Forsyth from bedbugs: instructions, properties, advantages and disadvantages

Home or bed bugs — a real disaster.

If they happen to be in an apartment (they can be brought with purchases from bazaars and shops, brought along with things from trips), they multiply incredibly quickly.

Within a few days, all the inhabitants of housing lose peace and sleep because of these small parasites.

At the first signs of the appearance of bedbugs in the room should immediately take measures to destroy uninvited guests, erase single individuals is much easier than to cope with an army of these intolerable pests.

Today, there are many means of deliverance from the «brown plague» both popular and modern industrial (insecticides). The latter more effectively fight bedbugs, but because of their chemical nature, they harm not only domestic parasites, but also humans.

Therefore, choosing insecticide, it is necessary to give preference not only to its high efficiency, but also to a relatively harmless composition.

Drug description

This tool belongs to the last generation of insecticides and comes in the form of a concentrated suspension of a light yellow color with an unpleasant odor and gel.

Means «Forsyth» from bugs instruction: in the form of a suspension is usually sold in bottles of 50 ml. and requires dilution in water (1 liter). The resulting solution stored no more than 8-9 hours. The treatment of the premises is carried out using a spray gun.

The gel does not require dilution and is a ready-to-use product.

IMPORTANT! Means «Forsyth» diluted only in cold water. Only in her poisonous substances do not lose their properties. Also, cold water discourages the sharp smell of the drug.

Main components in the «Foresight» are the solution Fenthion (25 percent), and solution Alfacepermethrin (3%). Stabilizers, preservatives and fragrances are used as excipients.

Poisonous substances in an insecticidal preparation paralyze the nervous system of harmful insects, which leads to their subsequent death. Bedbugs do not die instantly, and for a short time.

Foresight properties:

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  • a drug effective over a long period of time (3-5) months. If you do not wash the composition from the ceiling and baseboards, there is a guarantee of complete destruction of insects in the room, including the younger generation (larvae) that hatched from the eggs after processing;
  • unpleasant smell of the drugwhich also lures bedbugs to itself is easily weathered for a short period of time;
  • kills adult insects, imagoes and larvae. Does not affect egg laying;
  • «Forsyth» does not emit toxic fumeswhich makes it possible to use it in rooms where young children and people with allergies live;
  • 4th (low) toxicity grade talks about minimal harm to human health;

Room preparation

If the bugs appeared in the room recently and did not have time to massively fill all the space around, you should only process sleeping areas (sofas, beds), as well as upholstered furniture. It is quite simple and requires global time and effort.

IMPORTANT! The treatment of the premises with the «Foresight» preparation, as well as other chemical means, should be carried out in protective clothing, glasses and a gauze bandage!

In case of contact with skin or eyes, immediately flush affected areas with normal tap water.

To exclude cases of poisoning of small children and pets, keep the bottle with insecticide in a closed cabinet, away from food!

But in most cases, the brown invaders have time to multiply and spread almost throughout the housing. In this case, a complete pest control is required.

For its holding room is prepared as follows:

  • all posters, paintings, shelves are removed from the walls;
  • tear off baseboards and wallpaper (in those places where they are moving away from the walls, therefore, in these places the bugs have already equipped the nests);
  • things from the cabinets are removed and carried out of the apartment;
  • remove the curtains from the windows;
  • all furniture is moved away from the walls;
  • foodstuffs (cereals, flour) are placed in a refrigerator (closed inaccessible place);
  • clean the dishes from the room;
  • remove tenants and domestic animals, they will be able to get back to the apartment only a day after its treatment;
  • take out indoor plants;


Processing is carried out from a sprayer already prepared diluted product. On disinsector must wear a protective suit, goggles, respirator or gauze bandage. Hands should be covered with rubber gloves.

Before the spraying procedure is necessary de-energize the apartment, in order to avoid electric shocks. First of all, wardrobes (including shelves inside), beds, upholstered furniture, sockets, pillows and mattresses are handled.

After that, walls, baseboards, floors and ceilings are sprayed around the perimeter. If the room has wooden floors, all the cracks are carefully sprayed.

Disinsection held with windows and doors closed tightly. Processed room leave closed for 5-8 hours.


Before the start of cleaning, the room is aired for 30-40 minutes.

Then a damp cloth moistened with soapy water. wipe all surfaces, leaving intact walls (the upper part of them) and ceiling plinths (children and animals will have difficulty getting to them, and having a Forsyth on them will make it possible to finish off the bugs army completely, including newly emerged from the larvae’s eggs).

Furniture, beds are vacuumed (it is better if this is done with a washing vacuum cleaner), the floor is washed with a solution of powder. Things, bed linen, clothes and curtains should be cleaned, as insects can lay eggs.

Advantages and disadvantages

The obvious advantages of this insecticide include:

  • Low toxicity grade;
  • Affordable price facilities;
  • The rapid disappearance of unpleasant odor (disappears quickly);
  • Short time drug after pest control. All tenants can return to the apartment after 5-8 hours, while other means require the absence of the household for more than a day;
  • Efficiency, a small bottle (50 ml) is enough to handle a 2-3 room apartment;


  • Hard to buy. The tool is used by special services for the destruction of insects in the premises, therefore, this insecticide can be found in free sale infrequently. To date, a large number of online stores have appeared, where the «Forsyth» bedbug remedy can be obtained without problems, but its price is much higher than in conventional household chemicals stores;
  • Does not affect egg laying, kills only adult pests, so it is undesirable to remove the drug from some surfaces (walls, plinths). The action of the insecticide for a long time, over time, he will cope with the larvae of the bugs, hatched from the egg-laying after the disinsection of the apartment;
  • to fix the effect re-treatment is desirable after about 3-4 weeks;
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«Forsyth» — one of the most popular insecticidal drugs today. He likes one, as it is low toxic and easy to use, others do not like it, because it does not kill insects instantly, and its smell leaves much to be desired.

At all it is impossible to please. I would like to say the following: this insecticide combines two essential qualities: high efficiency in the destruction of bedbugs and safety for the health of one’s own and all other family members.

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Watch the video on how to use the drug «Forsyth»

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