The device is designed specifically for use in children’s rooms, hospitals and resorts, children’s camps, etc. The device consists of a warm light lamp and an adhesive sheet. Attracted by light, insects get on a lamp the exterminator of insects and perish. Like the equipment described above, the device with an adhesive base is powered by a conventional power supply. As a light source, an LED or a fluorescent light source can be installed. High-quality lamp trap for insects allows you to replace the adhesive sheet and light bulbs.

  • Safe insect exterminator with double action UV lamps.

Ultraviolet attracts insects (flies, mosquitoes, midges). But the light itself does not kill pests. It only serves as a bait. To combat bloodsucking, an ultraviolet lamp from mosquitoes is equipped with an electric grid, which is placed directly in front of the light source. An insect that flies into the light bumps into an electric current barrier. The voltage is low, but sufficient to kill even a large insect. Therefore, UV traps for insects are as safe as possible for children and pets.

However, they have a double effect. Ultraviolet has a disinfecting effect. It kills germs and viruses. Therefore, a powerful ultraviolet lamp from insects is an indispensable attribute of children’s rooms. They are installed in sanatoriums, sports centers, clinics and camps. Another plus is cleanliness. The devices are equipped with a special pan, which collects insects trapped in the trap. A well-made UV lamp from flies and mosquitoes is easily disassembled and cleaned. Light sources change easily. The device works from a normal power supply.

  • Safe mosquito lamp for mosquitoes, flies and midges for the street.

The devices are designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and summer residents. They are made in the form of flashlights with a bright light source. Therefore, the equipment can be used both as a lamp for repelling insects, and as a regular lamp for lighting space. A deterrent is a repellent. Smelling its smell, the pest flies away. Repellent, as in conventional fumigators, is made as a plate.

We examined the principle of operation of lamps against insects, and not the types of devices themselves. In an effort to manufacture the most efficient and functional devices, manufacturers supply the market with combined equipment. This means that modern traps for insects are insecticidal lamps with an electric grid or classic light sources, an ultraviolet lamp, etc. There are several options for the execution of models. The choice depends on where the mosquito lamp will be used, how often, and in what conditions.

Important features of the camcorder lamp

Initially, we will dispel the existing myth that the lamp saves from flies and mosquitoes from cockroaches, crawling pests, ants and bedbugs. She will not destroy these insects and will not drive them out of the house, since a different principle of action is needed. Designed a modern lamp for the destruction of flying insects — namely:

  • midges and Drosophila,
  • night butterflies and mosquitoes. If you need a lamp from cockroaches and bugs, you should choose a device of the appropriate purpose — ultrasonic, electromagnetic, electric,
  • flies of various sizes,
  • midges. It is very convenient to use a mosquito lamp for the street while camping outdoors away from home. You can stay in the forest or near a reservoir, without fear of being a bite. The device creates an invisible protective sphere around vacationers, through which no insect can leak.

Even an inexpensive mosquito exterminator — a lamp or a lantern — is able to effectively protect against bloodsucking pests. They are installed in open cafes and restaurants, resorts and children’s camps, on a personal plot or in an apartment. Numerous tests of lamp traps have shown that the equipment does not affect the sanitary-hygienic situation and does not pollute the air.

Electrical devices do not require compliance with additional safety rules. The operation of a lamp for mosquitoes is as simple as the use of classic household appliances. The only caveat — the insect trap lamp with a fan (draws in pests) or a pallet needs regular cleaning. The rest of the yellow, white and blue mosquito lamps do not cause:

  • ozonation of air masses,
  • burns
  • damage to the organs of vision. Any mosquito lamp is completely safe for human health and pets,
  • electric shock (grounding, insulation of elements under voltage with a very strong and fine mesh — only a small insect will slip through).

If you need a lamp for an insect trap that will be operated away from the mains, you can choose models with solar panels or batteries. A very convenient and economical option for outdoor recreation.

Varieties of lanterns against nocturnal insects

Russian and foreign manufacturers produce mosquito lamps street and indoor. Purpose is an important parameter when choosing devices. Outdoor equipment has an anti-vandal enclosure protected from atmospheric precipitation and wind loads, a larger exposure radius. The street lamp against flies and the installation method are different:

  • in the ground — the most popular type of lanterns with high decorative qualities
  • hanging
  • installation on a platform — under strong wind loads, a lamp for destroying flies can be unstable, therefore summer residents prefer models immersed in the ground.

External data of outdoor devices will also be different from indoor equipment. For example, an insect lamp for the street always has the form of a flashlight with a protruding element in the form of a roof.

Room equipment, on the contrary, is made compact and ergonomic. Usually has an unusual or thematic design. That’s what a mosquito lamp for a home in a nursery could be.

