Asian Lady Beetles Are The Bad Version of Ladybugs—Here — s How to Get Rid of Them

There are Actually ‘Bad’ Ladybugs, and You Need to Watch Out for Them

Here’s what to look for—and how to get rid of them.

As far as bugs go, ladybugs have a pretty sterling reputation. Seen as a sign of good luck, and often appearing in children’s books and cartoons, these red- and black-spotted insects have plenty of great qualities: They prey on pests like aphids, spider mites, and mealy bugs that would otherwise destroy your plants and gardens.

But, there’s actually a bad kind of ladybug out there—ones that can bite and be aggressive, are harmful to dogs, invade your home, and leave behind a foul-smelling yellowish secretion that can stain walls and furniture. They’re called Asian Lady Beetles and were first introduced to North America in 1916 to combat aphids—but now, they’re even more of a problem because they have overtaken the native species, and our homes.

While Asian Lady Beetles also prey on pests that harm our gardens, their cons far outweigh the pros. Here’s exactly how to tell if you’re dealing with a good kind of ladybug or a bad kind of ladybug, and what to do about it.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Native Ladybugs and Asian Lady Beetles?

Asian Lady Beetles look almost identical to native ladybugs when it comes to color, but there’s one distinctive marking that will make it easy to spot the difference between the two. On the black section just behind the bug’s head you’ll notice a white «M»-shaped marking—that’s the telltale sign you’re dealing with an Asian Lady Beetle, according to The Spruce.

How Do I Get Rid of Asian Lady Beetles?

Keep them outside! Make sure all of your window and door screens are in good shape, and double-check areas like chimneys, siding, vents, utility wires, and anywhere else you think insects could come into your home. If they do end up getting inside, Orkin recommends vacuuming them up (emptying the bag immediately afterward), or sweeping them up in a dustpan and putting them back outside.

These bugs quickly multiply, so if you notice a few in your home, make sure to act fast. Call your local pest control company, because it won’t be long before you’ve got a full-blown invasion.

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11 H Pylori Foods to Eat (And 5 to Avoid)

Between 1/3 and 2/3 of the world’s population is infected with the bacteria h. pylori. Considering that h. pylori causes ulcers and is linked to cancer, this is something that should concern us all!

H. pylori is something which I personally dealt with. Like with many people, I had battled with GI symptoms for years before finally getting a diagnosis. I’m happy to say that I am now free of h. pylori and was able to treat the infection without harmful antibiotics.

If you aren’t familiar with h. pylori and what it does to the body, I suggest you first read this post about how to treat h. pylori naturally. You’ll want to get tested for h. pylori too using a stool test.

Image shows how h. pylori bacteria embed themselves in the stomach lining and cause damage.

The good news is that there is now a test you can order without a doctor’s order. While I’m a HUGE fan of having a doctor’s guidance, I understand the need to know whether you have h. pylori or not before you invest in a practitioner.

Already know about h. pylori and are ready to be done with it? Then read on to find out how to treat h. pylori with diet, including which foods fight h. pylori and which h. pylori foods to avoid!

H. Pylori Foods to Eat

As I talk about in my post about herbal antibiotics, plants are pretty amazing things. Because they can’t run away or fight like animals can, plants have come up with cool ways to protect themselves. One way is by producing chemicals.

Some of these natural plant chemicals kill fungi, insects, or anything else that might harm the plant – including bacteria. It is no wonder that many pharmaceutical drugs today were derived from plants!

Below are just some of the many natural foods which can help with h. pylori by killing the bacteria or aiding in digestive health. There are a lot of them, so I’ve only included the ones which are commonly available and have ample scientific evidence backing them up for h. pylori treatment.

1. Cranberries

Cranberries fight h. pylori in two ways. First, they contain proanthocyanidins which kill the bacteria. Secondly, they prevent the h. pylori bacteria from adhering to the stomach mucus. Remember that cranberry juice you drink should be free of sugar and additives! (Source)

2. Broccoli and Cabbage

Broccoli and cabbage (as well as radishes, kale, and many other vegetables) belong to a family called Brassica. These veggies contain substances called isothiocyanates. These isothiocyanates, particularly one called sulforaphane, are very potent at killing h. pylori. The foods highest in sulforaphanes are sauerkraut juice, broccoli, and broccoli sprouts. So add these to your diet to eradicate h. pylori. (Source 1, 2). You can buy broccoli sprouts here.

3. Garlic, Onions, Scallions, Leeks, and Shallots

The potent smell that these veggies produce when you cut them open? The smell actually comes from a potent antibacterial substance which is designed to protect the plant – and can also be used as a natural antibiotic. No wonder studies show that people who eat onions have lower incidence of h. pylori infection! (Source)

4. Green Tea

Green tea has long been known for its antioxidants which can boost health. One more reason to add green tea to your diet is that studies have shown it fights off h. pylori bacteria and also reduces inflammation.

5. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best natural cures for stomach bugs, and its benefits extend to h. pylori infections too. Studies have shown that ginger fights h. pylori by 1) acting as an antibacterial agent, 2) protecting gastric mucus, 3) reducing inflammation, and 4) inhibiting growth of h. pylori. (Source 1, 2)

6. Manuka Honey

I’ve long been a proponent of Manuka honey. The stuff is wonderful! It contains a natural form of hydrogen peroxide in it which is great for treating bacterial infections. Note that all types of honey do have some antibacterial properties, but Manuka honey has shown to be the most potent in studies. (Source 1, 2). You can buy manuka honey here.

7. Oil of Oregano

Oil of oregano is something that I first learned about while fighting SIBO. It contains a chemical called carvacrol which works by destroying the cell membranes of bacteria and stopping them from replicating. A great thing about oil of oregano is that it kills bad bacteria while keeping healthy bacteria intact. This is crucial for preventing gut dysbiosis! Read how to use oil of oregano here. Buy oil of oregano here.

8. Vitamin C (Especially Citrus Fruits)

Studies have shown that people who have high amounts of vitamin C in their diets are less likely to have h. pylori infection. The reasoning behind this is because Vitamin C is highly concentrated in the stomach mucus. It likely reduces inflammation and protects against h. pylori infection. (Source)

9. Fatty Acids (Especially Fish)

Fatty acids don’t necessarily kill h. pylori bacteria. However, having a high intake of healthy fats helps to reduce inflammation (for more on this topic, read this article about Omega 3 to 6 ratio). By keeping inflammation down, the fatty acids inhibit gastric carcinogenesis. (Source 1, 2, 3)

10. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of my all-time favorite superfoods. It is a potent anti-inflammatory, antimutagen, and antioxidant. Now we can add antibacterial to the list too.

