There are no bugs! Overview of modern means of bedbugs

For the extermination of domestic bugs created a lot of a variety of insecticides. Let’s figure it out huge assortment of drugs, having considered all their pros and cons.

Medilis Antiklop

Liquid product consisting of a combination of three active pyrethroids.


  • Medilis from bedbugs destroys the entire colony of bedbugs with one treatment.
  • Immediately ready to use.
  • The protection period lasts about 2 months.
  • Not toxic to humans.
  • Exterminates even insects that have developed resistance to other insecticides.


  • High cost (389 rubles for 250 ml).

How to apply?

Insecticide spray all possible habitat for bedbugs and leave overnight. In the morning, you need to thoroughly ventilate the house and clean it up with a solution of soap and soda.

Photo drug Medilis Antiklop:


Liquid concentrate containing active neonicotinoid acetamiprid at a concentration of 5%.


  • Effectively exterminates even resistant bugs.
  • A single procedure is enough to destroy a population.
  • Inexpensive drug (300 rubles per 50 ml).


  • Before use, the concentrate must be diluted in water.

How to apply?

Concentrate to dilute usual cool water in the ratio 1:10. Then put in a spray bottle and treat all suspicious places. Remedy for bedbugs The blockade begins to act upon contact with the bug.

Photos of the drug Blockade:

Blockbuster — XXI

Aerosol intended for the extermination of all crawling household pests.


  • Bedbug remedy Blockbuster contains 3 active ingredients.
  • The bottle is equipped with a convenient long nozzle that allows you to spray the tool into hard-to-reach corners.
  • Odorless.
  • Begins to act immediately upon contact with bedbugs.
  • It is inexpensive (180 rubles for 400 ml).


  • One cartridge is not enough to handle even a one-room apartment. Consumption 1 bottle of 26-27 square meters. m
  • We’ll have to repeat the procedure after 7-8 days.
  • There is no protective period.

How to apply?

Insecticide is easy to use. It is enough to spray the product on suspicious areas and leave for an hour. After treatment, ventilate the room.

Photos of the drug Blockbuster:


Organophosphate preparation for extermination of the whole complex of home and garden pests.


  • Very cheap insecticide (.
  • Economic means. One ampoule is diluted in 10 liters of water.
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  • Remedy for bedbugs Vofatoks has a strong unpleasant odor.
  • First you need to prepare the working solution.

How to apply?

Dilute the ampoule (5 ml) in a bucket of ordinary water, pour into a container with a spray bottle and treat the places of residence of bugs. Leave the preparation for several hours or overnight, then ventilate the premises and wash the product with a solution of soda and soap.

Photos of the drug Wotafox:

Delta Zone

Innovative microencapsulated concentrated drug. The main substance — deltamethrin, destroying many household pests.


  • High effectiveness means.
  • Completely devoid of smell.
  • A bottle is enough to spray 100 square meters.
  • Exterminates the entire population after a single use.
  • It has a long residual effect.
  • Does not stain furniture and carpets with greasy marks.


  • Before spraying the insecticide should be brought to the desired concentration.
  • Remedy for bedbugs Delta Zone is expensive (750 rubles for 50 ml).

How to apply?

Dilute 25 ml of concentrate in 20 liters of water. Pour the solution into the tank with the sprayer and treat all the rooms. Leave on for 2-3 hours, then rinse with soapy water.

Photos of the drug Delta Zone:


Innovative Dutch insecticide with instant action.


  • The bug bugs destroy insects very quickly.
  • No secondary treatment required.
  • Economical concentrate, consumption of 100 ml of funds per 100 square meters. m
  • It has a long protective period.


  • The product has an unpleasant odor, which soon disappears.
  • The high cost of insecticide (1300 rubles per 100 ml).

How to apply?

Bottle 100 ml diluted with 20 liters of cold water, poured into a container with a spray bottle and spray the room. When processing all you need to follow the detailed instructions attached to the bottle.

Photos of the drug Zonder:


Powdered agent for pollination of rooms infected with bedbugs. Contains pyrethroid permethrin.


