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Cockroaches in the Car: How to Get Rid of Them

The first step in any pest control effort is prevention. Most cockroaches prefer warm, wet environments, and they eat decaying plant matter and garbage. The best way to keep cockroaches out of your car is to keep the interior clean and free of trash, especially food trash. If you live somewhere humid, even a few crumbs can be enough to bring in a hungry roach. Cockroaches even eat glue and paper, so all the trash has to go. It’s also probably a good idea to keep the area around where you park free of leaves and other ground-covering debris. If they don’t hang out around your car, they’re less likely to find any dropped food inside your car.

But you’re probably not here because you want to keep cockroaches from infesting your car. You’re probably here because you’ve already seen at least one cockroach in the car, you’re worried there may be more, and you want to know how to get rid of them.

Maybe you’ve found a cockroach in your car and you want to just live and let live. However, cockroaches are actually a dangerous pest. Not only can they eat pieces of your car or any clothes you may have left in there, but they carry bacteria, viruses, and allergens. They can make you sick.

Do a thorough clean

  • Step one is a thorough clean. That means every bit of trash in your car, food and otherwise. Pull up the mats, take off the seat covers, and break out the vacuum. Or better yet, get your car detailed. This ensures that once you get rid of the cockroaches, they won’t come back. But that just step one. Some cockroaches, like the American cockroach, can live for up to three months without food, so you’re not going to get rid of them just by taking out the trash.
  • Step two is to get rid of them. There are several ways to control a cockroach infestation, with varying levels of effectiveness and safety.

Use roach killer powders or cockroach bait

A simple extermination method is to use a powder like boric acid, borax, silica aerogel, or diatomaceous earth. Boric acid is a chemical pesticide and borax is a mineral. They enter the insect’s digestive and nervous systems and kill them. Silica aerogel and diatomaceous earth are moisture-absorbers that kill insects by dehydrating them. You can mix any of these products with little something cockroaches like to eat, like flour, spread it in a thin layer in a jar top or other shallow container, and place them in the small, dark spaces in your car (e.g., under seats and in the trunk).

Boric acid and borax are the most effective of the four options here to eliminate your cockroach in car problem. They are also more dangerous for people and animals. Boric acid can cause a rash if you get it on your skin. If accidentally eaten, it can lead to nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. When inhaled, it can dry out your mouth, nose, and throat, leading to a sore throat, cough, nosebleeds, and even difficulty breathing. These effects are worse in children and pets and are especially dangerous to infants. Borax has some of the same effects as boric acid but also causes eye irritation. A specific effect of borax is hormone disruption, leading to reduced fertility and libido. As little as 5 grams of borax can kill a child and 10 grams can kill an adult. If you choose to go with one of these options, it’s best to leave the powders overnight and remove them in the morning before using your vehicle. This will reduce the chances of anyone touching, inhaling, or ingesting these toxic substances.

Silica gel and diatomaceous earth are less effective, but also safer. Silica gel can cause minor eye and skin irritation in the short term. However, it also may be a risk factor for some cancers in the long term. Diatomaceous earth is considered non-toxic to humans and most other animals, but it can cause lung irritation after long exposure and it is especially dangerous to bees. While these products are safer, it’s probably still a good idea to only keep them in your car overnight.

An even easier option is a cockroach bait. These are sold in hardware stores or online. All you have to do is follow the label directions. Because any insecticide is poison, however, make sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Why you shouldn’t use a roach bomb in your car

You may be wondering can I bomb my car for roaches? While a roach fogger, in-car roach bombs, and similar methods can be used in the car, they’re very toxic and have limited effectiveness. For starters, they’re flammable. They’re also an aerosol insecticide, which means they disperse into the air and settle on everything, coating the interior of your car in poison. If you breathe them in, it can cause illness. Besides these dangers, they don’t work well. Very little actually ends up in the little nooks and crannies where cockroaches like to hide. What’s more likely is that you’ll just drive them deeper into your car as they try to get away from the fog. If you do decide to go this route and use a roach bomb for the car, be sure to air out your car afterward by leaving all the doors open for a while. It’s probably a good idea to blast your air conditioner, too, to make sure anything that settled in the vents gets blown out before you get in.