Multiple studies have shown how turmeric can eradicate h. pylori infections. It is thought to work by blocking the shikimate pathway which is required for metabolic production in bacteria. (Source 1, 2, 3). You can buy quality turmeric here.

11. Certain Probiotics

H. pylori causes major changes to the gastric environment, particularly that it changes the stomach’s pH. This in turn causes a change in the gut flora. And, if you didn’t know yet, gut flora is very important to overall health!

A probiotic is any bacteria which has positive effects when taken. In the case of h. pylori, certain probiotics can fight off the harmful bacteria while healing the stomach lining and reducing symptoms.

The two types of probiotics which are particularly promising for h. pylori treatment are:

  • Sacharomyces boulardii (buy here)
  • Lactobacillus strains (buy here)

Ortho Molecular makes a really good probiotic which contains both of these probiotics, and also doesn’t contain any prebiotics (which could feed your h. pylori infection) or substances harmful to the gut. You can buy it here.

Foods to Avoid with H. Pylori

I can’t emphasize how important diet is to h. pylori treatment. Not only could your diet be aggravating symptoms, but it could be causing h. pylori to proliferate!

1. Carbohydrates

Bacteria are living things. Just like all living things, they need to eat something – and they particularly love carbohydrates. So, it is no surprise that studies have found that people who eat more carbs have higher rates of h. pylori infection.

You can’t get rid of carbs completely (healthy fruits and veggies are going to have some carbs in them). However, you can make sure that you get rid of all of those sweets from your diet, ditch bread and grains (which wreak havoc on your gut anyway), and up your protein consumption instead.

Note that soft drinks are particularly terrible for h. pylori. Studies show a correlation between soft drink consumption and h. pylori. Since they are loaded with sugar, chemicals, and preservatives, there is absolutely no reason you should be drinking these! (Source 1, 2, 3)

2. Salt

Salt isn’t directly going to feed h. pylori and make the infection worse. However, salt will increase your risk of getting cancer if you have an h. pylori infection!

Why? The theory is that salt disturbs the viscosity and integrity of the stomach mucus, thus making it easier for h. pylori to colonize it and cause damage. So lay off the salty foods!(Source 1, 2)

3. Pickled Foods

One of the things you’ll find across zillions of webpages talking about h. pylori diet is that you shouldn’t eat pickled foods.

Wait, but I thought pickled foods were good for my gut!

Yes, studies show that eating pickled foods increase risk of gastric cancer with h. pylori. What they fail to mention is that these are commercially-bought pickled foods that are made with vinegar and lots of salt.

Eating lacto-fermented pickled foods is actually good for h. pylori because they contain healthy probiotics which can fight h. pylori. So, go ahead and eat fermented pickles and skip the supermarket ones. (Source 1, 2)

4. Coffee and Alcohol

These two substances are notorious for aggravating ulcers. Wait until your stomach heals until you start consuming them again.

5. Foods that Irriate the Stomach

H. pylori damages the lining of the stomach and cause inflammation. Any foods which further damage the GI tract are going to be terrible for your healing process.

This means avoiding all processed foods, sugars, and gluten — foods which could lead to leaky gut syndrome. When your stomach is healthy, it will be in a much better position to fight off h. pylori!

Want to Go Beyond Diet for Treating H. Pylori?

While eating the listed h. pylori foods (and avoiding the other foods) will help get your h. pylori under control, it might not be enough to eradicate it completely.

I took my h. pylori treatment to the next level by using supplements (you can read about it here). Two of the best supplements for h. pylori are mastic gum and matula tea.

To show it that it really is possible, here are my before/after test results. It feels good to get your GI health under control!

Test results before treatment

Here are the results of my stool test after taking matula tea

Have you tested positive for h. pylori? How are you treating it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Mar 07, 2020 @ 02:22:45

Of course it’s possible to avoid carbs completely to not feed the h. pylori! There are plenty of people doing really well on ketogenic or carnivore diets! There is nothing at all in fruit, or any other plant food, that is essential for the human body. We can obtain all our nutrients from animal foods, and the body runs perfectly well on fat and protein alone. In fact, it runs more efficiently on fat than on carbs. We don’t need any fibre, or any of those plant phytochemicals like the polyphenols that are actually just NRF2 activators, not real anti-oxidants. That is what the food industry would like us to believe, so that they can sell us lots of “healthy” plant food on which they can make a big markup.

Mar 03, 2020 @ 21:18:46

Today the pharmacist told me to use Manuka honey mgo 400, coconut oil , A natural antibiotic propolis and broccoli extract against hpylori

Dec 03, 2019 @ 03:52:13

i have been taking turmeric, and honey for long period of time but still have pains and lost lots of weight.
i really dont know what to do to get ride of the H pylori.

for a very long time more than 08 years, please i need help.

Vash Patel
Jan 28, 2020 @ 00:45:11

Hi Peter, i have been recently detected with H Pylori through endoscopy. My doctor has immediately started my treatment. I am on a 14 day H Pylori treatment which contains 2 antibiotics and 1 proton inhibitor to be taken twice a day. please consult a GI specialist in your area and i hope you get well soon!

khazan waheed butt
Mar 07, 2020 @ 05:00:11

i have h-pylori last 1.5 years. my symptoms are gone but many problems i doctor advise me to eat combination of 3 types of medicines. i eat and feel comfortable. but i 1.5 years pass away, when i eat food that i avoid at the time of treatment, my stomach become so much effect.when i eat sugar(artificial or nature) my stomach become so disturb.when i eat oily food my stomach become disturb, and that food not digest.and when i avoid such foods i become healthy . i want to know that is how much time it takes to proper recovery of my stomach. i can’t eat fry food, its not digest. i can”t eat any type of beans. i just eat simple food. is there time of recovery? or still avoid these food life time ?

May 14, 2019 @ 17:04:05

I have been diagnosed positive for H. Pylori. And I am going to start my meds may be in a day or two. But I have been fighting for stomach issues for years now. Can H.pylori go without direction for a long time?
I don’t remember anyone doing the test for it til now though.

A ssdsdas
Jun 16, 2019 @ 05:43:31

I have had it for almost 20years, and have been really ill for over 8 years. My doctors refused to test for any bacteria, I only got tested when I went to another country and the doctor I saw immediately tested for H. Pylori and the results came back strongly positive.

