Does dichlorvos from bedbugs help? Overview of aerosols and sprays on the market

When bed bugs appear in the apartment it is very important do not delay with their destruction. It must be remembered that these pests multiply very quickly, and therefore literally in a month the room will simply be infested with them.

All funds can be divided into folk and chemical. The latter are widely represented on the insecticide market. These include a variety of aerosols and sprays. Their differences from each other consist in the form and order of application.

Sprays and aerosols

Both sprays and aerosols are airborne products that are sprayed in the contaminated room and act on the bedbug with air. At the same time, spray from bedbugs is usually a concentrated substance that is needed before use. dilute with water. It can be sold in small bottles or cans.

Bed bugs sprays

«Raptor» — contains at once three active ingredients, thanks to which a high degree of damage is achieved. For animals and children, it is safe. According to the reviews, this tool gives good results only with a small degree of infection and abundant spraying.

Photo aerosol Raptor:

«Clean house» — includes cypermethrin as an active substance. It is safe for children and animals, however, if it enters the human body, it can cause poisoning. Efficiency is confirmed by the reviews of people who were able to destroy all bugs with a substance.

Photo aerosol Clean house:

«Combat» — produced in two forms: only for crawling insects, or for crawling and flying. It has a good smell, it is not dangerous for people.

Combat aerosol photos:

«Reid» — a universal preparation for the fight against insects, can also be used for bedbugs. Reviews report good efficacy with a small degree of infection. However, it has an unpleasant smell and leaves behind stains.

Reid Aerosol Photos:

«Dichlorvos» — well known and affordable spray. When processing it is necessary to remove all people and animals from the premises. Many often ask, “Does Dichlorvos help from bedbugs?” Is it possible to kill bedbugs with Dichlorvos? ”Indeed, this remedy does not always work effectively. Therefore, if Dichlorvos did not help you, pay attention to other sprays and aerosols.

Photo of Dichlorvos Aerosol:

Bona forte — a preparation from natural natural components. Almost odorless, so immediately after airing you can return to the apartment.

Bona Forte aerosol photos:

«Antiklop» — a substance based on three active ingredients. Non-toxic, valid for several months. According to reviews, successfully destroys bedbugs.

Anticolon Aerosol Photos:

Bed Spray

A large number of sprays are intended only for professional use, and they cannot be found on sale in stores.

«Executioner» — one of the most popular tools produced in Germany. It is distributed in small bottles — for a large apartment they may need 15-20 pieces.

Photo means Executioner:

Tetrix is ​​an effective substance intended for professional use. One bottle is enough to handle two rooms. It has a very strong toxic odor, so after applying you need to thoroughly air the room.

Photo means Tetrix:

«Cucaracha» is an analogue of «Tetrix», designed for independent use. Preserved the unpleasant smell of its predecessor.

Photo means Cucaracha:

Get is a microcapsule remedy that is effective for several weeks after application. In addition, one of the few has a contact action against bugs running through it. Does not possess a smell.

Get photo tools:

«Sinuzan» — a professional substance resembling «Tetrix». Highly effective, however, also has a strong unpleasant odor.

Photo means Sinuzan:

Karbofos is a well-known anti-bed bug. Available in powder, concentrate, emulsion or finished product. Affects all types of insects, including eggs. It has an unpleasant smell that lasts a long time.

Photo means Karbofos:


The most popular and affordable means of bedbugs are sprays and aerosols. They differ in the order of application — aerosols are placed in spray cans and are immediately ready for spraying, and sprays must be first dissolved in water.

Many non toxic safe for children and animals, however, airing after use is necessary. Among the aerosols, “Clean Home”, “Reid”, “Raptor” are most effective. The sprayer works best in the Hangman, Get.

Useful materials

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The following is a list of well-proven drugs (can be used independently):

  • Shallow mashenka.
  • Sprays: Zifox, Forsyth, Fufanon.


