Bites Bugs: How To Get Rid Of The Misfortune

How To Get Rid Of The Misfortune

Bedbugs from time immemorial annoy man. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks suffered from the attack of these small pests, and even then they tried to come up with effective methods for the destruction of bedbugs.

These harmful insects have incrediblesurvivability and adapt to almost any habitat. Bugs multiply lightning fast, they are able in a short time to make unbearable for a person living in a house or apartment.

The world knows about 50 thousand kinds of bedbugs, and the person is more often disturbed by a bed bug, which bites bring a lot of troubles.
Bug bites are almost impossible to distinguish frommosquito bites and other insects. As a result of the attack on the skin, a reddish-sized cherry is formed. Bites bite a person usually at night during sleep. Most prefer tender baby’s skin or less rough than men’s, women’s. Having drunk blood, the bugs get back into their shelters, in which they are not easy to find. Their nests bloodsuckers arrange in the furniture skin, in mattresses, linen closets, in places where it is warm and dry. Insects do not have wings and can not fly, but because of their small weight, they can easily move around the room with the help of air currents.

Often people who have received bug bites, not immediatelyunderstand where from the night there were redness. Often, such marks appear on the face and under the sutures. Taking redness of the skin for an allergy or an incomprehensible disease, people turn to the dermatologist, and already there they learn about the real causes. It should be noted that bug bites are painless, since their saliva contains special anesthetic substances. And after a while, the affected areas begin to itch, and a blister is formed there.

Unpleasant bites bugs can be the causethe occurrence of allergic reactions, provoke the appearance of skin rashes. To relieve itching and to handle bite sites, experts recommend lubricating them with cosmetic cream containing hydrocortisone, or using antihistamines.

Theoretically, bedbugs can act as vectorsinfectious diseases, including such as plague, smallpox, leprosy and tuberculosis, but such cases are very rare. Nevertheless, if you suspect that a kiss bug appeared in the house, you should take any measures to get rid of this scourge. To combat insects, people’s means are used, but the disinfection procedure carried out by specialists will have a greater effect.

You can destroy bedbugs by changing the temperature inroom. At minus twenty they live no more than a day, and at plus 50 instantly die. Such methods were used by our ancestors when there were no means of chemical struggle against insects. In the winter, bed linen was taken out to frost, the house was ventilated, opening for a few days all the doors open. In addition, the laundry was put on a hot oven, on which it was calcined. At the same time, we had to make sure that clothes from heat did not catch fire.

Today, as chemical agents forthe use of powder preparations «Neopin», «Insorbicide», «Riazan», liquid — «Actellik», «Lakterin», «Insecta Dibrofin», aerosols — «Carbozol», «Udar», «Virage plus», «Perfos» .

When using chemicals,protection of the respiratory system and hands. It is necessary to thoroughly wash the exposed areas of the body after treatment and leave the room for the duration of the drug’s action. In addition, after chemical cleaning should be washed and well ventilate the room, boil the bed linen.

To prevent bites from bugs and destroy them at once, it is best to go to the sanitary service, which will conduct a complete disinfection.

Bed Bugs – It Looks Like Parasites And How To Get Rid Of Them

often people, living in big cities and small towns, in apartments and private homes, faced with such a problem, like bed bugs. They can be got in disadvantaged, dirty housing, and in a clean and tidy, giving the home side the horror. All insidiousness of parasites is, they are invisible in a small amount, their bites mistaken for mosquito bites. But when they multiply and their number increases dramatically, then they can be seen and understood, that traces of blood on the bed and bites on the skin — the handiwork of bedbugs bed. With a degree of contamination of the premises to bring them it becomes much more difficult.

Bed bugs may wind up not only in a dirty house, but clean

How are bed bugs, their way of life and reproduction

Bed bugs are household ectoparasites, blood-feeding human or other warm-blooded, eg, pets, birds, and nothing else. These insects are also active at night, especially from three to eight hours, and in the afternoon pritaivayutsya in various secluded places — blankets, pillows, mattresses, in packing furniture myagkoy, in home appliances, in closets with clothes, in the crevices of the walls or under the wallpaper. Designated nests, they prefer warm and dark.