Feb 24, 2019 @ 15:02:06

I was recently diagnosed with this bacteria. The doctors at the gastroenterology office put me on an anti-reflux diet and gave me a sheet of things I can and can’t eat. Citrus, onions, and fatty foods are on the “Foods to Avoid” section of the paper. So do not consume these things if you are on this diet like me.

carol o
Jan 20, 2019 @ 10:07:42

Besides taking mastic gum, dgl licorice, manuka honey with an umf of 15 or higher, eating raw broccoli sprouts with organic extra virgin olive oil on it…chewing some mastic gum-which u can get on amazon (the other mastic gum is in pill form—the chewing one can get rid of h pylori that hides in the plaque in your teeth)plus adding all the other things recommended in this site.. in some combination of a couple of things to however aggressive you want to be..though many from reading in internet only take two things for a month and then do over a few months later . Turmeric needs an organic evo or organic butter heated up on stove a few seconds with a little pepper or cayenne . Teaspoon or tablespoon. The oil and pepper helps the tumeric go directly to cells. Can add honey and put in tea or swallow right off a spoon.

Mar 01, 2019 @ 19:54:08

Hello , I just found out I had H pylori. My gut hurt for 6 weeks. I went to doctor and ER 4 times. I had to finally tell a doctor to check me for H pylori. They gave me medince took 3 doses of the amox clythromiyin and Lansoprazole I could not sleep my body twitched and my brain stoped sleeping. So scarey went back to ER. Now I’m doing cabage juice raw 2x a day for last 2 days. Oregeno oil, 150mg x 3 started today cocnut oil 3 tea 3x a day 1 teaspoon turmeric x2 cocnut water, cranberry juice 1/2 cup x 2 eat raw garlic 3 days Mastic gum 1000mg no food moring 500mg afternoon 1000mg night empty stomach. Then 2 dose PepziGI zinc 1 does am 1 does PM at night empty stomich. Bought fiber biscuits today. I’m finally feeling ok. Thank you Jesus it has been hell. I plan to do cabbage 14 days 2x a day, mastic gum 30days, oregeno 30 days cocnut oil turmeric ginger too 30 days.

Trisha Augustin
Jan 03, 2019 @ 20:56:35

Hi, for the pass year I’ve been having a lot of stomach pains plus bloating plus diarrhea almost once every week, I figure it might have to do with the fact that I have fibroids (the bloating and stomach pain) so I kinda ignored it , until I realize I started having pain in my upper stomach everytime I eat. I started feeling really tired, weak and dizzy. All this time I keep thinking most of my symptoms is because of my fibroid because I have very heavy period due to the fibroid. So I decided to contact my doctor after i got the bad news that my closes aunt is battling cervical cancer ( which she just pass away few days ago) i went in to panic mode thinking i might have some type of cancer. After telling my doctor all my symptoms she had me do some blood test and an ultrasound which I just got the results yesterday (jan.2.2019) I was have H. Pylori , so now I just started four different types of medications. Clarithromycin 500mg, metronidazole 500gm, amoxicillin 500gm and Rabeprazole 20mg. Was just wondering if anyone was given that much meds and did it work……and I also for got to say I found out I also have gallstones. Is this even common? Lord knows I am so afraid right now if these meds dont work what might happen.

Johnny Mudhar
Jan 10, 2019 @ 18:54:09

Hi trisha yes I am taking the same meds as you. My Doctor told me it is a very vigorous bacteria. After 8 to 12 weeks i have to do a breathe test to determine if it is gone. If it is not then My Doctor told me there might be another cycle of medicine for 7 days. I have been on theses meds for 7 days. I feel little better. Follow the foods to eat to eradicate the bacteria. good luck and God bless your Health. Cheers, Johnny

Edwin Manoti
Jan 11, 2019 @ 01:58:18

Hello am Edwin Manoti from Kenya ,,am under treatment of H pylori infection,,at times it reaches a point where you get so tired, fatigue, dizziness and so on am using esofag kit and hope it will work well for me

Jan 22, 2020 @ 23:10:44

Hi Edwin Manoti am using esofag kit too praying it will work well. the dizziness and fatigue are too much

Mar 03, 2020 @ 21:09:06

Annabell what isesofag kit?

Nov 27, 2018 @ 22:15:20

hello, i just found out i have H.P i always wondered why my stomach was always upset. i went to the doctor and they told me. now i am on 1st regiment. my stomach has so much air and i always feel uncomfortable. please help with anything i can do to supplement the medication. i need to heal faster.

Mar 04, 2020 @ 23:50:09

Hi, How are you now. Have you started to feel better or still feel bloated and air trapped.

Nov 16, 2018 @ 12:08:15

I was diagnosed last week with H-Pylori. My Gastro Doc wanted to put me on 3 antibiotics at once, including Clarithryomycin. I have had C DIFF twice in my life due to antibiotics so I protested. On top of that, I had no ulcers and no symptoms, just extreme fatigue. They found H-P during an Endoscopy because I have GERD and IBS. I went to an Infectious Disease specialist who changed me to Flagyl, Omeprazole, Bismuth and Tetracycline. I just started the meds today. I know I’m in for a rough ride for 2 weeks, and I know I’ll be in the bathroom all the time. So much for the Holidays. After reading all these posts I’m not at all convinced the meds will work. I’ll see how am a week from now, but if I’m feeling even worse I will stop the antibiotics before things get out of hand.I just have a bad feeling I’ll be fighting this for a year!! Has anyone else had success with this Flagyl, Omeprazole, Bismuth and Tetracycline combination?

Nov 29, 2018 @ 17:56:54

Hi I just felt bad for you.there is a published scientific study called successful eradication of helicobacter pylori with over the counter products in the natural medicine journal. I’m about to try it because my ulcer pain is as horrible as my typing. It’s a 2 week protocol. Maybe we both heal?