Don’t Pour Alcohol on Your Bed Bugs—Try These Tips Instead

Getting bed bugs is a nightmare experience, one that’s sure to cost you oodles of time, money, and emotional distress. The bugs are painfully hard to purge from your household, and it’s getting even harder as they become more resistant to common insecticides. Unfortunately, home remedies are often no match for these parasitic insects. Dousing them with rubbing alcohol (a tip you’ll often hear) won’t kill them; in fact, it might just burn your house down, as a woman trying to rid her Cincinnati apartment of bed bugs found out recently. As The Washington Post reported, the alcohol in that case was too close to the flame of a candle or some type of incense, and ignited. It wasn’t an isolated incident.

In the last 10 years or so, people trying to kill bed bugs with alcohol have started several house fires across the U.S., including a different incident in Cincinnati just two weeks ago. So short of burning down your entire house and starting over, how do you get rid of them?

The short answer is: Give up on the idea of saving money and call an exterminator. According to 2014 research, plenty of DIY bed bug-killing remedies are woefully ineffective. Rubbing alcohol, in fact, only killed half of the insects sprayed by the Rutgers University researchers in that study. Researchers have found that other recommended home remedies, like moth balls, foggers, or ultrasonic bug repellers, are even less effective. And don’t even think about using “natural” type products that use essential oils as the main ingredient. They might smell nice, but they won’t help your bug problem.

But before you call in the big guns, there are a few effective, concrete steps you can take to reduce your infestation. As Rutgers bedbug specialists Changlu Wang and Richard Cooper wrote in their bed bug fact sheet, putting your belongings in plastic storage bins or garbage bags is a good place to start. Since the bugs don’t like to climb on smooth plastic, this can help contain the infestation. Just make sure to treat whatever you’re putting inside the bags or bins first by putting them through the hot laundry, steaming, heating, or freezing them.

You’ll need a mattress encasement, too. This will keep the bugs that have already infested your mattress from escaping, meaning they won’t be able to feast on you anymore and will die of starvation. Nor will any new bugs be able to get inside to nest. You’ll want to make sure it’s a scientifically tested brand, though, since not all mattress encasements are bite-proof or escape-proof for bed bugs. (Most experts recommend the Protect-a-Bed BugLock encasement, which costs about $81 for the queen-sized version.)

Next, pick up some bed bug traps. Set them up under the legs of your furniture and around the perimeter of rooms to help detect new infestations and reduce existing ones. According to Wang and Cooper, a one-bedroom apartment might need eight to 12 of these traps, while bigger apartments will require more.

You’ll want to expose all your belongings to extreme temperatures before you even think about touching them again. Putting them through the washer/dryer on its hottest setting will do the trick to kill both bugs and their eggs, but if you need to eradicate bugs lurking in items you can’t wash, you can freeze them in plastic bags (as long as your freezer gets down to 0°F). You can also kill them with a steam cleaner, especially if you need to purge them from your couch or other upholstered furniture.

If you’ve still got a large number of bugs lurking in your house, you can tackle them with a vacuum cleaner, sucking them out of seams, zippers, trim, and other furniture crevices. But you’ll want to use a stocking or some other method of protecting your vacuum from being infested itself. (See Figure 6 here.)

Some research has also found that desiccant dusts that dehydrate bugs to death, like diatomaceous earth and silica gel, can be effective at controlling bed bug infestations (silica gel in particular) when spread around the perimeters of rooms, on bed frames and couches, and on furniture legs.

As we mentioned before, you’ll probably want to consult a professional even if you do all of the above, because if you miss even one bug or egg, you’ll be back to where you started. The cost of an exterminator pales in comparison to the cost of throwing out everything you own, moving homes, and then realizing you’ve brought the bed bugs with you anyway.

The bad news for anyone who’s already infested is that prevention really is key when it comes to bed bugs. So brush up on what the pests look like, make sure to check your hotel room for them when you travel, and if you spot them in your apartment, make sure to warn your neighbors.


How to Make Bed Bug Powder for $30 and Where to Spray

What’s in the Powder?

Bed bug duster for Diatomaceous Earth

Bed bug powder is simply food grade Diatomaceous Earth and is ground fossilized algae-like plants called diatoms which is non-toxic. When placed into a duster such as a plastic ketchup container and gently blown into suspected areas, it effectively kills bed bugs (and works on fleas & ants as well).

