Effective Ways to Kill Ants Outside

4 Effective Ways to Kill Ants Outside

Effective Ways to Kill Ants Outside

When most people think of ant infestations, they imagine tiny critters crawling around the inside of their home. While it can certainly be frustrating when ants make their way into your house, they can be equally troubling when they’re outside of your home. In fact, failing to address outdoor ants near your home will greatly increase your chances of an indoor infestation.

If you step outside for some fresh air and notice a large number of ants around your home, it’s time to take action and protect your property from these pests. Learn how to kill ants outside so that you can keep your yard and your home pest-free.

Recurring Infestations

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably eliminated an ant infestation in your home only to have these pests return at full force a few days later. The reason for this is very simple: You failed to kill the ants outside.

Many ant infestations are a result of having an ant hill in your yard and unless you get rid of the ant hill, your home will never be completely free from these insects. However many ants you see in your home, there are thousands more in the colony waiting for their chance to make their way into your house. Even if it seems like you’ve gotten rid of all the ants near your home, queens can lay eggs that total in the thousands on a daily basis.

Eliminating the ant colony is the only way to rid your home of ants once and for all. Fortunately, killing ants outdoors isn’t as tough as you might imagine and there are a few methods you can try to solve your bug problem.
Try Ant Baits

Although there are several options you could try when attempting to kill ants outdoors, the best place to start is using ant baits. When you lay out baits, ants will take the poison inside back to their colony, hopefully killing the majority of the ants in your yard, including the queen.

Because it’s likely you have different species of ants in your yard, you should buy a variety of baits. Purchasing both sugar baits and baits that contain grease and protein will allow you to kill a wider range of ants outdoors. If you’ve already sprayed an insecticide in your yard, you should place your baits in different area, as the insecticide will drive the ants away from the bait.

You will need to place your baits evenly around your yard, spacing them between ten and twenty feet apart. Wait a few days for the ants to notice the bait and take the poison back to the colony. Depending on the number of ants in your yard, you may need to refill your bait a few times to get the job done.

Use Boiling Water

If you have multiple ant hills in your yard that you need to destroy, your best solution is using boiling water. Since this method can be a bit labor intensive, it should only be used if you’re dealing with more than one hill. This option is also environmentally friendly, which can be a concern for many homeowners.

The reason this method takes so much effort is that you’ll need a large amount of water for every ant hill that you need to destroy. Find a large container, such as a soup pot, fill it with water, and set it to boil. Once the water is boiling, use protective gloves to remove the pot from the stove.

Carry the pot of boiling water to the ant hill and then pour the water onto the hill. You should be very cautious when pouring to avoid burning yourself or killing the grass around the ant hill. Repeat this process for all the ant hills in your yard.

Although using boiling water can be a very effective solution, you must be sure that you’re hitting every ant hill in your yard. Leaving even one ant hill and its queen behind means you’ll be dealing with an infestation in the near future.

Anthill Treatment

Applying anthill treatment is another option for killing ants outdoors if you have numerous ant hills in your yard. You should be very cautious when applying your treatment because this method involves using chemicals.

Before you can apply anthill treatment, you’ll need to choose the right product. Anthill treatment is available in several forms, including solid treatments. Whichever option you choose, you should be able to kill the ants in your yard if you use the treatment correctly.

It’s important that you choose a day where the weather is good to apply your treatment. When the weather is pleasant, ants will be closer to the top of the hill, which will make your treatment more effective.

Be sure to follow the instructions on your ant treatment exactly when applying. For example, if you choose a solid treatment, you will likely need to activate it by pouring water. After you’ve finished applying the treatment, you shouldn’t use the container for any other purpose.

Apply Insecticide to Your Yard

If you’re looking to kill ants outdoors and want to keep them away from your home for good, your best option is applying insecticide to your entire yard. Although this method can be time consuming, it will be well worth the effort if you’re able to eliminate your problem.