Oct 15, 2018 @ 16:58:20

On the Plant Paradox diet for two years. Lost 20 lbs and needed to gain some back and added in resistant starches and some almond flour etc. I then have a lot of issues. Have basically had digestive issues for 20 years from low stomach acid. I had H Pylori in 2013 plus Hookworm and then recently diagnosed with H Pylori and SIBO….had overgrowth of Klebsiella in meantime. Doctor was treating me with herbals and Biocidin. My diet is very clean. I do have one cup of coffee with stevia and coconut milk . Very tired, irritable, but bloating is better and so are bowels. Cannot seem to handle starch well and never could or fiber as it plugs me up. Curious if the low stomach acid is the culprit. I do use HCL but may not be using enough. Thanks. Cindy

Nov 02, 2018 @ 14:43:42

I had no symptoms at all. Went to see my gastroenterologist a week before my birthday my I was having IBS issues and she heard the sounds coming from my stomach and suggested I get a colonoscopy and endoscopy immediately. I went in had it done and she said I had h. pylori I had never heard of it before. She prescribed antibiotics and I’ve been taking them for the past 6 days. I have 3 children and the pills makes pregnancies a cake walk! I wish I found this article before I started. I practice very clean eating so I was really shocked. I will continue the regiment until its done, but if it isn’t completely cleared up I will try your approach to a more natural remedy.

Oct 04, 2018 @ 20:21:05

I was tested positive for Hpylori in August. It caused a peptic ulcer in my stomach. These parasites caused so many symptoms and made me very sick (pain in stomach, high blood pressure due to anxiety, pain under my ribs, lower back, fatigue, had no energy, pale, burning gnawing pain, belching, gas, bloating loss of appetite lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks!! These parasites literally messed up digestive tract! I was given triple antibiotic treatment it messes up my digestive track. My symptoms are gone but i am not 100 percent like before! I got retested with the breath test waiting for my results! I hope it’s negative. I’m taking culturelle probiotic to get my stomach back on track. I can’t believe how powerful this bacteria is never heard it before. I read a lot about herbal remedy. Garlic helped me a lot mix with yogurt, kefir yogurt drink, Mastic gum, and Dgl capsules, manuka honey, olive oil, vinegar and warm water helped kill them, lemon 1/2 squeeze with warm water on empty stomach morning they don’t like Acid! Take vitamin c 1,000 mg daily. Jogging,or brisk walk every day! Detox tea! Green tea 2-3’cups a day drink. Stay away from sugar, no carbs, eat fruits berries, cranberry juice, veggies steamed baked, cabbage juice boil some leaves in water let warm and drink daily, protein stay away from starchy carbs! I hope this helps as it did for me. I hope it’s gone praying .

Oct 14, 2018 @ 05:11:36

Hey Lillian, I’ve been sick with similar symptoms also trouble sleeping, for 3 months, they did some blood work and now this week ultrasound on my stomach, and a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Halloween, which thank god was moved up from January, I kept on them. All kind of things are running through my head, can’t wait to find out what this is but I suspect it’s what you have, how did they find out what you have ?

marilyn o adair
Dec 12, 2018 @ 21:13:55

Hi Lillian ive been sick with some similar symptoms you have trouble sleeping bec.i feel discomfort at night when laying down in bed,stomach gurgling,i suffered this for over 4 months.And last night when i go to the bathroom i urinate,i feel pain and my urine is cloudy.The next day went to the doctor and do some lab test and they found out im positive of h pylori and yeast infection.I have had 4 prescriptions i am taking the medication im on my ist day as of now , but i also want to do the same thing you did,like lemon juice on an empty stomach,but is it okey if i do this while im on my medication process?

Dec 03, 2018 @ 19:17:21

Hey lillian the same here . I have been ill can’t move or do things just sleeping in the sofa . I Can Berly made it to restroom.first started with my left chest, rips, Brest ,arm and shoulder ,after been in pain for 2 weeks , one night I experience with Heart population , chill, shake ,hand sweating , blood pressure high 156/82, and can’t breath at all . I called 911 and want emergency they so much blood but everything was normal only my potassium Was 3.2. The dr told me that why I’m having this because of low potassium . anyways I did follow up with my primary doctor , took the breath test and blood work. She told me I have h pylori . I started with 3 antibiotic, 5 days ago . Actually the treatment makes me feel more worset my body is like on fire and got bad test like row Alyvera gel at first. Now I’m feeling better and started walking. But I’m still having dizziness in my head and feel I got stone my upper stomach under my rib cage not digesting food .im praying by the name of Jesus to be completely cure not having the worst sickness I ever have…

Jennifer Sultzer
Aug 13, 2018 @ 22:00:23

I did not have any symptoms of H pylori or digestive issues. When I had a body scan in July the Dr. saw the inflammation and suggested I get tested which came back positive. I wish I had found this site before starting antibiotic treatment. I was given Lansoprazole, Amoxicillin (2 capsules), and Clarithromycin in AM and PM for 14 days. I am on day 7. I have not had any side affects from the antibiotics other than the constant taste in my mouth which drives me crazy. I have been eating a KETO diet since April so I am hoping that has helped. I do not eat sugar and my carbs are around 9 grams a day. My question is should I stop treatment and start a natural treatment? Am I going to overwhelm my system by taking all the suggestions above at the same time? I never take pills and rarely go to the Dr., but was told how serious this could become and antibiotics were the only way. I regret not having done more research. Did I mention I am going on a vacation out of the country in 3 weeks and now I am worried my digestive system is going to give me issues. Any advice would be most helpful.

Nov 02, 2018 @ 10:27:48

Jennifer, I am in the same boat as you and though i have gone through 3 types of treatment that one which is the one you took I nearly died I had a bad allergic reaction to the amoxicillin. The second treatment I had mental instability and was having crying spells and why was I living on this earth for, and the third one made I only took two out of the 3 bc my insurance did not cover a 3,000 dollar medication and who in the world has 3k to drop on a medication now a days. To top it off of the two I did take one is levaquin which causes tearing and weakness of the tendons and this can be perm damage ! which I experience on the 9th day of 10 day treatment .. and my international trip is in 6 days from now and I can’t cancel my trip ..

Jul 06, 2018 @ 00:14:21

Has anyone noted or made the connection between anxiety and h pylori? It would be an interesting medical pursuit to examine the pathway between the two. I have had the two concurrent symptoms at various times across my whole life but doctors only seem to examine each symptom as an individual event. I read this blog and conclude that they are indivisible linked in at least fifty percent of cases.

Sarah Carlson
Aug 29, 2018 @ 08:43:12

Yes there is likely a connection between the two since GI problems are linked to psychological issues. See the Kaiser Permanente study which resulted in an article called Your ACES Score, based on childhood occurance of anxiety type issues and the resulting adult medical issues.