Individuals adult bedbugs look, as small insects without wings and with a flattened oval body. Their size varies from 3 to 8 mm. Males are much smaller than females. Basically, there are parasites brown, but there are also off-yellow color. Hungry bug hard, almost impossible to crush due to the durable chitinous cover, he moves actively. When insects drunk with blood, they increase in size to 9 mm, their color becomes scarlet or black, acquire a round shape and become less mobile, they are easy to crush even a slight accidental movement during sleep, insect literally bursts. The adult parasite can drink up 7 mg of blood at a time. This food is enough for him 5-10 days.

Pest life cycle lasts up to one year. In case of lack of power or at low temperatures bloodsucking hibernate (slowing of life processes for, to survive the conditions of disadvantaged) or go to places, more favorable for them. Bedbugs are not able to survive on very low -15 degrees and too high of +30 degrees and die temperature.

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Bed bugs feed on blood and live order 1 of the year

Propagation takes place by these ectoparasites traumatic insemination. In the female bedbugs no external genitalia, Mete is their ovipositor. For male fertilization should pierce the abdomen of the female bottom. Male genital organ penetrates into a female groove via ektospermagele, on the surface of its abdomen. often, the male is greased and causes substantial injury partner. During his life the female can lay from 250 to 500 eggs, every day with five eggs. Full cycle of the pest bed, starting from the date of laying, of forty days.

Eggs bedbugs elongated and resemble rice small size. Females make masonry in hidden and inaccessible places, so finding them is very difficult. From eggs larvae appear bedbugs, that after molting transformed into a nymph, and after several molts — an adult bedbug. And larvae of bugs, and nymphs actively suck blood, it is necessary for them to molt and the transition to a new stage of development. knowing, like bed bugs multiply, we can understand how fast the speed of their numbers in the infected site will be a huge, if no action is taken.

note! These parasites have a distinctive smell just for them, that with nothing can not be confused. He comes from a secret, emitted by females to secure the eggs on the surface. This smell is reminiscent of cheap brandy or spoiled raspberries. If he felt in the room, then it already has a strong degree of infestation of bedbugs.

What harm is caused bugs person

Scientists are still unable to identify the fact, that bedbugs have infected person any disease, Although it is theoretically possible. The main damage from the bites of bedbugs is, they often cause an allergic reaction, which may result in fatal angioedema. Rash, will appear after bites, strongly itches, if it is wound in comb can introduce bacteria and thereby provoke inflammation and purulence.

Also significant harm to a human psychological oppression, it can not fully relax, it becomes irritable, the mood is spoiled. The idea, that night the body of adults and children crawling creatures malicious and suck the blood is able to deprive of sleep and rest. When bedbugs become much, it turns into a real invasion, and they can bite, even without waiting, when a person falls asleep, you just want to leave the room.

Combating bed bugs often goes with harmful toxic drugs, that could be dangerous to humans. And in terms of aesthetics stains and other debris, appearing on the vital activity of parasites, look more unattractive than.

Where are bed bugs

There are several ways, and the causes of bed bugs in the human habitation:

  • From neighboring apartments — if the neighbors do not differ cleanliness and tidiness, then besieged by bedbugs there will be virtually impossible to get them, as they will appear again and again. Pests can sneak inside apartment buildings, not only through ventilation, electrical outlets, but also through the subtle and small cracks, their flat body is excellent in this helps.
  • In private houses also possible invasion of bedbugs, they penetrate into the house from the street, smelling blood, or pet, which occasionally parasitize.
  • Often, the man himself brings the insect to his home, without even knowing it. This is especially true of tourists, often forced to stay at a variety of hotels, that may be infected bloodsuckers. Or insects can occur after, as the owner of housing was a guest in the infected premises. They are hidden in bags with things, on clothing and footwear.
  • When buying furniture or carpets, second-hand one is safe from unexpected surprises in the form of bugs. It does not apply to new furniture, it is not a comfortable place parasites habitat.

Symptoms of bedbugs

Because of, that parasites are active, when a person sleeps, about their appearance becomes aware, when the number becomes large. But, be more careful, you can detect signs of bedbugs in the apartment, which include:

  • Bug bite — for, to understand, that is bitten by an insect need to know, It looks like the bites of bedbugs. The most important symptom is severely itchy red spots round shape with a bright dot in the middle, located on the human body in the form of a track, since each parasite bites through the skin several times in search of a comfortable place to suck blood. A man does not feel, like bedbugs bite, because their saliva contains an anesthetic substance, and only chime notices a rash.
  • On bedding can notice small patches of brown or red, which appear from crushed bugs, engorged and blood burst from the awkward movement of a sleeping man.
  • on the bed, in upholstery, in blankets, you can see the pieces of eggs and skins, remaining after molting, and excrement, like pieces of dirt. Also as dark spots waste products can be detected on the wallpaper, especially if they are light tone.