Before you can apply insecticide to your yard, you’ll need to mow it. This makes it easier for your insecticide to get into the soil so it can kill the ants. Once the grass is mowed, you can apply your insecticide. Choosing a spray option will make the application much easier. After you’re finished, make sure to reapply your insecticide at least once a month for full protection.

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Kill Ants Outside

Now that you know how to kill ants outside, you should easily be able to keep your home pest-free, particularly if you’re vigilant about destroying ant hills. If you’re dealing with multiple hills, you may want to consult a professional before choosing your pest-control solution.


8 Natural Ways to Keep Ants Out of Your House

Ants can be one of the most difficult pests to rid your home of and, unfortunately, one of the most common. They’re the number 1 nuisance pest in America, according to bestinsecthouse.com!

Here are some ways you can get rid of ants and/or prevent an ant infestation in your home, without using harsh chemicals:

  1. Ants are looking for food and water; start by eliminating all food and water sources in and around your home.
  2. Cut back trees and other plants so that there’s no direct access for ants from outdoors into your home.
  3. Clean house: keep the kitchen clean, take out trash daily, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, sweep or vacuum any areas where food is handled daily, and store uneaten food in sealed containers.
  4. Use a 1 part white vinegar, 1 part water mixture and apply to any areas ants are crawling. This will disrupt their pheromone trails making it harder for them to return to the water/food source. You can also use this mixture to wipe down countertops in the kitchen as a natural ant deterrent.
  5. Seal and/or repair ant entry points – damaged or missing window or door screens, gaps or holes in flooring, around baseboards, doors, windows, broken or missing vents, and around plumbing
  6. Kill ants on contact with a soapy water mixture – 1 tsp of liquid dish soap mixed with a full spray bottle of water will work great. This will also help to deter ants from using the same paths by removing their scent trails.
  7. Draw chalk barriers around ant entry points making sure there’s no break in the lines.
  8. A key step in eliminating ants is to identify the type of ant you’re dealing with since that will determine how to get rid of them. We recommend contacting an exterminator, one that specializes in organic pest control solutions, to identify your pest issue, inspect for all entry points, and to provide you with treatment recommendations. Green pest control is just as effective as traditional pest control and utilizes botanical and earth-based products that work naturally to get rid of ants and are family and pet-friendly.


How to Get Rid of Ants? (Naturally & Fast)

In this article, we are discussing several ways to get rid of ants fast and naturally. Ants are dangerous to the environment in several ways, but they speedily become pests when they attack your home seeking food and shelter. As you spend time gardening, outdoors or just relaxing on the terrace, ants are the most common insects you see around you. They will move to the area where they are not required, i.e.: heading towards the home. There are several chemicals and repellents available in the market. The use of chemicals can be harmful and dangerous to your kids and pets.

When it comes to pest termination, not all people aware of how to get rid of ants in the house. It looks as if that these insects know several ways to get in your house: floor, holes in walls and crevices in the ceiling foundation, attic and basement. Amongst a vast variety of ants that get inside are black, carpenter and sugar ones. So in this article you can learn different ways to kill ants fast and naturally using home and natural remedies.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally:

1. Keep Your House Clean

The odor of food draws ants towards your house. Take away all the food crumbs and other things from your kitchen. Keep the boxes of syrup, sugar and honey tightly closed. Also, clean cupboards, floors and counter tops frequently.

2. Dish Soap to Get Rid of Ants Fast

Dish soap is an effective remedy to get rid of ants. To try this method, take dish wash liquid and dilute it in water mixing equal amounts of each. Fill it up in a bottle and shake it well. Spray this solution over ants. The ants will halt or suffocate. Clean these dead ants with a wet cloth. Use this remedy until you see the best results.