Jul 05, 2018 @ 15:59:41

Had the pylori viras took meda. Had another test said I was clear. My symptoms as not gone constant burping .
Gas in the stomach lost lots of weight.
I don’t believe it’s gone I’m going crazy.

Sep 23, 2018 @ 15:03:57

I’m going through this now..I eat and it seem as I haven’t eaten nothing.

Joao Neto
Jul 03, 2018 @ 12:29:40

magnesium stearate is presence in all the supplements isn it ?

Jun 25, 2018 @ 08:06:29

Please help…severe back pain and fatigue can b symptoms of h.pylori. i had endoscopy 4 days ago and theres posibility that i have h pylori.currently i am onboard the ship

Jul 04, 2018 @ 06:18:27

I’ve had this bacteria for 4 months. Going on 5. It’s no joke when people say to change your diet. I learned it the hard way. First time I was given the medication I was taking it wrong. SOOOO wrong that I am incredibly blessed that i didn’t over dose. I am a person that loves to eat fast food, fatty foods, junk food. You name it. I am a college student and I work full time as well. So my time was extremely limited and I truly didn’t know how to cook “healthy” wise. It’s best to go to your doctor and INSIST that you get checked and given the medication right away. It took me a long time to get back on the medication again (I am on my 2nd day for the 2nd round of treatment) because I felt worse while medicated. But like I mentioned earlier. I wasn’t taking the medication right and I’m allergic to penicillin. I eat beans when I get hungry and sandwiches with turkey. Randomly some almonds here and there. Literally do as much research as you can I use to take the medication and eat right away. Little did I know I wasn’t supposed to do that either. I did more research and learned more about it as the time passed, also I researched the medication I was given for the 2nd time. If your experiencing a lot of pain. Pls pls insist that your doctor rushes those orders. I waited 4 months JUST to start on the medication again. They had me going back and forth. The blood tests where ran wrong. I had to go through an endoscopy too. It was a pain in the ass. Just so that I can be on the medication again. I wish you the best of luck. Also when your sleeping. Make sure your kinda sitting up. I promise it’ll help with the acid reflux and some of the pain your experiencing. For the fatigue. Just constantly eat little snacks here and there. I wasn’t allowed to drink anything else other than water.

maureen ginsberg
Jun 25, 2018 @ 03:28:32

I think it is too late for my friend. Her H pylori treatment has lead to c diff and pseudomembranous colitis (vancomycin; clindamycin; doxycycline; flagyl). Drastic drop in weight. She can no longer eat and her body is in starvation mode. She found a good doctor/nutritionist who recommended PICC line to give her some nutrition. Doctor threw script out and said you don’t need this. Predicted she may only have six months left.

Jun 10, 2018 @ 17:22:01

Hello every one. So if you are going to fight hp, time is what it’s going to take. Diet is the most important part! 2nd off medication is very helpful, if used right. So if your going to go med route stay on diet. You don’t want to feed the bacteria wright!
Diet is pretty dam hard I’m not gonna lie! But you’ll get used to it. Inflammation will also go down threw out your whole body etc the stomach. Then bacteria will start to die off it’ll take months or even a year depending on the severity of your hp! To heal It takes time.
So if you go med route. It’ll be faster. you’ll have to keep taking different regimens until the hp is killed. After that your stomach is going to be messed up, like a bomb hit it! So best things to do is think of your stomach like a field that is all dead.
Your going to need to rake level it out clean up all the bomb fragments. Okay so after treatment mastic gum is important + bio hpf to get a gut flora going agian now YOU need to plant your GOOD bacteria and feed your garden. Stuff like bananas asperigas an there’s many more. So you’ll need (probiadics) like kefir kubucha…. and (prebiadics) like bananas asperigas… and (probiadic) boosters supplements… an please stay on diet very important! give it atleast three months an then retest.
I was sick for two years in an out off doctors hospital for dizzyness blurred vision fatigue anxiety depression chest pain… I started taking lot of supplements because doc wasn’t helping I fixed my anxiety depression an fatigue, using B complex 1000mg vitamin c, adrenal magnesium multi vitamin all daily. But that disentangle fix dizzyness an all the other stuff. YOUR stomach has to heal befor you do . Your stomach is your second brain so heal it an you’ll get better! Take care of your selfvs.

Jun 05, 2018 @ 12:22:06

I was diagnosed with h p pylori 10 days ago and was instantly put on triple antibiotic therapy. What a mess. I have never felt so sick in my life. I was supposed to be on it for fourteen days, but did not last due to major side effects (blurry vision, shaking, inability to think, walk, etc.). I am trying to follow up with natural methods to help eradicate this horrible little bug, but have not found much success in the medical community. I am now including coconut oil, turmeric and heavy probiotics in my diet. It was suggested by a homeopathic MD that I try Argestyn 23. Has anyone ever tried this? I am hoping that if I follow up with some homeopathic remedy it may help the 9 days I took the antibiotics.

Yulia Hancheroff
Jun 12, 2018 @ 16:31:34

I did the same 10 days instead of 14 and follow up with natural remedies. But after one month tested positive for HPylori again:(
Now got to figure it out what to do.

Hi Yulia, Did you use the matula tea? If so please reach out to them and send them a copy of your results.

Umaima Magan
May 31, 2018 @ 10:07:09

I was diagnosed with H.pylori in 2015 I was so weak everyday and every food I eat used bother me a lot.
I lost a lot of weight in 3 months Doctors gave me two different antibiotics it didn’t work at all it keep coming back again and again I decided to start some remedies at home ever morning I mixed turmeric,ginger, honey lemon with warm water with an empty stomach in 2 straight months and I used to walk at least 30 minuets every morning. I started feeling better and better. I went to the Doctors office for follow up they I got the good news of my H. Pylori test was negative God I was so happy they give me again 30 days tablets to eliminate any acid reflux that it caused. Sorry I forgot to add I made sure to stay away from Processed foods and decreased my sugar and salt intakes.

Jun 03, 2018 @ 17:54:06

Hi I’m interested in trying the tumeric etc you have in warm water while I’m trying to eradicate my pylori. How much tumeric etc do you mix up together? Do you grate fresh ginger in the mix? Thanks, Sharon

Aug 04, 2018 @ 19:26:36

UmaimaMagan, please could you explain how, and how much to mix the turmeric etc

Kristine E.
Dec 28, 2018 @ 18:04:10

I’d love to know more about the turmeric honey drink too.