If you suspect the presence of bed bugs make this possible, turn on the light in the night and inspected the bed. If bedbugs have been spotted, you should immediately begin the search for their nests. It is necessary to examine the most secluded places, nearby Sleeper, usually, everything becomes clear after the lifting of the mattress. Once detected parasites accumulation space is needed to begin the fight against them. How to get rid of bed bugs described below.

Methods of dealing with bed bugs

To effectively kill bed bugs in the process should be approached comprehensively and competently. If you do not comply with these conditions, the effect will be short-lived. This is due to the ability of parasites to adapt to the effects of insecticides, so they need to keep changing until the complete extermination of pests. Do not ignore the advice, how to get bed bugs by using softer folk remedies. Ideally, cardinal tough measures, should be complemented by softer preventive measures.

It is this comprehensive approach will help get rid of the insects completely. To effectively eliminate insects, you need to know, what fear bedbugs. To get rid of bed bugs is not easy, needed time, perseverance and patience. If systematize, available today experience, it is possible to distinguish several methods, with which it is possible to get rid of bed bugs in the home.

Folk remedies for bed bugs

There are many popular ways of self-destruction of the parasites. Select the ones you need, that have the greatest effectiveness. Herbs and other products with a pungent odor only repel insects, destroying pests using them should not be.

The most effective methods are:

  1. vinegar essence. Fight the bugs with it using a fairly simple and safe, to lubricate seat acid, where bloodsuckers live. Parasites can not stand the smell of it, and furniture damage vinegar will not cause.
  2. Good deal with insects helps mixture of kerosene, boiling water and turpentine. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, obtained by means of bedbugs used to treat contaminated sites.
  3. Destroy bugs by using peroxide, tincture of valerian, salt water or alcohol. They also have to treat the place, where parasites live.
  4. You can apply a freezing method. For this winter, well ventilated and cooled to a temperature from room -15 degrees, infested bedding and furniture taken out in the cold. The bugs are killed at a low temperature for several hours.
  5. Evaporation of bedbugs — the use of steam generators for furniture, cracks in baseboards, clothing and other habitats of bedbugs. Temperatures above +30 degrees is also damaging to insects, so you can make furniture to hot sunlight.
  6. can be used for processing space means, prepared according to the following recipes: 300 ml denatured and 10 d naphthalene or 300 ml turpentine, 300 ml of kerosene and 70 d naphthalene.
  7. Wormwood — from freshly harvested stalks of fragrant herbs need to make small bundles, spread out around and under the bunk, in the corners, for furniture, on the shelves with books and elsewhere, which can be hidden parasites. The smell of sage spreads through the air and interrupting human scent, that confuses and discourages bugs. But it is necessary to bear in mind, that the desired effect is achieved only, When Artemisia did not have time to dry, ie every 3-4 of the day it needs to be changed. Also for the same purpose can be washed floors decoction of herbs with the addition of soap.
  8. Labrador tea — this plant is also characterized by a sharp and repellent smell. It must be dry, crushed to a powder and sprinkle in places pests localization. The most effective are the shoots of wild rosemary, collected in late summer.
  9. Tansy — spread out around the bed to repel bedbugs inflorescence of this plant, if you rub on the night of the juice of the herb, the bugs will not bite. Also recommended for cleaning the room to add to the water a concentrated infusion of tansy, which is capable of causing paralysis of insects.
  10. Chamomile — the smell of dried plants also do not like bugs, so its salt chamomile solution wipe the surface of the infected premises by pests.
  11. Air — in powder form is used for sprinkling to concentrations of bloodsuckers.

Council! Of all these plants only chamomile is completely harmless to humans and pets, the remaining funds are toxic in varying degrees. Therefore, it is important to ventilate the room, to avoid high concentrations of harmful substances in the air. When using turpentine, vinegar, kerosene, denatured and t.p. You need to leave the room at all to complete their weathering.