  • The insecticide is completely ready for processing.
  • Valid for 15-18 days.
  • Completely destroys the colony of bedbugs.
  • Ideal for processing non-residential and hard-to-reach places.
  • Cheap economical tool.


  • The powder is dangerous for children and pets.
  • It is difficult to apply insecticide in apartments and houses.

How to apply?

Pour Riapan from bedbugs in a thin layer in places where there are bedbugs and leave for 15-19 days. Subsequently rinse with water and soap.

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Photos of the drug Riapan:

The suspension concentrate containing zetapermethrin — contact pyrethroid.


  • A ram from bedbugs is relatively inexpensive (370 rubles for 50 ml).
  • Effective action.
  • No peculiar smell.
  • Low toxicity to humans and their pets.
  • Bedbugs do not have resistance to this drug.


  • Concentrate must first be diluted with water.

How to apply?

Add 3.5-5 ml of insecticide to a liter of cold water, mix and place in a container with a spray. Treat contaminated rooms. Approximate rate per square meter — 50 ml of working solution. Ventilate the apartment after 2 hours.

Photos of the drug Taran:

FAS Super

Combined insecticide in the form of a wetting powder or a water soluble tablet.


  • The combination of two active drugs is guaranteed to destroy bloodsuckers.
  • Acts as a fumigant, poisoning bedbugs in pairs.
  • As a contact agent enters the body.
  • It is inexpensive (100 rubles for 10 grams).


  • The Fas bedbug remedy does not act on parasite eggs, therefore it requires secondary processing in a week.
  • Before use, diluted with water.
  • Fas from bedbugs is dangerous for people and pets.
  • After opening the package quickly loses its properties.

How to apply?

Prepare the solution according to the instructions, using warm water. Place the liquid in the spray bottle and spray the places inhabited by bugs. Leave on for 3 hours, then rinse with water, pre-ventilated the room.


Insecticidal powder consisting of fenraderate pyrethroid and boric acid.


  • Almost imperceptible smell.
  • Low price (40 rubles per 100 grams).
  • Low toxicity to humans and pets.


  • Effective only with a small number of colonies.
  • Does not affect eggs.

How to apply?

Pierce a hole in the bag and pour powder through it in those places where bugs live. Acting phenaxine from bedbugs can take about 24-27 days.

Photos of the drug Fenaxin:


Organophosphate universal remedy, effective against a large complex of pests, including bedbugs.


  • Acts on all stages of life of bugs, including eggs.
  • Insects enter the organism not only through contact, but also through the respiratory system.
  • Affordable price (900 rubles for 800 gr).


  • Chlorofos differs from bugs in its strong toxicity for humans and pets.
  • The drug must first be diluted in water.
  • The product has a strong characteristic odor.

How to apply?

Make 1-2% working solution. It can be sprayed with a spray or applied with a brush, carefully processing all the places of life of bloodsuckers. Leave the agent for a day, then thoroughly ventilate all the rooms and wash the solution with water and soap diluted in it.

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Photos of the drug Chlorofos:


Synthetic pyrethroid acting on bed bugs and their larvae. Available in the form of wetting powder, liquid concentrate or water-soluble tablets.


  • It works during the day, destroying both flying and crawling insects.
  • Residual activity is observed for a month.
  • Insects do not develop resistance to the agent.


  • Dangerous for fish, pets and people.
  • Does not destroy eggs.
  • Requires re-processing.
  • Before use, you need to prepare a working solution.

Cost — 1500 rubles per 1 liter.

How to apply?

Dilute tsipermetrin from bugs in water according to the instructions, treat the premises with a fine-dispersed sprayer. Leave for a day, then rinse with soda dissolved in water.

Photos of the drug Tsipermetrin:


Among such a variety of drugs you can always find the right one for you both in price and in other criteria.

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The following is a list of well-proven drugs (can be used independently):

  • Powders and Dusts: Clean House, Malathion.
  • Shallow mashenka.
  • Sprays: Tetrix, Geth, Zifoks, Forsyth, Fufanon, Cucaracha, Hangman.
  • Aerosols: Raid, Raptor, Combat.

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