May 29, 2018 @ 10:05:30

I have H. Pilori, Gastrits and irritable bowel symdrome. I started a two regime of 3 different antibiotics. I had an Endoscopy and Colonoscpy first which deteceted it. I have a lot bloating, some stomach cramping, low appetite and some fatgue. I am a fitness person and my stomach has never been this bloated!! Frustrated. JT

Umar Khalid
May 19, 2018 @ 09:00:57

Hi to every body in this house. I was diagnosed with H. P three weeks ago after I had an attack of shortage of breath. Now placed on antibiotics ( Ulcer kids for two weeks, Gaviscon and damprozole) had some relief but not completely. I still have anxiety, difficult breath and in digestion sometime. Now not comfortable need advice on what to do best to eradicate the problem. Thanks

May 10, 2018 @ 08:54:58

Hi everyone! I got diagnosed with H. Pylori over a month ago. I had suspected I had it for years now. The only symptom I actually had was a nauseating feeling when on an empty stomach for hours. I assumed it was part of being hungry, but apparently that’s not how one should feel when needing to eat. I did a lot of research as to how to get rid of HP naturally, while making my mom and my boyfriend test for it. They both tested positive as well, as it runs in families and households; it is very contagious; all it takes is to share utensils, drinking containers, saliva, or sex. I don’t think antibiotics are the right route to fix it, because if you have HP, you are very likely to also have either a Leaky Gut (Permeable Intestines), or SIBO, along with other digestive issues. FACT: H. Pylori is found in patients with all kinds of digestive cancers, liver, pancreas, stomach, and colon, so do not ignore this very devastating bacterial infection, take action! I believe antibiotics will only make such intestinal problems worse! And Leaky Gut is also associated with many intestinal cancers, so is it the chicken or the egg? Does HP cause the holes in your stomach and intestines or does your leaky gut allow the HP to thrive inside you and stay there to live happily inside you? I don’t know, but, antibiotics are known to cause ulcers (holes and gaps in some part of your digestive track). So putting more antibiotics in you is like dropping an atomic bomb in your digestive system. The current medications for H. Pylori are: 2 different types of antibiotics at the same time (because HP knows how to cheat just one antibiotic). Plus a pump inhibitor, which reduces stomach acid production (because Pylori thrives in acid). However, that acid is necessary for good digestion. The quicker route, antibiotics for 15 days, is only quick in the short run, but in the long run, you will have to fix your gut lining and that takes no less than 3 months to a year. I have also asked several people that I know have had HP, what they did to take care of it, in a couple of cases they took the antibiotics, and these didn’t work and they felt worse afterwards. Finally, they did the hard work, started changing their diet, taking natural oil‘s, and supplements, and that successfully got rid of the H. Pylori bacteria. Not everyone reacts to oils and supplements the same, but these (some in combination), are known to help: oregano oil (I know someone who took this for 6 months and got rid of Pylori, but be careful because it is so strong that too much of it can also break your stomach), milk thistle (because it’s a liver cleanser, black walnut, GARLIC (H. Pylory does not like garlic at all!) and other really strong herbal solutions, can eradicate the problem without causing others. Nonetheless, do not underestimate the power of herbs, they have to be taken wisely as they can also be harsh in your stomach). So I’m about to start the natural route, so will my boyfriend, my mom is so stubborn she says she’ll go the quick pills route (which I think it’s suicide as she already complains of digestive issues such as bloated stomach and “pooping” problems, so not sure antibiotics will make any of that better), BUT I don’t have conclusive results yet, SORRY, I wish! We’ll see what happens. the options are: take the antibiotics route, destroy your insides, then fix them later (which can take no less than 3 months on a strict diet and supplements). Or you can take natural herbs and supplements, while on a strict diet, and it will take no less than 3 months to 6 months, depending on each person’s metabolism and severity of bacterial infection of HP. But if you use this last route, you will feel like a million dollars afterwords, as your entire life will improve by changing your diet and getting rid of crap in your system. That I know because it is more or less the same diet that I used before, to improve my immune syystem. I have autoimmune issues, that diet helped helped immensely. Quitting gluten for instance, got rid of my joints inflamation. And quitting cow’s milk, got rid of a lunghs inflamation I had for 7 years. I stopped eating all kinds of processed foods, and added more veggies to my diet, and I felt fantastic afterwords, not just physically but emotionally, as proud of myself for sticking to such strict eating healthy habits. It wasn’t easy in any way though, so prepare yourself for madness, for a while I was like a junkie getting off heroin! Now I’ve started my H.Pilori “cleanse” and I am craving sugar and hyper salty deep fried potato chips like crazy! But I know H. Pylori thrives in sugar, so you have to avoid it at all costs!
FYI, I’m going to try to fix my H. Pylory with this strict diet while taking a whole set of Biocidin. I’m not advertising it as I haven’t tried it yet, but I saw that it had a lot of the hebs and oils that supposedly eradicate HP, all in one dropper bottle. I’m going to also take another one of their producrs as it also has a chelating agent, I think it was either clay or charcoal. Chelating means it will bind to whichever toxins or bacteria I’m trying to get rid of, and thus help eliminate the eliminate them out of my body. So it’s not just killing Pylori, it’s getting it out of my system. I wish I had results for you, but I hope my research helps your journey in getting rid of Pylori. Do not ignore the problem! It will not go away by itself! And it will require effort and changes on your part!

Jun 11, 2019 @ 17:49:32

Thank you for sharing Esther. Have you been successful on the natural path? I have h.p (got picked up in a stool test) and am seeing a naturopath to help eliminate naturally. My partner got a breath test done which came back negative but I’m pretty certain he has it as he has had the symptoms much worse than me. What mode of testing did you, your partner and mother take?

teresa boudreau
Apr 28, 2018 @ 08:41:16

Last August had Endescopy. In November, (follow up) advised I had the pylori bacteria and 2 ulcers. With Antibiotics and meds for 8 days, and on the ninth vomiting blood. No more meds for me. New specialist wishes to place me on more meds, and I decided to leave the meds and try proper diet for pylori. He is treating my ulcers. The meds poisoned my system. Now my diet is (lots of onions, always ate garlic) broccoli, sauerkraut. Manuka honey, cranberries and probiotics and feel somewhat better. No more ugly meds for me. Cannot for the life of me figure why they would give you meds that made you sicker that what you are. Had to pay $100. for the pylori breath test. Now I hear I could have had a blood test. Not happy with doctor advice.