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There are two types of diatomaceous earth (DE), one is food grade (the good stuff) and pool grade which is dangerous to breathe. This is the same stuff farmers use to keep insects out of their grain. There are even claims that you can breath in as much food grade DE as you like and not risk lung damage, but I would NOT chance it. The absorbent quality may also cause significant drying of your hands, so play it safe, wear a face mask and gloves when spraying.

DE is also referred to as bed bug dust, mother earth, or fossil shell flour, it’s the food grade DE that they are talking about.

How Does It Work?

Mother Nature’s natural bed bug killer is a white power containing microscopic razor sharp edges that damage the bug’s protective covering, it then absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of a bug’s exoskeleton causing dehydration.

By using a duster to force the power into nesting areas, the bugs come in contact with the powder and are as good as dead!

So does it really work? Yes, without question, but you have to do multiple applications spread out over many weeks!

Not sure where to spray? No worries, we show you exactly where to find them 🙂

How Much Does it Cost?

Ah, the big question! Can you believe it only runs about $12 for a 2-pound bag and you can buy it from almost any local feed and supply store? This is why pest control companies would rather you not know about it 🙂

Some exterminators and online stores sell repackaged versions of this, jack the price way up, and claim their product is better than what you can buy yourself. Read the label to learn the truth 🙂

If you don’t want to run around buying the powder and duster, then consider this 2 pound bag and duster from Amazon.

How Long Before They Die?

Changlu Wang, Timothy Gibb, and Gary W. Bennett from Purdue University did an excellent study on the cost and effectiveness of using Diatomaceous earth on infested apartments containing thousands of bed bugs. Also tested was chlorfenapyr spray but it was not as good as the powder.

Bed bug powder in climb up protector trap

They treated by using a mattress encasement (including the box spring) and with steam. They also made sure to put the legs of chairs, sofas, nightstands, and anything else into bed bug interceptor traps like that shown in the image above.

If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy a 4 pack of climb up protectors from Amazon.

It took ten weeks, and they re-steamed and reapplied the powder when necessary; because death is not immediate, the females may be able to deposit eggs which will hatch and become active. It is these hatchlings (instars) that you need to stay on top of.

The study found that bug interceptors trapped an average of 219 bed bugs per apartment and were a valuable part of the treatment program.

In the study, 16 equally infested units were selected and half the units were 100% bug free while the remaining units were 98% free; another application would likely have taken care of the rest but the study was limited to 10 weeks, so we won’t know for sure. Total extermination costs averaged $470, but this amount can be greatly reduced using generic products, such as:

  • Using dust mite mattress encasement rather than one made for bed bugs (they are the same but you pay more for one)
  • Using food grade DE found at feed and supply stores rather than something with a catchy “green” label
  • Making your own bed bug climb up protectors / interceptors rather than buying pre-made traps
  • Buying a generic steamer (or renting) besides one made for infestations (just make sure the heat & attachments are the same)

We have plenty of success stories using these methods, just remember that these pests are not going to die overnight; it can take a few months to treat a large infestation properly, but don’t give up, you will succeed!

Visitors have successfully eliminated bed bugs using this same method, and the truth is, you’ll have to do most of the prep work if you were to hire a professional exterminator.

How to Apply Bed Bug Powder

You are going to make two solutions, and alcohol spray to kill them on contact, and one combining just the water and powder, and one duster of just powder. The water and powder are for those that cannot tolerate breathing in straight dust; this spray will not be effective when wet but once the water evaporates, it leaves only the dust and will become an effective insecticide.

Dry or wet, play it safe and always wear a mask when spraying.

1. Make the Power and Spray

You’ll need two sprays, a duster, and vacuum:

  • A mixture of %40 alcohol (ethyl alcohol works), %40 water and %20 dish soap [this spray kills them on contact]
  • A mixture of 2 heaping tablespoons of diatomaceous earth to 32oz water [this spray works only after water evaporates]
  • A duster filled with diatomaceous earth [the powder]
  • A powerful vacuum with attachments you’ll use for sucking loose bugs out of their hiding places.

This do it yourself bed bug spray is non toxic

Bed bugs love to hide and do a great job at it! Victims have gone months without signs only to discover months later that an infestation was right next to them – Know where to look.