Any of these options should take care of your problem. However, if you have a few pests left over, you can keep a spray bottle filled with dish soap and water in your car. When you see a cockroach, spray it with the spray bottle. The dish soap will cover their bodies. Since cockroaches breathe through their skin, it will suffocate them.

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Prevention is key

Finally, step four comes back to prevention. Keep your car clean and free of stuff that cockroaches like. Institute a no eating in the car rule, don’t leave trash in it and don’t park it near wood or leaf piles. And your car should be roach-free for good!


A cockroach infestation is probably the hardest household to control. Besides being very sneaky, cockroaches breed very fast, bite human beings when food sources are limited, scared, and may even develop resistance to some pesticides.

But don’t despair, there are different best roach killers. But, in this article, we discuss in detail some of the best ways on how to get rid of cockroaches fast.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches (Step By Step)

Step 1: Eliminate Food, Water, & Hiding Places

For cockroaches, such as German Roaches, to survive they must have a consistent supply of food and water. The key to getting rid of them is, therefore, cutting off any food and water source in the house.

  • Start by cleaning food crumbs, washing dishes before retiring to bed, putting food away after meals, and cleaning up spills. Also, avoid leaving uncovered food for extended periods, and keep all food containers sealed.
  • Cockroaches love hiding in the fridge and munching on food crumbs back there. Clean the fridge as well and always keep it locked. While at it, don’t forget to wipe the range tops as cockroaches are attracted to grease as well.
  • Take out the trash regularly while ensuring the garbage bins are well sealed.
  • Any water leaks must also be fixed. Cockroaches can live for a month without food but no more than one week without water.

Roaches also prefer dark and damp where they hide and breed. These include under the sink, behind refrigerators, under floor drains, in cracks/crevices, inside major appliances, and others.

Target these areas when doing a thorough cockroach clean up. Also, seal cracks and crevices on the walls with caulk. All openings around the pipes in the kitchen and bathroom must also be filled. This will prevent the roaches from entering your home.

Step 2: Use Roach Baits, Roach Sprays, & IGRs

The triple action of cockroach baits, sprays, and Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) will kill and prevent cockroaches from reproducing.

As the name suggests, cockroach baits help draw these pests out of their hiding places. The baits contain a high-consumption bait matrix with killer ingredients like fipronil and hydramethylnon.

Upon consuming the bait, the ingredients disrupt their nervous system, leading to their ultimate death in a matter of minutes. You may also consider top roach bombs.

Pesticide sprays contain active ingredients like Pyrethrin which produce a “knockdown effect” on bugs like cockroaches – killing roaches even back in the roach nest. Basically, the sprays interfere with the bugs’ nervous system which results in major paralysis and speedy death.

How to Use Baits, Sprays, and IGRs for Cockroaches

  • If using the combination, spray a small amount in targeted areas like cracks, crevices, behind and beneath the sinks, behind and under refrigerators around pipes and drains, etc.
  • Ensure the spray penetrates well to ensure the pests are quickly eliminated

IGRs, on the other hand, cause sterility in adult roaches, making reproduction impossible. When used together, the three treatment methods can quickly eliminate any roaches lurking in your home.

Step 3: Dust with Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid is one of the best natural remedies for eliminating roaches. When ingested, boric acid kills cockroaches in just a matter of minutes. Although highly toxic in cockroaches, boric acid is completely safe for humans and pets.

The powder is best applied in areas where cockroaches are likely to walk through. Upon contact, the powder sticks on the cockroach and is absorbed into its body. Once inside, the acid destroys its digestive and nervous system, causing death.

The cockroach may also die from ingesting the powder. Boric acid is a suitable natural cockroach treatment if pesticide sprays and baits are not an option.

How to Use Boric Acid for Cockroaches

  • Clean all targeted areas, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, drawers, behind and under the refrigerator, and others
  • Lightly dust boric acid powder all over these areas. If dealing with a serious infestation, a heavy application may be necessary
  • Vacuum the remaining powder in the morning

Step 4: Thoroughly clean house/ Vacuuming

It’s not unlikely to find a few roaches in a clean home. As long as there are cracks on the walls and perfect hiding places, you’ll still deal with a few of them crawling around since roaches don’t fly.