Thanks for listening.

Apr 21, 2018 @ 03:41:40

I am suffering from h pylori for few years. Tried all the antibiotics not helping me. Had gone through terrible time. Life is not normal sometimes I get anxiety attack also and sortnessh of breathing. Now trying Manuka honey and mastic gum. Would love to hear if anyone has better tips and guide to eradicate h pylori. Many thanks in advance

Apr 21, 2018 @ 03:35:41

I am also diagnosis with H Pylori for few years now. I have gone through terrible time. I have tried triple therapy few times and different antibiotics is not helping me, it keeps coming Sometimes it gives me an anxiety. Now trying Manuka honey UMF15+ grade with mastic gum. If anyone has better therapy would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance

Mar 01, 2019 @ 19:56:52

I just found out I had H pylori. My gut hurt for 6 weeks. I went to doctor and ER 4 times. I had to finally tell a doctor to check me for H pylori. They gave me medince took 3 doses of the amox clythromiyin and Lansoprazole I could not sleep my body twitched and my brain stoped sleeping. So scarey went back to ER. Now I’m doing cabage juice raw 2x a day for last 2 days. Oregeno oil, 150mg x 3 started today cocnut oil 3 tea 3x a day 1 teaspoon turmeric x2 cocnut water, cranberry juice 1/2 cup x 2 eat raw garlic 3 days Mastic gum 1000mg no food moring 500mg afternoon 1000mg night empty stomach. Then 2 dose PepziGI zinc 1 does am 1 does PM at night empty stomich. Bought fiber biscuits today. I’m finally feeling ok. Thank you Jesus it has been hell. I plan to do cabbage 14 days 2x a day, mastic gum 30days, oregeno 30 days cocnut oil turmeric ginger too 30 days.

Mar 25, 2018 @ 07:42:27

I have it for dice month last a month with antibiotic, i get the test and come positive Again, bit my doctor only said way good and hice more antibióticos, i don t know what to due help.

Mar 22, 2018 @ 06:42:01

She was also put on amoxicillin and Omeprazole to fight it but they have yet to test her again to see if she has it. Tested negative for ulcers as they did an endoscopy and everything came back normal. She’s now taking some probiotics as well as oregano oil and eating a very clean diet. I don’t know if that’s why she’s lost a lot of weight or the actual bacteria is doing this. She is very weak now and dizzy at times. Needs help walking. Did anyone else experience this? I’m at a loss and don’t know how to even help out.

May 02, 2018 @ 18:03:04

Make sure she’s using the ‘Glycemic index’ diet, as well as what’s written here on this site. Google that and a site with the same name will pop up.

May 19, 2018 @ 15:56:15

I have been sick since May 2017. Started with my blood pressure and blood sugar out of wack. Sugar dropping like crazy and BP up.Tons of tests, blood work, etc. Gallbladder removed for gallstones in July 2017. Still getting more sick. Passed out at work, dizzy all the time and the weight loss started end of 2017. By April 2018 I was down 45lbs.
Finally scoped by Dr to find Hpylori….which I know I have had to have for along time. I have had my two week of antibiotics and now on protonix. I started feeling bad again. My blood pressure and blood sugar have stabilized, but I feel so sick.
The Dr says my stomach looks ok, my intestines ok…also my liver and pancreas was ok.
It just feels like I am going to crumple to the ground somedays. No energy…..I am not retaining nutrients….help.

Jan 15, 2019 @ 02:46:40

Hi Michelle, I just want to know how was your progress? I am In The same situation you were in. Were you able to gain weight back?

Mar 22, 2018 @ 06:36:19

What other symptoms did you have along with this H.pylori bacteria? My mom was diagnosed back in December and is still very much ill. She’s lost about 30 lbs from it but is saying she feels like a burning sensation all over her body, prickly feelings like being pricked or bitten by something all over her body. Very discomforting and it occurs all day 24/7.

Apr 28, 2018 @ 08:51:00

I think this is also what my Dad has.. he got a bleeding ulcer.. and 70-90% of ulcers are brought on by Hpylori… although they never did test him in hospital for that.. was writhing in pain every 3 hours.. especially after meals.. stopped prolantix a proton pump inhibitor that caused severe depression in him..
tried to go all natural.. but too painful, so now doing one 75 Zantac .. every 14 hours.. keeps him completely out of pain.. and while he seems to be able to eat anything on it.. we are doing diet to kill hpylori.. wheat grass juice, carrot juice, garlic, low fat, organic . Zantac is saving our sanity.

waris khan
Apr 30, 2018 @ 23:46:24

Hey Adriana i have also experienced that but when i checked up i have been told that you have a homorhoid(piles) and you need the treartment and i have done the same and now i am feeling better than i was before.
so if you need any suggestion you can contact me through whatsapp 0093785713997 my number.

Joao Neto
Jul 03, 2018 @ 12:20:47

hi waris am so in trouble ive done breath test positive T0 – 28.8 T30 1.8 difference 30.6 so positive feel really unwell high bp brain burning nausea lower back pain tummy pain very fast heart rate …. try to call u to give some advise thanks

Julie Courtney
Mar 20, 2018 @ 16:26:53

I had a biopsy to find out whatvwas my problem The doctors here just kept feeding me meds that wasnt the problem andaMy GI doctor knee what to look for..
I just finished a 10 day antibiotics and panprrzole I had a really bad experience with it I stayed sick the entire time on the meds. After the meds I have been reaking havoic with my stomach now. I eat very little and strickly eat fresh veggies and fruits and found the fresh yard egss help. The store bought really tend to affect me. Will test in 30 days to see if I still have it.

Ahmad Sohail
Feb 16, 2018 @ 09:38:27

Hi ! my name is Ahmad sohail from pakistan .
Actually i am suffering from H-pylori from few days ago .
I did my blood test Of H-pylori and its positive In test .
And i have many other problems both mentally and physically like ,
Hyper acidity , Nausea Abdominal pain shortage of breath and panic attacks .
So tell me how can i rid from all that things .
I feel very disturbed all time .
So please help me and guide me .
And please tell may should i use mastic gum or not .

Apr 21, 2018 @ 03:29:21

Hi I am having the similar symptoms like you. Now I am trying mastic gum and Manuka honey. Stop coffee, alcohol, gluten foods try this good luck get well.