3. White Vinegar to Remove Ants Permanently

You can make a natural insect repellent by mixing water and vinegar in equal parts. Put this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it directly on the ants to kill them. Use wet paper towel to clean them up. Also, spray this solution, around your doorways, windowsills and other places, where you find ants frequently. You can also clean floors, windows and counterparts with this solution. This can work as an excellent household cleaner that also helps keep ants away from your house.

4. Lemon Juice to Control Ants Fast

Lemon is acidic in nature that is great for killing ants. To use this method, to use this method, mix some amount of water and 1 part of lemon juice. Mix well. Spray this mixture onto ants and the infested areas around your home to get rid of ants fast and naturally.

5. Boric Acid to Kill Ants Permanently

Boric acid is also a beneficial repellent to control ants in your home. To use this method, take a boric acid powder and sprinkle a thin line in the areas like baseboards, window sills, cracks and other infested areas you observe the ants. The moment ants will consume boric acid, they will die as soon as possible. This is one of the best remedies to treat ants fast and naturally. Use boric acid until you see no ants in your house.

Note – Keep it away from the children and pets.

6. Baking Soda to Get Rid of Ants Fast

Baking soda is a great repellent for ants. To use this method, take a small amount of dish soap and baking soda. Mix them equally to make a solution. Now, mix well. Sprinkle the solution in cracks or at the edges of doors and the ant infested areas to kill them fast and permanently.

7. Black Pepper to Treat Ants Naturally

It is a poison-free and safe home remedy to get rid of ants. Place some black pepper in your windowsills, sections around the food, and near your pet bedding keep the ants away from your house.

8. Borax and Peanut Butter to Prevent Ants

This is the best trick to kill ants fast and naturally at home. To use this method, prepare a mix of 1 tsp of peanut butter, sugar and borax. Fill a container or bowl with this mixture. The sugar and peanut butter will attract ants whereas borax will kill them once they consume the mixture. Place it next to ant lines to get rid of them permanently.

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9. Essential Oils to Kill Ants Fast

This is one of the best remedies to kill bed bugs fast and naturally. Ants hate the odor of essential oils. To try this method, add a few drops of essential oil in a cup of water. Spray this solution on the ants and the infested area around your house. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton ball in the oil and place it in the areas occupied by ants.

Note – You can use several essential oils such as lavender oil, cedar oil, peppermint oil, oil eucalyptus and lemon oil.

10. Red Chili Powder to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Red chilies can also be successful in treating ants. To try this method, make a paste out of red chilies mix with few amount of water. Use this paste in the infested area and this paste will prevent ants from entering into your house. Alternatively, spray chili powder directly in the places from where the ants are coming from.

11. Cream of Wheat to Treat Ants Fast

Wheat is also an efficient remedy to kill ants. Prepare a paste or cream of wheat and place it where ants can consume it easily. Ants will not be able to digest it. The wheat cream swell in the stomach of an ant that results in its death. Does this process 2-3 times a day and until you see them dying to get rid of ants fast and naturally at home.

12. Adhesive Tape to Prevent Ants Naturally

Tape is also a successful remedy to kill bed bugs fast and permanently. Is an army of ants walk toward the cookie jar? Use adhesive tape to prevent ants fast. Create a channel around the object or any container by wrapping it with adhesive tape placed sticky side outwards. The moment ants come near to the jar it will get attached to the tape.

13. Chalk to Kill Ants Fast

This is a helpful remedy to treat ants fast and permanently. This is one of the simplest method to prevent ants. Take a piece of chalk and draw a number of lines at each entrance of your home. Since chalk consists of calcium carbonate and other helpful components, it will help keep away ants in a really significant way. Draw a heavy, thick line around entrances and repeat as needed. This usually needs to be combined with another method of eradication of ants. Do this process until you see ants moving away from your home.

14. Honey Pot to Deal with Ants Fast and Permanent

Have you tried everything you can to eliminate the ants, but it’s just not effective? A honey trick can do wonders to get rid of ants. To use this method, take some tablespoons of honey, water or sugar. Mix them well and place it in a paper bowl little away from your house so that ants won’t come back. Once they attract towards the bowl, they automatically will move away from your house. Once they are exposed the pot, keep moving a little bit further and further away from your house, refreshing and refilling it as needed. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent ants.