However, a clean home is more unlikely to experience a serious roach infestation compared to a dirty and cluttered home.

Even with countless treatments, roaches will still infest your cluttered home. Regularly vacuuming and decluttering your home is key to keeping these bugs at bay.

How to Get rid of Cockroaches Through Vacuuming/Cleaning

  • Regularly vacuum and clean the floor, kitchen countertops, drawers, cabinets, insider appliances, behind and under the refrigerator, ovens, and other areas.
  • Declutter your kitchen, sitting area, laundry room, closets, cupboards, drawers, and any other potential hiding place.
  • Vacuum behind the seat cushions, behind sofas…etc

How to Get Rid Of German Cockroaches

German cockroach (Blatella germanica (L.)) is a widely distributed pest that is mostly found in homes, the best roach killer for apartments, and the roach bomb hotels, restaurants, and other institutions.

If your home is infested with the German cockroaches, you may see them running away immediately you turn on lights or open the cabinet door. And since these cockroaches are known to spread germs which cause allergic reactions, it’s vital to eliminate them as fast as possible.

In recent times, easy and effective home remedies to eliminate German cockroaches have been advanced. In this article, we’ll discuss The Best Home remedy to get rid of German cockroaches. But first, we’ll give a summary of the German cockroaches.

Step 1: Keep your bathroom and kitchen clean and dry at all times

We have discovered that German roaches thrive best where there are favorable conditions like good humidity, food, shelter, and water. Unfortunately, your house offers all these favorable conditions.

To get rid of the German roaches in your house, keep all kitchen and bathroom surfaces and sinks clean and dry. Wash all your cabinets and appliances on a regular basis. You should also pay close attention to your backyard by removing all unused items or wood piles.

You can also install a dehumidifier in your home. When your house is less humid, the German cockroaches will find it less attractive to settle in it. Also, ensure you store food in airtight containers. Also, throw away your garbage on a regular basis. Set aside time to do general cleaning in your house, you may mop, sweep, or vacuum regularly.

Remember To: (1) Dry up all surfaces (1) Keep the roaches hungry-put foods in tight containers and eliminate leftovers (1) Do not offer them any shelter- seal all cracks and small holes in your house.

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Other than cleaning, you can also seal all cracks and small holes in your home to block all pathways the bugs might be using to access your home.

If these measures are followed properly, your house will be roach free. However, if the German cockroaches still find their way into your house, then it’s time to take more drastic measures to eliminate these annoying creatures!!

What are German cockroaches?

The German cockroach has a unique ability of high reproduction compared to other cockroach species. The female German cockroaches produce many eggs per capsule; thus, undergo a short time from hatching to sexual maturity, leading to quick population growth.

If not stopped in time, they can be difficult to control. These roaches are pretty smaller than other roaches species and can easily hide in numerous places inaccessible by humans. You can easily recognize this roach species as they are small in size (roughly ½ an inch) and contain two dark stripes on their back.

Like most cockroaches, German roaches prefer to settle in warm and dark places. Unfortunately, your home offers these favorable conditions, and they can easily create their habitat in your house. Availability of food, water, and harborage increases the ability of the German roach to easily develop populations, and reduce growth.

This disgusting creature loves to settle in an environment that is moist, warm, and dark. Hence, they are mostly found in bathrooms and kitchens where water and food leftovers are readily available. German roaches are scavengers that consume sweet foods, meat, grease, and garbage.

To eradicate these tiny creatures from your home, you should always keep kitchen surfaces clean, use drain cleaners to keep all drainage and pipes clean, and repair leaking pipes. You can also fix all cracks and small holes where they are likely to hide.

Step 2: Use baking soda plus sugar to kill German Roaches

Using baking soda and sugar is a natural and effective home remedy to kill German roaches. Sugar acts as an important bait for a German cockroach as it likes sweet products. The baking soda, on the other hand, acts as a poison that destroys the roaches’ digestive system.

Baking soda works by creating huge amounts of gas causing the stomach of roaches to burst, hence die instantly.

When using this mixture, ensure the coackroaches have access to little water. Water reacts with baking soda to give a bad solution that acts on roaches to kill them completely.

How Do You Prepare Sugar And Baking Soda Mixture To Kill Roaches?

