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How To Remove Bed Bugs From Home

If you have noticed a bed bug in your house, it means that you have to take urgent and immediate measures. There is no time to tolerate them or wait for the right moment to eliminate bed bugs. Never expect the bed bugs to disappear by themselves. Every day their number will grow and your night sleep will rapidly turn into a nightmare because of multiple bed bug bites.

Bed bug eradication at home requires a lot of your efforts, but it is almost always quite fast. With the help of modern insecticides the whole bed bug removal procedure may take one day, during which no one should be inside the infested house or apartment. But before you get rid of bed bugs at your place, make sure that you neighbors don’t have them, because new bugs can easily move to your home from your neighbors.

Bed Bug Removal

The range of bed bugs removal methods is quite wide. They are divided into several groups:

  • physical;
  • chemical;
  • folk (traditional);
  • specialized services help.

How to remove bed bugs from home depends on your financial situation, your preferences and the number of bed bugs in your apartment.

The last option – help of a disinsector – is the most expensive, but you can be sure to get the needed result and to stop bed bugs invasion into your house. Chemical methods are effective for bed bug elimination but you should be very careful, as chemicals are toxic not only for the insects, but also for pets and humans. Physical methods are sometimes difficult to conduct or almost impossible to carry out on the whole infested territory. Folk methods are not always effective.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs Using Chemicals?

If you have decided to eradicate bed bugs with the help of chemical means, remember the following rules:

  1. use rubber gloves and a gauze bandage to protect your hands and respiratory tract from chemicals, as they are toxic not only for the bugs;
  2. wear clothes that cover the most of your skin;
  3. cover your head as well;
  4. after the eliminating procedure it is necessary to leave the apartment, take a shower and change the clothes.
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There are a lot of different chemical means of removing bed bugs. They can be in a form of sprays, powders, solutions and other forms. The active substances in most of them are dichlorvos, various pyrethroids and organophosphates. The latter are very effective and lose their toxicity very quickly, making it possible to live in the treated place in a day or two after the removal procedure.

Folk Remedies For Bedbugs

Among the methods of bed bugs extermination there is a considerable number of those who were used by our ancestors even before the production of synthetic insecticides.

The best known are turpentine, kerosene, methylated spirits, cresol and vinegar. Each of them in pure form or in a complex solution for bed bugs can be applied to infected areas daily over a long period of time.

For treatment of fabric surfaces you can use denatured alcohol, pure ethanol or acetic acid (vinegar). In any case, you will have to leave your apartment for at least 6-8 hours.

Another “fragrant”, but less effective way to remove bed bugs is the use of herbs such as wormwood and tansy. It is believed that their smell repels unwanted tenants. But it does not kill them and does not prevent them from mating. That is why using herbs is not effective.

Thermal Processing

Bed bugs may exist in a fairly wide range of temperatures. These parasites are quite resistant to low temperatures, withstanding a short-term exposure to subzero temperatures. However, if the invasion of bedbugs happens in winter, you can leave outside the individual pieces of furniture and some things for a day. Temperature below -15°C will kill the bugs.

Heating allows to destroy bed bugs much faster, but not everything that is in the apartment can be treated with high temperatures more than +50°C. Nevertheless, most of the furniture can be exposed to dry heat or steam, and such a treatment is now considered the most effective. Professional disinsectors use industrial dryers, steam generators and special reflectors. Temperature impact of +100°C during 40-60 minutes destroys even bed bugs eggs.

Help Of Specialized Services

Usually it takes specialized services one day to fully remove bed bugs, regardless of the size of the treated area. One disadvantage of this method is that no one should be in the house or apartment for usually 6-7 hours.

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Now you know what to do when you have bed bugs. Half the battle in bed bugs removal is speed and totality. The earlier you start killing the insects, the sooner you will be no longer disturbed. Therefore, be attentive to any unexpected bites at night and if you suspect bed bugs, take actions as soon as possible.

19 Best Home Remedies for Curing Chigger Bites + Infographic

What are Chiggers?

Chiggers are small, hairy, red-coloured mites that belong to the family of spiders. They usually feast on the blood of their prey. Chiggers are mostly found in long grasses, woody areas, weed patches and any place with thick vegetation. They usually target the thin-skinned parts of their victim’s body, like ankles, armpits, behind the knees, groin, and waist. Chigger bites can be a bit irritating and itchy, and can be treated naturally by applying homemade remedies.


Chigger mites or chigger bugs contain a digestive enzyme, which gets injected into the skin when the larvae of these mites stick to the skin. This causes red and itchy blisters on the victim’s body.


  • Itching
  • Red and flattened blisters or bumps
  • Rashes
  • Hives

This is how chigger bites look like

Home Remedies for Chigger Bites

1. Take a Hot Shower

As soon as you realize that you are bitten by a chigger, take a bath with hot water. Use a mild soap. This will reduce the effect of the chigger bite.

2. Apply Ice

Put an ice pack on the place where you have been bitten for a quick relief from itching. You can also put a topical cream, like Neosprin.

3. Baking Soda

Make a paste of baking soda and water, and apply it to the affected area. This is an effective chigger bites treatment.

4. Use a Dryer

Hold a dryer 5cm away from the bite and blow it dry for about 2 minutes. This will relieve the itchiness caused due to the chigger bite.

5. Apply Nail Polish

Coat the affected area with a nail polish. It will prevent you from scratching the chigger bite too much. You can also apply Elmer’s Glue to the bite.

6. Ace Bandage

In order to reduce the excessive itchiness, wrap the area with an ace bandage. This will interrupt the air supply and reduce itching.

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7. Apply Calamine Lotion

To get a quick relief from itching and inflammation, you can also apply some calamine lotion on the skin.

8. Listerine Mouthwash

After washing the affected area with soap and water, soak a cotton ball in some Listerine mouthwash and apply it to the chigger rash.

9. Castor Oil

Massage some castor oil on the affected skin to get relief from the itchiness and irritation.

10. Vicks VapoRub

This is a reliable cure for chigger bite. Mix some salt in Vicks VapoRub and apply it over the bitten area. This will give you relief from intense itching. The best time to put on this mixture is at night as when you will wake up the next morning, the swelling will be gone and the rashes will be reduced to a great extent.

11. Aspirin

Grind 1-2 aspirin tablets to a fine powder. Apply this powder over the chigger bite. It will certainly help you a lot.

12. Baby Oil

After cleaning the affected area, put some baby oil on it. This will give respite from the irritation and inflammation.

13. Lavender or Tea Tree Essential Oil

You can also apply essential oils, such as tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil or thyme essential oil for immediate relief.

14. Olive Oil

Mix some olive oil with little tea tree oil and apply it. It is one of the best natural cures for a chigger bite.

15. Apply a combination of Aloe Vera & Peppermint Oil

Take the fresh aloe vera gel and mix it with a few drops of peppermint oil, olive oil and vinegar. Apply this mixture in order to trim down the prickliness and swelling.

16. Oatmeal

Scrub the affected part with cooked oatmeal. This is one of the most effective home remedies to neutralize the allergy caused by a chigger bite.

17. Cornstarch

Put some cornstarch in your bath water and soak in it for some time. This will effectively reduce the soreness. You can also soak in Epsom salt water.

18. Apply a Tea Bag

Soak a tea bag in water and apply it on the area bitten by chiggers. This will lessen the chigger bite symptoms.

19. Drink Herbal Tea

You can also drink chamomile tea or green tea in order to get a soothing effect.

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