15. Rub Alcohol to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Get a spray bottle and put some alcohol and dish wash in the bottle. Shake the mixture well. Then fill this bottle with water, keeping some space on the top and close it the cap tightly. Shake well the mixture until you see some bubbles in the bottle. Now, spray this solution on the ants and the infested area in your house. This solution will help kill the ants fast and naturally. You can also rub alcohol on the doors and windows and the corners and edges of the kitchen counter to keep them away from your house.

16. Salt to Treat Ants Fast

This is one of the great remedies to get rid of ants fast and naturally at home. If ants are leading a path to your home, stop them by sprinkling some amount of salt around the corners and door frame or any other direct path of the ants. This will prevent them cross the salt barrier. You can also use pepper instead of salt to stop them interfering again and again in your household chores. Try this method until you see them vanishing from your place.


7 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

These 7 natural home remedies will get rid of ants in your house without harmful, toxic pesticides.

If you stumble upon ants in your house, don’t panic. It is common for ants to find their way into your house, especially in the warm spring and summer months. They typically appear in your kitchen since they are in constant search for food and water. There are things you can do to reduce the chances of getting ants, but there’s no way to completely prevent them from ever invading your house.

The other day, I went to pick up a fork from my kitchen floor when I saw a line of ants about two feet long, making their way towards a tiny potato chip that had fallen beneath our island. When I saw the ants, I immediately went into research mode. My question was simple: how can I get rid of ants without using harmful chemicals or toxic pesticides?

I discovered some good news; there are several safe, natural remedies that are incredibly effective at getting rid of and preventing ants from making a home in your house. This article covers the 7 natural remedies that work the best.

How to Prevent Ants From Invading Your House

The first step to getting rid of ants is to understand why they showed up in the first place. Like I mentioned before, ants are always in search of food and water. They are particularly attracted to sweet, sugary, and greasy foods (much like humans!). They are also attracted to moisture, standing water, and dampness. The more often and thorough you clean your house, the lower your risk of ants. Wipe spills immediately and clean up crumbs and grease left behind from cooking.

Find Out Where Ants Are Entering Your House

Ever heard the saying, “where there is one, there is many.” Well, unfortunately, this applies to ants in your house. Ants leave a scented path wherever they go that other ants will follow. Often you can follow the trail to the exact crack they came through, but other times, you know only the general area. If you can find the crack or hole, patch it, plug it, or caulk it. No house is vacuum sealed with zero possible entry points, but if you can find out where they are coming from and block it, you’ve made it much more difficult for more to enter.

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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House (7 Natural Home Remedies)

Now that you’ve cleaned up the moisture and food that is attracting the ants and you’ve blocked the entry point to prevent more from invading, it is time to deter them from ever coming back.

After hours of thorough research, these are the top natural home remedies that will keep ants out of your house for good.

White Vinegar

How white vinegar prevents ants: White vinegar works for two reasons. First, ants despise the smell, and, secondly, vinegar destroys the scent trail that other ants use to find their way into your house.

How to use it: Add equal parts of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle, shake well, and spray the area. Wipe away the dead ants and continue spraying for a few days to prevent new ones from entering. The downside is that after the vinegar evaporates, it won’t have the same prevention effect.

Lemons or Oranges

How lemons and oranges prevent ants: Similar to white vinegar, ants hate the smell of lemons and oranges, and the acidic nature of the juices clear up the scent that ants leave behind. The sour and bitter smell should keep ants away and prevent them from coming back.

How to use it: Squeeze lemon or orange juice into a bowl and use cotton balls or a soft cloth to wipe the juice around your baseboards, doors, window sills, and any other places you think ants could be entering. Some people recommend scattering pieces of the lemon peel around the houses, but I’m not a huge fan since it’ll look like you just forgot to clean up.