– Mix equal amounts of sugar and baking soda in the shallow dish

– Place another small dish container water in a suitable location

– Sprinkle the mixture containing sugar and baking soda in various locations infested with the roaches

– Ensure you refill the water and sprinkle more mixture from time to time to completely kill all the roaches

– Be patient and watch the roaches

When using sugar and baking soda bait, you’ll need to be patient as the process might take a lot of time before achieving desired results. This mixture may not act as fast as you may wish, but it’s safe for your kids and pets.

Why kill the German cockroaches?

Well, the German cockroaches are known to spread infections and diseases. German roaches can spread viruses, bacteria, and germs on utensils, dishes, and food preparation surfaces.

As a result, an individual may experience food poisoning, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis. Further, the feces of these roaches cause allergic reactions and asthma among some people. Also, these tiny pests bite people. If you have a cockroach infestation in your house and wake up one morning with a swollen bite mark, the chances are that the cockroaches did it!!

But No Need to Worry!! We’ve done extensive research on how you can effectively eliminate the German roaches using home remedies that are readily available!! Maybe you are worried about using harmful chemicals that might affect your kids, pets, or even you.

Well, worry no more!! Below you’ll find The Best Home Remedy to Get Rid of German Cockroaches faster. These German roach home remedies will guarantee you a roach free home within no time. Just follow the procedure strictly, and watch as German roaches die or disappear from your residence forever!!

Step 3: Boric acid kills German Roaches

Boric acid is a natural home remedy for killing German roaches. You can make an effective roach bait using sugar and boric acid. Because of its pesticide and poisonous formulation, Boric acid is known to destroy the outer layer of roaches and kill them instantly.

Also, research has proven that boric acid and sugar are very effective compared to other traditional roach control techniques. According to the research, boric acid can kill up to 90% of the cockroach population within a short period. Thus, boric acid offers a quick and effective remedy for getting rid of Geman roaches.

Is Boric Acid Safe? NO! Boric acid is not safe. You should be extremely careful when using this product. Keep boric acid away from kids and pets. After using the product, ensure you thoroughly clean your hands using soap and water.

How Should You Use Boric Acid To Eliminate German Roaches?

– Wear protective gloves to protect your hands.

– Place some boric acid in those places you mostly see German roaches, it can be on top of a bathroom or kitchen cabinets, or any other place.

– Since boric acid is a toxic substance, DO NOT place inside cabinets

– To make the boric acid even more effective mix it with sugar and flour

– Place a fine layer of the boric acid mixture near cracks or openings where roaches are dwelling or feeding

– Replace the powder after every five days until you eliminate all roaches.

– Ensure you put the boric acid in high places like on top of cabinets or rooftops if possible. Cockroaches prefer high places, therefore, placing boric acid at higher paces won’t be a waste of time.

Step 4: Mint oil spray naturally kills German Roaches

Mint oil is also a proven natural remedy that can effectively kill German roaches in your home. Mint oil has strong repellent formulations and is known to be very toxic to German cockroaches.

Apart from leaving pleasant smells on surfaces, mint oil also eradicates all germs and bacteria left behind by the German roaches.

Recent research endorses the effectiveness and importance of mint oil in eliminating German roaches. Mint oil is a powerful natural home remedy for getting rid of the German cockroaches.

How to Mint Oil in Killing German Roaches?

— Make a natural spray by filling a spray bottle with water then add about 20 drops of peppermint oil.

— Identify where the German roaches are hiding or their common pathways

— Shake the spray bottle properly and spray in all areas you have identified

— Continue spraying the identified regions on a daily basis until the German roaches get killed.

Step 5: Catnip naturally eradicates German Roaches

Catnip is a natural pest repellent and contains insecticidal properties that aid in killing roaches.

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Catnip contains strong repellent formulations which are useful in eliminating German roaches.

How You Should Make Roach Repellent Using Catnip

— Place one teaspoon of catnip in two cups of boiling water.

— Allow it to permeate for approximately 15 minutes.

— Put the content in the spray bottle. Start spraying the solution under appliances, cabinets, or any other place you believe the roaches are hiding.

— Ensure you regularly apply this natural home remedy until your home is free from German roaches.