The purpose of the model is not the only classification of devices. They are also divided into:

  • household and industrial. In both types of devices, you can buy an insect lamp for the street and the premises. The difference lies in the range of devices and the principle of execution. Domestic equipment is effective in the range from 10 to 40-50 m2, but an industrial lamp for the destruction of mosquitoes protects an area from 80 m2 to 200-300 m2,
  • stationary and mobile. Industrial and street models are more often produced stationary. But the electric lamp from mosquitoes to protect the premises inside the house or apartment is always portable. It has small dimensions and weight,
  • devices with various light sources. Может работать электрическая лампа от насекомых на лампочках от комаров с инсектицидом, светодиодах, ультрафиолетовых, энергосберегающих и люминесцентных лампочках. Все виды оборудования предполагают замену источника света, поэтому при покупке лампы для комаров на улицу или в дом обращайте внимание на этот параметр. От него зависят характеристики света (белый или желтый, теплый мягкий или особо яркий свет) и экономность расхода электроэнергии,
  • lamps from flies and mosquitoes of various energy intensity. Manufacturers offer devices that run on solar panels and conventional finger-type batteries, a battery or an electrical outlet (220V). Lamps are also made by exterminating flying insects operating from 12 Volts (car cigarette lighter). The choice depends on the operating conditions.

When choosing street or home lighting from mosquitoes, the power of the devices is also taken into account. Classic household devices — 8-30 watts, and industrial units are much more powerful — from 55 to 80 watts. The power characteristic is determined by the range of the equipment. The larger it is, the more power a lamp should have to repel mosquitoes and flying pests.

Cost and Trap Makers

A quality lamp that kills insects and mosquitoes will not necessarily be expensive. The price of equipment directly depends on the brand and technical features. Russian brands offer mosquito lamps adapted to the operating conditions for the street and home. They are reliable and practical, safe and economical, but do not differ in particularly refined external data. Design and ergonomics are the only differences between foreign lamp traps and flying insects from their Russian counterparts.

After analyzing the reviews of consumers who bought and used equipment of this class, we can distinguish a number of responsible and reliable manufacturers:

  • Samurai and Mo El,
  • Well (excellent industrial lamps),
  • Scat and Mosquito,
  • ThermaCell and Energy,
  • RemiLing and Banzai,
  • Hilton and Mars.

Household street lamp-traps for mosquitoes have gained unprecedented popularity and summer residents. They are used even when creating the landscape design of the site. They are suitable for highlighting the paths to the house and the terrace, balcony and porch. When choosing, do not forget to pay attention to the area of ​​operation of the device and its purpose.

Cleanliness in the kitchen

Wipe sticky stains and crumbs from kitchen tables and surfaces, cover a sugar bowl and a bowl of honey.

Spread the cucumber peel in the kitchen or at the ants’ entry points — it scares away many types of ants.

Leave some bags of dried mint or peppermint tea at the ants’ entry point.

Homemade Ant Bait

Mix one teaspoon of boric acid, 6 tablespoons of sugar and 2 cups of water. Soak cotton balls in this and place them in the path of the ants. The mixture dries, so it’s better to pour a little into the bottle cap and put a cotton ball in it so that the mixture constantly nourishes it.

Working ants will not only etch, but also bring low doses of boric acid to the anthill. So be patient, it will take time to poison the ants.

Perhaps mosquitoes are much worse than ants. Because of them, summer trips with an overnight stay sometimes become simply unbearable, and combing bites in a city is more than unpleasant.

Remove stagnant water

Check the house for stagnant water: small pools in the yard, a bowl of water for the pet. Change the water at least twice a week and try to eliminate all open sources with stagnant water in the yard.

If you sometimes cook barbecue in the courtyard of a country house, try to throw a little sage and rosemary on the coals. This will scare away mosquitoes.

Excellent natural repellent. Mix garlic juice with water in a ratio of 1 to 5, pour into a small bottle with a spray bottle and apply to exposed parts of the body. The effect lasts up to 5-6 hours from the time of application.

You can also impregnate cotton cloth ribbons in such a composition and hang them in places where mosquitoes can penetrate.

Candles from mosquitoes

You can make candles from aromatic oils and molten wax: 15-30 g of essential oil per 450 g of wax.

Gyvafoto / shutterstock.com

Here are some good mosquito repellent oil recipes.

Recipe number 1

  • 5 parts citronella oil.
  • 5 parts lavender oil.
  • 5 parts clove oil.

Recipe number 2

  • 5 parts citronella oil.
  • 5 parts lavender oil.
  • 5 parts peppermint oil.

Recipe number 3

  • 10 parts citronella oil.
  • 10 parts of cedar oil.
  • 5 parts of eucalyptus oil.
  • 5 parts of rosemary oil.

Homemade mosquito repellent

For a home-made mosquito repellent mixture, you will need essential oils and something that you can mix with, such as vodka or olive oil. For best results, mix different essential oils: lemon, eucalyptus, citronella, cinnamon, juniper, cedar oil.

The following tools will help to cope with terribly annoying flying creatures.

Eucalyptus oil

If you have a lot of flies, try wetting a rag in eucalyptus essential oil and hang it at a place where insects gather.

These insects do not wait for spring and quietly exist in our houses and apartments all year round. Use several methods and you won’t have to remove the web from the corners so often.

Mix a few drops of peppermint essential oil, a little detergent, and plain water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray all corners where cobwebs often appear.

Natural spray for all harmful insects

This homemade spray will help to cope with all of the above insects.

  • 220 g apple cider vinegar with vodka,
  • 45 drops of peppermint essential oil,
  • 15 drops of lemon or wild orange essential oil.

Mix the ingredients in a bottle with a spray bottle and apply if necessary. When not in use, clean in the refrigerator. The shelf life of such a mixture is 2-3 months.


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