How peppermint prevents ants: Peppermint has been used as an insect repellent for years, and it is also an effective deterrent for ants. Its strong smell stops ants in their tracks and disrupts their ability to smell altogether. Without the ability to smell, ants can’t find the food they came looking for in the first place.

How to use it: Add 8-10 drops of peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle filled with a cup of water. You can buy peppermint essential oil on Amazon for a very low price. Spray the mixture in the areas that ants are entering. Instead of the liquid mixture, you can also sprinkle dried peppermint around the house. You can buy a peppermint plant from stores like the Home Depot and grow it in your kitchen. A pleasant smell for us, a wicked ant repellent. Win, win.


How chalk prevents ants: Chalk is another way to deter ants. Chalk is made from calcium carbonate, which is mostly ground-up seashells. Similar to the vinegar and lemon, chalk disrupts ants’ ability to follow scent trails.

How to use it: This may sound crazy but, when you draw a line with chalk, ants will not cross it. This is much more practical to do outside your house than it is inside. Draw a thick line of chalk around the deck, patio, plant beds, and any other outdoor borders that ants would need to cross to enter your house. Use regular chalkboard chalk and not “miracle insecticide chalk” or “Chinese chalk,” which contain toxic chemicals.


How cinnamon prevents ants: According to this study conducted by the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications , “solvent extraction shows an effective method on cinnamon essential oil extraction with positive insecticidal and repellent activity on ants.”. There you have it, scientific proof that cinnamon effectively repels ants. Much like the other natural remedies, it’s the smell that detracts the ants.

How to use it: Add a half teaspoon of cinnamon essential oils to a cup of water and wipe it on the areas of your house where ants are entering. The smell is pleasant to us, but it is strong, so don’t wipe it everywhere. Instead of the oil/water mixture, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder in the same areas.


How salt prevents ants: Salt is one of the best natural remedies to prevent ants because it is already in your house, affordable, and highly effective. Salt absorbs moisture, which, as we mentioned before, is one of the main reasons ants are attracted to your house in the first place. Besides that, no one knows why salt deters ants, we just know from our first-hand experience and the experience of hundreds of homeowners, it does. We know salt causes slugs to shrivel up and stings when rubbed on a wound, can you imagine what it feels like for a tiny ant to step on top of it? Anyway, it’s so cheap and easy; there’s no harm in trying it yourself.

How to use it: Dissolve a large amount of salt in water by mixing and bringing it to a boil. Make sure to use table salt, not Himalayan or sea salts. Once cooled, put the solution into a spray bottle and spray away. Be careful not to spray it on wood or any other sensitive surfaces that could get damaged from salt.


How borax prevents ants: Borax is a product that you can buy in stores or on Amazon at this link . It’s a white mineral powder made up of sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate. It is natural and safe to use in your home and most often used as a laundry booster. Unlike the other remedies I’ve covered in this article, Borax is not just ant prevention but also an ant killer. When ants eat Borax, it messes with their digestive system and eventually kills them. If you have small children or pets in your home, do NOT use this method. Borax, while generally safe, can cause skin irritation and vomiting, diarrhea, and even death if ingested, according to the National Institutes of Health.

How to use it: In a jar or bowl, mix a half cup of sugar with two tablespoons of borax and two cups of warm water until the sugar and borax are completely dissolved. Dip several cotton balls into the mixture then set them on top of paper towels near the location of the ants. The sugar is the bait that attracts the ants, and the borax is the poison (again, natural and safe) that kills them. After a day or so, check the cotton balls and see if the trap worked.

Which Remedies Work Best for You?

We hope these methods work as well for you as they have for us. Please let us know if there are other remedies you’ve tried that work well, and we will continue to update this article so we can help more homeowners. You can contact us directly or leave a comment below.

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