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Professional Summary

James Davis is a hardworking exterminator. James works in the pest control industry to eliminate all pests from homes and business dwellings. He applies, disposes of, and mixes potential hazardous pesticides for this purpose. James completes documentation for his work by using the PDA system, which he says is great because it saves him time when completing reports.

He also consults homeowners on pest habitats so that they can better educate themselves about how to deal with infestations.

About James Davis

Work Experience

In addition, James inspects premises to identify infestation sources and extent of damage to property such as wood-destroying organisms or dry rot caused by moisture problems or lack of ventilation for extended periods of time.

He also assessed and identified infested residential locations that needed treatment or control plans before they became an issue. Ensuring that storage and use of chemicals were in accordance with local, state, or federal regulations was just one aspect of James’ responsibilities as a specialist termite technician running installations, and managing computerized fixed non-chemical termite systems.

James Davis is a Pest Control Technician with over 10 years of experience in the field. He started his website to share his past experience and knowledge with others. James has written many great articles and gives lots of valuable advice to visitors on the website.

Welcome to BestInsectHouse.com

The first day of my new job was a disaster. I wasn’t prepared for the insect pest issues in this town. The problem is that there are so many different types of insects and most people don’t know what they’re dealing with or how to deal with it.

This blog will go through some basic information on each type, but also provide you with address questions about all those pesky bugs you have been finding around your home as well as other places outside your home such as restaurants and grocery stores.

This would be a fantastic website for someone living in an apartment who needs to learn more about the bugs they are encountering.