How to deal with bed bugs with chemicals

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Before proceeding with insecticides need to be prepared and take precautions:

  • carefully study the instructions and act in accordance with it;
  • wear personal protective equipment;
  • withdraw from the premises of all the people and pets;
  • clean food, toys, clothes, It can be taken out onto the balcony;
  • liquid agents are sprayed using a track sprayer;
  • you need to carefully handling all seams, folds, lower and rear parts of furniture, baseboards, cracks in the floor and in the walls, carpet, paintings and other hard to reach places;
  • after to leave the room closed for several hours processing;
  • Some drugs do not directly affect the bedbugs, therefore it is not necessary immediately after the treatment to begin cleaning, at least one day have to spend away from home;
  • to bear all the time you need to wash well, vacuum upholstered furniture, mattress, blankets, pillow, rugs, slit, after the sack of dust to be thrown, blankets and pillows can be taken to the cleaners, wash clothes at a high temperature and pet;
  • after treatment is necessary to make regular inspection of hiding places, to spot bedbugs survivors and destroy them, sooner bloodsuckers are found, the easier it will fight against them.

Important! Since bedbugs eggs are not sensitive to most drugs, after 10-14 days to re-treatment. During this time, just hatched a new generation of pests.

What are the chemicals

Assortment of insecticides is presented in the form of powders means, liquids and aerosol. To choose the means, the most appropriate in a given situation and apply it correctly. If these conditions do not comply with, then the problem could get worse — bedbugs spread throughout the home or get used to the chemical and lose sensitivity to it.

  1. aerosols. The advantages of such means is: ease of use, efficiency, penetration in remote places. By cons include: It applies even to the objects, which are not supposed to handle, can cause allergies, dosage is too low will not kill bedbugs, but only disperse throughout the room, making further struggle with them is much more difficult. The most famous aerosols: Dihlofos, Raptor, Raid, Kombat, Karbozol.
  2. liquids: Forsajd, Foksid, Lakterin, aktellik. Often such tools are subject to dilution with water, then the resulting mixture it is necessary to spray the housing, paying most attention to places of accumulation of insects. substances, falling on the body of a bug, include them in the nest, and there are all the family. Advantages liquid detergent: less toxic for humans and animals, have a long exposure (to several months).
  3. powders: Neopin, Karʙofos, Riapan, Clean house. They may be used in unchanged form or in the form of a suspension. In powdered form, the preparation is poured into pests localization. Suspension sprayed the room. Use the powder should be very careful, if it gets into the lungs can cause serious complications and illnesses, eg, pneumonia.
In case of late detection of bugs in the house, when their number is large, independent struggle against them will not bring proper results. Then it will appeal to professional service, engaged in the destruction of these parasites or sanitary and epidemiological stations. Suffice it to a processing.

After the destruction of the bugs need to apply preventive measures, to prevent re-entry of insects into the house, viewing things, especially brought from travel, the maximum seal the gap, that bedbugs were less likely to move into the apartment from the neighbors.

Uninvited guest in the house — what do the wood lice eat in the bathroom, apartment and other rooms?

Uninvited, disliking tenants, and woodlice are sometimes settled in our homes.

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The question arises, what attracts them to the dwelling of a person? In addition to the constant moisture for these insects need a nutrient medium.

This article describes in detail what the wood lice eat in the bathroom, apartment and other rooms.

What do they eat?

In the bathroom

No wonder so called mokritz, they like rooms with high humidity, damp, without fresh air. Therefore, the bathroom for them — a great place to live. Here, their favorite food is mucus and dirt that has accumulated in the corners of the room and in the crevices of the tiles, pieces of toilet paper, as well as soap scum and mold under the important floor mats.

On the kitchen

In the kitchen, woodlice can settle down near water pipes with an abundance of condensate and a garbage can under the sink, where food residue will be an excellent food for these crustaceans.

In the apartment

Fallen leaves, onion peel, potato «eyes» and other litter — all this is a wonderful delicacy.

Often wood lice can be found in apartments with a large number of indoor plants. Young shoots and leaves of indoor plants, wet land in flower pots create a favorable environment for nutrition and reproduction.

Especially often woodlice are hooked to indoor orchids.whose substrate contains wet wood pieces.

Bookshelves with dampened books, cabinets with untreated bedding, as well as the toilet and feeder of pets will be an excellent dining room for woodlice in the apartment.