Steve Hennessey
Feb 07, 2018 @ 12:23:19

Interesting that doctors prescribe antibiotics which may or may not work, but seldom recommend natural foods or nutritional supplements. I’ve gone the antibiotic route and it alleviates it, however, it didn’t get rid of it. Mastic helps with symptoms. Juicing cabbage helps. I’ve tried probably every remedy out there and here’s what worked for me… Sauerkraut and broccoli sprouts… a little bit of each, morning and night.

Ann Marie
Jun 28, 2018 @ 22:38:45

How long have you been on the sprouts and cabbage?

Jan 28, 2018 @ 17:28:49

I suffered almost a year with symptoms. Just finished 2 weeks of antibiotics & omeprazole. Hopefully that did the trick

May 22, 2018 @ 21:21:54

Did it work, are you better?

May 18, 2019 @ 16:49:19

I’m finish the same treatment, and I have a second with broccoli sprouts and omeprazol , but I’m still feeling the same, I’m in a diet of more vegetables and fruits ,I feel better. Low sugar and salty food

Rose Barbaro
Dec 26, 2017 @ 07:40:51

I did two regimens of the matulla that didn’t work I did the antibiotics that worked then it came back I can’t take my stomach nausea anymore I have H pylori diverticulitis Gerd and IBS I’m a mess please help me I just ordered bone broth and I’ve been doing cumin oil

Hi Rose,
Sounds to me like you really need to work with a doctor to prioritize what to fix, when and how.

You guy should try Fermented cabbage juice, I hear it works wonders in killing it off and flushing it out of your system. Check out jilly juice on google it might save your life!

Nov 17, 2017 @ 11:11:44

I have been diagnosed with H Pylori and my doctor has put me on 2 weeks antibiotic medicine and omeprazole. But I am having diarrhea and vomiting. I want to try the natural remedies. I take turmeric in my food. But how do I cook brocolli sprout. What else can I do? I am going nuts.

Hello Sylvie, my son has been diagnosed with the h. pylori bacteria. Is the Matilda suitable for children? He’s five.

And from your article and comments I gather this is something that can be cured and rid off in his system?

Oct 02, 2017 @ 14:47:07

I too have just been diagnosed with h prorogued and am on a medicinal course. I am finding that I have to eat small amounts and chew entirely, which means also eating more slowly. The main hour of discomfort is bedtime, all of it, for the food seems not to move while in a reclining position. But I cannot stay up 24/7. What foods are best for nighttime? Also some of these other questions are very pertinent but I don’t always see responses.

Apr 12, 2018 @ 11:41:19

I also have been diagnosed with H Pylori and have been taking antibiotics and omeprazole. Have had symptoms which you mentioned and was very uncomfortable. My wife did a research and found out that I have to avoid all fruits and foods that create acid in the stomach. Eating alkaline foods helped to stop those symptoms. Hope this helps

Sep 26, 2017 @ 11:21:17

Am having hpylori positive wot need most to eat for breakfast and dinner. Am also taking my pills.wot about milk and bread

Tina Hughes
Aug 28, 2017 @ 09:53:47

What can you eat and what to avoid

That is literally what this entire article is about, Tina.

catherine chepkemoi
Aug 18, 2017 @ 01:50:20

Thanks alot everyone,at least have learnt alot.was diagnosed with H.pylori three days ago.

Aug 09, 2017 @ 06:52:19

Take extra virgin pine nut oil it’s a miracle to get rid of h pylori I develop enteritis due to h pylori had lot of stomach pain used a lot of antibiotics but no cure then I read about siberian pine nut oil u can get it from siberian treasure or amazon it really works like a miracle .hope this help others too

Jun 22, 2017 @ 16:40:48

Hi I was diagnosed with h pylori today and was put on 2 antibiotics for 10 days plus omeprazole for 8 weeks. I’m afraid to take this medicine but then afraid to get my symptom worse. What do you suggest? I’m all about natural remedy.

Jun 10, 2017 @ 21:26:28

What would you recommend treating first if you tested positive for: moderate SIBO, H. Pylori, Cryptosporidium and yeast overgrowth Broccoli and cabbage as with all the onions are not low-fodmap but great healing foods full of nutrients. I’m torn where to begin.

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I did H pylori first but I didn’t know I had SIBO at the time. In a way I think that would still be the way I’d treat (in that order) simply because H Pylori was relatively easy so maybe you could eliminate the easier ones first? As always, best to check with a doc. As far as diets go if you intersected the diets that are supported of all of those conditions you’d be left with not much so I would just do your best and adjust along the way. Hang in there. You will NOT be sick forever.

I have h pylori positive,i am taking antibiotics my doctor said it,s three week course but i am worried after reading it all

Chasmaan Khan
May 20, 2017 @ 03:16:16

How to take turmeric? Should we add in milk

Apr 01, 2017 @ 15:23:33

What if someone has SIBO AND h. Pylori? Which one would you recommend treating first? (Since the diets and some supplements are different for both issues).

Becky M
Mar 18, 2017 @ 09:14:06

I treated h pylori with pyloricil, interfase plus and dual detox with the guidance of a functional medicine doctor.

Glad you got rid of it, Becky! thanks for sharing

Gail High
Mar 16, 2017 @ 13:11:06

Sylvie (or whoever might have an answer!!) — Thanks SO much for all your helpful information both in your book (my Bible for this) and here! I have SIBO, with a very high hydrogen count (105 originally, down to 46 after Rifaximin , then up to 69.) Have struggled with whether to do another round of rifaximin and have finally decided to do it (I’m 3 days into it — although your arguments against it gave me great pause!) Last time I didn’t understand the importance of the diet so this time I’m trying to be very good about the diet. Cheating a little with garlic salt and occasionally, onions. Is Manuka honey ok with SIBO? Am looking into the hPylori test (although I don’t have symptoms of a stomach ulcer); if I do have it, would the benefit for hPylori of garlic and onion, outweigh the negative effect on my SIBO? . Also. is Casava fructose free sweetener ok? …and Big Tree organic coconut nectar, which is low glycemic? I would so, so appreciate an answer to these questions.

Barbara Landi
Jun 13, 2018 @ 14:47:12

Hi Sylvie, if you have SIBO manuka honey is not ok, I believe only Clover honey, in small amounts.

Mar 16, 2017 @ 10:30:33

Unfortunately, the probiotic you recommend from Ortho has magnesium sterate.Many reliable sources explain that magnesium stearate is very harmful for the gut. Very unfortunate because I really like the combination of probiotic strains in this one

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