Step 6: Using Bay leaves to Kill German Roaches

Bay leaves are natural home repellent that instead of killing the German roaches, they push them away from your home.

This repellent contains the strong smell, and these roaches can’t stand the strong smell. Therefore, they run to places where is conducive for them.

How Can You Use Bay Leaves To Eradicate Roaches?

— Take some dry bay leaves and grind them to make some powder

— Sprinkle the powder in all areas roaches are likely to inhabit

— Within a short period, the roaches will leave their habitat and relocate to some other places where the environment is conducive for them.

Wrap Up

Cockroaches are not only stubborn and unsightly- but they are also disease carriers and can be dangerous to have around. Don’t wait till the infestation gets out of hand.

These useful ways on how to get rid of cockroaches will help you banish them for good. German roaches are common household creatures and are among the most challenging roach species to eradicate.

However, with the above-discussed tips on the best home remedy to naturally kill German roaches and extra information about this species, you can better plan on how to eradicate these pests that love to invade homes effectively.


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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast

Are cockroaches invading your home? This insect is usually around rubbish, pipes and sewers, that’s why it’s important to get rid of them in your home as quickly as possible to avoid them laying eggs and turning into a pest.

You have several ways of doing so: you can call pest-control, buy an insecticide or try home remedies, which are more efficient and less costly. No more cockroaches! At we’ll show you how to get rid of cockroaches fast with home remedies.

Laurel leaves

One of the most effective ways to get rid of Cockroaches fast is with laurel leaves. The reason why it works is that these insects do not tolerate the smell that this plant has, that’s why you should place them in several places around your home, they’ll quickly leave.

You can use whole leaves or chop them and spread them on a sheet of paper, then you should leave them in places where you’ve seen them so these creepy crawlies stay away. Try it!

Boric acid poison

This poison is very effective to get rid of cockroaches and you can easily purchase it in a pharmacy. Mix it with condensed milk, bread crumbs and make small balls (using gloves), you can also mix sugar in it.

Afterwards, place them in different areas of the house. Avoid using this technique if you have pets, as they could eat the poison and become ill.

It’s also a good idea to use cardboard boxes (such as matchboxes)with a «poison» label on it to put the bait inside. Make some holes so only cockroaches can fit in the box.

For more information take a look at our article on how to make insecticide with Boric Acid.

Sticky traps

Another way to get rid of cockroaches with home remedies is to make glue traps. To do so, p lace glue on a cardboard base, add bits of food on it and sprinckle som sugar on it so it’s more irresistible for them. This trap is very effective to trap cockroaches.


Ammonia is also a perfect ally to get rid of cockroaches, plus it’s also a product you can easily find at home as it’s frequently used to clean. To get rid of these insects we recommend a simple trick: add ammonia to the water with which you clean your flat, then throw the water down the pipes, to kill cockroaches that live there.

It’s also advisable to pour some in the drains to kill cockroaches that live in the pipe system.

Boiled water

Boiling water will be useful to get rid of the eggs that the cockroaches have laid. To do so, boil some water and pour it on the nests. Throw the boiling water down the drain in the kitchen after washing the dishes too.

Keep the house clean

Apart from these tricks, it’s also important to keep your house clean to get rid of cockroaches, mainly the kitchen and bathroom. Clean these rooms several times a week, put a top on the bin and don’t allow it to accumulate, empty it frequently.

You should also make sure there’s no food around the surfaces in your house: cochroackes eat people’s leftovers and feed on crums and pieces of food that have fallen on the floor. This way you’ll make sure they don’t come back.

Cockroaches in summer

With the heat, many insects get into our homes searching for humid places to get away from the hot sun. The fact that we open windows more frequently during this season means that they can get into your house more easily.

This is why it’s important to take these tricks into account so you avoid pests in your house during summer:

  • Put mosquito nets on doors and windows to avoid them coming in.
  • Have an insecticide in hand to spray the areas where cockroaches usually build their nests.
  • Purchase electric insecticides and place them in different sockets around the house to protect it.
  • If you have a balcony or garden, plant aromatic plants as the heat they give out repels most insects. Choose basil, mint or peppermint.

If you want to read similar articles to How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Fast, we recommend you visit our Maintenance and home security category.

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