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What is nice about this type of pest control is that should the bugs retreat to another areas, like the apartment next door, the bugs will eventually die from dehydration after having come in contact with the dust – it only requires a little to kill the bug.

If you would like to buy a spray rather than make your own, check out this odorless non-staining bed bug spray from Amazon.

Make sure you have cleaned everything, see this list of treatment preparation tasks before we start applying the bed bug dust – but BE CAREFUL to not get the electrical outlets wet or use conductive attachments!

2. Spray the Powder

It’s time to have fun! Spray the mixture on any bed bugs you see which should kill them on contact. Use a flashlight and look for signs of bugs, such as eggs, stains (looks like someone dotted the area with a black marker). If you find eggs (they look like tiny rice, use a fine tooth comb or masking tape to collect them. Make sure to place any eggs in a zip-lock bag with a little dust and immediately place them in your outside trash container. Vacuum up the fallout.

You’ll want to spray the bed bug powder into all the cracks and crevices you vacuumed – a light dusting will do fine.

Now use your duster (filled with food grade diatomaceous earth) and dust into the bottom of the mattress box spring – you can choose to make a small hole in the fabric or simply dust through the fabric to prevent damage. I prefer making a small incision and getting it into the box spring rather than having a film of white powder on the outside. MAKE SURE you are wearing a dust mask and gloves!

The most important part of this whole process is repetition – do it all again a few weeks later to make sure the powder stays effective.

Testimonial to the Power of Diatomaceous Earth

A great testimonial to the power of Diatomaceous Earth by T.M

First off I want to say my review is 100% true 100% legit. Hate trying to read articles on the net about something that go out its way to falsify information.

Got bed bugs cause I was staying in a lot of different hotels because of my job. At first my wife kept complaining about bites but I was never getting bitten so I thought maybe it was something else. Well after about a year of infestation I finally started getting bit. Checked bed for sign of bed bugs and to my surprise, I couldn’t find anything. Finally one day i spotted an adult bug running across the bed and that was the last straw!

After a lot of researching it finally came down to the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) solution. I don’t have children or pets and just don’t like chemicals around myself period if not necessary. The infestation we had could be considered moderate. Like some of the other reviews say, it is a slow killer. So if you looking for an instant solution then use another method.

Blow bed bug powder into electrical outlets

Fortunately for us the bugs were in our bedroom only. So I first stripped down bed washed all sheets, blankets, etc in hot water and dried on hot like recommended. Since we weren’t gone to be in the room I basically layered everything with diatomaceous earth; in-between box springs, under my mattress, entire carpet area of the room including under the bed, my bed railing, headboard front and back, dressers front and back, *some in the wall outlets*, my entire room was covered in a layer of bed bug powder. I slept in our living room for a month but hey, had bugs for over a year so a month of not sleeping in my bed was worth it!

After two weeks from the initial treatment, I vacuumed up everything except for under the bed area. Got a hot wet soapy towel and wiped down all the furniture to clean up the DE and vacuumed the TOP of my mattress. I left the DE on the backside of my headboard on the bottom of my mattress in between my box-springs, the carpet under the bed, and of course inside the box springs. Then I put a red sheet on my bed for the next two weeks. I would come check it and find what looks like small white cotton pieces which are actually the baby bed bugs just curled up and dead. So finally removed that sheet rewashed and am now sleeping in my bed bug free room!

For those who completely remove the DE from infested areas, the eggs that are there hatch over time and you may end up re-infested, that’s why I didn’t remove it all. So the babies that hatched got exposed and died off as well. I will keeping the layers that are left there and will reapply more in a few months just as a preventive measure. There is no reason for me to go in those places so DE can stay there.

If you use the DE please PLEASE wear a dust mask. I’m a hard-head and don’t listen and applied without one. Well the powder floats in the air very lightly and before I knew it, my nose hairs were covered in it! For next two days my lungs were hurting. I got a 4lb bag of DE at Lowes for less than $10. Like I said it’s not an instant solution but it is a great solution. 1 month total to get rid of a medium bed bug infestation – well worth the time!


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