In a private house

Greenhouses and greenhouses on the plot — an ideal place for the life of wood lice. If the soil is not disinfected in time, they will feed on young shoots and gnaw on the roots, which will lead to the death of garden crops. The own well also attracts the attention of these crustaceans. In the puddles appears mold, and the place turns into an oasis for wood lice.

Cellars and attics

Food is abundant woodlice is found here. During rains, the cellar often flooded with water. Moisture settles on the walls of the room, and immediately crustaceans start. They eat potatoes, carrots and other vegetables that we store for the winter.

In the basements, where communications often flow, the walls are covered with moss and mold, the seeds of plants accidentally brought in here sprout. Wood lice often enter flats from attics, where there are minor gaps through which water flows during rain. Summer rains especially contribute to the reproduction of crustaceans, after which the sun heats the air, and the warm and humid climate is known to attract woodlice.

Garages often have mold and fungus that attract woodlice.. As soon as the food is finished, the animals move to another place.

In the wild

It’s not difficult to determine what wood lice eat in wildlife.

Suitable for feeding on woodlouse:

  • and residues of plants damaged by moisture;
  • and moss;
  • and rotten bark;
  • leaves and branches of trees;
  • and even the remains of living organisms.

Wood lice feed mainly at night.

What can poison an insect?

Cohabitation with wood lice is at least unpleasant. You can fight with wood lice with folk or chemical means..

If lice appear at home, this indicates an increased humidity in the apartment. The easiest way to get rid of woodlice is to dry the room. But when this is not enough, then you have to resort to proven methods to get rid of the misfortune.

Wets do not like acid and alkali, dryness and high temperatures. At home, you can use the following chemicals yourself:

  1. Insecticidal aerosols in balonchiki (Combat, Dichlorvos, Varan, Raptor). Will be effective in the apartment on the ground accumulation of wood lice. In large rooms, the effect will not be given due to the small size of the cans and short-term and action.
  2. Pesticide concentrates for dissolution in water (Taran, Tetrix, Get, etc.). These drugs are used in professional pest control, because They have proven to be highly efficient, cost-effective to use, allowing them to get rid of wood lice at low costs over a large area.
  3. Powdered preparations (Clean House, Neopin, Riapan, Fenaxin) scattered on the floor space. Their disadvantage is that they are powerless against wood lice crawling on the walls, therefore they are effective only in complex pest control.
  4. Insecticidal pencils (crayons) — They are also quite good drugs for the control of woodlice in residential areas, since a large amount of poison adheres to their flat bodies. Pencils are convenient to apply on the walls. Also, crayons can be used as barrier means: if the wood louse crosses the drawn small line, it will die.
  5. Gels (Absolute, Fasgel, Klinbate) on efficiency can be compared with crayons.

The use of an insecticidal drug begins with the study of instructions and strict adherence to its points in order to prevent a threat to the health of humans and pets.

Among the popular methods of dealing with woodlice, the following are widely used (for surface treatment in places where the wood lice accumulate):

  • a mixture of boric acid (10 g) with 500 ml of water;
  • a mixture of hot pepper, soda and tobacco in the ratio of 1: 1: 1 (3 g of each component per liter of boiling water);
  • kvass dry powder (100g) diluted in 500 ml of water.

Licks almost immediately die when treated with steam or hot air. (above 70 ° C). Therefore, if it is possible to use a steam cleaner, then this method can be a good substitute for chemical preparations.

We offer to watch a video on how to get rid of wood lice:

For whom are they food?

Many animals and insects feed on woodlice.. Shrews, hedgehogs, toads, rats — they all love to feast on them. The larvae of the fallen flies gnaw through holes in the shell and eat the animal from the inside.

Birds-predators that hunt at night, too, will not refuse to diversify their diet crustaceans. Spider Dysdera crocata eats exclusively woodlice: its teeth are specially adapted to pierce the shell of these crustaceans.

Sometimes at home, woodlice is bred specifically as a live feed for exotic pets.

In this way, wood lice are rather unpleasant, but practically harmless to humans. To prevent their occurrence, it is enough to monitor the proper operation of the water supply and sewage systems, get rid of garbage in time, prevent excessive moisture in the backyard area, ventilate the rooms and often pay attention to indoor plants. Mokrits attracts dampness, and knowing this fact will help avoid infection.

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